Democrats: Here’s How to Force President Obama to Debate Endless War, Indefinite Detention, SOPA and Other Assaults on Our Freedom, and the Out-of-Control Federal Reserve

Banks Got Bailed Out … We Got Sold Out

We voted for Obama because we wanted change.

We voted for Obama because he promised to end Bush’s perpetual wars, clean up the mess which Bush’s financial tzars made, and restore the freedom and liberty which Bush attacked.

Instead, Obama:

  • Has appointed the very Wall Street insiders who helped cause the financial crisis to top posts. See this, this, this and this.

As I pointed out in September, Americans overwhelmingly want:

  • The Federal Reserve to be reined in if not abolished
  • The never-ending, open-ended, goalpost-moving wars to stop and the troops to be brought home
  • Our liberties to be restored, and the martial law indefinite detention idiocy to be reversed

As I pointed out in October:

Obama – just like the other pimps in D.C. – has institutionalized fraud as an official (if unspoken) party platform.

Americans want our liberties restored, our troops brought home, and the Fed reined in. But Obama has implemented plans for war throughout the Middle East crafted by the Neoconservatives a decade (or more) ago, and gotten us into 7 (oops …8) wars, attacked our liberties even more than Bush and allowed the Fed to dramatically expand its powers.

Americans didn’t want bailouts, but Obama helped to facilitate trillions in direct and hidden bailouts.

Obama doesn’t support the 99%. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And as I wrote last month, Obama was heckled by Occupy protesters for allowing police brutality and mass arrests of the peaceful protesters, and because:

Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.

Forget Partisan Politics: Demand a Real Debate

Forget what you’ve been taught … the mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans are virtually identical on all core matters. Obama, Gingrich, Romney and the whole sorry lot are for more war, for further crackdowns on our Constitutional liberties, and for giving the Federal Reserve all of the unchecked power that it wants.

Don’t fall for the old divide-and-conquer trick.

Whatever you may think of Ron Paul, he has consistently championed three core American for three decades. Paul has consistently argued for the following three positions which Americans overwhelmingly favor:

  • Stop the never-ending, open-ended, goalpost-moving wars
  • Restore our liberties, and stop the march towards martial law, indefinite detention idiocy, and the crack down on the Internet
  • Rein in or abolish the Federal Reserve

None of the other Republican (or Democratic) candidates support these positions, the mainstream Republican party hates Paul (changing the rules of the game to try to keep him out), and the mainstream media has done everything it can to try to squelch debate on these issues.

Unless Paul wins the nomination, the debate will involve a pro-war, anti-liberty, pro-Bernanke Republican versus Obama … in other words, a non-debate on the issues Americans care about.

How to Guarantee a Real Debate

Even if you intend to vote for Obama in 2012, you want him to have to answer debate questions on these issues … and you want the mainstream media to have to discuss them.

How can you do this?

Initially, Obama has the Democratic party nomination locked up. So Democratic primaries are not an issue.

So register as a Republican for one-year only to – as Huffington Post notes – ensure that Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination.

Even if you’ve never done so before and never will again (we all know how bad the mainstream Republican party has been!), register one time as a Republican to vote for Paul in the primaries.


If Paul gets the nomination, then he will debate President Obama in the election itself. Then 3 of the issues that are important to all of us – ending the stupid wars, restoring freedom on the Internet and in the real world, and reining in the out-of-control Fed – will finally be discussed.

Whether or not you want President Obama to be re-elected, we all want him to be forced to answer tough questions about endless war, the ongoing drift towards a police state, and the unaccountable Fed.

Helping Ron Paul get the GOP nomination is the way to do so.

Click here for state-by-state instructions.

Note: While many progressives and liberals like Ron Paul, this essay does not focus on actually trying to elect him, only to force a real debate of the issues so that President Obama has to address them.

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  • Jack

    I have to be honest. While I don’t agree with every position of any candidate, including Ron Paul, I do respect his integrity and his understanding of some of our problems. However, his strength is not in a debate. He tends to ramble and get off topic, almost doesn’t seem focused enough to succintly communicate his thoughts. I don’t think a win is possible without the broader appeal that is garnered though the use of commuication that is “friendly” to those who have far less expertise in a topic. I wish I could be more optimistic, but reality tells me I can’t.

    BTW, I don’t agree with everything on your website either but I like it.

    • Hal

      Well, the idea is not to elect Paul, but to allow him to win the republican nomination. We don’t want him to win against President Obama. Paul would dismantle the social programs, close public schools etc.

  • Gary Johnson, another Republican candidate, is also onboard with those 3 issues. I can’t blame you for not having heard of him, though, since both the Republican party and the media has been quite effective at shutting him out.

  • Tobey Llop

    Guess what! I did exactly that many weeks ago. I’m voting for Paul in the primary. Clinton made me a Republican, Bush made me a Democrat, Dean finked and made me an Independent, and now Obama has made me a Republican to vote for Paul. I’m betting history will finally stop rhyming and start making sense. Not the farm, though. Only my temporary political affiliation.

  • jo6pac

    Good Idea, I’m the far Left and will not vote for the lesser of 2 evils anymore. I’m back to Peace & Freedom were I started in 68. I do need to change my voting address and will change parties then.

    Thanks GW for all the work and thanks to whom ever helped on the new site.

    • David Freeman

      I can relate to not wanting to “vote for the lesser of 2 evils” but often when this is said it implies a near equivalence between the two evils.

      Yes I generally agree about the list of Obama sins compiled here but even in these there is an enormous difference in magnitude of the harm that would be executed by any of the Republicans (other than Paul in 2 and 1/2 areas only) compared to Obama. Obama hasn’t started any new ground wars (yes he escalated Afghanistan). Do you really think we wouldn’t be in Iran right now if McCain had won.? Do you really think we wouldn’t be in a endless surge in Iraq right now if McCain had won.? Do you really think we wouldn’t be in a Greater Depression right now if McCain had won.? Do you really think we wouldn’t have DADT right now if McCain had won.? Yes, sadly we don’t have single payer healthcare, but would McCain or Paul have found a way to get a million young people covered and eliminate pre-existing condition abuses by big insurance?

      I’m for radical change but the risks are great if we don’t proceed in a manner that brings the public with us. Yes, I know that many of our actual progressive policies are supported by majorities in polling but the people don’t realize they agree with us! We still have a lot of educating to do before we can implement the changes needed in a lasting manner.

      That said, I’m 100% in support of putting Obama’s feet to the fire and getting a real debate going.

      While I welcome Paul’s input in that debate we need to keep our eyes wide open about Paul’s numerous dangerous proclivities as well. He’s even less of a “compassionate” conservative than Bush was. Our limited social safety net would totally collapse under him and racists would be even more vocal throughout society. As for Ron Paul’s position on “Restore our liberties”, this man supports prayer in schools and states right to prohibit freedom of speech in the case of flag burning yet supports the unlimited freedom of corporate speech as in Citizens United. He is “an unshakable foe of abortion” and he sponsored a bill to define life as beginning at conception which would make many popular contraceptives illegal. Ron Paul believes Climate Change is not a major problem and believes that “The environment is better protected under private property rights”. Health Care? the poor can die while the wealthy would get tax breaks to fund their personal medical accounts. He’s opposed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for Kringles sake! I cringe when I hear fellow Lefties speak glowingly of Ron Paul simply because his stopped clock is right twice a day. He’s as dangerous as the rest of the Republicans even if he is clearly right in a couple of important cases.

      • Josh

        Great comment, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Lois Gagnon

    What is to stop a last minute effort by the Bush cabal from inserting Jeb as a candidate via rigged Diebold machines? I’ve been concerned about this eventuality for some time. The Bush family has tremendous clout with the 1%. They’ve used fraud to win elections for their own twice already. Something about this whole election season gives me the creeps. No matter the outcome, the 1% has no intention of letting we the people gain control of “their” system.

  • Excellent article, GW. I love that the message of Ron Paul brings people from various ends of the political and social spectrum together. We may not agree on every issue but we agree that we MUST have freedom. And that, my brothers and sisters, is a good place to start.

  • Charlie Flatt

    Ron Paul will never be elected as President of the US Federal Corporation because he is not bought. The banks don’t own him, and they will keep him from being elected.

    • Rebelle

      Of course he is, that’s why he’s jumped on the republican band wagon to abolish Roe vs Wade and Public education!

  • Rebelle

    Ron Paul is out of his fucking mind! He now wants to abolish public education, Roe vs Wade and is now jumping on the republican band wagon. Hell it’s bad enough already!