Mind-Reading Machines Are Here

Mind-Reading Machines Being Tested for Driving, Computers, Music and More

There are now prototypes of machines which can read your mind for a wide variety of purposes.




Other uses (and potentials for abuse):

See this for more amazing technology.

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  • Jay Rowland

    So lets hook up Dick Cheney.

  • Hypospheric …

  • This is the public technology. The classified version of this is already implanted in the brains of many people without their knowledge and is wireless. That’s what all the “alien abduction” the last few decades was really all about, a cover story for black ops military abductions on citizens of western countries. The mind-invasive technology is far more advanced than these videos show. They can transmit digital video to the implants in your brain, and give you artificial “dreams,” or put their thoughts into your mind. Research the stories of “gang stalking” or “targeted individuals” and you’ll learn more about this. It’s all black ops and mind control.

    They never ask your permission, but don’t complain. Most of the symptoms that you will report they have pre-emptively defined as diagnostic criteria for “mental illness” and they WILL lock you up based on any statements you make about what is actually happening to you.

    • jonathan

      I know and can testify to what you speak. Only problem is how do i get it out of my head?

  • rassas

    i very much doubt if humans would ever be able to get it right this time.