Pictures: Huge “Occupy” Oakland Crowd Strikes … Shutting Down Nation’s 5th Biggest Port

Huge Crowds Strike in Oakland … Shutting Down Nation’s 5th Largest Port

Huge crowds marching in solidarity with Occupy Oakland's branch of the Occupy Worldwide Movement have shut down the port of Oakland as of 5:30:pm:pdt. (photo: Robert Galbraith/Reuters)

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  • Are the 99% saying that we want some of the booty, or are they saying we want an America of peace, because at the moment we can’t have both.

    Go OWS, OOK!

    • Buffalo Soldier

      C’mon Dredd. You’re on a computer. Look it up. Nobody is saying “gimmie gimmie” In simplest terms, MOST Americans want a truly level playing field for law, taxes, jobs, etc….
      For gods sake, someone in a Mercedes ran 2 people over at the protests yesterday and was sent home by the police. If I did that in my 10 year old AMERICAN MADE Saturn, I’d be in jail right now getting routinely beaten by OPD!

  • These people are true patriots!

  • There’s something happening here… I’m very excited about this awakening of the American people. It’s all about focusing on the real issues (economic disparity, social justice) and not allowing the corporate media/right wing politicians to set the topic of discussion anymore. If we can change the conversation, that’s a great start.

    • justme

      Why isn’t Obama speaking against police brutality in this country? Obama2012? I don’t think so.

  • I totally agree these protesters are showing what america is made of! Fuck the police covering their badge numbers like a bunch of cowards. When SHTF they’ll be the ones to kill themselves and take the cowards way out rather than fight with us to save humanity

    live long and prosper

  • Dan

    These fools HATE Mitt Romney Also, today’s actions by President Obama’s Super PAC provided even more proof that Mitt Romney is the republican that scares democrats most. This anti-Romney ad buy is $100,000 and it’s far from the first anti-Romney attack ad President Obama’s Super PAC has produced. The continued paid attacks this early in the election illustrate a level of desperation from the Obama administration that makes sense considering President Obama’s record of accomplishment is so weak.

    • Buffalo Soldier

      Yes Dan, “” is indeed a reliable bipartisan source for thinking people make their own decision based on the facts. I’m an independent. I don’t listen to either “team” whine about how their billionaire asses are being “picked on” or made to “look bad” They all spend billions of dollars to jam down propaganda our throats telling us why they’re the best instead of putting the money to good use like feeding hungry people or buying kids books. To hell with both parties.

  • Dan (Another One)

    Dan @ 11:34pm
    Your comment has zero to do with this post. Go troll somewhere else. OWS has no affiliation to any political party. The political system is corrupt. The financial system is corrupt. The military-industrial system in general is corrupt. The people have had enough, and promises by the main political parties for reform will no longer fly. Everyone knows they are lies. Time for a revolution.

    And no, Dredd, we can’t have it both ways. That will be the hard pill for most people to swallow.