Occupy the family holiday table? Incisive video survival guide!

Occupy has all the facts that the 1% “leadership” in the US have committed massive crimes centering around war and money.

But how does one frame such an issue at the family holiday table?

This brilliant 6-minute video addresses this challenge!

Happy Holidays: may 2012 be your family and your best year yet, and may that be true for every new year.

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  • Scott Todd

    OWS wants to overthrow capitalism for socialism. Where has socialism ever worked over the long haul? Nowhere. Look at Greece and much of the EU- they’ve run out of other people’s money.

    • Scott: OWS has no leadership to want anything! Either you’re not paying attention or you’re propagandizing to discredit what OWS is about: recognizing obvious War and financial crimes, ending them, and creating policies for 100% of humanity.

      “Socialism” is a policy-by-policy choice, such as choosing public sidewalks, a fire department, or a freeway. Those have worked, do work, and will work. You fear-monger over a basic economics question of how a society can choose to create and manage products to maximize utility and minimize costs.

      And don’t even get me started that what they use is credit/debt, the polar opposite of money!