Senate Considers Bill Authorizing More Torture

“A Middle East Dictatorship Has More Democratic Accountability for Abuse of Power, Including Torture, Than the US Under Obama”

The same Senate which today passed a bill allowing indefinite detention of American citizens on American soil for suspicion of being terrorists is now considering a bill to repeal the prohibitions against torture:

The ACLU and over 30 other organizations sent a letter to the Senate asking them to oppose an effort in Congress that threatens to revive the use of torture and other inhumane interrogation techniques. If passed, an amendment introduced by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) to the Defense Authorization bill would roll back torture prevention measures that Congress overwhelmingly approved in the 2005 McCain Anti-Torture Amendment, as well as a 2009 Executive Order on ensuring lawful interrogations. It would also require the administration to create a secret list of approved interrogation techniques in a classified annex to the existing interrogation field manual.

In a related development, republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann renewed her attack on the prohibition of waterboarding and other forms of torture ….

Glenn Greenwald pointed out last week:

Andrew Sullivan … today noted that the U.S. under Obama imposes even less accountability for abuse of power and war crimes than does Bahrain:

Bahrain’s Sunni government promised “no immunity” for anyone suspected of abuses and said it would propose creating a permanent human rights watchdog commission. “All those who have broken the law or ignored lawful orders and instructions will be held accountable,” said a government statement, which says the report acknowledges that the “systematic practice of mistreatment” ended shortly after martial law was repealed on June 1.

As Andrew put it: “So a Middle East dictatorship has more democratic accountability for abuse of power, including torture, than the US under Obama.” Beyond things like this and the facts set forth in the last paragraph here, perhaps Andrew could use today’s post of his to help clear up the towering mystery he raised yesterday of liberal disenchantment with Obama. That American war criminals are being aggressively shielded from any and all accountability is not an ancillary matter but one of enduring historical significance.

That’s okay, though, because – according to top military, intelligence and civilian experts on interrogation – torture:

(1) Doesn’t produce actionable intelligence

(2) Reduces national security

(3) Creates more terrorists

(4) And is only useful for:

(A) Producing false confessions; and

(B) As a way of terrorizing the population

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  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Excellent. First we torture the entire U.S. Senate individually in isolation until they yell out LOUD who did 9-11. Then we go from there, after releasing the entire compliment of prisoners from Guantanamo with compensation paid from the responsible government officials’ estates because these government officials won’t be needing them or their families any more. Let’s go! We should start with Joe Lieberman and knock that stupid smirk off his face.

    • Frankly

      Here, HERE! I’d vote for that, if the current system still had any meaning. Take BACK what are the peoples’, from these immoral, narcissistic traitorous tyrants who ONLY value nepotism & impunity; time is running short for them to inflate their egos & acquire, as an aging generation, so we need to cut their time short, for the sakes of ALL of the REST of us, 99%

    • jovialau

      I strongly suspect that they have made themselves immune from any possible charges.Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld.All war criminals…The bankers..Sociopathic criminals..No charges! I rest my case!

  • gmathol

    US equals Third Reich – and yes the Hollywood brain dead, I-phone using crowd likes that kind of stuff.

    Let’s hope a natural catastrophe wipes the US population and their disgusting culture out.

  • ….well THIS is what you get, when most of the american people agreed with george dubba bush that THEY would VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS in order to REMAIN FREE when said person was prez, ok he really DID keep his promise.
    Also many really, REALLY Believed that the ONLY ones who was gonna get it in the arse was those brown people and their children far, FAR away from our supposed “freedoms” which we were told they were envious of…today those “freedoms” have been expose as being FREE /DUMB as we are being jolted awake by the throbbing pain in our collective behinds AND wallets……..

  • Noogan

    When I first read about the secret meeting and the policy attached to the Defense Authorization Bill violating the Constitutional rights to due process in the Senate Bill now passed, I literally felt SICK to my stomach and was moved to tears. Do people not see the horror show going on in Washington? Do they just not care? Don’t they realize what has just happened? Senators who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution have committed what, by any definition, constitutes TREASON.

    I am so disgusted. I despair for my country. I will vote for Ron Paul in the primary, but basically, I’m not even sure I will vote at all in the general election. What is the point? We have a government of criminals and traitors, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

    • robert

      it’s not going to matter who you vote for, they are all going to do what the illuminati and free masons want done anyway. they have an agenda and they are not going to be happy until it’s fulfilled! everyone does need to wake up and smell the shit that’s brewing all over the world. they call it brainwashing, but i call it gettin our heads out of our ass. to you gmathol kiss this americans ass!!!

    • Brian Selm

      Yes we can. Let’s ask the Almighty to fix it. He can. Obama will bow to Him one of these days, as well as all the other “politicians!”

    • Mike

      Will the states step up, and protect their citizens from an out-of-control central government? Will local sheriffs protect their respective citizens from an onslaught of military personnel? Will state national guard units be obedient to their respective governors, or will they obey unlawful orders from the president? I don’t think the Senate has done their homework. They seem to be taking too much for granted within the larger realm.

  • Tjeerd

    There is one important use of torture that is not included in the list at the end: the education of torturers.
    Torturers need to be educated, ready, and well-positioned for the moment the US turns into an overt fascist state. And the nice thing of the current practice of torturing mainly innocent people is that it selects precisely the people the leadership needs as torturers: people who enjoy the very act of torturing other people. You can expect the “graduates” to make rapid promotion, so that when the moment comes: the system is ready and willing to terrorize the freethinkers into submission.

  • JB54

    The people who torture and abuse others for years are getting away with it because the victims are ignored, so distressed that they don’t communicate well, and the torturer is an expert at lying, presenting a false image of themselves which fools everyone except their victim. They destroy the reputation of the victim with lies, accusations of criminal behavior, etc that plants an image in the mind of a disgusting person who many hate and even carry out attempts at hurting or ending the victims life. Mainly, people react in favor of the bad guy and never even contact the victim. They may spend years preparing for the abuse by making up negative info and asking for prayer requests for the soon to be victim, and eventually the victim, who’s been happily involved in the family she’s raising and not one who gossips, has had her identity erased and replaced with the made up one that ‘is common knowledge’ and when she tries to defend herself it’s too late and people say ‘oh, so you are right and the whole world is wrong?’, and how can anyone win in a situation like that? Isolated, ordered to do this or that or I’ll hurt your child, steal all your money when you sell your house, your children will hate you and love me, etc. Stress kills, being forgotten and hated only kills, and when they die, the person you admire who’s a monster in disguise, replaces her with another trusting, kind hearted innocent one, and there is no escape, even though the victim is free to do anything and go anywhere. With no money and an erased credit history and illnesses triggered by constant stress and heartache, we walk away from their ‘unusual’ expressions, far out stories that ‘just don’t happen’, and despite reporting to every ‘protector of rights and law enforcement’ they are eventually tagged as crazy, on drugs, delusional,etc. For 6 years I have been controlled and tortured but not physically. I would trade this for a daily physical torture gladly. The abusers have no ability to feel emotion.So why don’t you give everyone an equal chance to present real tangible evidence and stop judging individuals on gossip. You might as well be the terrorist, since you know, and you allow it to continue. Families are crumbling all around you, and you hold your Bible and attend church where you no longer pray for the victim. You sympathize and assist the pillar of the community. Most victims, I guarantee you would never reveal the secrets that only they know. But I am at the end, and I believe and love God, even if He never rescues me. He loves all of us and wants the evil person to not be lost, so they are given extra time sometimes so they can realize what they are doing and stop. All it takes is one person to inform them that their behavior is considered unacceptable in society, and they will stop. I could not find one person who would do this, like I did for my sister. Now do you see the hypocrits, the religious, the holy ones? No, you will probably make a joke or call me insane. I am an American who despite all the good things and being a loving mother I’ve done, I have no rights, I have no right to pursue happiness, and I pray this is over and my life ends soon. I am starved, denied needed meds, and am severed from my children as they are from one another. Families are disappearing at a rapid rate. We were the foundation of our country. When America collapses, 9-11 attack will finally end. Where did all the genuine humans go?

  • The scary part is that the US is a symbol to many people around the world. As we de-evolve into a psychopathic nation that uses brute force to get things done, and ignores the principles found in the US Constitution then we will either be hated or copied. Remember who is running the country:

    That being said, I find it amazing that I am seeing this trend actually speeding up. What will the country be like by 2020?????

  • Brian Selm

    I think it is absolutely a scham that we celebrate the 4th of July. I say this because of what our “government” is currently doing to us. If our forefathers stood up and complained in a peaceful way, pepper spray as well as tear gas would be sprayed at them. What a shame! Give me liberty or give me death! Unfortunately, if the gov. keeps pecking away, they will wind up having those killed whom they feel don’t fit, whether they be overweight, too old, jobless, believers in God, etc. Wake up people, God Himself is going to punish this world so very, very soon. you know why, because this country as well as the world, in the majority keeps spitting in His face! We have already witnessed His judgment: earhquakes, extreme drought, economic turmoil, the list goes on. GOD help us and what’s left of the USA!

    • Mike

      We’ve noticed lately that the 4th of July isn’t granted as much attention as in past years. There seems to be more attention given to Cinco de Mayo than our nation’s Day of Independence.

  • Mike

    Why not give the option of a public execution to the “suspected terrorist”? None of that cloak and dagger stuff, but a public execution in the full light of day, preferably by firing squad. Allow the SUSPECT to kiss his wife, and children good-bye before armed military personnel place him against the wall. This makes perfect sense to me. If the central government hates the people to such an extreme, let them use capital murder to eradicate those they deem undesirable.