Libertarians Are SCARY

Painting by Anthony Freda:

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  • Too bad they don’t stay out of people’s private medical decisions, like abortion and contraceptives…

    • Robin Hode

      Too bad you don’t know anything about libertarians. If you did, you’d realize how ridiculous your comment was….

  • Kyle F.

    Those people are not libertarians, by definition.

  • Doge


    Awesome comment. You’re EXACTLY what this graphic is making fun of. Never mind that you probably agree with libertarians on most of the issues, especially the important ones. I GOTS ME A HOT BUTTON ISSUE OVAH HYAA!

    Any excuse to ostracize individualists — they aren’t members of the left or right tribes, after all. They all must be shouted down as quickly as possible using any excuse available, no matter how insignificant. Otherwise, you might have to realize that the collectivism embodied by the left and right in the USA is a wholly illiberal ideal, as it implies inequality under the law. That might just break you out of that false paradigm, and then you might have to think for yourself for once!

    Perish the thought. Go back to the TV, where you have the love of the tribe. It’s better than being alone and having rights.

  • Wooten Berston

    Well, they also hate unions, old people, kids, the disabled, and apparently any helpless poor people, ie ‘throw ’em all out in the street and let the free market do away with ’em..” So rich autistic nerds and a few billionaires won’t have to pay any taxes at all. They claim to hate ‘big government’ but have no problems with big business. In other words, what they really hate is democratically elected representation.. because rule by unelected oligarchs is apparently what they want.

    • Robin Hode

      WB, you’re scenario sounds more like one borne of the current Republicrat establishment, than anything a Libertarian would want to conjure up. Just look around!

      Once again:
      Too bad you don’t know anything about libertarians. If you did, you’d realize how ridiculous your comment was….

  • Martin

    Not sure what you’re talking about Anna Van Z. I don’t think most libertarians want to make contraceptives illegal – just not mandatory. Big difference. They believe in freedom of choice.

    Regarding abortion, not all libertarians are “pro-life”, and it’s possible that even a majority are not. See here for example:

    They’re definitely against forced abortion and sterilization though. If this scenario seems far fetched in America see the video Maafa 21 for a startling history lesson.

    The abortion debate hinges on when life begins and what rights a fetus has, i.e. subjective questions that may depend on your religious views. If we don’t stop the creeping tyranny it’s not going to matter what you or I think about abortion because it will be decided for us from the top down.

  • Mark G

    Actually, Anna, they do. They may not agree with abortion, but they do not feel it’s the governments place to make that decision.