“If Next Week They Evict Us, Move Somewhere Else Close By And Occupy! And If They Come There And Evict Us, Move Again… And OCCUPY! Keep Moving And Keep Occupying!”

If They Evict Us, Just Move Somewhere Else

Given that police are – at this very moment – moving in to clear the Occupy Los Angeles camp, Deepak Chopra’s advice to Occupy L.A. from last week (via Dylan Ratigan) is timely:

The first thing is, the Occupy movement is unstoppable.


No problem will be solved at the level of consciousness at which it was created. So remember, what do we want? We want social justice, we want economic justice, political justice, sustainability, peace, health and wellbeing. [I made a similar point last year.]


Love without action is meaningless. And action without love is irrelevant. What we are starting with the Occupy movement is a movement of love in action. So just keep that in mind! If next week they evict us, move somewhere else close by and Occupy! And if they come there and evict us, move again… and OCCUPY! Keep moving and keep Occupying! And let us also Occupy Ourselves. That’s our next stage – Occupy Yourself. WE ARE THE 100%, love in action.

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  • Simeon Haggard


    Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.

    • Union Agitator

      Be careful what you wish for. Those brutes raise your food, teach your children, and keep you safe while you sleep. Oh, yeah, they also fight for your right to post nonsense.

  • cosmicinsight

    This crisis economy is bound to tweak the system (just mildly stating) so much so that it alleviates inequality just a wee bit so as for it to continue long enough to self destruct the next time.A prophecy waiting to come to fruition.