Miley Cyrus Releases Occupy Wall Street Song and Video

Pop Mega Star Miley Cyrus Releases OWS Song and Video

For other great OWS music, see this, this, this, this and this (yes, my day job is as a professional, but I’m also a long-time musician.)

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  • Solon

    Lyrics provided by the FBI office of psychological operations. Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.

  • boo

    Miley Cyrus up for CHASE BANK giving award. Frak her!

  • Good to see this happening! Here is another brilliant addition to add to the list:

  • People need to wake up here. By addressing these situation’s in large group’s for change. We are are simply supporting the tyranny that we are trying to abolish. How? Simple, Problem, Reaction, Solution. Our enemies create the problem we demand change, our enemies come up with the solution. Which alway’s lead’s right back where we started. This is a deliberate trick to keep them in charge. Imagine, you want to be a leader in a town. You create a mager crime wave in that neighborhood. When the next town meeting come’s up. You the one who created the problem show’s up with the solution to this crime wave. For a price you will put a stop to these evil doer’s. Presto you have established yourself as the one to be looked to for answer’s. The King you have now become. The only way to beat them is by ignoring them. Turn off your TV, Music, and any other method that could be used toward’s your control. Brain washing is what is happening here and it is time to stop letting them and other’s tell you how to think and start thinking for yourselve’s. May be tough at first, later you may find you love the freedom your mind can provide for itself.

  • Have to give Cyrus credit: at least she’s stepping up, and coming out in support. Most other pop acts seem scared to death.

    Here’s another new protest track, this one a cover of the fist-shaking 60s protest / garage rock anthem “SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME”:

    The lyrics are all too relevant.

    (BTW, the whole album is pretty decent, if you are into that vintage 60s garage thing. It’s a free download