Reward Offered for the Identity of the Police Officer Who Shot Marine Vet Scott Olsen

Reward for the Identity of the Police Officer Who Shot Marine Vet Scott Olsen

A generous friend is offering a $5,000 reward for the identify of the policeman who shot Scott Olsen.

The officer can likely be seen in publicly available videos (see this and this). But his badge and face are not visible.

Similarly, Anonymous is already leaking names and information of officers in the Oakland P.D., but it is still difficult for outsiders to identify the shooter.

As such, the tip will likely have to come from someone within the Oakland Police Department or the other law enforcement agencies present at the protest.

Do your force proud and stand up for liberty … identify the shooter.

Update 1: As this video shows, he might actually be with the San Francisco Sheriff instead of Oakland police:

See this for a detailed analysis.

Update 2: Anonymous has tentatively identified the shooter as Officer Bergstresser of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Emergency Service Unit.  And see this.  The ESU unit has allegedly been highly-militarized by the Department of Homeland Security.

Again this is a tentative conclusion by Anonymous, and we at Washington’s Blog certainly have no idea whether or not it is accurate.

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  • from across the pond

    Williams is the name of the sharpshooter, according to the photos, he seems to enjoy himself

  • The reality is, every L.A. police officer is guilty of the crime of attempted murder, because they all know who did this. They are complicit. They are sitting silent -even while it is their public duty to finger the perpetrator of this violent crime.

    This is an example of human nature. There is no bureaucracy created that does not fall into the same immoral pattern. There is an instinct for tribal protectionism widely expressing itself in 21st Century culture in ways -most are unaware it exists -in these terms-. But that is what it is, tribal protectionism.

    ALL bureaucracies are immoral exactly because of this tribal instinct is inherent to human behavior.

    And bureaucracies, once created, always go on to act like nearly immortal Greek Gods lauding over generations of human beings with caprice and hurling their thunderbolts, just like the thunderbolt that hit Olsen in the forehead.

    I was shot by a similar projectile in 1969 during a MyLai Massacre protest in Cambridge. The projectile grazed my shin. I received ten stitches leaving me thankful I jumped quick enough trying to get out of the way -my leg was not broken. From about 25 yards the Massachusetts State Trooper with black tape taped over the officer identification number on his badge -was no-doubt- aiming at my groin. This is the sort of person who ends up a Massachusetts State Trooper.

    I was then a fair-haired athletic youth of 19, the perfect target.


    We all know intuitively that bureaucracies are immoral. We all loathe having to come into contact with any bureaucracy. Life simply was not meant to be lived this way.

    Humanity is not equipped to exist with a seven-billion human population, such a population obviously requiring so many demonic bureaucracies. It is bureaucracy from cradle to grave for all of us today.

    My kind is going extinct quickly, unable to cope with the madness. We leave the world to those constant breeders who can co-exist with the evil, likely due to their sheer Epsilon-idiocy.

    Obamaville is like living submerged in the Shitsville sewer.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

    • Scott

      This wasn’t in L.A. Learn to read

      • Ted

        You completely missed the point of his post…. either that or you’re just an asshole.

    • Chris

      You do know that Oakland is not in or even near LA right?

      • jcatj

        LA, Oakland, it’s all obamaville?

      • halosix

        But he had a rant all typed up and ready to paste in, don’t let FACTS get in the way of that!

    • Chris

      Also. The Oakland police department have a violent history of oppressive crackdowns dating back over 40 years. It’s really not something you can blame on Obama, nor is it even within his jurisdiction to intervene. Remember states rights.

      That is the problem with the opposition arguments. When the federal government gets involved you cry constitutional violation. When the federal government leaves matters to state and local municipalities it’s complacent and breech of duty. The truth is you have no argument and will simply play devils advocate for any move the administration makes.

    • Gabe

      Er, you realize this has absolutely nothing to do with Obama? Thanks for bringing your petty political bullshit in here though.

    • honestly

      i’m a little more retarded for having read that.

    • Josh

      In fact, the LAPD hasn’t touched the Occupy LA protests. Learn to read next time.

  • Billy

    I’d drop the dime on that deputy if I knew, no reward needed.

    Check out this video of the fellow Occupiers trying to help before they get gassed:

    • That Guy

      Is it really necessary to offer a cash reward? I’d think the motivation to do the right thing would be enough. I feel like it might also cause people to “come forward” with any name just so they can get some money but end up just slowing down the process of finding the real culprit.

      Well, I could be wrong, just what I think.

      • That Guy

        Woops, clicked on the wrong reply button…

  • Someone please get in touch with this friend and tell him their is a website called whose users are dedicated to justice and many of them would willingly donate to increase this reward and that a donation site should be set up!

  • p la

    Why is that when police shoot and kill and beat up people, nothing ever gets done. But when people get to shooting back or showing force towards these pigs were crazy or dangerous. I’m not a violent person but I think the only way to deal with these crooked pigs is to use violence back against them. Departments like Oakland, denver, nyc all need a taste of their own medicine. Its too many Oscar Grants and Sean Bells dieing because of excessive force and that all needs to come to an end one way or another.

    • Patriot76

      Yes….the only and one way to deal with these law enforcement phonies is carry ourselves guns to point directly at the Police. When the police see that they are confronted by demostrators with guns they will either back down or commit suicide trying to deal with us. All people now in this time of life of our country need to carry guns when demostrating. I think or maybe believe the police just might maybe start to turn against their puppet masters.

      • PK

        Wow, Patriot76….how much were you paid by right wing organizations to post that comment? Was it by the word, or just by the post? Your attempt to discredit this peaceful movement by posting this inflammatory crap that doesn’t represent any of the people who are part of the 99% was not only transparent, but completely pathetic.

        • Fuckyoutoo

          you pacifist morons, we are the realists that know that violence is needed to destroy this violent system, after that is done then we will need peace to create a new way of life

          • greiner3

            I know who you are! You’re that guy with the assault rifle strung across his back during that Tea Bagger protest a year or so back. Imagine if the 99%ers brought even sling shot to this fight.
            Dude, you need to start your own little war in Juarez. Stand in the main street and as loudly as you can yell ‘Yo tengo Federalista.’

      • KingOfTheTailer

        That is a remarkably bad idea. The point of a peaceful demonstration is to use the violence of police against them. You and many other people are incensed at what happened to Scott Olsen PRECISELY BECAUSE he was being nonviolent. Police are far better at violence than the general public, so they will always win in a gun fight; but governments are poorly equipped to deal with moral outrage. By injuring Olsen and other demonstrators, the Oakland police lost the fight.

      • Danie Clarke

        No we do not use violence against violence. .. That is what the bad cops want.. we support the good police who also want our safety and theirs. ..

      • E

        Nope. Don’t do that. That’s a way to make everything happening ten-thousand times worse. Violence begets violence. And the U.S. is more than prepared to deal with violent protesters in whatever terrible ways they see fit. When you’re peaceful, people will tend to respect you and your cause more and you’ll garner a lot more support. Don’t make it about ‘us’ against ‘them’ that’s what the government wants because that’s something that’s easy to exploit and deal with. Instead, be a united force of like minded individuals standing up for yourselves and for your rights. Don’t get violent, and don’t give up.

    • Jack_Sparrow

      HAHA @ p la Lead by example, Get a gun 🙂

      • greiner3

        Then put it to your head, pull trigger, repeat as needed.

  • Ivan

    He was hit by a brick thrown by a protestor! It was meant to hit a police officer. Tough luck for the dumb ex-Marine who got hit. Maybe it will put a little sense in his head.

    • AJ

      You’re an idiot. He was hit in the face by a beanbag round, it was found right beside his head. No bricks in sight.

    • GeorgeV

      Ivan (if that’s your real name…)
      You are the biggest piece of shit that ever walked on two legs.
      Nobody deserves a split skull.
      Since you think this is OK, I hope the same happens to you some day. (by accident of course…)

    • lauraly

      He was not!

    • Hayden

      You are an idiot. Karma is a bitch.

    • j r


    • Bill Halberson

      So explain this to me like I’m 9 years old:
      For the sake of argument let’s asssume
      a) it was a brick
      b) was thrown by a protestor at a cop
      This makes the marine a bystander.
      How/why is this undeserved injury supposed to “put sense in his head”?

      A man who fought for his country is now fighting for his life.
      With so many people like “ivan” around, makes you wonder if this country is still worth fighting for.
      The irony is, “ivan” probably isn’t even of the 1%, just a dumb slob who watches right wing propaganda and thinks it is impartial news.

    • BrainsOverBraun

      @Ivan…. ok since you seem to think you know whats going on here and the rest of the world is duped. Lets just pretend for a moment that a protester knocked the guy out. (which is complete bullshit… but since we didnt see him actually get hit in the vids lets live in your fairytale world for a moment) You still can’t deny that as he was laying prone on the ground and others went to his aide to try and pull him away that another officer decided that would be a great time to toss a flash bang grenade not “near” them to run them off, but rather right in the middle of the group and next to the fallen vet. And yes, they are non-lethal, but that doenst mean they dont still do some serious damage.

      So wake the fuck up and stop being part of the ignorant masses that lives in the parroting news bubble of Faux News and other trash

    • Why would you put a victim down? Lack of knowledge, that these people are trying to help everyone. Our presidents have been allowed free reign for far to long. We’re sick and tired of having to pick between the lessor of two evils. Don’t you realize that if you are a citizen of the U.S. he has supported your rights to say what you please. As your statement you’ve made implies” he was hit in the head by the protesters” when no one, not even the police, have said that. Why would you lie, are you a politician, disgruntled Muslim, or are you just feeling a lack of self-worth. I hope your conscience is cleared…

    • Terri

      With an ignorant statement like that you must work for Fox News. Go to hell asshole!

    • Richard H

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • pat


    • Ivan is obviously Ivan Koch, the brain damaged third Koch Brother who lives in a box under their bed. He figured out how to use the internets now…look out!

  • Huge Balls

    This was a staged event to incite civil unrest so that Red October 2.0 can get started.

    You won’t find that officer on Oakland PD staff because he is a paid actor.

    Never forget that 80M Russians died the last time this happened.

  • pillbug

    isn’t it against the law to post bounties on lawmen?

    • Anon

      If a police officer commits unlawful acts, are they still a man of the law, or just a criminal in a fancy uniform?

    • Tojam

      A reward for information leading to an arrest is not a bounty.

    • Nunya

      It’s not a bounty to ask for their name so that lawful proceedings can begin.


      Most people would read it as being a REWARD for information to IDENTIFY him/her?

  • Yes, identify the shooter and arrest him for attempted murder.

  • Tigersum

    Does no one here believe that this could have possibly been accidental? Talk about hivemind.

    • alex

      Yeah, some people accidentally kill others with their cars and they still get brought to court – sometimes ending up in vehicular manslaughter.

    • PK

      The shooter was less than 20 feet away from Scott when he discharged his weapon. Teabaggers who bring guns to rallies may not know how to shoot, but cops are trained. These weapons are considered lethal when aimed higher than a person’s waist (according to both US military training and police training manuals), there is simply no question that this was aimed at his head.

      And even if it was an accident, the same officer threw a flash grenade into the crowd that went to help him. You can see it in this video that was shot by KTVU, a local television station.

      Do I think that all police officers who were there that night committed criminal acts? No, far from it. I spoke to a number of officers who were actually sympathetic to the goals of the 99%, worried about their pensions and future employment in the US of Austerity. But the cop who shot Scott and then tossed the grenade into the crowd acted in violation of both Oakland PD regs and the law. He should be prosecuted.

    • Chris W.

      No I don’t… but lets say for the sake of argument that the Tear Gas canister was an accident, however unlikely that is… every officer there had an obligation to help Scott but they stood there and did nothing… then when people tried to help him the cop “INTENTIONALLY” threw the flash bang right in the middle of them…. This is what I do know… has I done thi in Iraq to a bunch of Iraqis I would still be in the brig…. accident or not.

  • Shooting Scott in the face from a distance of ten to twenty feet is a prima facie crime.

    The police know this. They have a choice: stand with the 99% for justice under the law, or cover up crimes like the fraction of the 1% do with War Crimes, economic looting, and ongoing suffering of unemployed Americans when the solutions for full employment are obvious:

  • anon

    well at least the protesters were not verbally assaulting and taunting the officers trying to get a reaction out of them.

    • greiner3

      Even if that were to happen that in no way justifies ANY violence of ANY police officer. A cop is just a poor slob given some training and weapons that maim and kill; but on the side of the law. If this cop uses the training and weapons in ANY way outside of the law then HE/SHE is the criminal.
      Suicide by citizens anyone?

  • ioncloud

    funny how you guys are trying to bribe the same cops you say are corrupt.

    • chris from oz

      think of it as a gratuity:) We’re just using the existing filthy corrupt kickback system for the benefit of the people rather than the benefit of the few elite criminals running the show.


      There is no bribe.

      It is not clandestine.

      It is an open offer, OPEN TO ANYONE to help identify a CRIMINAL.

      A CRIMINAL who is guilty of an INHUMANE act of VIOLENCE and PRE-MEDITATED ASSAULT.

  • anon

    also it was not like the protesters were warned that they might have chemical agents used on them if they did not disperse. Oh wait the police officers did warn them repeatedly. If you did not head a warning then the person responsible is you. The officers said what they were going to do if protesters stayed. This is not police brutality this is idiotic protesters trying to get a reaction of the police.

    • Inteligent

      Normally i would agree with your point. I have many friends in law enforcement and i usually tend to side with them as their job is extremely difficult and you almost have to assume the worst on a daily basis so that you don’t get hurt or killed. However in this situation they had no legal backing for even using the gas and non lethal force. The protesters had a right to be were they were. END OF STORY. The law enforcement officers were the ones acting outside the law. Also if you have been following this at all there has been many articles from different sources saying how the show of force OPD used wouldn’t have even been legal in A WAR ZONE!!!!!!! Let alone on our own citizens. If we allow this to take place and no repercussions to the officer who did this how are we any different then these other countries who were trying to squash their rebellions?

    • Carol

      So, the police announcing that they are about to do something illegal – unleashing chemical weapons on a crowd of peaceful protesters – means that the protesters should submit, back down, go home, give up their Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances? Are you an American?

      The policeman fired at head-level into a crowd. Do you really want this guy to stay in the police force?

    • angry in adk

      I would reply to the police troll, Anon but the two posts in reply to his comment so mirror my sentiments my post would be redundant. Well said.

  • Can we make this a Kickstarter fund raiser? I’d put some $$ towards this and I feel others would too.

    • iva the ram

      I’m in for $1000.00–$10,000 to deliver the pig.

      • hippychick

        How about you pony up that 10 grand, I’ll give the cop 5 grand, take you to him, and you call him a pig. You lose 10 grand, some teeth, and I laugh like hell. We got a deal?

        • greiner3

          Haha. I get it; Hippychick means you are sympathetic to a peaceful world where everyone coexists in harmony.

  • Amazed

    I’m confused. I thought this was a protest, not a bunch of people wasting their time hassling and ridiculing the cops standing on the other side of the barricade. Maybe the cops should go over to the protestors and make snide remarks until they get a reaction and then throw a hissy fit about it.

    • alex

      It’s both… the protest and getting justice for what was done to a person in a peaceful protest; it’s not a riot. Nothing confusing about that. Come on now, we could use more thinking in this world.

  • S8

    In b4 shitstorm.

    Too late!

  • hippychick

    I’d love to send that Cop a case of beer! Fight with the cops, enjoy your hospital stay. What are you cowards going to do with his name? He’ll kick you lazy, greedy rear ends without breaking a sweat, Punks.

    • Tmorlan

      Oh really now, most PIGS are overweight pansy ass bitches take away their body armor guns and all their toys and they are still POS needing a serious ass whooping. So you can stop with proping them up and putting them on a high moral pedastal. Oh yeah from mostly what I see in the news is most cops don’t mess with anyone who could kick their ass they usually go for the small and petite statures as not to get the sht beat out of themselves.

  • restitutiontouscitizensfirst
  • john


  • anon

    why dont people just buy gas masks????

    • Chris W.

      Gas mask wont do much good when they aim at your head!

  • It’s funny because half of the cops look VERY nervous, like they would crack the moment the crowd inrushed; the other half look hardened and sullen, like they would crack only after being beaten by the crowd. The people get the government that they allow.

  • frank Garrett

    Ivan, do you always go full retard?

  • Thomas

    When the people who make the laws and enforce the laws breaks the laws, then aren’t any laws.
    Yet, the American people are trying to maintain normalcy despite illegal actions of the cops.

  • mick

    serve and protect

  • Those aren’t police, they’re cowards.

  • ts

    Strange that we would have to GUESS the officers identity.

    I would say there are 2 dozen people who know the identity of this cowardly brute.

  • James

    Occupy Wall Street protest de-rails from scrapes and bruises. It takes out its righteous frustration on a cop who was following orders and forgets how many died in Egypt, Tunisia, Tianneman Square, the Civil Rights Movement, and Gandhi’s peaceful protests. Those monks that sat down and lit themselves on fire. Yea…you guys are starting to forget how hard it is to change the established order and how insanely far those who were successful went to prove it was not about themselves, but their cause.

    Occupy WALL STREET, not get angry and rage on cops. Peaceful protest does NOT MEAN peaceful till provoked. It’s peaceful to the death to show which cause is right. If this movement really is about change and not your need to prove something, then PROVE IT.

  • My Name

    4Chan (Anon?) is pointing to this guy:

    Probably not the guy, but I’d bet money he knows who did it.

    • greiner3

      Me thinks it’s the poster named;
      Just saying

  • Mark V Reid

    Dear Fellow Citizens of the 99%, Please sign petition that seeks justice for Scott Olsen and Oakland. Demand that FBI and DOJ investigate the Oakland Police use of force on peaceful protesters multiple times on October 25, 2011. Don’t let police get away with massive civil rights violations. This petitions the head of the Department of Justice and of the FBI in the Oakland Area. Goal 10,000 signatures. ~ Mark V Reid PLEASE SHARE!

  • Esta Noche

    CabinCr3w on twitter fingered him yesterday.

    The San Francisco Sheriff That Shot Scott Olsen

    According to @CabinCr3w on Twitter this is ESU Officer Bergstresser who shot Veterans for Peace protestor Scott Olsen in the face with teargas grenade.

  • Ashton

    What the hell is this, guys?
    – all the police officers that day were shooting
    Scott Olsen wasn’t the only one injured– his status as a veteran is just being exploited for press and anger-mongering
    – it would be near impossible to identify the shooter- not because of the ‘blue wall of silence’, but because it would be so damn hard to a) tell who the shooter was through all that smoke b) come to an agreement about who shot Scott and decide who will take the blame
    What will you do with the name? Will you put him on trial, but not the other members of the Oakland PD who shot and injured people?
    Will you put him on trial, but not the members of the Oakland PD who were shooting and happened to miss?
    It’s almost better not to release a name, for fear a rabid OWS supporter decides to ‘rid the world of a brutal cop’ some night.

    • Carol

      We want his name because singling out an officer who used excessive force and committed a crime, naming his name, publishing his identity, making sure that everyone in the world who wants to knows who he is, means that other officers, dressed in their riot gear, won’t feel so anonymous when they make choices about how to carry out their law enforcement duties. And that is how it should be.

      The only danger this officer will be in, is the danger of being investigated for violating police procedures, charged with a crime, tried for that crime, convicted and made to pay the penalty, if he is found guilty. He may also receive a letter of condemnation for his actions for his file, or even lose ten vacation days, like Lieutenant Bologna of the NYPD.

      One of the things that Occupy Wall Street is about, is our current justice system that refuses to act against a certain class of people, which is why bankers who committed massive fraud, on a scale that has destroyed the world financial system, are still voting themselves bonuses years after their crimes were discovered, instead of being in prison where they belong. And yet our country was founded on the principle that the law is the same for everyone.

      So, yes, I want this officer’s name.

    • Chris W.

      Maybe… but let that be a gay man, or an illegal alien or any one of the other “MINORITY” groups and everyone and their brother would be going ape shit. If he was anything besides a “White Guy” then maybe something would get done about this obvious disregaurd for public safety.

  • David Dennis

    Hey Ivan, come on down and tell the rest of us Marines how you feel. Do it in person.Why hide behind a screen. Truth is you are a coward! We Marines take care of our own, we have the back of the 99%.

    • Semper Fidelis! Always faithful.


  • Isn’t this missing the point?
    Who cares which specific officer shot him. They’re all responsible because they allowed it to happen and allowed that officer to get away with it.

  • hippychick

    Why waste $4000.00? If you really want him, go to the Oakland PD and ask for him. I’m sure he’ll kick your behind right there and then. Cowards, the lot of you. Better yet, toss a rock at him when he’s off duty and receive a free stay in the intensive care unit. We all should buy that cop a beer.


      Have you got $US 50,000,000.00 in your bank acct or in assets?

      If not, wake up please.

      Anyone with an amount that is less will be the new lower class. EXPECT IT!

    • Ben Wolf

      Violence. It’s always a desire for more violence with you, isn’t it?

    • Chris W.

      sometimes all I can do is sit in AWE at the stupidity and ignorance of people like you. But I guess thats what we all fight for, to give you the right to be stupid.

  • Joseph

    Ah, the bleating of the sheep: “they were warned” … “they taunted the cops” … etc.
    You pathetic pussies make me SICK! My dog’s poop has more spine than all of you combined. And you call yourselves “Americans” ?? Shame on you!

    It was the protestors’ **RIGHT** to assemble peacefully. No stinking cop in uniform (or without) can take that away. That is a right enshrined in the US Constitution, that these power-hungry cops are sworn to defend! The Sergeant who was giving the “this is an unlawful assembly” should be FIRED from the force forthwith for dereliction of duty!

  • This pic says its a San Fran Sheriff, but it claims this person to be the one that shot Scott Olsen!/photo.php?fbid=2115560168067&set=a.1276381629128.2039745.1217593459&type=1&theater

    here is another link

    Hope it helps.

  • Keith

    Identify the “shooter” , and then what?

    The police officer did not break the law.
    At least there is no evidence to that end.

    He fired tear gas, which was his job, into a crowd of people who were engaged in breaking the law (even if it is a minor law).

    Are you going to identify him, release his name and address and put his very life in danger?
    How are you going to confirm his identity to make sure you have targeted (literally), the right officer?

    Do you actually give a shit if you identify the right officer, or is just the sense of revenge enough.

    Your Neo-French revolution is silly ass Socialist/Marxist classism.
    It is idiots like you who bring murdering tyrants to power.

    I pray none of your silliness ever amount to anything.
    But, if it does, when you are oppressed in a Maoist like system, don’t forget that your bought your own ticket. Don’t forget you bought mine also… I sure the hell won’t forget who bought it for me and my family.

    • Ben Wolf

      They weren’t breaking the law, and the canister was fired at head-and-shoulders level, something the police are trained specifically not to do. Glad that you’ve outed yourself as an authoritarian servant of the state, though.

    • Dane

      Its nice to see not everyone here is an childish idiot. Everything you wrote is correct. Just don’t actually think you will change someones mind, these ppl don’t care about right and wrong, whats legal or not, or even reality. Listen to what they say, “pigs”, us against them… its a bunch of kids who don’t think life is fair and are green with envy. They can’t even agree on why they are protesting:) They do not have logical fact based arguments, they use emotions, and those you can’t argue with:) Just remember that they don’t represent 99% of ppl. Most of us think they are silly and the “occupy” movement is annoying.

      • Chris W.

        again… which law were the protesters violating? The right to peaceably assemble or the right to free speech?

  • Roger

    I got another 1000 on this…

  • Kfk


    Cowards? Uh, no. The real coward is the cop who put an Iraq veteran in the hospital for trying to use his freedoms( that he fought to protect) in a nonviolent manner. The behavior of the Oakland PD has been deplorable and their violent, dangerous behavior has been documented in cases well before the protest that sent that marine to the hospital with a broken skull. Also, I liked the police fetishism in your post. Typical coplover mentality: “Even when they’re wrong, they’re right and if you disagree then you should get beat up or killed!” You along with the Oakland PD are the biggest cowards of all and I pity your lack of a spine.

  • Justin

    I dont understand you people. obviously the people were doing something wrong to entice the police to use their weapons. Every law enforcement division has use of force rules and they must be obeyed. now im not saying that people dont always listen to the rules but i beleive most do. I myself am a law enforcement officer and i believe BOTH sides are at wrong here. and the only reason people are making such a big deal about this is because the guy shot is a veteran. well once again i am a veteran myself and i still think both parties were at wrong. the guy put himself in that position and they were doing something that obviously wasnt so peaceful because the police drew their weapons. yes it is unfortunate that the guy got shot but he put himself in that position.

    • Ben Wolf

      “I dont understand you people. obviously the people were doing something wrong to entice the police to use their weapons.”

      There’s a concept you might benefit from embracing: thinking before you hit the post button. The people “must” have been doing something wrong, even though you can’t identify what that “something wrong” must be. This is the equivalent of “We had to invade Iraq because the president said so”, or “If she was raped she must have done something to provoke it”.

      You don’t know what those protestors did wrong, but nevertheless you’re sure they did something; after all, nothing bad ever happens that a person didn’t deserve, right?

  • anon

    The officer has been identified as Scott Bergstresser, Deputy Sheriff SFPD ESU. Badge #1342.

  • John Messall
  • anonamous

    ESU Officer Bergstresser is who * alegedly* shot Veterans for Peace protestor Scott Olsen in the face with teargas grenade

  • I think it was the “Don’t touch the barricade!” guy. He looks to have a lot of pent-up aggression just waiting to burst out.

  • Alice
  • Aussie

    All that video shows is a bunch of pussies abusing police who are simply doing their job and who say nothing back. Democracy has rules, if you want to protest tell the govt, so they can ensure your protest doesn’t effect those who do not share your opinions. You were all tough and ready for a fight, until the coppers pulled out the gas, then you all started crying. Haha

    • Justin Kase

      Most of these protesters own guns, and left them home. They were not looking to fight with police. Most of the harrasment of police happened after this incident. The officer who fired a long range gas cannister directly at a nearby protester’s head and followed up by tossing a flash-bang grenade next to his head was obviously targeting this individual for his own purposes and not following police procedure. We are supposedly all equal under the law. What do you suppose would happen to a civilian who did this to a cop??

    • Ben Wolf

      What abuse of the police? Sorry but I’m not seeing it.

    • Chris W.

      Humm… looks to me like it shows a bunch of AMERICANS standing up for there rights…. but alas arguing with you people who have given up all sense of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

  • chaos

    a cop is a criminal with a badge, trust me.

    • greiner3

      I love that song too;

      “And every cop is a criminal and all the sinners, saints.”

  • Word has it on Twitter that this is the officer in which you seek. I don’t know who did the work to uncover the cop. This photo is plastered all over the net.

  • chuck

    Can anyone tell me why the Federal Government has not opened an investigation into the patently obvious violation of Scott Olsen’s civil rights by attempting to maim or kill him? And I hope his family is speaking with a large, successful litigation firm to a) help Scott pay these bills and b) hold the SOBs accoountable.

  • dano j

    hippychick & Ivan are zio shills (mossad employs half of Israel to spread their propaganda in forums all over the world) When Rachel Corrie was run-over and brutally murdered by an Israeli bulldozer these were the exact comments they made. Keep in mind that majority of US politicians and businesses are sympathetic to zionists. So these protests must alarm them. If the Amerans woke up and reclaimed their country, they will naturally promote the interest of Americans before all and naturally BigCO and Bigzio are going to loose big time.

    Also Sarge said(Why would you lie, are you a politician, disgruntled Muslim, or are you just feeling a lack of self-worth. I hope your conscience is cleared…)

    Muslims all over the world are sympathetic to the US protestors becuase they too have suffered horribly at the hand of these greedy terrorists whom you call the 1%
    We pray that you triumph over evil through peaceful means because that is the best way to preserve this country. Americans must fight for their country but must NOT go the Iraqi way nor the libyan way. A free America is the only hope for world peace.

  • Richard

    I understand the emotions that come from this situation, but lets look at what our constitution says… I’m not justifying what the Officer or Deputy did, but I think we would need to have been there to know! As far as the LAW…we heard the words LAWFUL ASSEMBLY!!!! That requires gathering of large groups of people be logged, organized, and safety provided… When large groups of people get together for political purposes things usually become heated and people get hurt and/or violent! When crowds get that large without organization and proper planning and someone gets hurt…they sue the police dept. for not providing protection! When people are blocking roads and causing traffic issues…that causes problems! These people have every right to be there, and I agree with their message, but it just need to be a LAWFUL ASSEMBLY! And when advised they did get semi violent and failed to leave, which required a method which would make people leave quickly. I don’t agree with the the bean-bag rounds…but tear gas is fairly harmless and effective…

  • Paul

    I’m just passing this info on:

  • Sam

    Who was the annoying chick talking on the video? They should have whacked her upside the head to shut her up! If these assholes would go back to their mom and dads basement where the live and belong this would not be an issue. And offering a reward just shows that all these whiners are playing with a full deck of loser cards!!

  • Sam

    Not only that they were warned to go home so………….what’s the issue??

  • Here he is. According to @CabinCr3w on Twitter this is ESU Officer Bergstresser who shot Veterans for Peace protestor Scott Olsen in the face with teargas grenade.

  • According to @CabinCr3w on Twitter this is ESU Officer Bergstresser who shot Veterans for Peace protestor Scott Olsen in the face with teargas grenade.