Show Support for OWS so the Mainstream Media Can’t Marginalize It As a Fringe Movement

Social proof is the well-known principle stating that people will believe something if most other people believe it. And see this.  In other words, most people have a herd instinct.

So if people see only a couple of thousand protesters supporting the Occupy protests, they’ll forget that they represent the 99%. (Especially since the 1% media is trying to portray the protests as a couple of dirty hippies).

Indeed, public support for the Occupy protests is slipping … apparently because the media is focusing on police interactions with the protesters, instead of their actual message.

For that reason, it is vital that everyone who supports the Occupy movement show it – so that the mainstream media can’t paint it as a fringe movement – by wearing buttons, bumper stickers, posters or on signs for our windows:

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  • You used the term “herd instinct”, which is a bit condescending.

    Nevertheless, the principle is valid.

    The up-to-date term is ruling group mind (RGM).

    Keep up the good work.

  • Daughter of the Original American Revolution

    Here’s the problem: when you talk to conservatives about the problem, OWS conjures up memories of Woodstock. Also, the French revolution, which ended badly. Because the media is doing everything in their power to vilify OWS, it is a hard tide to row against to get to more conservative minds.

    To reach a more conservative audience, I have found the following helpful:

    • I do not refer to the general angst against capitalism. There are a lot of problematic elements in capitalism and a lot of cronyism there, but for the sake of simplicity, and to win over republicans to the top problems gripping us, I refer only to the names of the banksters who need to be in handcuffs, and the prosecutions which must continue. And the gargantuan size of the banks, contributing to their villainous power.
    • I draw distinctions between honest, free market capitalism which generates a macro economy and the cronyism which has taken over.
    •I use this site to refer to the articles appealing to a conservative audience. Articles on WB re: the constitution, free market ideology, the concerns of the framers, and the fact that we conservatives love the rule of law tend to resonate.
    • I do not use the terms “99%” or “1%” because conservatives have developed a disdain for OWS, thanks to conservative news outlets, that are either bank owned or are focused on an election and want to vilify Barack Obama.
    •Whenever anyone expresses disdain for OWS, I immediately defend OWS and point out the conservative values that OWS supports, like defending the constitution and the rule of law. I immediately draw their attention to the unfair and violent treatment visited upon them by bank-owned security forces (the police), and the shutting down of their first amendment rights.
    •I draw parallels to our day and fascist, pre-Nazi, Germany. Although people were hearing snips here and there, the media was controlled at the top and citizens were not being honestly informed. Ditto in this climate.
    •I send friends and family (conservative and less than conservative, as well as liberal) to this site.
    •Especially helpful are the recent articles appealing to conservative values, such as the constitution, the rule of law, and the foresight of the framers on banking matters. I should add that more liberal minds also have some value for these rights as well.
    •I invite them to develop a healthy skepticism about news outlets they have come to trust that reinforce their conservative ideology, which are vilifying OWS, and are thus generating disdain for the movement. I try to show them how the media is manipulating their thinking during an election cycle, to turn the tide against Obama, when OWS is actually trying to defend the constitutional principles that they hold dear.
    •Conservatives generally blame Obama and Washington for the taxpayer bailout, not seeing the bigger, global picture that is going on internationally. I point out that Obama is not the one inflating and deflating other countries. He is a puppet for more powerful, and more evil, forces.

  • Egypt is loosing its ruling group mind … in one sense … the military puppets are resigning in the face of the mother of all Occupy movements.

    How quaint that must seem to the American plutocracy and its subjects suffering from long term chronic Stockholm Syndrome.

  • lambert strether

    Especially in a small town or a small state, a letter to the editor in a local paper can make a real impact.

  • OWS has implemented an anti-truther posting policy on their website, prohibiting talk of conspiracies, Alex Jones, etc.
    It’s impossible to uncover the real source of the problems if we are not permitted to speak freely.
    I suggest everyone watch “The Obama Deception”, it is a 2 hour movie available free on YouTube.
    To me, that shows the OWS’s true roots, which I have long feared were in Obamaism.
    I have been an avid supporter of WB, InfoWars and OWS.
    I was very hopeful OWS would awaken millions of Americans who are in a deep media induced coma, but it’s now morphing into another mainstream movement, muzzling those who are speaking out.
    I am done supporting OWS, they now appear to be on a similar path as the Tea Party.
    I love WB, keep up the good work.

  • yusal

    OWS has fallen into the same old trap. They gain a little legitimacy, then throw it all away by feeling the need to distance themselves from anyone who is talking about the real problems. I’m specifically talking about the occupation in NY here, those guys are bad apples and facilitators. They are starting to censor certain viewpoints while insisting a platform must be given to leftist positions. I’m not a tea party guy or a republican or a democrat or a socialist / communist whatever. But it’s insulting this attitude that anyone who talks about the real issues is somehow naive and ill-informed. Trust me, I’ve studied all the arguments on both sides of the fence, and behind the curtain. I could debate any position. You can maybe say I’ve come to the wrong conclusions, but then make your case, don’t just dismiss people by accusing them of being ill-informed. This lightweight consensus model is worthless if you’re going to tie it up with a no-platform agenda to marginalize parts of the picture considered (by who?) off limits. Anyone involved in this movement should realize by now that the world isn’t the happy fairy land they were brought up to believe in, otherwise what are you even doing on the streets? Most of those that dismiss “conspiracy theories” out of hand, are people who just don’t want to “go there.” Well we’re never going to make progress by continuing to live in denial. So while I will always support the people who sincerely want to bring positive change about in this world. I can no longer support the occupy movement.

  • yusal, I agree, excellent comment.
    I see they modified their rules, and took out the specific mention of Alex Jones, David Icke, but they still belabor Ron Paul’s name.
    They mention Obama and the other candidates once, but Pauls, 3-4 times in the same sentence.
    Apparently, the Ron Paul supporters are posting his name all over the forums, but, come on now, if their organization is a true Democracy, as they claim, then why would they deny their members the right to promote their chosen candidate?
    Still smells fishy to me, and makes me wonder what their real agenda is.
    I’m glad they took Alex Jones name out, but the rule against conspiracies is still out of place, given the purported definition of their group.
    It was just a few years ago, that talk of banksters running the country was considered wild eyed crazy tin foil hat conspiracies, and we were the laughing stock.
    They are coming off too much like a mainstream movement who fears free speech for my comfort level.
    Hopefully, the Admin of WB can communicate with them, as you have done a lot to help promote their cause.
    BTW, if you go to their rules forum, you can vote on the various comments readers have posted regarding these issues, maybe when they see the votes, they will reconsider.
    I was really hopeful that OWS could be the movement that galvanized millions of Americans, and got them moving in a constructive direction, but it’s not looking so good now.

  • NOTabanker

    OWS has missed who the bankers are.

    They were behind the food safety bills that are being used to send armed swat team raids against local farmers producing organic food, and designed to end farming in the US (in favor of outsourcing it so they control all access to food, which means power over life and death).

    Monsanto and the Big Fat Lie of Food Safety

    And they are pharma, whose drugs are the leading cause of death in the US (never mind their food additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs in the food people are sick from) responsible for making sure there are no cures for diseases here. Their profit is 6 times larger than all other WS industries and based on disease, not health.

    Protecting the Bankers’ Health: Beating up Protestors, Sadistically Blocking A Cure for Cancer

    And they are trying to get rid of supplements that are fully – and cheaply – curing diseases.

    Here’s what they are doing to life.

    In the Beginning, in the Other Beginning