Ron Paul: What If Chinese Troops Occupied Texas?

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  • dingle


  • If that happened public discourse would soon show that The Seeds (99%) would become popular again, and The Music Machine (1%) would decline in popularity again.

  • Doremus Jessup

    Obama is taking combat troops out of Iraq.

    Obama is a clear headed fighter for the middle class.

    Paul is a nobody. He does not even have the support of his own party.

    A vote for Paul is like a vote for Ralph Nader, you can make a point but you will not affect the election of the next president.

    The GOP will choose Romney or Gingrich. If either of them are elected, the rich will win and the middle class will suffer. Obama makes sense. Obama 2012!

    • brian

      You mean Obanka who called for the NDAA, supports SOPA, and is a puppet for the CIA? The one who knew about the 7.7 TRILLION dollar bailout for the banks back in ’08? Boy are you mislead and keep living in that fantasy land. Ron Paul has the highest support for the GOP party. Party doesn’t mean a damn thing, if somebody has respectable, effective ideologies then vote for them. You sheep who just follow the masses are the reason why nothing will ever get done to improve our country. Obama makes sense on TV but behind the scenes is a completely different story. I’m sorry that you’re a mindless follower and believe everything you are fed by the media. You are a nobody.

      • Doremus Jessup

        Gee Brian, you sure seem testy and confused. In this recent poll:

        It shows:
        Leader –
        Gingrich at 33%
        Romney at 23%

        Pretenders –
        Paul at 8%
        Perry at 6%
        Bachman at 6%

        Not a Chance –
        Santorum at 3%
        Huntsman at 2%
        Other at 1%

        That is no support for Paul from the GOP. He will never get the nod for the party candidate. He would also get crushed in the general election for his anti-civil rights stance. A vote for Paul is a throw away vote.

        • Anonymous

          Actually Doremus, the poll you linked to is a poll of only registered Republicans, and considering the amount of independents and even democrats that plan to switch registration or show up at open caucuses/primaries – I think you’ll be a little surprised when the election results come around.

          Secondly, what the fuck is a throw away vote? Either you vote for what you believe in or you don’t vote at all.

      • Ken nalley

        Truer statement hasn’t been said!
        Semper Fi!

  • Eric Blair

    Ron Paul may be a lunatic, and absolutely awful on many issues, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. On “foreign policy” (i.e. imperial strategy) and civil liberties Ron Paul is much better than Obama or any other candidate. If by some miracle he where to actually win the primaries, I would hold my nose and vote republican. Insane he may be, but he is the only figure in national politics right now who isn’t a Wall St puppet getting bribes from banks and oil companies.

    • Gary in PA

      Eric, you’re not making much sense. You call him a lunatic but you agree with his policies.

      There is nothing crazy about any of this policies. They are the only ones actually grounded in reality.

      As you said, Ron Paul is right on civil liberties and foreign policy. But he also dead on about economic policy. He also has the right idea about social policies. Specifically, no matter where you stand on things like drugs, abortion, gay rights, etc, the Federal government has no place in regulating these things.

      It seems to me that Ron Paul is the only non-lunatic running for President.

  • Omg……I could scarcely believe what I was seeing and hearing! Perhaps Mr. Paul needs a brief history refresher course….who got us into the Middle East? That’s right, it was those famous Republicans, George Bush and his son, “W” Bush…….
    Almost 4500 Americans gave their lives in Iraq….

  • Eric

    Anne, maybe you need a lesson in comprehension. Ron Paul’s foreign policy stance has nothing to do with Bush’s war mongering, except for the fact he’d like us to stop fighting Israel’s wars for them. I agree.