Jon Stewart on Indefinite Detention of Americans

See this, this, this and this for background.

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  • The only problem with his analysis is that he is wrong about the president being mandated to forcibly detain Americans suspected of being or aiding terrorists. The law was changed in the Senate to allow the president to use his discretion.

    Obviously, it’s still an insane law, but I think its important to make sure we’re accurate because there are a lot of publications out there that want to confuse the issue. For example see Mother Jones article titled “5 Things to Know About Detention in the Defense Bill” if your looking for an example where the author clearly didn’t do their homework.

    I mean, all you need to do is read the law. Its very clear. It doesn’t MANDATE the president hold people, it reaffirms they have the option. The ACLU agrees with this analysis.

  • The congress has been eating hoi polloi long enough to have contracted kuru.

  • Mike

    The president isn’t authorized to behave like a third world dictator. The American people don’t care about some perceived bogeymen as a viable excuse to suspend Constitutional supremacy. If the central government were so concerned about Al Quida, then why is our State Department passing out visas like candy to newly arrived immigrants from the middle east?
    As Justice Sam Wilson once stated, “That which is law cannot be abrogated by an act of law”.

  • Jimmy Petrick

    President obama is a terroist….just ask any family from the meny numerous countries we bomb with drones on a daily basis and they will tell you,,,…..yes indeed folks we (The USA) are the biggest exporter of terror ever in the history of earth