VIDEO: Oakland Police Strike Army Ranger With Nightsticks On His Back, Ribs, Shoulders and Hands, Lacerating His Spleen and Causing Internal Bleeding

On November 2nd, Oakland police struck a peaceful Army Ranger who was supporting the Occupy protest with nightsticks on his back, ribs, shoulders and hands, lacerating his spleen and causing internal bleeding (and see this).

Video of the attack has just been released:



Witnesses say that the Ranger was totally peaceful and the attack was unprovoked.  The end of the attack was not filmed, as the police quickly formed a barricade between the cameraman and the Ranger, pointing several guns at the  filmmaker to get him to back off.

This is not the first time that America’s militarized police forces have  severely wounded a veteran supporting the Occupy protests.

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  • supdog

    boo hoo hoo, maybe dont harass police

    • DisgustedofTunwell

      Pre-emptive: Don’t feed the troll, folks.

      • christy

        haha thank you for that reminder, disgusted 🙂

    • Scott Bohn

      supdog you are disgusting. The police are clearly way out of line and commiting crimes. We should all be outraged and demand accountablility. Condoning police brutality is why we have so much of it in this country; jerks like you are the problem.

    • ThumbBreaker

      troll or not, F*CK THE POLICE!!!! fat coffee and donut pig @$$ pieces of $hit… I wish that was my friend and I was there, I would have taken rubber bullets to the face to get a hold of that blimpy bastard.

    • apersonwithmorals

      What is your fucking problem? thats not harassing the police. he is just standing there. he is totally within his rights. holy shit you are one horrible fucking person. you should be sickened by yourself. im certainly sickened by you.

    • Catherine Mosier

      Really, that’s what you got out of that video?!

    • Chase

      (feeding troll) your right man, he was totally harassing the police. He was armed with harsh words, they could barely defend themselves with their overpowering numbers, riot gear, and night sticks. cool name btw the way, what are you 12?

    • Colin Rader-Morse

      Hey supdog did you watch this video ? if so please tell me at what point he harasses the police what I see is some over zealous cop that used excessive force as he was backing up at no point does he even raise his hands

  • Javy

    Maybe the police should be protecting the bill of rights, not the banksters.

    • Kevin Wilson

      Where in the Bill of Rights does it encourage lighting fires in the streets?

      The cop went too far, but calling this guy peaceful is propaganda. While backing up, he takes several aggressive lunges at police.

      • Kelly

        “While he was backing up he took many aggressive lunges at police” Are you hullucinating or did you watch a different video than I? Your comment quoted, alone is bizarre. Was this aggressive lunge (while backing up) when he had his hands in his pockets, at his side… or while he saluted? Clearly he NEVER “lunged”. He was trying to stand ground PEACEFULLY.

      • Don

        Aggressive lunges?!?! WHERE? He was backing away, hands at his sides. And when struck, he tried to evade, as any normal person would. Yes, he was ordered to disperse, and then ordered to the ground, which he did not do. But there was no cause whatsoever to BEAT him. He was unarmed!!! They are in armor! I’m a law and order type, but in this case, the cop is clearly wrong. The wrong goes further in denying him medical care. That was just a power trip as they watch him writhe in pain. Inexcusable. Apparently, breathing and speaking are now considered resisting arrest.

    • laturb

      For a start you need brains to comprehend the Bill of Rights. Aren’t we talking about Oakland goons here?! No doubt, in his defence, the particular goon that got his rocks off beating the shit out of the Ranger (probably practices at home on the wife and kids) will claim that he was only obeying orders.

    • Colin Rader-Morse


  • Christine

    So supdog, harassing a person is now justification for a felony assault? It would take me two days to convict these officers. This is clearly an assault with a weapon, and I see no justification for it on this video at all. And for those who will say perhaps the Ranger did something that isn’t shown on the video, there is a duty to retreat in the law and being that this appears to me to be a public street and not the officer’s home there is no legal excuse for this.

  • Denny

    I’d rather fire from the prone position than die on my feet.

  • Beth

    no one harrassed the cops- they are bullies and should appreciate the freedom that the Ranger fought for. maybe they should take their physical aggressiveness and use it constructively in serving our country in the service, unless they would rather hide behind their position to act abusive without reason. some example to our children.

  • another john

    What a pack of anonymous cowards. The cops look like the storm troopers in Starwars – totally anonymous and totally above the law. The mayor and chief need to go. We treated the Iraqis with more respect than these felons treat American citizens.

  • Rudd

    I counted more than a dozen opportunities for this guy to turn and walk away. There is no way he could have misunderstood the officer’s instruction. When the officer finally had enough and said he was under arrest he failed to comply with his orders and resisted. One would like to believe a Ranger would know better.

    • Don

      Agreed, he failed to comply, and had ample opportunity to disperse. But there is a point where we have to question authority, or evil may occur. History is loaded with examples. And granted, if you choose to stand up, you risk the wrath of the state, even if you are right. I’m not saying I agree with the Occupy folks. But the force used was unjustifiable. It was clearly abusive. My opinion is that if they wanted to arrest him, they should have gone “hands on” first, and resort to escalating methods if it got out of control. But to beat an man with a baton and put him in intensive care for speaking calmly while backing away from the police? I’ll even argue he WAS complying, just not at the speed they wanted. His crime is that he wasn’t submissive enough. He was moving away from them, but was still facing them. Should he have known he risked arrest? Yes, certainly. Should he have expected the cops to act like irrational thugs? No.

  • Rudd

    Also, listen at 0:22 seconds when he tells the cop, “I want you to know I killed for something like that before… ” and at 0:46 he reaches for something on his right side where he appears to have keys hanging. Almost looks like he’s reaching for a weapon. That’s when the cop went on the offensive. Not a smart move for the ranger…

  • Hamilton

    Absolutely disgusting. That man has every right to peacefully assemble. They cannot force him off of the road he paid for. We pay for those people to beat that man. Absolutely disgusting. This needs to stop.

  • Michael

    Maybe this is a stupid question… but did the protester do anything illegal? I just can’t see how that reaction was warranted

  • suzanne lehman

    Sounds like Oakland PD best be getting ready for a hefty lawsuit…..there’s no provocation whatever in this clip!!!!

  • Caveat Emptor

    Adventure tours in the US now available.

    Selling Points for California:
    – Radioactive Fallout not so bad in California.
    – Citizenry paying million $ lawsuits for beatings by police – lottery potential.

    Selling Points for United States:
    – Come experience an illegitimate Federal Government.

    [adj., n. il-i-jit-uh-mit; v. il-i-jit-uh-meyt]
    2. not legitimate; not sanctioned by law or custom.
    3. unlawful; illegal: an illegitimate action.
    4. irregular; not in good usage.

  • Mark

    the bill of rights gives the right to assemble, however the state has the legal ability granted to them to add provisions such as you can’t block roadways. Which the young man in question is undoubtedly in the middle of the street. I personally do believe that the police used more force than needed, but when the police officer did attempt to grab him before beating him the soldier pulled himself out of the officers grasp.

    • Kelly

      Looks to me that the police were blocking the road way a hell of a lot more than the ranger. From the beginning of that video there were dozens of police, suited 10xs better than war soldiers, coming on 1 unarmed citizen who only raised his hands to salute. It was disgusting before the beating.

    • DrRockzo(The RocknRoll Clown)

      State laws cannot supercede The Constitution. So if the Constitution states that Congress may enact no Law abridging our right to assemble, to protest the government for a redress of our grievances, etc, then the State may not enact any laws that abridge our Constitutional rights either. As per our Constitutional rights, there is no such thing as “an order to disperse”, and only a mindless sheeple would follow any such order. This is why we see agents provocatuer, undercover cops that cause disturbances and blame them on the protestors, so as to provide the gestapo the reason they need to go in and cause a full-on riot, beating unarmed Citizens and arresting them for doing nothing wrong…

  • supdawg

    public servants should serve the public

  • Bertie

    In which repressive totalitarian nation was this footage recorded?

  • Angry Voter

    It should be noted that at the time of the US revolution, the King’s police, army and navy were basically mercenaries for the British East India Company and a half a dozen other trans national corps owned by the ultra rich.

    Does anybody remember what the US Founders did about the situation?

  • We have noticed the federal co-ordination of these police activities in cities across the nation.

    Is it unthinkable, after reviewing unprovoked attacks everywhere, that the police are doing as told from a central command who is being fed information about who is there and who are potential leaders or whom the public would sympathize with?

    Are they picking and choosing victims in preplanned operations conducted by Homeland Security?

  • Paul P

    Police have been committing crimes throughout the nation: assult with pepper spray, hitting non-threatening demonstators, and stealing property of occupiers (as happened when Zucotti Park was dismanled). It is ironic when some people comment that they support the occupations, but the occupiers are going about it in the wrong way.

  • The 4th Boarhead

    I’m a soldier and I tell you what – you tell me where that SOB lives and we’ll have justice all right. It sickens me to see the police attain military power status – a sign that our society is reaching a dangerous turning point. 1 cop with a hard on takes on a peaceful (even saluted police) soldier protester and we are witnissing the dangers that lie ahead in this country. That cop ought to be fired. Bastard! To hell with what is status quo – it’s time for the people to be respected. I’m afraid seeds are being sown for bigger problems. Our country is in big trouble and the patsy press better watch their step. The people aren’t stupid and this nation is going to fragment under the powers that be. It’s only a matter of time. Spineless leadership = corruption, self destruction, and failure for the nation. I know where we’re headed and it’s not the American dream. It’s the nightmare.

  • what patent sheep dip, why do you people always demonise the police, why don’t you tell us about the 5 police peaceful police officers who were struck by rocks and bottles while standing in formation, which is a class b felony ( assault with a dangerous instrument ) and were taken to local hospitals 30 minutes before this innocent army ranger disobeyed a lawful order and taunted police by his refusal to obey a lawful order. oh this makes for great civil disobedience mayhem, and the police being shown as barbarians and ruthless stormtroopers. if your trying to make this out to be like that truly brave Chinese man who stood in front of a tank in tiananmen square yrs. ago you lose. then you try to make it sound worse by telling lies, bad lies,all to make your cause seem justified, the soldier did not have any really serious injuries,other than being sore ( ALL MUSCULAR NONE LIFE THREATENING ) how do i know this ? because my nice was the charge nurse at the hospital where he was brought 2hrs after he was injured NOT THE 18 HRS YOU SAY. and as i’m writing this one policewomen may lose her right eye as a result in being stuck in the head by a fist sized rock. oh but you say the police acted brutally. this whole thing –STINKS OF YELLOW journalism. with the camera man yelling “shoot me” its so like that movie ” wag the dog”

    • Kelly

      Your “my nice was a charge nurse” story stinks of bullshit.

      • Kelly

        He was beaten and arrested. 18 hrs later he was given treatment. He could not even get up when they released him. That is the only reason he finally got medical assistance. Stop making crap up loser.

    • Another nurse

      “…my nice (sic) was the charge nurse at the hospital where he was brought 2hrs after he was injured.”

      Well, your niece violated Federal law (HIPAA) and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics in sharing information with you. She should be fired.

  • John Snook

    Is he there to protest the banks or just fuck with the police? They shouldn’t beat him, but he was being an ass for no good reason. The cops aren’t the banks.

    • Kelly

      How can you even ask who was there to f**k with who? Open your eyes and see how the police looked, how they moved… You live in America! That scene was disgusting BEFORE the ranger was assulted. Wake up!

  • fran

    They look like robots

  • rudd

    I guess when something in the video contradicts the message of the blogger, they decide to turn a blind eye and ignore it. Freedom of speech is cool only if YOU agree with it. Pretty much what I’ve come to expect from all of the Occupy lemmings such as yourself. The ranger was in the wrong. He provoked the cop by telling him he had killed people before, made a move as if for a weapon, and you choose to ignore it and delete my post. It’s a shame because you do have some useful information here on this site. There was nothing provocative in my posts and in my eyes you’re failure to post takes away any credibility you have as a blogger or whatever chivalrous title you profess to possess. You’re a joke.

    • Kelly

      First of all, words are NEVER an excuse in provocation, specifically for officers. That man never looked as if he was “reaching for a weapon”. Nobody thought he had a weapon and you know it. Wake up! It sounds as if you promote a police state. Looks to me that the police were blocking the road way a hell of a lot more than the ranger. From the beginning of that video there were dozens of police, suited 10xs better than war soldiers, coming on 1 unarmed citizen who only raised his hand to salute. It was disgusting BEFORE the beating. Open your eyes.

  • rudd

    After entering the last post, the previous ones showed up as “still awaiting moderation”. I thought they had been deleted, so, I apologize for that, but, how long does it take to post something? In a fluid situation such as this, things change dramatically in 24 hours. This is sure to be old news by tomorrow. And waiting so long is nearly the same thing as censoring…

  • Gregory Clifton

    I hope the Oakland police know that someday this will be done to them too. They attack their neighbors and friends and by their actions and their self.

  • The corporate masters have us right where they want us, beating each other up, precisely to take the heat off of them, and politicians are their slaves. US cop that beat this man, I hope you sleep at night, bashing Americans for a pay check. Get a real job.
    This is not America, it is Nazi Germany.

  • rudd

    So, comments which point out critical details are still awaiting moderation, but, the others aren’t?? Typical liberal ploy to skew your point. Post my comment below already. Let people talk about his comments to the cops. The message below was posted @ November 19, 2011 at 3:13 am and still
    awaiting moderation??
    “Also, listen at 0:22 seconds when he tells the cop, “I want you to know I killed for something like that before… ” and at 0:46 he reaches for something on his right side where he appears to have keys hanging. Almost looks like he’s reaching for a weapon. That’s when the cop went on the offensive. Not a smart move for the ranger…”

  • Rudd

    your political slant is showing. asshole.

  • TBO

    1) I heard the Riot Gear Cops yell repeatedly: “Get off the street”.
    2) The guy ignored those repeated orders by visibly marked cops.
    3) When the guy continued to ignore verbal orders to get off the street, a cop tried to direct him off the street by hand.
    4) The guy repeatedly pulled away from the cop and continued to block the street.
    5) The cop began to strike his legs with a night stick while yelling: “Get on the ground” over and over.
    6) The guy didn’t comply and kept moving away from the cop.
    7) The guy was eventually directed to the ground by other cops.
    8) The guy never complied with a single order given by the cops.

    Am I suppose to feel some kind of empathy for this guy?

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

    • Bill

      TBO, please show me in the Constitution where it states that a “Citizen” of The United States has to follow the orders of a Cop. That Citizen/Veteran was standing there peacefully, the cops could have walked around him peacefully. No, some thug with a badge had to exercise his menial authority and assault a peaceful citizen. “COPS” today are way over the top and the real men of this Country should take to the streets and put them back in their place and remind them of their motto “To Protect And Serve”.

    • DrRockzo(The RocknRoll Clown)

      TBO, it is nice to see that you are a good obedient slave to the corporatocracy. The establishment shall hold you in high regards, they like people who do as they are told, without thinking and without question…

      The reason I tell you this, is because, I cannot live free, while there are morons like you willing to live as slaves.

  • alex

    Its a shame the states have lost total control…this is happening in California? How many people from the liberal state of california would want this? total militarization of the “peace officers” everywhere, every state, nationwide.

  • Fred

    I grew up in Chicago in the 1950s and 60s. After the police riots at the 1968 Demo convention and the 4 Kent State students murdered by their national guard, no police overreaction or brutality surprises me.

  • Dave

    Supdog—- you sound like someone who doesn’t have the guts to even be a protector. That ranger was in total control and calm. Those idiot disgrace of law enforcement are lucky he stayed calm that ranger could’ve sent all of them in a bag without even thinking about it. Cops like these need to be dealt with, and it would take all of two seconds to convict those who disgrace the badge.

  • Chest Rockwell

    Fucking pigs