US War Criminals murdered our soldiers: all US police have arrest authority

source: Carl Herman

Any police officer has arrest authority for the crime of murder. Because US political and corporate media “leadership” lied US soldiers into obvious criminal wars, they must stand trial for these murders of US citizens and state residents under state murder laws.

You may recall that Vincent Bugliosi wrote a bestselling book on this topic in 2008.

The wars are not even close to lawful; we all learned this history in high schoolPlease note that both political and media “leadership” shamelessly lie about the victory all our families sacrificed to achieve through two world wars. 

The wars were criminally driven with lies known to be lies as they were told. This was only possible through political and media “leadership” complicity.

Occupy’s victory means peace from criminal wars based on obvious lies, economic security and sufficiency for 100% of humanity, and unleashing suppressed technologies that transforms what it means to be human into unimaginable status.

Occupy’s endgame, in retrospect, will be obvious: after a period of “emperor has no clothes” expository communication from independent Internet media to the 99%, those with arrest authority exercise it to remove criminal leadership from power.

I encourage law enforcement everywhere to creatively exercise the authority they have to expose, arrest, and end the massive CRIMES of the 1% that murder millions, crush billions, and loot trillions of our dollars every year.

As an academic in government, history and economics, here are my strongest resources to explain, document, and prove the “emperor has no clothes” obvious CRIMES:

Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, criminal economics (4-part series)

Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes then and now (6-part series)

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  • Police officers derive their authority from the people; if no officer anywhere has the courage to do the right thing, the originators of that authority may reclaim it and act directly. However I have direct knowledge from a couple of federal agents I once knew – that nobody dares to act because they are convinced that to do so would insure the murder of their families. They actually told me this.

    Having had the lives of my family directly threatened by other agents from another agency (for speaking up on vital issues of liberty), I know that these law officers are not exaggerating in the least. We can try to work out a mutual protection arrangement for the protection of family members, but the chilling factor comes from not knowing how many others are loyal to the tyrants or when/where they would strike, if retribution were carried out. I only know that for many, the fear is real and they lack the courage/commitment to uphold justice to the uttermost.

    Among cops, the acquisition of arms & ammunition (and other supplies) is as high on the list as you can imagine. They discuss frequently amongst their trusted colleagues what to do when – not if – things either unravel or come to a flashpoint. They are uneasy with the casual misuse of power by some of their coworkers and the acceptance of it, encouragement of it by the powers-that-be. They quietly discuss the imminence of domestic unrest, possibly even civil war in America; something that my own grandfather had prophesied decades ago.

    Some currently serving federal judges have openly admitted that the justice system is not only broken, but that no relief (for the Constitution or our Rights) can be obtained anywhere in the nation. In all too many instances, justices are the chief culprits in the destruction of liberty. The most glaring example to date is the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this year, that declared, law enforcement now have the unlimited power to enter into and search anyone’s home at any time, without a warrant, for any reason – or no reason. In short, the 4th Amendment is nullified by judicial fiat in Indiana. Furthermore, the Court ruled that no one has the right to resist police for any reason, and this ruling does NOT exclude the felonious use of force, deprivation of rights, or other abuse under color of law. In short, a rogue cop could assault you with murderous intent and (because you can’t prove intent) the onus would be on the victim if they forcefully resisted that rogue cop (or cops). This is a particular threat to Hoosiers because of the large number of cops that are routinely arrested, tried and convicted in Indiana for their own criminal behavior. There are others who never get caught, and Some who are allowed to get away with anything.

    A few years ago, one officer I know was physically abusive to a mentally ill man in his custody and control, and though I tried to stop it myself, supervisors – lieutenants & captain – allowed him to continue and I was removed from that assignment. …To ‘make the problem go away’.

    This makes it hard on the rest of us who are honestly and faithfully serving the people.

    While I would love to see each and every guilty party to the destruction (of the America I’ve loved), found, tried, sentenced and punished; truth is, so much has happened for so long that the criminals-in-charge will not go willingly, and they have enough paid thugs to insure that they will no go quietly. Rather, a bloody mess of it will be made just to liberate America and set things right, to say nothing of the actual trial & punishment of the remaining guilty. But this is what Jefferson meant when he spoke of the occasional need to “water the tree of liberty from time to time”. But what needs to be done cannot be denied, and it has already been delayed for far too long. A thorough house-cleaning is in order.

    It is time.

  • Bill Carolinas

    Ah, yes, Mr. Flatt, you are correct. But who will be the first to step forward?

    What is needed is not for just one or two, not just a few thousand, but a hundred thousand or more stepping forward to say “This far and no further.” All at the same time and all winning to bet everything they hold dear, up to and including their lives, on victory.

    We’ve lost the liberty this nation started out with. Are we men (and women) enough to reclaim it?