Police Punch Protester In the Face

Police Punch Protester In Face

Here are more of today’s videos of police violence.

Correction: Turns out it was not a woman, but an HIV positive man. We have corrected the post accordingly.

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  • downwitdaman

    the most pathetic thing about this video is all the people standing around her doing nothing except pressing their shutter buttons and getting it on camera. wtf is wrong with people… it’s not real to them unless it’s non film. This reminds me of the same sort of passive camera clicking by thousands of zombie bystanders at the stanley cup riots in vancouver.
    Don’t these protestors and news people standing around this poor woman realize that they outnumber the cops 10 to 1, and if they had the balls could just crush the cops if they acted in unison?
    This is what it’s going to take to effect change: no fear of the authorities and fighting back… just like they did in brazil and other latin american countries. It hasn’t gotten bad enough for that yet……

    • Jessica

      The other protesters were trying to pull her out immediately after, meanwhile he was going back for more.

    • Amdrin

      Sure, rather than document police brutality, lets all just attack the cops.
      That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard yet. Capturing these moments, getting these images out there for the world to see the TRUTH behind the protests, these ShutterBugs are the biggest asset to the Occupy movement we have. If they jumped the cop instead of filming him, it’d be spun into mob violence before you’re tiny, over-aggressive brain could process it.

      • David

        I totally agree

  • S’

    there comes a time when violence begets violence
    when this happens things will get super ugly – real fast
    avoid it

  • That sort of behavior on the behalf of police just intensifies the resistance. I think if they keep pushing things may turn violent, as in retaliation from the public against police. History has shown this. They may have the courts and the apathetic political base on their side, but they are really opening up the wrong can of worms there.
    Doesn’t take much for people to go from peaceful protest to full blown riot. We rely on the good cops amongst the ranks to sort out the goons. Make sure guys like that don’t end up on the front lines. Ultimately they jeopardize everyones safety.

  • Myrkrida
  • Bradley
  • Those white shirts are private policemen under very unusual “privatization” schemes by which security guards get a police badge. Not that normal police could not do that too but it’s notable that most, if not all, violent incidents have been caused by white shirts.

    • Elliott

      those white shirts are anyone ranking higher than lieutenant. that is the really effed up thing. they aren’t normal pigs walking the beat, they’ve got rank and should know better

  • Blatso

    Thanks for spreading the word, but I think it’s time to update your headline. Check out http://gothamist.com/2011/10/14/hiv_positive_protester_says_cop_who.php

  • Common Sense

    Hey…put your hands on a cop and get dealt with.

  • pedobrah

    bitch prolly had it coming neways amirite guise

  • hi

    that’s a dude.
    either way, it doesn’t make it right.

  • Jake

    That’s a man, not a woman

  • Ren

    That’s a guy.

  • Elliot

    I hate to break it to you, but read this:


    It was a man. No need to add ‘woman protester’.

  • OkinSama
  • Robert Gates, a man not given to frivolous words, in public anyway, recently said:

    I do believe that we are now in uncharted waters when it comes to the dysfunction in our political system — and it is no longer a joking matter … we have lost the ability to execute even the basic functions of government much less solve the most difficult and divisive problems facing the country. Thus, I am more concerned than I have ever been about the state of American governance.”

    (speech given at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where he received the Liberty Medal).

    • signalfire

      Was this speech recently? Please give a link, if possible, thanks.

      The truth of the matter is that most countries in the world are bankrupt, and the banks and some corporations stole it all. We know who and we know how. Time to retrieve the money and punish the perpetrators.

  • Emma

    The title is misleading. No one got punched in the face. The blow came from above, and landed on her shoulder.

    • She was clearly punched in the face.

    • jimbo cattlepants

      one of these days Loise. ONE OF THESE DAYS….

    • Rachel

      He clearly caught the side of her face. Maybe it should read “Cop Punches Woman in Side of Head”.

      This is a pretty niggling point. Regardless of where the blow landed the cop still punched an unarmed woman in the head.

    • you can clearly see her getting punched in the face in the slow-motion you retard. i hope someone punches you in the face

    • Adam

      That looked like it was directed toward her jawline to me.

    • moose indian

      no bitch definitely got rocked in her whore mouth

  • Natalie

    Those protest that happened in Egypt look a lot like NYC. Oh, wait that is NYC. Now, how is the NYC Mayor going to defend this? TIL (Today I Learned): If you wear a white tshirt and pen a piece of metal to it, you’re protecting and serving the public, you’re most certinly not a violent thug.

  • Gerard F.

    Still not convinced on how easy is to manipulate and subdue the masses in America? The video speaks for itself: the protesters didn’t do anything to defend that lady (they just limited themselves to scream like sheep).
    In conclusion:
    Peaceful Revolution = Controlled Opposition
    The so-called “Second American Revolution” is solely a marketing campaign aimed to sell patriotic souvenirs (and to profit from people’s ignorance and stupidity as well).

    • An Educated American 20-something.

      Are you being facetious?

      If anything, this is all very unsettling to Americans and I am embarrassed to wear my own country’s flag as it represents corruption and disregard for the ideal society that we founded ourselves upon.

      Did you really expect the man recording to jump over a policeman on a vespa to save a woman who was already being helped by those in her vicinity? Please rewatch the video if you missed the arms on her while she was sitting on the pavement.

      As for your marketing theory, you, sir, are obviously unaware of what “patriotism” in the US has become. Leave your ignorant comments elsewhere.

    • Joshua G.

      Clearly not. Those closest to the woman bent to help her up while the remaining documented what happened.

  • Mikey

    This is actually a man with long hair….

  • Jeffrey

    Woman my ass.
    stop manipulating words to play on people’s emotions. watch video above.

  • signalfire

    You can adhere to ‘nonviolent protest’ all you want, but winter is coming and the cops are counting on it, that you’ll all go wander off home when it gets cold. Show me an instance where nonviolent protest worked and I’ll show you a farce where the sheep end up back in a pen.

    What if that group had descended on the offending cop, stripped him naked of his clothes, gun, radio, baton, handcuffs and mace, and thrown him back into the crowd? Repeat with every fucking cop that tries to intervene.

    We paid for that gear and it’s being used against us! Repossess it! How many uniforms, guns, canisters of mace, radios and batons do you think they have back at the station in reserve? How much do you think JP Morgan is willing to ante up for (to save their own sorry skins, you bet they’re nervous now…)? How much? This is a war, the police should be on the side of the protestors; if they’re too stupid to see that, they have to be resisted, and stripping them of their authority and clothes is the perfect way to do it.

  • Char

    Well, Gerard F. – where are you? Why don’t you get out there and show us how to fight the police?

  • Clint

    “GIVE US PEACE!” they screamed into the faces of police officers as they massed into large groups, congested public property, and threatened everyone who opposed them with legal action. I wish more protesters who claim they are the public would realise that they do not represent all the public. Quite a lot of people just don’t care about how the government treats us as long as they are happy.

    • Jessica

      That’s cute. You know, you’re right. Let’s wait until it’s so bad that everyone’s unhappy. And starving. And jobless. And our money has no value. That way we don’t have to worry about our children’s future because at least right now we’re happy. Rainbows and unicorns.

  • bob

    The officer should not have open hand smacked her in the shoulder, but you can barely see in the video that she just finished swinging at his face. These people spent all day hoping to catch footage of “injustices”.

  • Yaw




  • no pity party to occupy

    It does appear that she swung her right arm at the officer. None of the other cops seem to be overly agitated.

    She should watch it


    You guys obviously missed the part where she hit him first.

  • Barry

    “It does appear that she swung her right arm at the officer. ”

    I believe cops are (or at least should be) trained in techniques to to subdue people without turning the incident into a bar brawl.

    “None of the other cops seem to be overly agitated.”

    This seems to indicate that the woman was doing nothing that warranted a haymaker.



    • Bradley

      I completely agree.

  • Professor

    Is this a woman with beard ?

    • Good observation. I was the first person to comment on this thread stating “Get your facts right!” and posting a link to the same event captured form another angle. However, the comment is still awaiting moderation. The victim is clearly male.
      Media hype?

    • Bradley

      Good observation. I was the first person to comment on this thread stating “Get your facts right!” and posting a link to the same event captured form another angle. However, the comment is still awaiting moderation. The victim is clearly male. Media hype?
      This is also my second attempt at replying to your comment as the previous reply is still awaiting moderation. Maybe because I try to post a link…

  • kate

    This video perfectly shows that the protester was physically assaulting the cop first. It’s a post-9/11 New York City. Do you REALLY expect the cop to just stand there, take it and play nice? Come on, guys. Reality check.

    • Jessica

      Same goes for the protesters don’t you think? They were survivors too, ya know.