“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth. ” ― William Faulkner

I wish I could believe William Faulkner’s advice was possible in the world we live in today. But sadly, I am losing hope in our civilization. We seem to have entered a death spiral with little likelihood of pulling out. Our society has become so degraded and our populace so apathetic and willfully ignorant, that I think we are too far gone to recover. Honesty, truth and compassion have been soundly defeated by injustice, lying and greed. Our technologically advanced society has become a stinking cesspool, devoid of humanity, common sense and morality. Those with the power and wealth who control our country do not concern themselves with quaint concepts like good and evil, right and wrong, or moral and immoral. Sociopaths see no obligation to society, humanity, or posterity. They only care about themselves, their wealth, their status, their reputation, and their control of others. They are incapable of feeling shame or remorse. They blindly march forward towards their own and society’s self-destruction.

Joe Paterno was fired by the Penn State Board of Trustees on Wednesday night as head football coach of Penn State. It was the first good decision that has been made in the last two decades by the leaders of Penn State. The man was told that his Defensive coordinator was seen in the locker room shower raping a 10 year old boy in 2002. He did not call the police and report this crime. He and the other top officials at Penn State brushed this crime under the rug, allowing at least seven more young boys to be raped by this monster. The 28 year old graduate assistant not only did nothing to stop the crime he witnessed, but he accepted a position as an assistant coach, knowing that Paterno and the Athletic Director never did anything to hold Sandusky accountable for his crime. Sandusky was still on campus working out as of last week. The actions of all the players in this disgusting example of how far our society has degenerated are enough to make someone lose all hope for humanity:

• Jerry Sandusky creates a charitable organization so he can gain access to little boys. Multiple incidents are witnessed on campus from 1994 through 2002. A mother reports Sandusky to the Penn State police in 1998 and nothing is done by the men in the Administration. The investigation is dropped, but Tim Curley forces Sandusky to retire in 1999. It is clear that everyone in the top echelon of Penn State knew Sandusky was a deviant pedophile. But letting it become public would have been a black mark on the football program and could have reduced the huge profits generated by Paterno’s kingdom.
• After his forced retirement he is still given access to the campus and locker room facilities. He is caught having anal sex with a 10 year old boy in the locker room shower by a 28 year old man, who chooses not to intervene and save the boy. Joe Paterno does the absolute minimum when informed of this horrific crime. After this crime is covered up by all the key men running the show at Penn State, it just becomes business as usual for Joe and his cronies.
• Sandusky continues to rape little boys for the next eight years because of the cowardice and complete lack of morality exhibited by the men in high places at Penn State.
• With the issuance of the grand jury report last week, the psychotic nature of these men was on display for the world to witness. In a stunning display of arrogance and hubris, Paterno and the President of Penn State announced their full support for the Athletic Director and VP of Finance who were arrested. These men did not think they did anything wrong. They clung to the fact that they adhered to the laws created by other men. In a despicable display, Joe Paterno led a cheer at a pep rally in front of his house with his arms raised in victory. At least eight boys had their lives ruined and Joe Paterno leads a cheer.
• The Board of Trustees summoned the courage to fire Paterno and the President last night. In another display that makes me wonder about the future of our country, thousands of students rioted in support of Joe Paterno, breaking windows, turning over news vans, and starting fires. Are these young people incapable of critical thinking and are just driven by emotion and mindless rage? Can’t they distinguish between facts and lies? Do they care more about football than innocent children being raped?

I have been blind with rage for the last week as I’ve watched the powerful men of Penn State attempt to retain their power and reputations at the expense of truth, honesty, and accepting responsibility for their actions and willful inaction. As I’ve watched this tragedy unfold I was struck by the thought process of rich men in positions of power. They have huge egos and believe they are above the law. They think so highly of themselves they believe they can make the rules and ignore the laws which the little people must follow. They have no moral compass whatsoever. They cannot be shamed. The most despicable behavior by prominent men has been willfully overlooked because these men generate $50 million of profit per year for the university. Their sociopathic desire to protect their reputations and power has led to a scandal of such epic proportions that it will haunt Penn State forever and has permanently damaged the institution.

This is an institutional cancer that eats away at the fabric of our society. It is not isolated to Penn State. It is a societal sickness that threatens to overwhelm every facet of our lives. There is a constant thread that runs through every incident that comes to light. In 99% of the cases it is men protecting men. Money and greed always trump morality and truth. The exact circumstances can be observed in the priest abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in the last five years. Pedophile priests have existed within the Catholic Church for decades. The Penn State situation shows that pedophiles exist everywhere in our society. The bottom line is that they are sick men and need to be locked up and kept away from little boys. There is no more heinous criminal act than a grown man raping a little boy. Anyone who does this is pure evil and must be punished.

The Catholic Church’s wealth is almost beyond measurement. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. The pope is one of the most powerful men on earth. Cardinals and bishops throughout the world wield tremendous influence over their flocks. As young Catholic boys you are taught that priests represent Jesus Christ on earth. They are treated with reverence and fear by little Catholic boys. Little Catholic boys would never question the motives of a priest. They are taught to obey, because a priest is the same as Jesus Christ. These beliefs allowed pedophile priests to prey on thousands of little boys around the world for decades with little or no backlash. Those crimes were horrific enough by themselves, but the actions of the bishops, cardinals and even the popes who have known about these crimes make it ten times worse. Again, powerful men will ignore rules, regulations, laws and simple human decency in order to protect their wealth, power, and reputations. Cardinals and bishops knew that priests were raping little boys and their solution was to transfer them to another parish where they could find fresh meat. The thought never entered their minds to turn these perverts in to the police. Their only concern was how a scandal would impact their beloved institution. Little boys were sacrificed at the altar of the Catholic Church by evil men.

The cover-up continues to this day. The Catholic Church uses the statute of limitations as their defense against the continuous stream of cases that continue to mount. They secretly pay out hundreds of millions to the victims as long as they promise to keep quiet. They use bankruptcy laws to close down parishes and avoid paying civil penalties for the crimes committed by its hierarchy. They hire public relations firms to create false and misleading stories designed to obscure the truth about the biggest criminal conspiracy in history. The powerful sociopathic men who were supposed to represent Christian teachings have destroyed the lives of thousands of boys in order to protect their institution. The end result is that in addition to the thousands of lives destroyed by the pedophile priests, hundreds of thousands of Catholics have lost faith in the leadership and have abandoned the church. The wealth these sociopaths attempted to protect has been eroded as donations have dried up and lawsuit payouts have mounted.

Not only have our educational and religious institutions failed us, but our financial and political institutions have spectacularly self-destructed over the last decade. Shockingly, these institutions have been run predominantly by men. At one time banks were stodgy institutions that abhorred risk and methodically made profits year after year by lending to people and businesses capable of paying them back. Investment firms were partnerships. If any one partner was to take an excessive risk, they could wipe out the personal wealth of the other partners. Therefore, they never took excessive risks or used excessive leverage. Their boring business model generated modest profits year after year. The officers of banks and investment houses were well compensated, but not excessively so. The leaders of these firms were children of the Great Depression. They understood bad times.

During the 1990’s they were displaced by a new generation of leaders. This has not turned out well for our country. These psychopathic CEOs were given the green light by their fellow psychopaths in Congress and at the Federal Reserve to loot and pillage to their heart’s delight. This conspiracy of thieves broke down the barriers between traditional banking and gambling using excessive leverage. They captured the regulatory agencies that were supposed to police them and leveraged their bets 30 to 1. They created fraudulent mortgage instruments designed to lure the stupid and crooked. They marketed debt to anyone with a breath and ability to scratch an X on a piece of paper. They designed derivatives so complex that even their own Harvard MBAs couldn’t figure out how they worked. They bribed rating agencies into stamping a AAA credit rating on crap so toxic that they joked about the idiots they were selling it to. They shorted the very same derivatives they were selling to their clients. These psychopaths raked in hundreds of billions in fees, salaries and bonuses, while detonating a nuclear bomb on the worldwide financial system.

When their bets came up craps, they had the gall to hold the American people hostage for trillions in bailouts. Their fellow psychopaths in Congress gladly forked over the money. Rather than mend their ways, these evil men have returned to their excessive risk taking and continue to pay themselves billions in compensation, while the American middle class is smothered to death under mountains of debt. These evil Wall Street geniuses have shown no remorse as seven million people have lost their jobs and millions more have lost their homes due to the greed and avarice displayed on an epic scale.

Wall Street bankers exhibit the epitome of psychopathic behavior, showing lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others. Though lacking empathy and emotional depth, they often manage to pass themselves off as average individuals by feigning emotions. These Wall Street bankers will never willingly accept responsibility for their actions. They continue to use their wealth and power to control the politicians in Washington DC and the misinformation propagated by the corporate media they control. They own and control the Federal Reserve and will print money until the whole system collapses in a spectacular implosion that destroys our financial system. They only care about their own wealth, influence and status. They have no shame.

When I consider all that is wrong in our society, I become despondent, angry and despairing for the future of our country. It seems that everyone in positions of power across the spectrum of education, religion, finance, and politics are psychopaths, bent upon self-destruction no matter the cost to society or unborn generations. Our nation has degenerated into an egocentric, self-loathing, vain, shallow excuse for a civilization. There is anger flaring up, but it is just as likely to be misdirected and misinformed. The lack of critical thinking skills and the overwhelming effects of media propaganda has so degraded the intelligence of the populace that when the system breaks down in the next few years, the masses will clamor for a savior rather than seeking truthful answers and willingly making the sacrifices required to get our nation back on track. This country will get what it deserves – a despotic ruler and a brutish civilization governed on the basest of principles. This is what happens when a society rewards lying and greed over honesty and compassion. There are consequences to actions and inactions alike. We’ve made our choice.

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” ― Adolf Hitler

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  • Wooten Berston

    Ah, my friend.. believe me that I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I have felt this way since the sixties. This is the curse of knowing history. The real world is not like the world of public fantasy. Few minds are strong enough to bear truth. That is why there are few persons such as yourself.

    If I were a believer I would say “God bless you”. As it is I can merely transmit to you my best wishes and the hope that you continue in your lonely task, knowing there are many of the few who walk with you in your grim journey.

  • JimQ!

    They’re still just the 1% living in psychopathic delusions, and WE ARE THE 99%.

    Consider this from :

    11-11-2011 and 12-21-2012
    Dates to Focus on Spreading Love and Transformation

    “It’s not about rebellion, it’s about awakening to the infinite potentials within ourselves and all around us for ever deeper love and more meaningful connection!”

    Dear friends,

    What wild and exciting times we live in!!! I have a special invitation for everyone on this list and all others interested in supporting personal and global transformation. I’m sure many of you are now feeling major shifts happening on both personal and global levels. Though we are facing some real challenges, it’s an awesome time to be alive, and each of us can play as big of a part as we feel ready to play in spreading love and transformation in our lives and world.

    This exciting invitation involves two dates that have sparked the imagination of milions worldwide: 11-11-11 and 12-21-2012. With all of this concentrated attention, we have a powerful opportunity to focus our energies on these two dates to spread love, healing, and transformation both in our own lives and for all in our world. I have no doubt that when many people focus their energy at the same time on a shared vision, a collective energetic wave is generated which has far-reaching effects. Each extra person who joins in adds exponentially to this wave.

    Whether or not the actual dates of Nov. 11, 2011 (11-11-11) and Dec. 21, 2012 have inherent value, the fact that so many are paying attention to these dates creates a rich opportunity for all interested to focus our energies together at these points in time. I invite each of you either to join in one of the events already planned around the world (see list below) or to call together a group of friends on these dates to join in inviting ever more love and transformation into our world.

    Here are suggestions for a few key visions upon which we can focus together:

    Shine light into the darkness

    See the heart in every person

    Spread love and transformation to all

    Invite spiritual guidance in supporting these

  • Zeus Yiamouyiannis

    It is always darkest before dawn. Feel despair, open to grace, act with power. It’s gut check time, friends.

  • The wife of a concrete mason says:

    OK, I’ve been baited, here, time to speak up.

    Some thirty years ago when I felt compelled to read the Bible, it seemed clear to me: Jesus was talking about reincarnation – the resurrection of the dead – as well as his own immortalized resurrection – the resurrection FROM the dead.

    These two phrases are distinct in the English language Bibles, a language which lacks something called “case.” Ask someone who reads German to look at the difference between these two phrases as used in the new testament, and they will tell you that the first is imperative – something guaranteed for everyone – and the second is subjunctive – Christ’s immortality is something else again.

    So I went to church. All the nice people there told me no, no, no, the Bible doesn’t speak of reincarnation, in fact they said reincarnation (which, according to the dictionary, is a synonym of resurrection in many instances) is a satanic doctrine.

    So I went to the rabbis, the synagogues, and the books, including the Encyclopedia Britannica. I went to the Boston Public Library to check out all the books about the first century church when it was Jewish, before the fall of Jerusalem. While there were enough books on the spewings of Martin Luther to fill perhaps several 53′ containers, the amount of books published on the first century church were so few I could carry them all home on foot via the subway in two knapsacks.

    Then came the internet, decades later, where again I have been able to find out and confirm that the Jews always believed in reincarnation. The idea that there is no physical resurrection for anyone but the saved is a purely gentile confection (Catholicism, take a bow, for having persecuted anyone who spoke up about the doctrine of “predestination”, as in, those with past-life karma, for the past millenia and a half and more).

    Let’s just say this, I can demonstrate hundreds of scriptures which plainly speak of the fact that a certain evil species would come BACK on the face of this earth, and then be done with by a frightening divine end. Start with the famous conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, in which Jesus says plainly that if he doesn’t believe them about earthly things, how will he believe him about heavenly things? The entire discussion in John 3 is a double entendre. Yes there is spiritual rebirth, but also the physical kind.

    So I invite you to correspond in a comment if you like, but I leave you with this, which might be of inspiration in this, your hour of despair: Psalm 92:6 A senseless man has no knowledge, nor does a stupid man understand this: that when the wicked sprouted up like grass and all who did iniquity flourished, it was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.

    Psalm 90:3 You turn man back into dust and say “return, O children of men.” For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it passes by, or as a watch in the night.

    And have a look at the second chapter of Habakkuk, a chapter especially suited to your themes, which describe the appearance of “the appointed time.” Should ring a bell. Blessings.

  • JimQ,

    Quite a passionate and well-reasoned post. I think some in this civilization will live through to begin another one, but what that one will look like I can’t say.

  • JohnD

    Regarding the stupid kitchen sink diatribe, how did the catholics get tossed in the mix? Is Sandusky catholic? Is Paterno catholic? Did any of the pervert’s activities take place in a catholic facility or in a church sanctioned event? Were they invoking Jesus while they did it? If molesting young boys one of Jesus’ commandments? Is pederasty one of the doctrines of Christianity? Were the ancient Greeks catholic? No, no, no, no, no, and no. Well then WTF – do not mix what should not be mixed. you are showing your own private agenda and it isn’t productive.

  • Mary Lee Stromquist

    Bravo! Brilliant, accurate and consise. On the upside, I believe we are at the much-discussed tipping point despite mindless displays like the Penn State students embarassed themselves by creating. On the other hand, we’re still sliding downward. The momentum is beginning to be arrested, hopefully before the entire system collapses, taking us all with it.

  • Robert in Arabia

    Shape shifting reptilians abound.

  • Tom Breidenbach

    One of the best essays of our sad age, GW. I, too, fear that your grim prognosis is almost certainly correct. Perhaps all we can do is hold the line, as best and for as long as we are able.

    Pedophilia among the influential is nothing new, as we know. Nick Bryant’s THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL is a shocking and brilliant expose of the use of child-sex in apparent blackmail rings that are overseen by intelligence agencies like CIA. The author risks jail time for publishing the book, since it includes sealed transcripts of grand jury hearings, documents which clearly show how the legal system was manipulated in order to railroad victims of the scandal into jail while allowing the powerful perpetrators to remain free.

    It’s an ugly world in many ways, yes, but in it as well are people like Bryant, and whoever his source was who handed him those transcripts, and Alicia Owens, a victim of the abuse who spent years in solitary confinement for never changing her story. There are people sticking their necks out, taking the risks, and taking the hits in order NOT to partake–under any circumstances–in the rape of the innocent indicative of any bankrupt age. Using the metaphor employed in Cormack McCarthy’s bleak novel on precisely these themes, THE ROAD, there are those who keep the light. Which is to say, their souls.

    On a personal note, GW, in case it helps… I wish I could convey what it has meant to have your consistently reliable and conscientious website as a resource to which I can confidently direct hundreds of students, as well as many and various friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It has served as a bulwark of honesty and integrity in an age desperately lacking those qualities. You are among those voices who have demonstrated the best in our culture: an egalitarian tolerance and respect for others, and an individualism solidly based in morality, compassion and a sense of duty. If and when the current culture finally enters the nightmare it has been preparing for itself, it won’t be because you, GW, didn’t do your part to avoid it. There is something eternally beautiful in that.

    In any case, your flame may flicker in the darkness, my friend, but then it burns more brightly than ever. Thank you.

    • Tom Breidenbach

      PS what goes for GW above goes, more specifically, to Jim Q. for the excellent piece on this admirable site… TB

  • Right On GW. Thanks for your voice in this era of madness!! Amen. Absolutely right. Well said!!

  • Mollie

    JimQ –

    What a heartfelt piece. I think that there are many who share some of those foreboding thoughts. Try not to give in to deapair. I believe in prayer and these are certainly times for fervent prayer! Keep praying, keep putting the issues out there for all to see, keep the faith, keep up some hope, and just keep going.

  • Funny I think we were bumming at the same time. Thanks for your informative blog, found you on Zerohedge a year ago when I woke up. reading you ever since. Trying to contribute to the dialogue now, but I’m beginning to think the time for reasoned dialogue is coming to an end.

  • christian

    “There is no more heinous criminal act than a grown man raping a little boy.” or a little girl should be written.