Too Big to Fail Banks Wouldn’t Be So Big and Dangerous If People Moved Their Money

Too Big to Fail Banks Wouldn’t Be So Big If People Moved Their Money-

Amusing exchange between a Bank of America customer and his bank:

Just canceled my BOA credit card. This was the conversation.

Her: Why are you cancelling you credit card?

Me: I’ve replaced it with another card.

Her: What does your new card offer that ours doesn’t?

Me: It’s with a credit union and not a big wall st bank.

Her: Even if you leave us we’re still a big bank.

Me: Not if enough of us leave you.

Her: [silence]

Background here and here.

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  • BOA is getting some sort of message … they withdrew a publicly proclaimed monthly fee.

  • Jared

    Suggestion: When you leave the Big Banks, make sure you credit cards have a negative balance of 1 cent. This way they will have to issue a check refund of 1 cent. There is nothing more pleasurable then cashing a $0.01 check from The Bank of America.

  • I would have to agree with the statement “Too big to fail banks wouldn’t be so big and dangerous if people moved their money”. National Banks today continue to sit on the top of the food-chain with tons of money, while we continue to be experiencing an economic crisis. People need to realize that these national banks are doing nothing but helping themselves, by taking the money and funding things that shouldn’t be funded, such as . Therefore, the citizens that bank with these national banks need to withdraw their money and place their money elsewhere, like small community banks or credit unions, to reestablish the financial crisis we are experiencing. If the deposits are withdrawn, the giant banks will only be speculative gamblers, and at least our deposits will be safe and won’t be mixed with their free ability to spend our money.
I also believe that without the government backing us up on trying to break up these large national banks will only look worse on them when they are going to have to bail out companies that rely on the technique of gambling with their money to make a profit. To sum everything up, the government needs to stop backing the large national banks by issuing them bail outs, but instead take a stand with the individuals to shut down these gambling institutions to reestablish our financials.

  • CaitlinO

    Here’s a great way to let the banks know what you think of them, cost them money and provide jobs for postal and mailroom workers all at once:

  • Hi

    I bank with USAA. Does USAA have any connections with the too big to fail? I read about MF Global and past bank holidays and am really worried.