OFFICIAL List of Occupy Wall Street Protest Demands

OFFICIAL List of Demands from Wall Street Protest

Here is the official list of demands:

We – the 99% – DEMAND …




No Official Demands

If you can’t see the list, you’re not alone.

Contrary to widespread myth, there is not an official list.

When Fox Nation reports on an official list, they’re wrong.

When brilliant and dedicated activists point to official lists, they’re mistaken.

When people call the official site for the protests and cite various lists there as official (there were over 1,000 different proposed lists at last count), they are incorrect . That website itself states: is the unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street. We are an affinity group committed to doing technical support work for resistance movements. We are not affiliated with Adbusters, anonymous or any other organization.

And when people say that the protest is made up of all Democrats, liberals, hippies, communists, libertarians, fascists or conservatives, they are wrong. See this, this and this.

As I noted last week:

High-level economists support the protests, so don’t write them off as being uninformed or without goals or focus. The mainstream media should “play dumb” … everyone knows what “We’re the 99%” means, and that the failure of the richest 1% to follow the rule of law or the wishes of the American people, and their corruption and manipulation of the economic and political system are some of the core structural problems which must be changed.

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  • PRichards

    I’ve been disappointed to say the least by the Libertarian response to this list and to these protests. I’m a Libertarian and I thought part of being a Libertarian meant fair minded critical thinking But that’s not what’s been going on over at Libertarian flagship sites like Mises and Rockwell. They’ve been using one list with a bunch of Socialist demands to make sweeping negative generalizations about all or much of #occupywallstreet portraying them as either Establishment Rockefeller/Rothschild operatives or far left radicals doomed to fail. All on the basis of one list that is commonly known to be unrepresentative of #occuppywallstreet.

    It’s all the more frustrating when it is also common knowledge that these kinds of generalizations about #occupywallstreet are impossible. #Occupywallstreet is a diverse leaderless protest movement encompassing people from all walks of life and across the political spectrum.

    And what really disappoints me about my fellow Libertarians is that they are making these dishonest baseless allegations when they know that there are many people in #occupywallstreet that are voicing one of the chief grievances of Libertarians – The Federal Reserve. These so-called Libertarians criticizing #occupywallstreet are ignoring all the anti-Fed protesters and anti-Fed actions that have been going on in places like Chicago, Kansas, San Fran and now other cities.

  • Bev

    Support Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s NEED Act, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act as a great goal that will help all of us.

  • RobertM

    re: the media

    First they ignore you. Second, they laugh at you…….

  • Jimmy

    That’s the funny thing…the media is *embracing* Occupy Wall Street!

    I think the OWS movement’s one demand was merely to see justice and prosecution of the people who screwed us through fraud, intimidation, greed and the like and caused this mess. This has not happened and I believe this is why the Dems had power and are now losing it again. Didn’t Democrats used to go after the dishonest fat cats and get them incarcerated? Didn’t the Democrats used to stand for personal liberty and corporate scrutiny? Oh my how the party has changed!

    I do like that OWS is spreading wider, but it smacks of an artificial leftist movement. It also seems like its trying to be like the “cool” version of the tea party; the “movement” for young folks and such. They’ve (conspiracy theorists assert) had enough time to plan something along these lines if such a planning were in the works. But most of the protesters seem to be young and in college and sound like they just want a free ride so they don’t shoulder the burden of debt that comes with higher education. Unfortunately, the government and the media is instrumental in bubbling the price of higher ed thanks to the “everyone needs to go to college” attitude. Unlike most free market mechanisms, education is so subsidized that great distortions appear in the market, driving up demand, in turn driving up prices. We all know that the eduction is getting crappier in this country every year. Even Google tech support seems to suffer from circular logic when tasked with resolving a problem, which I found highly ironic.

    Regardless, I’d like to see a system that is fair, just and true. But we won’t have that without major turnover in attitude across society. Those who are honest in little things are honest in big things. Those who are dishonest in little things are dishonest in big things. So says the Gospel of Luke.

  • It is no coincidence that the depression mark one happened during the time of prohibition mark one.
    And what do we have now? The depression mark two in a time of prohibition mark two.
    Prohibition severely corrupts police, courts, governments and financial institutions, just look at the Wachovia bank incident (now Wells Fargo). They were caught out with 420 billion dollars of drug cartel money, but they only admitted to 380 billion. And the government totally let them get away with it. If those guys are willing to deal with the drug cartels then no-one and nothing is safe from their greed and corruption.
    As a result of prohibition the police force world wide is double the size it should be and getting bigger. And criminal cartels, or are they corporations, now are as big as brand name multi-national corporations. And just look at the AG Eric Holder, he has been caught out in a fast and furious swindle selling arms to the same drug cartels he told us he was gunning for. It doesn’t get any more corrupt than that.
    We live in a world that is controlled by corrupt police, courts, officials and financial institutions working in hand with the worlds biggest criminals.
    The fact is that none of these guys give a damn for legitimate social management and even if they did they’re just not competent at it and no matter how much we protest about the current state of the economy and society, there ain’t gunna be no change for the good until we rid ourselves of this vampire called prohibition.

  • SMSablan
  • Employed Hard Working American Citizen

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  • Jennie

    11,000,000 Families across America are in danger of losing their homes, millions have already lost a lifetime of Savings and millions have lost their jobs. Wall Steet is not innocent! The Big Banks are not innocent! They are the MAIN CONTRIBUTING FACTOR IN THIS NIGHTMARE! No one is being held accountable for all of these loses, yet these Big Banks continue to make Billions of dollars in profits and collect big Bonuses every year. Some of these profits were from the Bank Bailouts, some of these profits were from the Insurance that was paid to them through AIG for the lose of homes, yet no homeowners have recieved anything except “Foreclosure” notices. This trickle down effect started with Wall Street and Big Banks! Fix the Housing problem and that will be a start but fix it for all with some of these Banks Profits!!!

  • Demerah Campbell

    THERE IS A LIST OF DEMANDS OF OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTORS. Why are you publishing lies. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Here are a few of the protests,
    CORPORATIONS MAKING THEIR PRODUCTS OVERSEAS. Causing the loss for jobs Americans because of the corporation greed.
    CORPORATIONS getting tax breaks, tax loopholes, tax shelters, making food products with unhealthy ingredients, giving their top executives huge salaries, golden parachutes, bonuses, etc.
    BANKS which got bailouts money and have not helped Americans with refinancing to save their homes.
    AMERICANS unemployed with no healthcare.
    WALL STREET bailout money and now are giving themselves huge bonuses.
    AND NOW – Bank America is going to charge $5 per month for using debit cards which you can avoid by having a balance of $15,000. AGAIN, sticking it to the poor. The poor has to pay more for being poor.