Undercover Oakland Police Officer Supports Protesters: “This Movement Could Be the Turning Point, The Tipping Point … It’s About Time Your Generation Stood Up For Something. It’s About Time Young People Are In The Streets”

Active Duty Oakland Police Officer Speaks Out Against Police Brutality

Oakland Police Officer Fred Shavies was previously outed as one of these undercover officers at Occupy Oakland.

But officer Shavies has now publicly come out for the protesters … and against police brutality.

In an interview with Justin Warren, Shavies said that he was just doing his job and that he actually supports the movement.

He also noted that the police brutality that occurred could be our generation’s Birmingham — where police brutality turned the entire nation against those trying to suppress the civil rights movement — and that he hopes the movement is a turning point for America:

I’m a police officer. I’m part of the 99 percent.


In the ’60s when people would protest, would gather in order to bring about change, right? Those protests were nonviolent they were peaceful assemblies. They were broken up with dogs, hoses, sticks.


It looks like there was a square, and police shot tear gas. That could be the photograph or the video for our generation. That’s our Birmingham. So, twenty years from now this movement could be the turning point, the tipping point, right. It’s about time your generation stood up for something. It’s about time young people are in the streets.


Ya’ll [i.e. the police] don’t need to throw gas canisters into a group of people occupying an intersection.

Officer Shavies joins other honorable law enforcement officers and veterans who are fighting for liberty and justice.

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  • James Cunningham

    I commend the work and good that you are doing through your website. I have been coming to your site for some time now and place it at the top of the handful of internet sites that I read every day, such as Mike Shedlock, Karl Denninger, Tyler Durden, Automatic Earth Antiwar and others. You are making a difference! Mountains are being moved, even if not yet apparent to some. Knowledge is power, and you have empowerd many. Thank You.

  • microhousehold

    Nice one!

  • Wooten Berston

    The very existence of a term like “mass arrests” should be enough to bring millions to their feet, screaming with rage. There should be no such words as “mass arrests” in a democracy. The only implication of “mass arrests” is tyrannical repression of the natural rights of the many by stooges of the oligarchs.. usurpers of power.