Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Joins Occupy Wall Street, Calls NYPD Conduct “Disgusting,” “Totally Uncalled For”

Retired Philadelphia Police captain Ray Lewis has joined Occupy Wall Street, calling the New York Police Department’s conduct “disgusting” and “totally uncalled for”:

Captain Lewis joins many other officers and veterans in supporting the protests.

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  • Javy

    Wow! I’m speechless…

  • john jenkinson

    We need to get more strongly allied with the local police departments. After all, police officers are also part of the 99%. Their pay comes from somewhere under the control of the 1%, as does most of ours, but everyone needs to be able to stand up for greater fairness and equality. How do we reach and educate law-enforcement personnel? They’ve been trained to use rough tactics pretty quickly, and those tactics are forcing an artificial wedge between the police and the people they are supposed to protect (not the oligarchs).

  • tk

    not all solders/officers in Hitler’s army were bad; therefore, in your logic, we should be OK with Hitler’s army? one of them remembered that he might be a human, good, but so what?

    OWS exposed people for what they are – sold to banks dogs.

  • Carolyn

    Rock on! Officer you have chose wisely. Thank you for having the courage to say – this sh*t isn’t right.

  • Evidently Capt. Lewis was arrested by NYPD.

  • maximo

    yes, there is honor in this…

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  • Have you heard about
    Captain Ray Lewis,
    the grayhair
    from Philadelphia?
    He went to Wall Street
    in full dress uniform
    carrying a sign addressing
    NYPD brutality.
    He knows the brutalization
    we have seen thus far
    has been nothing.
    “If this continues to grow,
    if this continues to grow.”
    He shakes his head
    at what is coming.
    “They will target the leaders first.”
    He does not complete his thought.
    He does not say
    what he knows
    about the way ahead:
    that the leaders must be
    They must be innumerable and unmoving.
    And brave as only wild things are.
    I am with Captain Ray Lewis,
    grayhair from Philadelphia.

  • I Love this Captain Ray Lewis. The first time I could say that about a cop. Thank you for the truth my friend.

  • 2copsdad

    So defacating and urinating in public, is not disgusting? And blocking children trying to get to school is not uncalled for? Give me a break! And the Marxist talk about the cops being “controlled” by the 1%? It’s the 99% who pay their salaries and benefits, you know. This 99% and 1% thing – how about “I’m the 53%!” Meaning – I’m one of the 53% of Americans who actually pays a federal income tax.

  • Steve_W

    So far, the OWS, representing the 99%, have been exactly where the 1% want them to be — in an easily manipulable position and a cinch to totally shut down if they get too annoying. For the OWS this is a safe position to be in. But it’s also completely impotent in terms of bringing about any positive change. They should be looking to default and using that as a guidance for exploiting whatever weaknesses the 1% can expect to have on the road ahead. Capitalism at its worse is simply a system of socialism with the 1% oligarchy being the beneficiaries of it. And as the saying goes, the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money. And on that front there are a lot of government programs set up to benefit the rich at the 99%’s expense that are currently being strained and will run dry at some point. And who right now is lining up for this, who’s getting in place to take full advantage of it? For that’s the army I’m looking for but haven’t found so far. But I will say in this way the teaparty-ers have it much righter than the OWS do. Simply put, if you don’t pay taxes you can’t have a 1%. And the way to get out of paying taxes is to render unto Caesar all that is Caesar’s but hold onto what is yours for dear life. And by “yours” I mean what is rightfully of you besides money. If your whole sense of self-worth is wrapped up in how much money you have there’s no way you can win. For money is so easily takeable. But if you’re a talented, gifted person it’s not as if someone can take that from you and make it their own. And the important thing is not to lose sight of that the way so many 99%ers already have. In fact, that to me is the definition of the 99% — people thinking so monetarily, just as the 1% want them to, that they can’t see themselves for who they really are anymore.

  • arleen

    all you protestors are waisting our tax money!! Get a job and take a shower!!