Officials Increasingly Refusing Unlawful Orders to Arrest “Occupy” Protesters

Police and Other Officials Are Increasingly Refusing Unconstitutional Orders to Arrest Protesters

Last week, New York police defied governor Cuomo’s orders to arrest hundreds of “Occupy Albany” protesters.

Today, a Nashville judge refused the Tennessee governor’s orders to break up “Occupy Nashville”.


A Baltimore police union and two firefighters unions have written to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (who wants to shut down Occupy Baltimore) asking that the protests be allowed to continue.

And city employees from Irvine, California to Providence, Rhode Island have correctly said that – whether or not they agree with the protesters’ views – the protesters’ have the right of free speech and free assembly under the Constitution.

Perhaps this is the start of justice for 99% … instead of just the top 1%.  See this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

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  • Howard T. Lewis III

    The bBaltimore mayor belongs in jail and being kicked out of office for denying the enforcement of Wall Street laws and persecuting law abiding honest citizens.

  • Baltimore Occupier

    Baltimore occupier here. Been on the ground here since day 1.
    Just need to be clear about something, the police never refused any orders to shut us down.
    We are EXTREMELY grateful for the support that the multitude of unions in the city have given us.
    But the shut down didn’t happen not because the police refused, but because with the political force behind the unions on that letter to the mayor against that idea, shutting down the protests would be political suicide in the face of upcoming local elections.

    That said, I am truly relieved to see the beginnings of what I agree is a growing trend. I am ready and willing to put my physical body on the line for this movement and what we’re fighting for, but of course I’d rather not have to. In Baltimore, at least, it seems like I’ll get my wish.

  • Hubcap

    He is a liar. There are always health and curfew rules. Also trespassing and obstructing.

  • PJ

    Hubcap read the law. Constitutional law overrules state laws. They have a right to protest – first amendment