Tyranny Is a Bipartisan Disease

Extremists on Both the Right and the Left Like Tyranny

Lou Rockwell notes:

The most definitive study on fascism written in [the first half of the 20th century] was As We Go Marching by John T. Flynn. Flynn was a journalist and scholar of a liberal spirit who had written a number of best-selling books in the 1920s. He could probably be put in the progressive camp in the 1920s.


In reviewing the history of the rise of fascism, Flynn wrote:

One of the most baffling phenomena of fascism is the almost incredible collaboration between men of the extreme Right and the extreme Left in its creation.


If you think about it, right-wing statism is of a different color, cast, and tone from left-wing statism. Each is designed to appeal to a different set of voters with different interests and values.

These divisions, however, are not strict, and we’ve already seen how a left-wing socialist program can adapt itself and become a right-wing fascist program with very little substantive change other than its marketing program [or vice versa].

How Can Supposed “Right” and “Left” Wing People Both Be for Tyranny?

The short answer, of course, is that tyrannical interests may wear different masks, but it is just a dog-and-pony show meant to distract us into artificial “teams”.

George W. Bush cracked down on constitutional liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and due process.

Obama has done the same … and has cracked down even harder.

Both Bush and Obama are waging brutal, unnecessary and insanely expensive wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Indeed, these wars were planned before either Bush or Obama. Both Democratic and Republican leaders are servants to the military-industrial complex, and they both accept the wholly-debunked myth that war is good for the economy (and see this).

Both Bush and Obama have both allowed crony capitalism to flourish. How can this be, when they are from such different sides of the aisle?

Because “fascism” (on the right), Soviet style “socialism” (on the left) and crony capitalism (a more modern, Western term) are all the exact same thing economically. They are all about an unholy alliance between a handful of corrupt, banana republic style government leaders and giant companies run amok.

Tyranny is a bipartisan disease.

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  • Conscience of a Conservative

    Beautifully said. This trend of encroaching on our individual rights has come from not only Democrats & Republicans but also business.

  • All true, especially in the context of 9/11 and its aftermath.

    But there is another dimension to consider IMO before concluding that they like tyranny: the construct of the human brain and its lack of capacity to handle power surges in the form of fear.

    To be fair, that is covered in the post, but I refer in this comment to “One of the most baffling phenomena of fascism is the almost incredible collaboration between men of the extreme Right and the extreme Left in its creation.”

    Some great discoveries have been made since the baffling collaboration was wisely observed by John T. Flynn.

    They support, at this early stage of discovery, research into the potential reality that the amygdala is manipulated by signals from symbiont or non-symbiont microbes that shape our brain to some degree.

    I think your title “Tyranny Is a Bipartisan Disease” is well said and spot on!

    Think about how devastating many bipartisan (will infect any political party) diseases were before researchers got busy to develop a vaccine.

  • Are you sure that Bush was of the “right” and Obama of the “left”?

    I’d suspect they were both corporate and that makes them aligned with advancing an agenda that wouldn’t be for people of either right or left.

    I take it the right vs. left distinction is primarily developed to divide and conquer the rabble on behalf of the rich and powerful and corporate interests in general.

    I think it’s very easy to think that there are hidden mafias that manipulate the political world and that one of the ways of keeping them at bay is to develop one’s own mafia…a project that might appeal to activists of the left or the right. To be against tyranny is a grand goal, but it’s development is always in a political context. For example, the tyranny of Stalin was developed, or justified, by pointing at a capitalist conspiracy working against them. There may have been some truth to that. The tyranny of Cuban communism is justified by pointing to the efforts of the U.S. to invade and or overthrow their government. There is truth to that claim too.

    Being against “tyranny” is often all about arresting the last person to throw a punch.

    I’m not for tyranny, but a solution to it must involve a more comprehensive understanding of the problem.

  • Wooten Berston

    Once again, reference to these mid-level flunkies Bush and Obama shows up the myth of the presidency. These characters wield no real power except onscreen. You might as well ask why “Neo” and “Ironman” and “Spiderman” have allowed tyrants to enact evil “laws” that violate the Constitution. In fact, the very purpose of these strawmen is to draw fire away from the real perps.. the puppeteers, if you will, or the organ grinders.. the financial oligarchs at the top of the pyramid.

  • Another bulls-eye, GW, well done. Thanks for all you’ve done in 2011 and a very Happy New Year to you. Excelsior!

  • joe B

    As much as I’d like to pile on our present President on the subject of civil liberties, I hardly consider him anywhere close to being what we quaintly used to call a liberal when there was such a person way back in the distant past of latter part of the 20th century .

  • Rick Johnson

    A professor I had many years ago expressed things this way: Economically, the basic difference between facism and socialism is this: With facism, business controls the state. With socialism, the state controls the business. At some point, the two opposite ideas eventually arrive at the same point, thus a viscious circle. Look at China – the once exclusively communist state has become one of the most powerful capitalist states.

  • whiskey

    “Lou” Rockwell!? You’re hotlinking his blog and the name is in the URL. Well, I spose you got it right fonetiklee. 🙂

  • Will

    The problem is (and always has been, just ask Mao) Liberals, not people on the “far-left”. Liberalism is a very specific, totalitarian, globalist ideology, that real leftists have been fighting against for decades. People on the far Left would actually be anarchic socialists, which dont believe in having any central authority whatsoever, and more resemble egalitarian Libertarians than any Liberal