Second City – Dallas – Calls for a General Strike as Part of “Occupy” Wall Street

Second City – Dallas – Calls for General Strike

Occupy Oakland held a general strike on November 2nd which had many tens or even hundreds of thousands of protesters, and which shut down the nation’s 5th largest port.

Yesterday, Occupy Dallas called for a general strike on November 30th:

Before the General Assembly of Occupy Dallas,

Whereas the General Assembly of Occupy Dallas stands in support of Occupy Wall Street which started September 17, 2011 at Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District. The movement has now spread across the country and is influencing the world. Occupy Dallas is a horizontally organized resistance movement to counteract the unprecedented consolidation of wealth and power in the world today. The Occupy movement does not have a hierarchy or a formalized structure. The Occupy movement represents those that feel disenfranchised from the current socioeconomic system because of policy passed by our political institutions and the actions of those in control of the unprecedented consolidation of wealth;

Whereas by consensus we view that for the first time in American history, current generations will not be as prosperous as preceding generations. This denial of the American Dream is at the heart of Occupy Movement.

Whereas by consensus we view that the social system has become tilted against us by:

1. Unfair treatment and discrimination against individuals based on Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race, National Origin, Physical Ability or any other factor that minimizes any person’s individual worth

2. The commoditization of individual privacy

3. Profit driven news sources with individual agendas

4. Narrow definitions of what constitutes a family;

Whereas by consensus we view that the Political system has become tilted against us by:

1. Widespread deregulation that has eliminated common sense regulations that have insured long term prosperity and protection from predatory business practices

2. A Tax code that is cumbersome and rife with loopholes and language that favors an economic minority at the expense of the majority of wage earners

3. A Supreme Court decision that has put into place the unprecedented concept of extending first amendment protections to political donations

4. Jeopardizing the future of social security through investiture and privatization schemes

5. By reducing funding to our education system our future generations are provided a lesser education that previous generations received because of increased class size and reduced resources

6. Because of decreasing funding individuals are saddled with higher student loan debt

7. A political system where even the most perfunctory tasks of government are partisan battles;

Whereas by consensus we view that the Economic system has become tilted against us by:

1. A general degradation of the employer and employee relationship namely

a. the practice referred to as “dead peasants” insurance policies where by companies profit from the death of individuals.

b. the elimination of traditional pension and retirement arrangements in favor of 401 (k) investment vehicles.

c. outsourcing of jobs

d. failing or eliminating paid sick leave

e. failing or eliminating paid maternity leave

f. relying on part-time workers rather than investing in full time employees

g. scheduling work hours to insure that employees cannot obtain offered benefits

h. failing to provide a livable wage

i. reducing and eliminating employer based health care coverage

2. Incredible income disparity between management and employees.

3. Active discouragement and intimidation of unionization of the workforce

4. Instituting illogical accounting practices

5. Engaging in unethical business practices that jeopardize the long term financial stability of the country

6. Viewing financial profit as more important than the individual worth of a people.

Then let it them be resolved by the General Assembly of Occupy Dallas through consensus on Date (___________________) that we call upon all people to engage in a General Strike on November 30th, 2011. We implore all people to:

1. Refrain from Buying or Selling any goods or services including but not limited to, any petroleum products, consumer goods or bank transactions; starting at 12:01 am to 11:59pm on November 30th, 2011.

2. Refrain from working for a wage starting at 12:01 am to 11:59pm on November 30th, 2011 excluding those individuals that provide emergency and necessary functions including but not limited to Police, Fire and Medical personnel.

3. Join or form local groups to peacefully protest against the above stated elements.

Please join us in solidarity to make known our grievances and demand substantive change to insure our future.

Dallas will not be the last city to strike.

The New York City “General Assembly” has discussed a general strike for months (I’ve been following the discussion online), and I predict that – within the next couple of months – a lot of cities will go on strike.

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  • Tim Bee

    It would make more sense to do a consumer strike where you don’t buy anything you don’t have to for a week. This would mean you still get paid and the companies still suffer. Call and cut back your cable TV packages or your cell phone plans if you can. Don’t buy new winter clothes, shoes, cars or TVs. Show corporations that we are not only their employees but also their customers.

  • Frank

    Your protest is costing me, the taxpayer money. Your need for protection, oversight, and supervision by Dallas police and city staff is costing me money. I would not bring my family into downtown this past weekend because I did not want them or me to witness your hippie lifestyle. I did not expect to be able to visit and enjoy our city as I would like because of the hippie circus that you have created.

    Since you are protesting large corporations, why don’t you occupy their facilities instead of city property? Why can’t you use corporate bathrooms and trash up corporate green spaces and bathrooms instead of the taxpayer parks and bathrooms?

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s, we organized protests which exhibited themselves by stopped consumers from buying products advertised on TV shows which we found offensive. We impacted the economy in specific ways that told corporations that we were watching. We didn’t impose ourselves on taxpayers. WE imposed ourselves on CORPORATIONS. How can your tactics possibly work unless you impact corporations and quit alienating taxpayers who view you as being as destructive as corporations?