Police Use a Military Sound Cannon to Interrupt and Disperse Protesters Peacefully Singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM

Police Using Military Equipment On Peaceful Protesters

The protesters’ demands are reasonable and totally American:


But the 1% don’t like those demands … and instead continue to show contempt for the American people and our basic rights:


Former Philadelphia police chief Ray Lewis admonished the New York Police Department not to act as mercenaries for Wall Street:



But the police are busting heads, beating up pregnant women, old ladies, judgeslegal observers (and see this), reporters, skinny students and military heroes.

And they’re using military weapons on the American people (militarization of the police has been ongoing for decades).  For example, police have been using military sound cannons on protesters.

Indeed, police reportedly used a sound cannon to interrupt and disperse protesters peacefully singing the National Anthem.

Here’s a military vehicle deployed to Occupy Tampa:

YOU THINK #OCCUPY doesn't take Courage? Look what showed up at #OccupyTampa ( #FL) today! NOT a TOUR BUS!

And here’s a vehicle being driven by police in Ventura, California:

We’re just trying to have peaceful protests, as the Founding Fathers intended. But the 1% are deploying militarized police forces against us.

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  • Using a Sound Cannon to disperse citizens singing the National Anthem— lol.

    Where do they get these cops from? Have they no capacity to think for themselves? Didn’t they learn that “I was just following orders” was not an acceptable excuse at Nuremburg?

    Hey GW, do you think the OWS movement will ever move to Occupy the Airwaves? When will we do like the Egyptians and SURROUND THE TV STATIONS to Demand the Truth on our Public Airwaves.

    Every Sunday a bunch of puppet politicians go to Rockefeller Center just a few miles from Lower Manhattan to sell their books and corporate propaganda, let’s surround the building next Sunday and not let the rotten SOBs out until they answer some questions live on the air. ie- Why were no bankers prosecuted for deliberately hiring robo-signers to illegally steal as many homes as possible? Or for mislabelling junk MBS as ‘AAA’, selling to states and pension funds, then shorting the same crap….

    and most importantly:
    Who is charged with upholding politicians to their Oath of Office? Can We the People make a citizens’ arrest? (Obviously we can’t vote them out with Diebold and ES&S counting the votes)