Ron Paul Is Now the Republican Frontrunner

Ron Paul Pulls Into the Lead

The Atlantic notes:

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows that Ron Paul has taken the lead in the Iowa caucus race, while Newt Gingrich’s support is fading fast. A different Gallup poll shows Gringrich still holding the lead, but slipping, while The New York Times has Paul in the lead as well.

Gingrich has seen his numbers in the PPP poll drop from 27 percent to 14 percent in just three weeks, while his favorability rating is now split at 46 percent for to 47 percent against, the worst of any candidate not named Jon Huntsman.


Perhaps the most telling secondary question was, “Do you think Newt Gingrich has strong principles?” Only 36 percent say that he does, but for Paul that number was 73 percent.

While the popularity of other candidates has risen and crashed.  Paul’s popularity has steadily and consistently risen:

Why is Mr. Paul so popular?

As I pointed out in September, Americans overwhelmingly want:

  • The Federal Reserve to be reined in if not abolished
  • The never-ending, open-ended, goalpost-moving wars to stop and the troops to be brought home
  • Our liberties to be restored, and the martial law indefinite detention idiocy to be reversed

Paul has consistently championed these three American wishes for three decades. None of the other Republican (or Democratic) candidates are on the right side of history on any of these issues.

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  • JON

    These polls are all lies. Just ask the people do you want freedom and to restore the Constitution. IF they say yes, count it as a vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul has all the votes.

    • Paul

      Any proof to back up this claim? Otherwise youre trolling.

      • Paul’s Presidential Campaign Staff

        Damnit Paul, I thought I told you to stay off these boards.

        • Barack

          Paul needs a time-out, d/w i’m going to sign that NDAA in a few days.

          • Margareth Thatcher

            Whats going on here? Little boys club fighting? You dang it I am voting Ron Paul too. Its time my generations speaks the truth!

      • OzzieThinker

        I vote for no one in the USA as I neither live there nor am a citizen. However, US politics do impinge on the rest of the world so I do have the RIGHT to take an interest. It is clear that Paul is the only sane candidate and the only candidate who appears not to heed the current passion for Zionism in the lower and upper political house (which does not represent the 1% of their voting demographic). Do I like Ron Paul and his “values”? No, but he is the best you got by a green mile.

      • Nate Silver exposes the pollster fraud perpetrated by the mainstream media. GINGRICH MY ASS! Nate Silver is viewed by the Rovians as a dangerous threat to their attempts to STEAL THE ELECTION VIA FALSELY IMPLANTED PERCEPTIONS AND VOTE MACHINE MANIPULATION.

        • Roger Williams

          Who’s going to protect our liberty and the Constitution?
          Does this Dem have to vote for Republican Ron Paul ???.

  • robertsgt40

    “Do you think Newt Gingrich has strong principles?” –Actually, Newt has NO principles

  • t brown

    Why is Dr. Paul so popular?
    Because he’s the ONLY scholar and statesman who actually studies the issues upon which he speaks.
    Because his theories and conclusions are well-thought-out and reasonable.
    Because he asks 3 questions on each issue – 1] is it Constitutional? 2- Does it promote personal freedoms? 3- Can we afford it? Unfortunately, the answer to each question regarding most issues that come before congresscritters these days is a resounding NO!
    Because he is a peacemaker (as opposed to the psychotic paranoid warmongerers scared by the phantom terrrrisssts hiding under their beds)
    History will look back upon Dr. Paul as we now do upon Dr. Martin Luther King and others who fought long and hard for this country. Those people also were vilified by the establishment of their time. We know not the names of their detractors, but we do know King, Mandela, Tutu, Ghandi et al. The same will be true of this time in history – Dr. Paul’s name will shine whilst his establishment detractors will fade into the dustbin of anonymity.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • David

    He is our last hope but without congress he will have little effect. He may get elected but I doubt he will make it down Penn Ave., a heart attack maybe?

    • A.J.

      He would have veto poewrs, and he would be the commander and chief, so he could essentially say “ALL TROOPS HOME NOW!” And they would have to listen, so we would have at least 4 years of peace…

  • The one issue no candidate will discuss is the fact that our babies have been routinely dumbed down since 1991 by shooting mercury into them via vaccines as soon as they’re born or sooner. Ron Paul fully supports this treachery against our children as he sidesteps the issue every time he is asked about it. This is the most pressing issue in our country. As you might expect, it is never brought up in debates because the Rothschild owned TV networks do not want you to know it exists. Mercury kills brain cells and lowers IQ’s every time you shoot it into a fetus with the mothers’ flu shots. They are trying to convince every pregnant woman to have these shots. Demand that Ron Paul tells the truth about this or you just include him with every other scumbag from the Dems and Reps.

    • ralphus


    • peter

      “This is the most pressing issue in our country.” -really!?
      I don’t give my kids shots. But Really? That’s the most pressing issue?

    • dwrnck

      lol indeed

    • Steve Hernando


    • joe

      You are stupid, don’t vote

    • truth

      Actually he wants to abolish the forcing of shots to children, so take your fear loving propoganda else where, I believe in the fallacy of rothchilds but you look like a fool spewing this stuff , its irrelevant

    • demagogue

      I’ve received my immunizations from the day I’ve been born on schedule, and the only ill effects I have to show for it are a profoundly bored immune system. As an engineering student, I think I can attest that my “rigid regimen” of immunizations has not affected my judgement or thought processes in any negative way. Don’t buy into the hype, and give your kids immunizations so they have a chance at not catching some truly bad bug and disappearing for good.

      • frank Smith

        You are one of the lucky ones that has not become ill from all those Mercury and other poison ingredients in those vaccine/flu/poison shots. Give it time you will adventually get sick from a number of diseases these products.The evidence is over whelming.

        • Ryan

          Seriously? How many morons like you are there? Immunizations do not make you dumber. Since ’01 nearly all vaccines contain little if any thiomersal. No conclusive study has even shown a link between kids getting “dumber” and thiomersal/mercury. If you disagree, please provide a credible scientific study that proves your point. As someone who as also had all vaccines since I was a child, I can tell you that you are merely spreading fear and misinformation.

        • James

          No, there really is no scientific evidence of this. This idiotic, pseudo-scientific misconception has actually let to outbreaks of diseases that were nearly wiped out. Children have died because their parents were fooled by this fear mongering. You really need to pay attention to peer reviewed research. Don’t drag us back to the dark ages. Rothschilds are bankers who just want power and money. They don’t care about making your kids retarded.

          • Dr. Wiseman
          • Travis

            There really is no credible evidence on either side. People should be left to chose for themselves. If you want to get vaccinated or have your children vaccinated go for it and if you don’t want to don’t. Let people make there own choices for themselves and their children.

        • justin_o_guy

          My wife works at a hospital. They have a patient, unable to walk, due to Guillain–Barré syndrome. Says right on the patients records that hang on the end of the bed

          POst flu shot

          Keep takin those shots,,

    • Tobey Llop

      This is the first I’ve heard that vacines contain mercury. What independent lab has found this? It sounds like an urban legend. I’ll believe it when I see it credibly confirmed, and, I’ll wager, Ron Paul will too. Pros and cons of vaccination need to be considered on the basis of evidence and parents of children given good information with which to make informed choices. As for the dumbing down, it’s been going on since long before 1991. I’m 65 and I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box myself (ask my wife!) But, I’ll match my IQ against anyone’s who believes everything they read designed to discredit Ron Paul! Ron paul is honest and he has guts. These two things alone place him head and shoulders above anyone else who has run for decades!

      • t brown

        A great amount of information on the dangers of vaccines (including proof of mercury and other dangerous elements in all of them) has been published on the Internet since the recent faux H1N1 scare. Start with or, or search ‘thimerosal’ / ‘autism – vaccines’ / ‘neurotoxicity – vaccines’. You will find hundreds of articles on the dangers (and the lack of effectiveness) of vaccines. It’s important information for your health.
        But certainly not a main issue for this election season, unless addressing Dr. Paul’s insistence on personal freedom to choose what we do/do-not put into our bodies.

        • LNDR