Tokyo Starts Burning Radioactive Waste from Other Areas … Tokyo Governor Tells Residents to “Shut Up” and Stop Complaining About It

Tokyo Governor Tells Residents to “Shut Up” Instead of Complain About Burning of Radioactive Debris

I noted in August:

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says in a new interview that the Japanese are burning radioactive materials. The radioactivity originated from Fukushima, but various prefectures are burning radioactive materials in their terroritories.

Gundersen says that this radioactivity ends up not only in neighboring prefectures, but in Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and California.

And see this and this.*

Now Tokyo is starting to burn radioactive debris from other prefectures.

Ex-SKF (the odd name comes from the fact that the writer is a former trader in the ProShares UltraShort Financials ETF known as “SKF”) pointed out last week:

NHK reports that the first container from Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture arrived by rail in JR Tokyo container terminal in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo at 7AM on November 3. It was promptly transported to one of the contractors selected by the Metropolitan government, and the debris was sorted, and crushed into smaller pieces. Flammable debris will go to the TEPCO’s subsidiary (Tokyo Rinkai Recycle Power) located on the landfill and be burned after November 6, and non-flammable debris will be simply buried in the same landfill.

Given that Tokyo is directly getting hit by radiation from Fukushima, and that Fukushima is still far from any stable shutdown – and is still apparently undergoing nuclear reactions (and see this, this and this) – burning radioactive debris just adds insult to injury.

Ex-SKF subsequently reported (edited to delete Japanese language references):

Shintaro Ishihara, irascible 79-year-old governor of Tokyo who almost single-handedly decided to do this mind-boggling project to “assist the recovery” of Iwate, mentioned the complaints that his government has received over the issue in the press conference on November 4 afternoon.

According to Fuji TV news clip on November 4, the governor said,

“Shut up” is all we need to say to these complaints.


Fuji TV news also says that 3,000 complaints have been sent to the Tokyo Metropolitan government, over 90% of them protesting against the debris from disaster-affected areas to be transported, processed, crushed and burned and buried in Tokyo Bay.

And today, Ex-SKF reports that the Tokyo governor’s attitude towards his citizens has filtered down to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment as well:



“It is a fate for children to accept radiation contamination.”



Ms. Iwanaga of Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment was also bad. [She said] “Radioactive materials would disperse [by burning the debris] but it would be safe; there was no problem at all because it had been agreed and approved in the Metropolitan Assembly which represents the residents of Tokyo; there was no system whereby the residents have a direct say in the matter.” To top it off, she hung up on me.

Remember, Japan is a very homogenous society where peer pressure to conform can be intense. For example, last month it was reported that mothers who expressed concern about their kids playing outside in potentially radioactive conditions are called “monster parents” by their peers.

* Note: To understand the second link, you have to know that nuclear plants have the most sensitive ongoing testing equipment; indeed, because of the Russian cover-up, the Chernobyl accident was first “discovered” when a nuclear plant in another country detected high high ambient radiation levels.

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  • Wooten Berston

    Once again, it becomes clear that human stupidity will destroy us. And perhaps everything else as well.

    What will survive? Bacteria certainly. Bugs maybe. Some plants. Perhaps in a million years (an eye blink to the universe) the Earth will green again. Hopefully the human experiment will not be repeated.

    Glorified monkeys are simply not fit to play with high technology.

  • Oh, the triumph of stupidity, arrogance, and fear, rising from the ashes of confusion, incompetence, and pride.

    I’m a Gen. Y’er, Millenial, yada yada. Maybe when I’m older I will better understand the aphorism, “between a rock and a hard place,” but now all I do is suffer from the perverse logic of interminably arrogant baby boomers. There are exceptions to the rule (how does that Japanese proverb go? the nail that sticks out gets hammered down?), but we continually find ourselves condemned to a lack of leadership. When will awareness prevail? The source of all human ails.

  • Denny

    I once believed that it was only our ‘leadership’ here in the USA who held us in contempt (Oh, they’re simply not worth telling the truth.); yet it appears that ‘leadership’ the world over holds their citizens in contempt. The black hole in the Gulf of Mexico and now the Fukashima monstrosity and nary a peep of concern from those who supposedly have our best interests at heart. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what must be done with the MICs (Maniacs in Charge).

  • Burning radioactive debris will only serve to further randomly spread radiation across Japan, as well as the rest of the world. Not only will this lead to more morbidity and mortality within Japan, but it will further complicate epidemiological studies of the Fukushima disaster. Raising “acceptable” levels of radioactive fallout is a false solution to a serious problem. It is possible for the government authorities to do this because radiation is invisible to us, and at lower doses, the consequences of exposure do not manifest themselves for some time . . . thus it is a poison that is easy to hide and ignore. Sadly, the children of Japan will be those most seriously affected by this man-made environmental catastrophe.

    Steven Starr
    Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility

    • Denny

      Thank you, Mr Starr. Do you know if the U.S. Government or ANY government for that matter, has released ANYTHING close to the truth regarding immediate and ultimate consequences concerning the catastrophe?

  • Concrete man


    No, I don’t think so, that is a safe guess. See the book by Alexey Yablokov about Chernobyl, a million have died worldwide so far. By the way, readers should check out this story for further evidence of how totally morally corrupt the Japanese government is:
    Amazing Disgrace –

  • anonymous

    Tokyo governor: ” I would just say to those who would oppose it, “shut up!”.”

    Tokyo burning the radioactive debris from the devastated area?

  • zapster

    You might be interested in these:
    High radiation in LA:
    2 days later in St. Louis:
    and on the same day in Michigan, a child gets rained on:
    So, they started burning in Japan around Nov. 6th, and 2 weeks later–it’s showing up along the jet stream path..