Egyptian Brutality Comes to America: Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Peaceful Protesters

Police Fire Tear Gas, Flashbang Grenades and Rubber Bullets at Peaceful Protesters

This is not Egypt, Greece or Italy … this is America:

The injured gentlemen is Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen, allegedly shot with a rubber bullet.

This is another gentlemen allegedly shot in the face with a rubber bullet (his injury is above his right eye, while the injury to Scott Olsen appears to be on the left side of his face):

Here are police roughing up a peaceful woman protester:

And a policeman threw a flash grenade into a crowd trying to help an injured protester:


Some are calling this the “new Kent State”.

And protesters from Tahrir Square, Egypt, say this is what it looked like there.

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  • This is yet another reason why governments should not have a monopoly in local community policing or security. Monopolists are not accountable, as we have seen from the Federal Reserve money monopoly and its banking cartel. Likewise, the government police and security monopolists are allowed to be above the law, are allowed to commit actual crimes against peaceful, innocent people, and these thugs are rarely brought to justice.

    This is why we must de-monopolize local community policing and security away from government control, and allow any private, competitive security firm to provide such services, and allow any voluntary individuals or groups to do their own community policing if they want to, and all these people would be made to follow the rule of law. This would apply to normal everyday life in the community, or unusual situations such as protests, rallies or marches.

    Another suggestion to consider, if the government must continue to have this kind of immoral, dangerous monopoly of policing and security, the people need to consider disarming all government employees including police, and encouraging only civilians to be armed. Our society would be much better off this way.

    • Rocio

      NO. The answer is not to pass the monopoly to private hands or to have civilians armed. The Federal Reserve you speak of is not a government entity, it’s a private entity that has taken monopoly of money. What you speak of is giving that power and monopoly to corporations. You are a rat. What you suggest is just the agenda of a few to make more money out of services that should be provided from the taxes we pay. Look at the jail system, another corporation in the hand of privatization.

  • Now scientists are joining the movement because ignorance is a plague on our lands.

  • chundini

    Now we know who are ther real terrorists, those that are to serve and protect us with our tax dollars are arming us.

  • Semper Fi Observer

    The Pinkerton thugs seal their fate as the private police force to the felonious and fraudulent bankers, whose continuous theft is known by all.
    Each of them, in order to be hired, has given an oath to protect the constitution both foreign and domestic and to serve and protect the public. I guess the oath didn’t say anything about protecting the constitution and/or the public from the man or woman in the mirror.
    Each who has violated the constitution is treasonous. Each who has committed acts against non-violent protestors is a thug and criminal. They make the criminal and thuggish behavior of the NYPD seem mild in comparison.
    The fatal mistake was shooting the marine veteran. There already is a Semper Fi call to all non-commissioned marines to assist the protestors at the occupy sites.
    Is the attempt to provoke the veterans into engagement in order to push martial law?
    My money is with the people (who include the marines) given that this a sinewy, capable, battle tested group which cannot be slowed by a baker’s dozen from Dunkin’ Donuts. Can the Pinkerton thugs say the same? Quite doubtful.
    The answer is to jail the criminal banksters, end the fed, establish a state bank (utility) and move to a non-interest bearing money supply provided by the US Treasury with competititon from monetized silver and gold in competition (to make sure the US Treasury does not get silly and destroy the money) and in settlement of foreign trade debts.

  • tom hoser

    Aim for the center of mass; empty the clip.

  • robertsgt40

    Now you know why so many police chiefs have been going to Israel to learn “real” security. It’s called “shoot first, ask no questions later”

  • dogismyth

    Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s us against them!

    There is no bargaining table. I suggest you fight and fight in numbers.

  • WOW that is impressive…if there is police brutality, it means the protesters are really achieving something…taking into account the duration of these protests, one wonders if they will really be able to make real changes in America. Nice post and “great” videos.

  • Dexter Marty

    I hope people realise that most of this is being staged. It is evident that this Occupy Movement is being directed at every major turn by the same individuals who staged Occupy Egypt. It has been shown that the videos of the pepper spray, the videos of the arrest on the bridge and the videos of the marines yelling at the cops where all staged events and the actors where revealed. Google well aware 1. Now if you look at the video of all the smoke, you will see one “civilian” cracking open a smoke flare. The photo of the woman with the glasses is the same one that was peppered. The police radio of these events are available on line and show that they even had a special name. They were called “Parades”. While the people that are on the streets are genuine, the people creating these plots are deliberately planted. Why? Just like the Youth Alliance in Egypt was trained to other throw the government and introduce “Democracy”, this Occupy event is setting the stage for what is planned from November 5th to November 11, 2011.

    • Elliott

      someone has been watching too much Fox news

  • Charles Buell

    DUDE, DEXTER, ZOMG wellaware1 by far best crackpot conspiracy theory website i’ve been to in a while. to claim that the marine yelling at the cops on 10/15 in Times Sq. is the same as like 4 other random black people that don’t at all look the same because you have a “valid matching” of the dude’s ears in different pictures. holy. crap. that’s. incredible. you’ve hit the mother load! all news is scripted! all events in mainstream media aren’t skewed, because they aren’t even real! it’s all completely fabricated 100%!!!!!

    I can’t stop watching these videos, amazing.

  • Yabecoo

    When you throw rocks and bottles at cops they’re going throw stuff back at you. It’s all part of the radical protester experience. If you can’t stand the heat, move back into your parents basement.

  • Bad Idea

    Can the police PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start using real bullets?

  • NoMarxist

    Police are supposed to protect ALL of the people, not just the 5% of the OWS movement who claim to be the 99%. Maybe if the news media would show a comparison of the empty tent cities to the number of law abiding citizens who want nothing to do with the OWS movement, this would not be much of a story.. If these people cannot follow the instructions of law enforcement they should be arrested. The first amendment does not give anyone the right to break the law. The moment they start throwing stuff at police, they deserve the violence they are inciting. So what exactly is the problem here?

  • The protesters were not “peaceful” they were throwing bottles and rocks at the police who were trying to enforce the law. Camping is lot allowed in that area. Protest away, but you cant live there.

  • Elliott

    pigs everywhere have too much power. there are millions of laws protecting them from civilians but nothing to protect civilians from these pigs. there is no reason they should be bringing shotguns and grenade launchers (for the tear gas) to a group of United States citizens that are not armed or dangerous. only thing to do is fight back. arm yourself and beg them to start some shit. a cop is nothing but a criminal with the right to carry a weapon and a badge.