Obama Heckled For Allowing Police Brutality Against Protesters and Failing to Rein In Banks

Occupy Wall Street Dislikes the Mainstream Democratic and Republican Parties

The mainstream Democratic party is trying to co-opt Occupy Wall Street, and the Democratic party machinery is trying to turn OWS into a Democratic fundraising campaign. And see this.

But the Occupy supporters dislike Obama and the mainstream Democratic party, just as they dislike the mainstream Republican party. See this, this, this and this.

Indeed, OWS protesters in New Hampshire just heckled Obama for turning a blind eye while thousands of peaceful protesters have been arrested – and hundreds have been attacked with batons, pepper sprayed or otherwise brutally suppressed – for exercising their constitutional rights:


The protesters said (although they were interrupted):

“Mic check, Mr. President.”

“Over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested while bankers continue to destroy the American economy. You must stop the assault on our 1st Amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.”

Here are two photos of a New Hampshire protester handing Obama a note at the event:

As I noted last month:

Everyone’s trying to cash in on the courage and conviction of the Wall Street protesters.

People are trying to associate Occupy Wall Street with their pet projects, in the same way that advertisers try to associate the goodwill of the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, World Series or Olympics with their product.

But I hear from OWS organizers that the protesters come from totally diverse political affiliations. Many protesters support Ron Paul, many like Obama, others are for other parties or candidates or don’t vote at all.

The protesters themselves are having none of it, tweeting today:

We don’t want to be the democratic tea party or liberal tea party. We want to be our own movement separate of any political affiliation.

[A]nother tweet from the protesters:

We don’t represent liberal interests nor are we the liberal tea party. We represent the interest of the 99%

Mainstream Democrats – While Pretending they Support It – Hate Everything OWS Stands For

And Obama and the mainstream Democrats – while pretending they support the Occupy protesters – are working against everything they stand for.

The Democratic politicos backing OWS are funded by Wall Street.

As I noted last month:

Obama is pretending that he supports the 99%.

But Obama has raised more from Wall Street than anyone else. He is bought and paid for.

Mr. Obama has appointed the very Wall Street insiders who helped cause the financial crisis to top posts. See this, this, this and this.

He thinks that high unemployment is a good thing.

Obama – just like the other pimps in D.C. – has institutionalized fraud as an official (if unspoken) party platform.

Americans want our liberties restored, our troops brought home, and the Fed reined in. But Obama has implemented plans for war throughout the Middle East crafted by the Neoconservatives a decade (or more) ago, and gotten us into 7 (oops …8) wars, attacked our liberties even more than Bush and allowed the Fed to dramatically expand its powers.

Americans didn’t want bailouts, but Obama helped to facilitate trillions in direct and hidden bailouts.

Obama doesn’t support the 99%. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As Yves Smith notes:

A saying I learned in Caracas: “A politician is someone who gets in front of a mob and tries to call it a parade.”


Forget what you’ve been taught … the mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans are virtually identical on all core matters. Don’t fall for the old divide-and-conquer trick.

Note: Democratic congressman Deutch just introduced a bill called the Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy (OCCUPIED) Amendment, which would remove money from campaigns and specify – as the Founding Fathers intended – that corporations aren’t people.   While I haven’t yet analyzed the bill, this seems like a great piece of legislation.  As such, the mainstream Democrats – and their Wall Street backers – will fight it tooth and nail.  

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  • At least Obama did not have them pepper sprayed or arrested.

  • Joe Smith

    What a biased completely fluff based article. Not a single fact that is worth 2 cents.


    “Forget what you’ve been taught … the mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans are virtually identical on all core matters. Don’t fall for the old divide-and-conquer trick.”

    Yeah and unicorns are real.

  • amy

    Is “Joe Smith” one of those hired people who have to comment on the internet to keep the conversation “status quo”…… The two parties are one and the same.

  • “Joe Smith” is a propagandist tool who ignores Wars of Aggression, War Crimes and looting in the trillions. It’s ok with him that both parties kill millions, harm billions, and steal trillions of our dollars every year. “Joe” better choose a Scrooge conversion or else be damned to receive what he gives: to live in the world he pimps for.

    But back to my comment: the sheep in the video far outnumber the awakened. So we’ll continue to wake the Americans until Obama is recognized as the War Criminal puppet that he is.

  • Joe Smith, yes this article is biased. It is biased towards True Democracy. Exactly what do YOU think it’s biased towards? Sounds like you’re a fan of one of the two parties. Sounds like you’re biased towards the two party monopoly. Maybe you should actually put some thought into each of the core issues that are being called out here.

  • tom

    the useless rich bastards on criminal hill and the pentagon that think they are our government are all useless lying over paid over vacationed arrogant terrorists with fat pensions none of them earned .they all along with cops lawyers doctors ceo,s lawmakers and many many more need a monthly drug test period united we the people stand divided we fall

  • william c wesley

    Plato said that when Democracy was reduced to just 2 parties tyranny was not far behind, these critiasisms are 25 hundred years established

  • Your title says it all…the President is not a dictator in control of all aspects of the government. In case you forgot, Congress legislates. The Dodd-Frank legislation may not meet “your” criteria but for some reason banks are fighting mighty hard to try and overturn it.