Obama Prosecuting Fewer Financial Crimes Than Under Reagan or Either Bush

Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton Each Prosecuted Financial Crime More Aggressively than Obama

Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted. See this and this.

But the government has more or less made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street.

Indeed, Business Insider writes today:

A new study out from Syracuse University shows that the number of federal prosecutions for fraud at financial institutions has been steadily decreasing since 1999. [via ThinkProgress]

This is particularly interesting given that in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, public sentiment towards banks and other financial firms have been generally negative and prone to suspicion.

Alexander Eichler at the Huffington Post points out:

The falling number of fraud prosecutions is striking given what many claim is a strong pattern of financial-sector misconduct in recent years, culminating in a housing crisis characterized by alleged rampant mortgage fraud and improper foreclosure, as well as the weakening of the national and global economy.

Barry Ritholtz notes:

In such a target rich environment,. how on earth is it possible that Bank Fraud prosecutions are dropping? It is an outrage!


I bitched about this when George W. Bush was President, and I will continue until we get someone in the White House who understands what the RULE OF LAW actually means . . .

There were also many times more financial prosecutions under President Reagan than there are currently.

No wonder Occupy Wall Street is demanding:

Enforce the Laws for the 99%

No wonder top financial crime expert Bill Black says that we have to fire Eric “Place” Holder and all other government officials who are blocking prosecution of the criminals who caused the economic crisis.

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  • Dave Nemo

    It’s clear, Obama’s got to go, he’s nothing but a frontman for Wall St. crooks like Geithner and Summers. The entire system is rotten to the core and needs to be gotten rid of.

    • Maezeppa

      President Obama will be reelected without a problem in November, and deservedly so. Wall Street criminals will be dealt with in due course.

      • Jimbo

        You lie.

      • CommonSense

        Corrupt socialists, communists and the like ilk are never prosecuted, only rewarded. Just look at Solindra and the other 18+ ‘Green with taxpayer Money’ firms that received federal taxpayer money just before going bankrupt and then made major contributions to OgagmeBahma! All are free to continue to plunder the federal storehouses.

  • AyexeM

    The trendlines clearly seems to have changed at a specific year, 2001. We all know what happened that year. So it seems reasonable to suppose that the focus of federal investigative agencies shifted from crimes like financial fraud to terrorism. Fortunately for crooked bankers, financial fraud is not as terrifying as terrorism. I don’t expect the public or politicians will care about the facts posed here while the media continues to sensationalize the Islamic extremist threat.

    • while the media continues to sensationalize the Islamic extremist threat…

      at whose instigation?

      • Richard Wendel

        Of course this is a good point.

  • A culture of crooks: http://goo.gl/f4pXo

  • BBB

    AyexeM – You are just plain wrong. If you wish to fit such a trend line, then 1999 is the appropriate turning point. Try looking at the data with your eyes open instead of fitting it to what you want it to fit to.

    • Thomas G Lyons

      Kind of like the way good ol’ George Bush made his case fit for the Iraq war, ignor the facts that there were no weapons of mass destruction, which of course were never found.

      • Lee Allen

        Not very logical or accurate. It only became a fact after we got there, defeated their forces and did a through ground search. Before we attacked the intelligence community was quite convinced that they were there. That intel at the time was shared with key members of congress and even the democrats voted for the war using the same information that Bush used to make his recommendation.

        • charlie p

          Read the book” the five biggest lies about the iraq war” by robert scheer for the real facts. Obama is like Clinton he didn’t want to prosecute the Bushes instead looking forward. We did go after Clinton for crimes against dna though. Please pick up the book and read it. I knew of the lies even before the war started.The office of the VP and his cabal set the whole lie up and it is easily documented. All of the dead soldiers and their families deserve a prosecution for war crimes and first degree murder as written about in the books “the US vs GW Bush “by elizabeth Vega or the Prosecution of GW BUSH for murder by Vince Bugliosi .He was the prosecuter for Charlie Manson and clan. I was a conservative in the Eisenhower tradition now i am an independant. Good luck on your research and God bless.

        • Richard Wendel

          No, no and no. Proven that Colin Powell’s UN “go to war” speech for roving WMD was error-based and Bush cabinet knew at that time about false WMD data from weak source. This cross checks plus the source went public (how reliable is that? It’s not, he was visibly inadequate, that’s the point, another reason NOT to use his BS data to begin with as a basis to decimate a sovereign Iraq.) The USA caused 130,000 civilian deaths in Iraq. We are a war machine of shock and awe (Bush) to be greeted in Baghdad by flowers and cheers. Right. Defines insanity?

  • Linwood Kennedy

    What seems obvious to me in looking at the above bar graph is that prosecutions have basically flat-lined in years 2009–2011, the years Obama has been in office. The decline began in 2000 and fell sharply from over 3000 to well below 2000 during the years 2000–2008. Those are the facts according to the above information. What you read into those facts is subjective and easily used to make political judgments. One could interpret the above data that the failure to prosecute has declined at a slower pace since Obama became President or at least since 2009.

  • RD

    Mr. Kennedy, one could interpret the data to reflect that the failure to prosecute has declined under Obama. In our nations history, has there ever been a known and documented time frame that exhibits more financial and corporate fraud than the last ten years? That’s not to say this activity hasn’t been going on for quite some time, under both republican and democratic leadership. But the consensus no matter where you stand politically, is that more needs to be done today. Obama has done little to step out and hold those accountable to a higher standard of ethical conduct.
    Regardless of who is the president now or in the future, more needs to be done to hold those who abuse the current system, accountable.

  • Susan

    Linwood Kennedy is right on. Take your political preferences out of the picture and compare the percentage of decline during W’s tenure (around 50%) to Obama’s (around 6%.)

  • Andy

    Bank Fraud = Frank Dodd (Barney & Chris)

  • fallingman

    What prosecutions?

    This makes it seem as if there are somehow more than exactly ZERO meaningful cases being brought. Anything that’s being counted here is strictly small potatoes. There have been NO prosecutions at all related to the gigantic all pervasive fraud that riddles every single aspect of mortgage backed securities market.

    Goldman gets Paulson to handpick the mortgages he wants to bet against and then promotes that package to customers, while calling the contents *%#@. Oh, the DOJ can overlook that. And then Lloyd Blankfein perjures himself in testimony before Sen. Carl Levin’s subcommittee. Again, no problem. JPMorgan bribes government officials and peddles deadly swaps deal to Jefferson county. Are key Morgan execs going to jail? Nope. Gonna get proecuted? Nope. Even indicted. Sorry, no. Nothing is done.

    And now, Corzine STEALS customer funds and he walks with impunity.

    You can’t look at the trends without looking at what’s really being measured. The justice department is on permanent holiday, because when they’re actual operating, they’re a damn pesky nuisance to the people who own and run the government, namely Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and the rest of their kleptocrat pals in the inner circle. So, they had them shut down. Obama and Holder have been most cooperative.

    It’s handy to own a government, don’tcha know?

  • JCM

    Interpret the chart any way you wish, but it very clear that Pres. Hope and Change has not done either.

  • Ned

    If you think that the Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats are the bad guys you are a fool.

    If you think that the Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys you are a fool.

    To a very large extend we have a one party system: an oligarchy, where directly through campaign contributions and indirectly through K Street contributions and gifts our whoring politicians are bought and payed for.

    Nothing will change until we elect people who are hated and feared by the bosses, their political parties and their media. That means Ron Paul.

    • Vox.Pop

      We have been conned. Obama was trained to be a mole who could run for the Democrats as the first black president. This was designed to give the impression that 50% of the voters had an alternative to the Republicans. We don’t. The 1% run the USA.

    • john

      i am torn between the canidates myself . i know ron paul has the painfull answers to set america straight and make it prosperous again but being a canadian i know if someone else gets in i will make a killing shorting the american dollar as china cuts up your credit card. and the us looses its reserve currency status. all i know is if someone other than ron paul gets in i will short the american dollar and will probabley be able to retire from it as all the other canidates will let the fed print print print.

      • Short the dollar? Over what time frame? Good luck with that strategy.

        Although I’m actually in favor of RP.

        • herbeske

          Phil, I think the die has been cast, and future shorting the dollar as an intelligent way to profit in the future is undeniable. Your question as to what time frame is well taken and yet to be determined.

        • Jose Gandullia

          The better question is short the dollar “against what?” there are plenty of options and I would choose assets instead of other currencies.

    • 2Much Monkey Bizness

      You hit the nail on the head! The PTB perpetuate the illusion of opposites to keep the flock divided over petty issues while they are looting the kitty. Ralph Nader had it right in 2000, there is no difference between the Republicrats and the Democlicans! Ron Paul in 2012!

    • Jose Gandullia

      If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, and does not run 3rd party, that means Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. It also means voting Libertarians into Congress.

  • stevelaudig

    He continues to do nothing but disappoint. but he is a receiver appointed to oversee the orderly liquidation of an empire who is merely favoring those secured creditors [and bribers, errr campaign contributors] over the mere employees who voted for him.

  • Philmore MacAlister

    This is a fire I will happily throw gasoline on, by way of referring interested parties to Matt Taibi’s articles in Rolling Stone, particularly I recent one(I apologize for not having links or citations handy) regarding revelations that SEC staff were instructed (in violation of records laws,as it turns out) to purge files of investigative materials of cases where no indictments resulted! Whether this was the intent, it makes it impossible to construct timelines or repetitive incidences, when factual evidence now relates to only ONE point in time. We have left first-world democracy in the rear view mirror, and third world kleptocracy is approaching in the windsheild.

  • Eileen Evans

    Proving & prosecuting financial crimes can take years. This isn’t some doofus robbing a 711 while the crime is recorded on the store’s video camera; these scoundrels employ high price talent to skirt the law & cover up their crimes. This blogger doesn’t appear to realize he/she is comparing apples & oranges. When Clinton lost Congress to the G.O.P., lobbyists were rewarded with writing the bills that served their interests. With Bush, regulators were obstructed by lack of funding & inept administration by political cronies. The first year of President Obama’s administration, vacancies had to be filled before existing laws could be enforced. It’s naïve to compare prosecution numbers. Also, because the G.O.P. & lobbyists weakened federal laws, state attorney generals are pursuing prosecutions for violating the laws in states where the miscreants are licensed.

    • Lee Allen

      Wow. That is some real picking and choosing of info to arrive at a conclusion. I worked in banking for many years and there has never been a time that banking has been more regulated. Our board of directors have basically shut down doing any loans that are not sold to the government. All we do now is originate mortgages for sale to the government using their software which makes the loan decision before we fund. We quit doing business loans, car loans , construction loans, commercial real estate loans since the regulators investigate and second guess every one made. They make us reserve for any they don’t like based on a moving target criteria. So, most of our funds are just invested in overnight foreign government securities which the regulators do seem to like. I expect 30%-40% of the cost of operating a bank now goes to regulation compliance costs. Also, you would not believe all the silly things we have to monitor and report on. In a nutshell, bank regulations have forced banks to choose to not participate in helping businesses and employees with their recovery. And of course they have forced banks to increase fees on their customers to make up for a shrinking revenue from loans.

  • fallingman

    I just read they’re going after some small fry in the robosigning affair, but don’t worry, no one central to any “systemically important institution” will be inconvenienced in the least.

    Goldman uber alles.

    • Lee Allen

      If you understand how business decisions are made and how department budgets work then you can understand how robo-signing happened. MOST IMPORTANT understand that these borrowers were in default and it was the bank management’s responsibility to their shareholders to foreclose on those properties.
      Now, back to how it happened. First the regulators told the board of directors of the banks that they had to reserve for loans in default, then the board told the President that could no longer hold so many bad mortgages and they must get them off the books. This decision trickled downhill to the foreclosure department heads who faced the decision of failure to meet the deadline or shortcut their normal check, re-check, triple check slow process of foreclosure. Those supervisors choose poorly assuming that since the borrowers were in default that no one would question the details of the foreclosure process.

  • J

    Today’s corporate fraud does not receive prosecution but bailout instead!

    • Lee Allen

      Get over the bailouts, anyway they were loans and most have been paid back with interest. More current events are Solyndra and the $535 million they cost the taxpayers which will never be paid back. btw, if you are interested in government waste look up Solar Trust of America LLC. They also went BK after Obama made them a $2.1 billion loan guarantee.

  • dave smith

    Ron Paul in 2012!!! get the facts at infowars.com

  • Robert Regan

    Who can you trust? Are we as a nation on the way out? In five years?
    Sad. Sad.
    Help us Lord.

  • Robert Regan

    Even this group cannot be trusted.

  • Looking at a data series which appears to have some statistical variation and claiming a particular trend *clearly* began a specific year is a bit foolish. There’s only one significant trend line and it happens to coincide with the shifting of FBI resources toward terrorism. This isn’t a guess as the FBI tracks agent utilization. Do a few searches on the interwebs as there are many available reports.

    With a seemingly unlimited number of cases the FBI *could* investigate from the credit bubble, it’s not much of a commendation to say the trend has stopped going down. That still suggests regulatory capture.

  • Jeff

    Politicians never prosecute the people they have asked to do illegal things on thier behalf. Common sense would say banks don’t make loans to people who can’t pay it back. So how did all this start?

    One guess.

  • I can see from the amount of “gotcha” comments on how this column has used the subject statistical charts to match their political leanings, that there’s a smarter than the average crowd reading and evaluating your column.

    It’s rather comforting to know that there are people who aren’t locked into right-wing silo think, and can observe, interpret, and evaluate information. I’m dismayed at a number of friends that have fallen into lockstep with the Fox Lemming mentality, whose reporters discount the egregious pepper spraying of non-violent protesters at UC Davis, by saying that the Pepper Spray was simply, “a food product, and probably watered down”… is another example of the mischaracterization of information that is going on in the media and this column.

    Instead of making disingenuous comments, and derogative comments about our President, instead, why not INSTEAD, point out that those responsible for Wall Street’s financial abuses (NAME NAMES) should be prosecuted, and what your readership can do to encourage this.

    • LaShonda

      Just wondering what you would have had the police do instead. Is it peaceful to prevent others from using public private property? If someone was occupying your house/apartment what would you do? Funny how the TeaBaggers seemed to respect the laws that were created to allow peaceful expressions of protests, were not infringing on the rights of others to go to work, use a park, still got their message heard and an election landslide. Grow up folks. You don’t have to destroy to be heard, occupy to be heard. I don’t understand how you can say this is peaceful, when you destroy peace of mind for those who own or are otherwise entitled to use of a park, or UC campus? Why are you exempt from laws? Seems like the same attitude you are protesting, is it not? And as to the stats…well, let’s face it Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history, right?

  • The Busman

    When your president took office, he had the house and senate. To do ,all he had promised to be president. But all he did was pussyfoot around and pretend he was doing something, like spending trillions of dollars on bailouts and wastes trillions of dollars more on the phony .”We have to get this country going, getting people back to work.” Which did not work. We are more than 20 percent unemployed. More money to his people that put him in office. And of course none to the ones who need it more. The unemployed. The Republicans, Democrats. One of the same. Both have the pleasure of destroying our great nation. They want to get rid of the middle class. Rich to get richer and the poor poorer. That is their agenda. The presidents best friend is the Fed Reserve. They are printing money at a alarming rate, that they are devaluing the dollar and spiking the inflation making products more expensive to buy. Get the book,” Aftershock.” And get the whole story.

  • The Busman

    Ron Paul, maybe. Only with Dennis Kucinich as a running mate.

  • joanne ryan

    who cares whether its 5o% less in the bush administration! He bbviously should have been prosecuting more, and the point IS Obama is doing even worse than Bush, with another drop in prosecutions and not flat lining but going down even further each year.what is important is the country doing the right thing, and insisting it’s leaders do the right thing! no excuses for any party lines. Bush did not do his job and Obama is doing it even worse in this respect.

  • LaShonda

    Oh, one more thing you brilliant analysts forgot to consider….What is the missing stat, that is when were the crimes committed, came to light, etc. The huge “crimes” came to light in 2008….should be prosecuted and have not been. What is criminal and what is negligence, malfeasance? And should it be just the big fish and not millions of little ones, as I see it the housing bust is not one big fish folks, but rather:
    . Home buyers who lied about their income to induce lenders to make loans they otherwise wouldn’t;
    . Home buyers who gambled and bet home prices would continue to only go up;
    . Home buyers who didn’t do their due diligence about financial products and accepted loans they shouldn’t;
    . Lenders who didn’t verify incomes;
    . Lenders who encouraged buyers to lie about incomes;
    . Lenders who didn’t explain the risks associated with certain types of loans;
    . Lenders who re-assured borrowers they could always refinance to get a better loan;
    . Lenders who surreptitiously profited by selling bad loans when borrowers could have gotten better loans;
    . Underwriters who approved loans they knew couldn’t be re-paid;
    . Appraisers who could not forecast future events;
    . Realtors who encouraged buyers to purchase homes they couldn’t afford;
    . Realtors who told buyers home prices always appreciate;
    . Realtors who encouraged buyers to lie about their income;
    . Special interests groups (e.g., NAR, Home builders, Mortgage Bankers) who lobbied to keep taxpayers on the hook for FNMA and FHLMC losses (currently ~$150 Billion, so far).
    . Politicians who chose to keep taxpayers on the hook for FNMA and FHLMC losses.
    . Politicians who put pressure on lenders to make loans to borrowers they otherwise wouldn’t make;
    . Politicians and regulators who ignored danger signs of credit default swaps;
    . Rating agency (e.g., Moodys, Standard and Poors) that rated mortgage-backed securities AAA;
    . Wall Street for creating mortgage products that assumed continuous home price appreciation;
    . Mortgage Investors who relied on the Rating Agencies;
    . The Federal Reserve under Greenspan for keeping interest rate too low for too long.

    So maybe those who are innocent, can throw the first stone. Now we have students who borrowed money for college, but are protesting rather than working. My son just quit his job as an attorney in Alaska to go hope he can move to Canada and finding they have immigration laws there too. Amazing what a little world travel does for your perspective. Maybe quitting a job before you have another is not a wise decision but everyone wants to be bailed out for bad decisions, not just Banksters.

    • Lee Allen

      Much truth there but a few things have to explained to better understand who did what and why? First the mortgage brokers just originated loans to the guidelines that the banks and mortgage banks defined. Next up the chain, the banks only approved and funded loans that met Wall Street, FHLMC and FNMA criteria for purchase. Next up the chain Wall Street sold the securities for those mortgage pools to investors based on the assumption that real estate in USA always goes up.
      The government’s role is all this was they were happy at the time about more people especially minorities being able to own their own home so they kept long term interest rates low and ignored the weak guidelines that Wall Street, FNMA and FHLMC was using. Everyone was getting what they wanted at the time but in the end the only winners were the home sellers (at the high) that have been renting ever since. Don’t forget the banks have been decimated with losses on these loans and FHLMC and FNMA have been putting their losses back to the banks that sold them the loans.

    • CommonSense

      I did not see you mention that the Realtors and banks were FORCED to make some of those loans to folks who could not afford them. Realtors could not inquire as to income on some folks because of fear of racism charges. Now that it is all over, it stinks of Cloward-Piven schemes to bankrupt the economy.

  • Brian Mahany

    Obama is so beholding to his Wall St. campaign contributers, in order to get re-elected, it is no
    surprise to me that his administration, and the current Attorney General are not following thru
    with criminal investigations of Wall St and the “banksters”.
    This clearly stands as an example as to why to the ill advised Citizens United united decision by the Supreme Court must be overturned in order to preserve the democratic election process in this
    country and also, as to how the Democratic Party is really no better, or different than the Republicans are! Unfortnatey, with the system being the way it is, independant Third Parties with
    viable and electable candidates are the only hope for the salvation of the democratic process in our
    great nation and for the voices of “We the People” to be heard.

  • Rod

    I think all these critics, today and tommorrow, the only thing they have as “Low CommonDenominator” is: “hate’ …..Because this.., because tha..t, because i think….. this only shows” hate’. No minimong sense. But, No one can tell the thruth that this admin had done
    more than any other past 43 Presidents, deals with tons of hypocrecy in DC, get the Country
    back from wars, and got bad guys death. We as Americans are ” Hammer Heads” Never Ever
    Lean any lesson from any body. And Worst, Unhappy no matter what!!!! Thanks Rod

    • Lee Allen

      Your comment is so convoluted that I am not sure what all you are trying to say but I did look up the word hypocrisy to make sure I knew exactly what it means. “Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.” My conclusion is this is a definition of Obama. He says he is a Christian while he touts the Muslim religion, he pretends to be for the little guy while he takes more money from Wall Street than any president before, he said he was going to bring Americans together but he has torn them apart more than any president since Lincoln, and before he was elected he said he was against the wars, elect me and I will bring our troops home yet he has stuck to Bush’s withdrawal schedule. Obama has few principles or beliefs: he just does what will score him the most political points at the time.

  • Mark Pasternak

    The number of prosecution isn’t particularly relevant. What was prosecuted is. Unfortunately this gives no information on that.

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    As mentioned, is also a repulsive nazifascist ( he organized the Edward Snowden’s hideout in Hong Kong, where he now launders immensely killing Triade Cash out of a very delinquent Box called “4th dimension” http://hk.linkedin.com/pub/danny-hegglin/61/277/931; and used to organize lot and lot of international murders made via various extreme right worldwide public and private intelligence agencies.. google ‘daniel hegglin wikileaks’ bout it, pls: http://search.wikileaks.org/gifiles/?viewemailid=3541810). In his houses there were ( and still are, cowardly hided, but still are) hundreds of gadgets, books, videos full of love for Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Augusto Pinochet, Alfredo Stroessner. But also very full of passion and love toward many nazifascist mega killing terrorists like The Skinhead International, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, Alan Berg, Combat 18, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, Order of Flemish Militants, Ordine Nuovo, White Order of Thule. This is the bastard extreme criminal Daniel “Danny Hegglin”, not for nothing, fired by Morgan Stanley, fired by TT International, fired by Puricore and many other working places. And if Google will put the head down to him, will be the end of internet, will begin an era of bastard killing nazism all over the world, “ops, what a coincidence”, what very fascist Vladimir Putin, Morgan Stanley, Jp Morgan ( who used to finance who killed 6 millions people: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini… never forget, please), as well as Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, Alan Berg, Combat 18, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, Order of Flemish Militants, Ordine Nuovo, White Order of Thule exactly want! Massimo. For many years Morgan Stanley London. What i wrote is what i saw and with my own eyes. For many many many years! ModerNazifascist part of Cia, on order of ModerNazifascist and Pro Mafia: James Gorman and Eric Grossman from Morgan Stanley New York, will kill me now??? Better to die as a martyr, meant as a real man ( not certainly meant as other terrorists, like the islamic ones, mean). Who call things with the exact their name! So that the good may have more chances to win the evil. Better to die as a martyr, meant as a real man, than being falsely alive as a passive, amorphous, scared man made diarrea. Massimo a death man walking, now, BUT A REAL (death) MAN (walking)!!!