Nanotechnology Can Go a Long Way Towards Solving Our Energy Shortage

The Solution to Our Energy Problems: Decentralization

The great debate of alternative energy versus fossil fuels or nuclear is missing the point. The answer is decentralized energy production and storage.

As I noted last year:

A scientist has figured out how to make and store energy by splitting water with sunlight. He says: “You’ve made your house into a fuel station [and we can get] rid of all the … grids” [he’s recently discovered an even cheaper way to do this]

And this TED talk gives a breathtaking overview of the potential of using nanotechnology to generate, store and distribute energy:

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  • It would certainly be a blessing if technology of this sort could and WOULD be utilized as soon as possible. When one considers that we MUST cease burning coal and (fossil) oil and that we have technologies available that, if scaled up, could allow us to save coal and oil for uses that are more valuable than what it’s being used for today and that those changes are resisted with vigor, it makes believing in technology that is little more than an idea, difficult at best. I’m sure that nano-carbon technology actually works but when we can’t even install something as simple as PV panels very quickly I’m at a loss to see how we are going to move to a world of “free” electricity quickly enough to avoid the unpleasantness of oil and coal depletion.

    When I look at humanity I’m amazed that a species that is so cleaver can be, at the same time, so stupid! But I’ll keep hope alive in my heart..