Virus Attack Ended

Several readers pointed out that the site was hit by a virus yesterday.

We tracked it down to a Trojan from our ad service – Wikiinvest. (Reader comments suggest that it was the js:Downloader-BAA [Trj] trojan, which came from the website).

We’ve terminated Wikiinvest effective immediately, and have had no further virus problems.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • Danielvr

    You may want to mention which virus it was, so concerned readers can verify if their scanners recognize that particular threat (and if not, update their scanners and check their systems).

  • The trojan is still there. My virus programme detected it a few minutes ago

  • Harriet Sortiano

    Want to say that the wiki site has been known for virus/trojan/DB virus and other contaminants when using just as an informational tool. BEWARE ANYTHING With WIKI connected to it. It has crashed and burned 3THREE computers of mine/families so STOP using WIKIpedia and all others from them!!!!!

  • d Cortex

    Get a Mac!