Occupy Wall Street Launching First Nationwide General Strike In America Since 1946

Occupy Wall Street Launches Nationwide General Strike: First In America Since 1946

Rumors have been flying for a week that the Occupy protesters will be launching a nationwide general strike. We have been biting our tongue waiting for a formal decision.

Mother Jones tweets:

From our reporter at General Assembly just now MT @timmcdonnell: General strike passes with 1184 votes of approval

JackalAnon tweets:


(The last American general strike was also in Oakland).

The strike will occur on November 2nd.

One of the founders of the Tea Party – conservative Karl Denninger –  supports the strike (and see this).

Occupy Wall Street in New York has also been considering a proposal for a general strike. And there are also rumors of a global general strike next year.

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  • irony

    A strike doesn’t do much damage when none of the participants have jobs. Yawn.

    • freeman

      LOL! No wonder your screen name is “irony.” Nice zinger. Made me laugh.

      • Fort Worth Yankee

        What if they called a strike and no body came? Is it still a strike? Of course it is, the news media will say it is a strike……….and we all can always believe the news media…….NOT!!!!

        • Yeah the news media. Gotta hate them news media types. Liberal son’s o b*$ches!!

          The Oakland Police department tried to give us a lot of good violence to read about but instead them news media people gave us a picture of a cop petting a kitten!

          Liberal SociaMarxalist’s should all burn in hayel!

          Too cute!

    • Austin

      Since many homeowners in the area did not agree with the method uses by police to forcibly remove the protesters from OccupyOakland, and since a few were even gassed outside their homes, I’d say many people from the area, who have jobs, will be there as well protesting for people’s civil liberties alone.

      • Joe

        Prostitutes walking the streets on the clock aren’t really relevant you know.

        • simon l

          Prostitutes buy makeup, beer, condoms, and who knows what else – if everyone just doen’t buy anything for one day, all at once, it will probably show!

      • Oldphart

        No they won’t they don’t really care. Time for you kids to clean up and leave. You have made yourselves irrelevant with the childish games. If you want to do something go occupy the real villains. They’re in Washington, the congress and President are real crooks.

      • Steve

        I doubt it. Be careful what you wish for, since a national strike can cause problems for all. When the shelfs can’t get filled in the grocery stores have fun fighting over a loaf of bread.

        The reason we have institutions is to work our way through these issues in an orderly fashion.

        • deborah

          I think this will be a great thing. People really NEED to stop the poisoning of their loved ones because they are too lazy or stupid to cook. Stop opening boxes, stop buying eggs, meat from grocery stores that accept the horrible and I mean horrible treatment of animals by these institutions.
          Live and learn…support your local farmers or learn to do it yourself.
          I support the 99% because I am one of them.
          In Dubuque there is a OCCUPY MARKET this Saturday at 10a – 2p. The food store is hosting and anniversary as well as supporting OWS movement.
          Also, veterans are OUR personal heroes…they are our grandparents to brothers and sisters. There are very few families without veterans in their bloodline. I support our veterans which is more than I could say for the 1% who send our brothers and sisters to do the dirty work under the guise of patriotism.
          Long Live America!

          • RetiredArmy

            you are a fruit cake lady just move to Europe and leave us alone. We have fought long and hard for this country I can assure you Americans will not stand by and let you commies take over.

          • personalresponsibility

            deborah- your an idiot- practice what you preach- instead of occupying, go and garden and cook… Grew up on a farm, not much time to protest. By the way, to be in the “1%” group means you make $343,647.00 (HOUSE HOLD INCOME) a year… A state prison nurse collected $270,000 in compensation for triple overtime. I have no college degree, work in big pharma, make over 100k a year and did it all in ten years by hard work, networking, and personal responsibility. Nearly 40% of my income goes out to the govt in the form of taxes for people like you do not have the right to take any more. The big picture is, you give credence to Obamas call for a NATIONAL POLICE FORCE to control AMERICAS population.

          • Jere

            Frankly, this veteran doesn’t want your support, and thinks you’re a loon.

          • Publius III

            When you can’t argue with the truth of someone’s statements, attack them personally

        • AtlasObjectivist

          …. oh please.

        • Rich

          What does it say about the economy if there would be fighting over bread if large numbers stayed home for work one day? If that is the case, imagine the mess that would happen if the supply chain was disrupted for a week.

          Also, one question: If the institutions we have currently work so well, then why is unemployment where it is, along with large scale deficits, and there are next to no arrests for fraud that happened in Wall Street?

        • Joshua Grigonis

          Hopefully all the groceries don’t disappear in 1 day.

        • Byron Yorkshire

          Steve, Really? In America? You think a “national strike” could happen?

          I do not. Most of us are still hard working, free thinkingm, individual Americans; in the image of our forefathers, the authors of the Declaration of Independence and subsequently our Constitution.

          I certainly wouldn’t be on board with trying to punish my employer because certain @$$hats that got elected hate individual liberties and support wealth redistribution in the image of Euraped.

        • Greg Kavalec

          Those institutions have shown us who they actually work for.
          It’s time to remind them who actually works.

        • Robert Clemmer

          Well, I guess then that even OWS protesters will starve as well “when the store shelves” don’t get filled.

          • simon l

            umm, a lot of them are – that’s why they’re out there! All you people who are watching the bank-owned tv media and newspapers are so brainwashed you can’t see what is happening under your noses. Your pensions have been squandered by privately-owned corporations and banks, you just don’t know it yet. We have been clamoring for a few years now, this is not new to us, because WE are the ones who are suffering for it RIGHT NOW. But we are prepared for the cold, the hunger, the poverty, because we were pushed into it outright, or our friends or relatives have – and you better wake up, because when it happens to you, you may not have a clue of what to do. And, if you think your lawyer will handle it, well, I wouldn’t be so sure.

        • bob

          Yea, if they were working.

        • Brian Vincent

          Hahah… what liberals don’t understand is that they are mostly useless. Go on strike. The next day, someone walking down the street will take your job.

        • Rick

          Just exactly howe many of these whiny crybaby little children who still have mom wipe their noses actually work in grocery stores?

          • simon l

            less than those lying crybabies who work in law firms.

      • Cold_Frost

        I’m just waiting for the next Rodny King moment from Calli….. HURT!!! Time to roast some businesses and homes up and down the coast!!! Get out the marshmellows

      • Tony

        Occupy Oakland got what they deserved. When a few dozen armed riot police tell you to move, you move. You don’t try to be a hero and charge at them lobbing rocks, bottles, and firecrackers. Idiots.

        • simon l

          That’s bull.

      • Dave

        Doubt it very seriously…….Those of us who actually have the ambition to “pursue” happiness, note that pursue is an action word, requiring more than laying around in tents and complaining, are sick of pulling the wagon full of people who are unwilling to engage in the American dream and do nothing but sit around and complain about it. Either get out of the wagon or get left behind. I’ll be working November 2nd, count on it.

        • SAM

          From what I read there are about 200-300 protesters at each of these OWS sites – maybe 20 cities. So around 6,000 – 8,000 protesters or about 1/100th of the protesters that showed up for the Tea Party evevnt in DC. It just seems like a lot since the MSM reports every little thing in each city versus the silence when the Tea party was gathering.

          The OWS crowd is trying to make themselves relevant by agitating the police. If it gets ugly, so be it, it will be the small amount of OWS groupd that loses

          • simon l

            Tea Party – the ones who have slaves to clean up thier mess? Sponsored by Big Money.

      • drphil

        So it is now a civil right to riot, camp out in parks after closing time, block traffic, throw bottles, plates, and paint cans at police… sorry, “civil rights” do not include breaking the law.

        Bring it on, strike all you want. Destroy the wealth creators, lets see how that works out. While you are all fighting over that last loaf of bread I’ll be dining on Bambi (deer) with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

      • Ron

        I doubt you own a home Austin.

      • Vote Loud

        This is a White House “Organizer” style strategy!

        Not sure if Holder and company really know the can of worms that they are opening!!! If this REALLY affects Americans on a broad scale, out will come the tar and feathers, pitchforks and voter registrations!

        Then will come the subpoenas (If Republicans will not do it, Americans WILL fins someone to replace them and WILL find a way)!

        Obama, Holder, et. al. have pushed as hard as they can…

        Now it is time for them to shove it!

      • JoinTheBowelMovement

        If they show up, just gas them again.

        • lustybusty

          Break out the fire hoses and dogs on these commie reds.

        • Liquidity

          Gas is unnecessary as cummulative BO should be sufficient.

          But, since Oakland is largely populated by people whose income is derived from some combination of welfare and drug dealing, I think a general strike there will mostly irritate the people who wanted to get high.

      • Shoals

        Dream on, the homeowners want these grubs out of the area.

      • Fred

        You’re an idiot.

      • SSgt Rock

        Yeah Right. Like ANYONE would follow these flea baggers!!!! Some of us are hard working taxpaying Americans performing our civic duty and assuming personal responsibility for ourselves and our families… Got NO time for showing solidarity with these selfish yahoos….

      • Bill Ronner

        Address those employed folks who strike using only 3 words. YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!

      • Chuck

        Let me see, a meaningless move if you are unemployeed, a wildcat strike if you are in a union shop, just not showing up if you are in a union shop, no Taft-Hartley or other labor law protection to keep you from being fired, and there are how many millions unemployed and looking for work. Lots of luck.

      • David Morris

        UMM, Peoples Civil liberty. Answer me one qwuestion, why aren’t the flea baggers outside the White House? THAT is where all the real elitists are.

    • Jonathan

      Lol true. How is this different than the jobless protesting?

    • jo56

      Oh so well said.

    • Matty in Florida

      You are SOOOOOO WRONG, “Irony”! I’ve got a job, and I’ll be striking (which I’ve been ready to do, ever since Pelosi blocked the impeachment of Shrub, back in 2007).

      Furthermore, I am going to donate to my friend, a local small business owner, his average daily haul in order STRIKE WITH US.

      Because THIS IS AMERICA, GODDAMNIT – and WE ARE THE 99%!

      Semper Fi,

      -Matty in Florida

      • Paul Barbetta

        You sound intelligent,. Where do you work? Cleaning toilets at Burger King? I’m sure they will miss you. Strike on!

        • Lizziedoodle

          No, you thinking of your mother again.

        • republiconslawl

          ridiculing someone while you sit at home unemployed posting at 4pm is any better Paul? I hope you were trying to be funny, because if not, it’s just sad and pathetic.

          • Nicholas

            You know what they say about assumptions? You make an ass out of yourself…

          • Bill C

            You ever think that they may have a job that requires them to get up in the morning unlike some of the schlubs out there?

          • et

            republiconslawl, How do you know Paul’s at home unemployed?

          • JustAGuy

            I enjoyed Paul’s comment!

            Strike-on freaky dude!

          • You have to be kidding, right. All you left wing liberals on here are so funny. Your are the most hypocritical group ever assembled. This is a joke of a group, you have no message, and if you really believed in the message you express you would be against Obama since he is the biggest Wall Street kissa** there is. Look at who is donating to his campaign. It is funny because if we don’t laugh we conservatives cry as this administration disassembles our economy, and you losers keep wanting another serving.

          • Paul Barbetta

            Self made and trying to keep the freedom of deciding who gets my money instead of having redistributed for me to undeserving idiots.

          • Bunky

            Maybe he works nights?
            Maybe you’re the sad one and it’s obvious you’re not funny.
            Let others consider if being miserably inadequate is an apt description for your comment.

        • Chris Radcliffe

          All labor is honorable. Do you think that the toilets clean themselves?

        • Ron

          I’m thinking Americas’ productivity will increase when these morons “strike”.

        • Shoals

          I’m sure Matty has some upper 1% job – HAHAHAHAHA

        • drphil

          Come on, now matty. There are lots of intelligent people that think the same way. They’re called college professors. They will soon be called useful idiots.

        • simon l

          don’t choke on your lobster, now.

      • Bob

        Dude you are such a fraud. I know who you are. a LIAR!

      • Joe

        The problem is you think WallStreet is to blame. Wall Street isn’t to blame, its Congress, (both sides of the aisle) passing laws to benefit, wait for it, THEMSELVES!!!!

        They aren’t helping Wallstreet to help their rich friends, they are helping them to HELP THEMSELVES!!!!

        Stop the protests on WallStreet, move to Congress, and you will see much more interest. As it stands, a bunch of activist hippies snapping their fingers like a jazz session in order to speak, isn’t resounding with the actual 99%. Its more like 8%.

        • Jen

          I think the thing with this protest is that politicians are noticing. The majority of them have money at these financial institutions and they are part of the 1% that is being attacked. I agree that both sides of congress should take the blame as well as all of the divisive arguers on this page. This is not a war or a football game. To fix this country we need compromise or else both “sides” will loose.
          Also, why are so many people against education? Making fun of college professors? Calling everyone educated elitist? I want someone smarter than me running this country, not someone who partied their way through college and got all Cs.

        • simon l

          Help Themselves – sounds like the Tea Party movement – also sponsored by Big Money

      • Houston

        You should resign in protest… You know, strike until, I don’t know, your goals are achieved or whatever… Also, I’d be happy to strike with you if you’ll send me my daily take too.

        Stay strong bro! You are the 99%.

        Just reply with your credit card number and expiration date and I’ll see ya on the 2nd.

      • mewp

        What a bunch of crap. they should fire your butt.

        • asd

          You mad bro?

          KEEP GOING OWS! Many join every day.

          Some selfish fucks are stupid and lazy enough to want to sit by and hope their gravy train doesn’t run out. They will mock and ridicule the movement. Fuck them. They are the problem and they are the reason that america is in fucking shambles and has become a laughing stock. Time to take back the nation.

          • Bill C

            Why would anyone with a brain want to be called your bro? Typical of someone with the IQ of their shoe size.

          • Byron Yorkshire

            Take it where? What exactly should OWS accomplish? Huh? Hmm?

            And that is why you are made fun of and ridiculed. My 4 year old get the same reaction from me when he throws himself on the floor because I won’t buy him a toy at the store.

          • slowhand

            back to what? socialism?

          • et

            asd, you talking about the welfare queens waiting around on the 1st and 15th for their check? THAT’s the real problem.

          • Dwayne Keith

            Take back the nation? We’ve never been so far removed from the nation established by our founders. Our governance has an architecture as defined in the Constitution. You need to revise it to say that you are entitled to the property (income is property by the way) of others. Otherwise you need a violent revolution. You are already TAKING 50% from the rich and a nice chunk from everyone else. What is fair? Don’t you realize that there is a tipping point that will kill the golden goose? Our system has produced more wealth, more upward mobility and a higher standard of living than any other devised by man. What is it about this fact that you don’t get?
            This country may change into want you want someday but it will only occur after wholesale destruction and mayhem and then the survivors will be left in a third-world used-to-be great country.

          • NoMarxist

            OWS is a sham setup by George Soros to destroy capitalism so he and his mega wealthy friends can get a hold of the world economy. The tent cities they setup are empty at night. Half the protesters are being paid to stand there and hold up signs and the other half are students without a clue, brainwashed by their overpaid communist teachers. Obama and his radical buddies, are pushing this in the hope to distract from the progressives systematic destruction of America over the last three years, which by the way have perpetuated all of the problems the people claim to be protesting. If there were any truth to this movement, these protest would be happening in front of the white house and in front of millionaire Hollywood elites homes where Obama is charging $38,500 a plate to get himself reelected in 2012.

          • 53% in Denver

            Um…what gravy train? Those of us who DO pay taxes understand that life is hard, but it is still what you make of it. There is no free lunch, there is no free education, there is no path to prosperity that doesn’t depend on blood, sweat, and freedom (e.i. capitalism) to be whatever you want. Failure is an option the government should not be allowed to take away. That goes for those deemed “too big to fail” as well.

            It appears to me that the ones “hoping their gravy train doesn’t run out” are holding signs demanding this administration (which they support) dip that ladle a little deeper. Mmmm, Mmmmm….Obama gravy.

          • Tom Cat 741

            And he sits in the White House

          • Fred

            “Some selfish fucks are stupid and lazy enough to want to sit by and hope their gravy train doesn’t run out. They will mock and ridicule the movement. Fuck them”.No,fuck you.Gravytrain?What planet are you on.Im to busy working,paying my bills and investing in my familys future intead of looking for a hand out or looking to freeload or redistibute the wealth dumbass.

          • personalresponsibility

            ya yo…. we gots to ya know be all violent and stuff you know. You sound like a Rage Against the Machine Song. It also sounds like your mad. For what, being born in the greatest nation in the world and not maximizing your own potential? Thats right, its not your fault you poor baby?
            What are you going to do with the Nation once you get it back?
            Burn it and everyone in it.?… Sounds like Hitler to me…
            The very movement you so proudly support is an Organization which is the opposite of your Anarchist, Narcissistic, view. which is just about everyone at OWS.

            Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

      • You make me laugh…………

      • Jerky Miester

        So Matty… Can I have your job while you are out on strike? I and some of my friends who are ready to work would be very grateful.


        • asd

          Are you that blind?

          The REASON you don’t have a job is because of the current state of affairs in the country. What has been done to create jobs when people like you are out of work?

          We saw how fast bailouts were enacted when the banks were in trouble…what about now when the PEOPLE are in trouble?

          If you can’t see the problem then maybe you should wake up and look around. All that glimmers is not gold and you are unemployed because no one wants to do a damn thing about it. OWS is doing something about it. Perhaps you should reevaluate whose side you’re on.

          • John Lewis

            And who enacted the bailouts? They didn’t materialise out of thin air.
            Hint: the people responsible work in Washington: a strange gang, Bambi and the Congresscritters; who just happen, most of them, to have received large donations from Wall Street.

          • Nicholas

            No, I think the reason he doesn’t have a job is because there ARE NO JOBS because the President of this country has screwed up our economy so much with failed policies and over-regulation that businesses are afraid to hire anybody. You can’t grow the economy and promote new job creation if you’re constantly putting the economy in a smaller and smaller box.

            OWS is a tool of the Democrats and Socialists. You are useful idiots, being used to distract the country from the true problems affecting it. And when your cause is defeated because we who are true Americans know better, you’ll thank us for it in the long run.

          • Libhater

            What is OWS doing? How is attacking people, raping runaways, craping on police cars, getting 11 year olds drunk doing something.
            OWS is a joke and a smelly, unclean joke at that.
            The side I am on is the 51%. Those are the people who are forced to pay taxes to support parasites like you.

          • sandyinohio

            what exactly are you DOING about jobs? Waiting for an answer…there are no jobs because Nobama screwed up the economy. Put that in your “workers party” crack pipe!

          • slowhand

            the government is the problem

          • Andy

            So who is responsible?

          • JFS

            “OWS is doing something about it.” They a disorganized bunch of malcontents that think they make anyone change anything. They protest the very things they take for granted. Based on the arrests, damage and rapes that have occured; they don’t even respect each other. So how can anyone see this as more than just a gaggle of the lazy looking for more hand-outs.

          • FLCommonSense

            ASD: Who paid for the bailouts? Was it Wall Street that covered their own asses? No, it was Obama (i.e. Federal Gov’t) that bailed them out. Why isn’t OWS in front of the White House protesting this? Discontent should be focused on the people that are a worse problem than Wall Street.

          • Don Harper

            If you want a join a group that knows what it takes to create a prosperous economy, join a TeaParty. Smaller, constitutional government, appreciation of freedom ( ie, capitalism), sensible regulation, and an energy policy that adequately powers a growing economy will allow the economy to recover and expand. Progressives aren’t smart enough to direct the welfare of an ant colony, much less a nation of 350 million people.

          • Josey

            Bailouts for the banks were Obama and Democrat approved! One trillion was not enough and they want another half of a trillion more! Bailouts don’t work. Companies need to go through the process of clearing themselves out. If the company does not work because of poor management, process or product, then it needs to fail for a better company to come along. Capitalism has created more in enginuity then living in a socialistic/communistic society. Don’t you get it? If not, Cuba would be busting by the seams in immigrants trying to live their way of life! Hello?!

          • soulrac

            OWS people, for the most part, are clueless and they are protesting the wrong thing. They’re clueless because they think Capitalism is evil and the root of the problem yet many people are selling OWS merchandise and the protesters are buying it blindlessly. Also the feeding stations are fed up with the homeless eating the food. Aren’t the homeless also part of the 99%, more so than those that decided to take a semester off of school?
            As far as protesting the wrong thing the OWS people should be at the White House and Capital buildings if they are so mad that banks and the financial firms keep getting bailed out and we the people get stuck with the bill, well… 53% of the people. The reason why the firms and banks get bailed out is because they all have politicians in their pockets and these politicians get to invest and trade with these firms which is basically insider trading. I mean c’mon… if i can set rules and regulations in a certain way and know about it before everybody else because i would instantly become rich. How do you think the majority of these politicians come into office as modest business people and become extremely wealthy in just a few short years? Yes, AAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL politicians do it. The big investment firms were and will continue to get bailed out as long as whatever politicians are invested.

            Question OWS crowd:
            is it the 1% you’re mad at, or the 1% whose autograph you don’t want?


          • bobbielou

            I don’t think TARP was well managed, but if there had been an unstopped run on the banks, many people would have lost their savings to bank failures. That would have been a pretty horrific outcome. Unfortunately, the government forced several banks (JP Morgan in particular) that were not in financial distress to accept TARP money to avoid “stigmatizing” those that did need the bail-out. But on the bright side, the banks have paid back the monies lent under TARP. Not so, of course, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

            OWS has a point, but is attacking the wrong target. And it is doing so in a way that will ultimately alienate people who are not on the far left or the far right. Further, most of its “demands” are absurdly impractical. The fact of the matter is that in a knowledge-based, technologically-driven economy, certain people are going to make a lot more money than others. That’s life. Get used to it, because life in the so-called People’s Republics is pretty awful for everyone but the government plutocrats.

          • konc

            asd, you sound like a real angry piece of sh.t. Just reading your ignorant “everybody owes me blather” I doubt you are even qualified to hold any type of job unless someone would be willing to pay you to run your mouth all day sounding stupid. Why don’t you just shut-up for awhile sit back and wait for the mailman to bring you your government check you did’nt earn loser.

        • deborah

          Grateful?! Gads you are a groveler…you should be demanding instead of whimpering. Parasite….

        • simon l

          hey, to the guy who has some friends willing and ready to work – I need my toilet cleaned while I’m helping the elderly make protest with Occupy Chicago. Leave a number DUDE.

      • Oldphart

        If you think you represent 99% of us you’re nuts.

        If you strike you may be unemployed. If you work for me I’m going to fire your ass the next day. Think about it.

      • Jarhead

        Hey Matt, that Semper Fi you so casually throw around means something to an outstanding group of men and women that put their lives on the line so you can protest. You think using that makes your argument stronger? Douchebag. Get a life.

        • Bob Young

          Thanks Jarhead. I was offended when I saw it used like that, but didn’t want to judge whether Matt was a vet with PTSD and problems he hoped would be helped by becoming part of a movement, or a douchebag. I really appreciate your service to our country and the marines that surrounded the AirForce bases to keep us safe.

        • Shoals

          Yeah, Matty the Rambo of toilet cleaners. Another OWS d-bag. Here in the Northeast it is starting to get cold. I’ll bet these a-holes won’t last another week. They are as the Communist used to call “useful idiots.” Only they are not very useful!!!

        • Josh

          Jarhead – our military does not protect our right to protest, they have not fought a war in the last 66 years that has been for the benefit of our freedom. Just because America is fighting a war does not mean that American soldiers are fighting for freedom. Last time you were fighting for capitalism in Iraq, and then before that against communism in Vietnam and Korea, these have nothing to do with the lives of Americans.

          • personalresponsibility

            I guess you forgot about 9/11…. by the way, if there was no Military you would have no rights. Without the military foreign nations will invade. Jarhead signed up for the military, which means he signed an agreement with the United States that he will give up his life to protect you and your constitutional rights. your pathetic josh- wake up and thank the man!

        • Andy

          Preach it Devil Dog

          Semper Fi

        • Darrell Page

          Thank You!

      • Gabbie

        You sound like a government worker. You do not represent the 99% that I am in. Better have a good excuse to take off the day as you just announced it on the net. Think about it, without the evil corporate company, half of America would not have a job. I do not want to work for a poor person but I guess you do. Liberals always want to feel good about themselves. Well just keep feeling good into the poorhouse.

        • SSgt Rock

          Right on. I don’t know anyone participating in these flea bagging events. I know I am not in the 1% and most folks I associate with are not 1percenters… So wonder what 99% of the people they are referring to.

        • Antonio

          You know that there was once a time when people’s lives didn’t revolve around, “jobs” right?

          Oh if only we could just live in a perpetual 20th century, things would be so much easier to comprehend for some people!

      • Brian

        Another fake on-line veteran. Semper fi my butt. I am a veteran from a family of veterans and we hate fake on-line veterans. Just be happy we aren’t in the same room pal.

        • The_Thumper

          You nailed it, Brian. Oorahhh!

        • ablecynic

          Brian, thanks for saying that. You and Jarhead nailed it. A tour in Vietnam, called up for DS I, called up again for Kosovo, then OEF and OIF. Done it all, finally retired. I hate to read this crap from left wingers who never served a day.

        • Vet USMC

          Absolutely correct.

        • Shoals

          Absolutely – plastic GI Joe, probably never served.

        • Army Vet

          Well said!

        • Jere
      • patmurphy1965

        I’m definitely not in the 1%; however, please don’t lump me in with the so call 99%. I’m with the Percent (%) whose core principals include:
        Limited federal government, Individual freedoms, Personal responsibility and self-reliance, Free Markets and Returning political power to the states and the PEOPLE!
        I will not be striking!

        • simon l

          Maybe 50% of the 99% don’t have a clue of what is being done to them. It took us over 5 years to get this far – but Obama won (the patsy) and there was a setback.
          Herman Cain, sponsored by Wells Fargo.
          That Republican guy whose in the lead, what’s his name? He’s ready to make all the Banking frauds legal and sell the foreclosed homes to private investors in Europe and China. The dems want to spend more to get USA out of it’s bankruptcy status – by paying off the banks and cutting our children’s school budgets, etc. Yeah right. Our Government DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. The foreign investors are gonna own the land – is that the only way we can get our own military to protect the people, by becoming foreign-owned? My father was a WWII Seabee, probably turning over in his grave seeing what the US Military is being brainwashed into fighting nowadays.

      • The Boss

        Hail to Matty in Florida! Thank you for your selfless act of giving up your job to someone who needs it more than you do. You will be missed, but I’m certain the person we hire in your place from among the 9% unemployed will appreciate your sacrifice, and work hard in his/her new position to make you proud.

        Good luck with your future. May Occupy Wall Street bring you great success in your future. I am certain they too will appreciate your sacrifice.

        Sincerely yours,
        Your Former Employer.

        • simon l

          May all of your slaves turn on you at once, OH Master.

      • PostYouth

        Good for you! I support the 99%.

      • Bill C

        Look, you are not the 99% unless you are talking about the 99 that are perpetually stupid. I am sure that if would like to give up your job to go and protest that there are about 20 people that would like to take it. All of you morons just need to go away and live under a bridge and then you will be equal with all those around you under the bridge. I really have to credit the public school system for turning out so many idiots in the last few generations.

      • HPS

        Since I find your word taking the lords name in vain OFFENSIVE maybe I should file a lawsuit..
        however that being said for those not SMART enough to have figured it out.. what part of NO ONE who has any INTELLIGENCE will give a crap? they are prepared with generators.. FOOD.. etc.. and the MONEY won’t be an issue cause WE will go on strike and hit the rest of the economy by NOT BUYING anything on NOV 2nd.. We will stay home with a good book, plenty to eat, warm/cool houses and ENJOY.. might not even turn on the T.V. so they won’t even get ratings through the cable boxes.. WHAT you lefties have to learn “for EVERY action there is an EQUAL and opposite reaction”.. WAIT parents can all keep their kids home to that way the SCHOOLS will not get any FEDERAL money for that day.. OH WAIT AGAIN ..IF the 53% who think you guy’s are OFF YOUR ROCKERS..all decide NOT to shop.. well the GOVERNMENT won’t have any TAX REVENUE.. hummm.. now HOW will they support your radical groups like STORM..ACORN.. etc???? What I say is make it a week.. it will be fun for those prepared to WATCH..lol..

      • Libhater

        Poor thing throwing a temper tantrum. You are not the 99%, you are the 49%, the loser, parasites that pay nothing in taxes and demand the benefits of those who are forced to carry your worthless ass.
        Put on your big girl panties, get out of your parents basement and find a job because the 51% are tired of supporting pathetic children.

        • simon l

          I gues the 51% would rather choke on corporate d – aw, nevr mind.

      • Steve

        Strike on Matty! I doubt anyone will miss you.

      • rigger

        You folks should quit with that 99% B.S. I’m not part of the rich, and you folks definately DO NOT speak for me. You’re nothing but a bunch of lazy communists from what I have seen, you all want something for nothing. You people down there protesting represent exactly what is wrong with this country.

      • Byron Yorkshire

        Matty, What government union do you work for?

        I think it’s great that you are the receiver of my taxes and are going to punish me, your employer, by “striking” to support a cause you do not understand.

        Ever play “Follow the Leader”? Or do you prefer “Marco Polo”?

      • Dory McLaughlin

        Go get em, Matty!!!! semper fi

      • Pete Rock


        Youre a former Marine? WTH… get a clue. The 99% are communist, have no real message, and are the great unwashed. You should stand with the 53%… thats the number of Americans that pay income tax… the other 47% do NOT!

      • TiredOfIt

        maybe you’ll loose your ‘job’ giving you more time to protest.

      • Independent

        Matty, I was laid of over 2 and 1/2 years ago; send some of that cash my way and I’ll strike too!

      • BrianK


        I’d prefer you refrained from using the Marine motto. Thanks


        • simon l

          Actually, sir, it’s Latin. There were no Marines in Rome, that I learned of.

      • Retired Marine


        Inappropriate place to use the Marine Corp motto. I suspect few marines support your position. We do support your right to express yourself, though.
        Keep the “Semper Fi” for those who know its meaning. I doubt the occupiers do.

        • simon l

          Semper Fi – short for Latin “Semper Fidelis” = “Always Faithful”
          They need to know.

      • VN 66

        Semper Fi, U use that as a closing.
        you should be ashamed. If you are
        old enough U VC

      • felix1

        Matty you should be ashamed at yourself. As a Marine you were taught to fend for yourself and not have other people support you as does the Wall Street Protesters wish. What they are seeking is that everyone will be like them and if that happens who will be doing the support? This is what happened in 1917 and the new ruling group murdered many thousands of people just because. Is this what you really want?

        • Darrell Page

          You are so right!
          I hope there are enough of us out here, to beat back the aggression when it happens.

        • Roslyn

          No way Matt is a United States Marine.

      • Vote Loud


        These are not the people that you believe that they are.

        This organization is being supported by Marxist and Communist ORGANIZATIONS, and terrorist dictators, as well as MULTI-BILLIONAIRE George Soros!

        Be careful who you get in bed with!

        But on second thought, your Semper Fi, rings H O L L O W ! ! !


        • simon l

          Tea Party is a LIAR

      • Howard Roark

        I wonder if the OWS chefs who prepare their upscale meals will also go on strike.

        • jharper

          Well, actually, they are already on strike. They are pissed because they are working 18 hours a day and feel unappreciated. They are also pissed because the homeless have infiltrated and are eating all the nice food. OWS have of declared war on the poor. They are going to start directing them to soup kitchens and food pantries. The protesters were served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today and boy were they pissed! But I’m sure the homeless were very appreciative for the free food.

          • simon l

            What were YOU doing there? Causing problems with the police so the OWS get blamed for it? Stupid creeps!

      • matinva

        Actually, you have misplaced the decimal point. You are really part of the .99%. Just look at the total numbers congregating like lost sheep around the country. Add them all up. What do you have? If you were really the ‘99%’, America would have shut down weeks ago. But it hasn’t, and you aren’t. America is just going to roll over you like so much road kill. If you’re looking for a hand up in life, you need to start looking around for the end of your arm because there, it will be.

      • shempus

        stop panting, cretin. what a moron.

      • Stephen Maio

        If you were ever a Marine your one of the dumbest ones I’v ever know. Your right this is America and 99% of us dont have anything in common with these young punks protesting most of whom have never done a thing in their lifes except party. This strike will be about as successful as these protests. If the press werent all leftist like yourselfs no one would even know about this shit. You want to protest and do somthing about the issues in America join the TEA PARTY

      • josh biggs

        What unit and division are you in matty? Just curious.

      • 101st Airborne Div

        Matty, really? A Marine standing on the side of these idiots? Spit on the flag, burn it, disrespect it in ways I can’t imagine….these are loons…anti gun, the party of death, anti business, anti god, prohomo….please, a line in the sand has been drawn….80% of the military votes against these ecoloons….surely you are not in the 20%?

      • Chuck Wilson

        What is the objective of your strike? I haven’t been able to make much sense out of the news from these occupy protests. Seems like most of them are looking for a fee ride. I noted that an Iraq veteran was injured by a tear gas or flash bang, he was there protesting the wars, I support him in that but this class warfare junk is just weak minded ignoramuses being played by the marxists. If your strategic objective is to eliminate a corrupt government then I’m all for you, but if come carrying pictures of chairman mao, nobody is listening anyhow. If you want the people responsible for the recession, you can’t touch them, they are protected. One of them has the same first name as that purple lizard and is even more annoying.
        Semper Fi

      • Rationalist

        Please remove the tin foil from your head. You don’t need it there in your mom’s basement. And by the way, Woodstock is over.

      • ruel borders

        well MATTY IN FLORIDA hope you get your body’s back end shot off!!!!

      • SSgt Rock

        Yawn… No excitement here. Only progressive, Marxists redderick… Same noise different day. I have to get to work so I can fullfill my personal responsibilities, earn a paycheck, and pay my school loans… Don’t want the system to go broke due to non payment…

      • The 1%


        Go ahead and strike your job. But don’t bitch when you get fired for not showing up at work.

      • Andy


        The Semper Fi seems to indicate that you are, or at one time were a Marine.

        To see you use our Motto in support of Anti-constitutional dirt bags sickens me.

        You son swore an oath to uphold and DEFEND the Constitution of these United States against all enemies foreign AND domestic.

        So you can do one of 2 things.

        1. You can take a good long hard look at what this pack of great unwashed is really doing.

        2 Or just go ahead and admit that your word means nothing and that your oath means even less.

        • Roslyn

          No one ever “was” a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

      • SeanKD

        You’re the 99%? Of what? The nation’s supply of useful idiots? A CBS poll shows only 43% of the people support OWS. You’re not even a simple majority, much less 99%.

        • Roslyn

          99% of Shullbitters!

      • Conservative not Republican


        First of all, people are more conservative than you think. Liberals are just louder. And we need a counter view. If everyone believed in the OWS mantra, the whole country would be like California…. a big broke mess (more of a big broke mess than we are now).
        You know what would be a bigger impact??? VOTING! Only 44% of this country votes (if that). If the people wanted to make an impact get the other 60% out to vote. Can you imagine the change then??? Third and Fourth Parties? Politicians that aren’t worried about re-election! It kills me that our President (dating back 50 years or so) will spend the last 1 1/2 years of their first term on the campaign trail. There is work to be done… stop kissing babies, and go do it!

        Going on Strike will do nothing, expect make a few people mad, and give the participants a false sense that they are accomplishing something.

        The problem is self-motivated, self-interested politicians, that are so corrupt they adhere to the corporate lobbyist. Change the culture in our government, then you get the change you want (and I am not talking about voting people out… that isn’t enough. We have to change the whole mentality there). That is the problem, yet all the OWSers don’t seem to understand. Sitting in a park, is not helping their cause.

        I am part of the “99%”, and the OWSers do not speak for me. Please stop acting as though you do.

        • Jen

          Nice! I totally agree here!

      • va girl

        matty, you are one d*** **s

      • Tom

        You got the decimal point in the wrong place! You, and the rest of you “occupy” types actually make up around .0000000000000000099% of Americans!

        We are the real 99% >>>>> http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2010/08/glenn-becks-crowd-size-who-knows/62275/

      • David Morris

        Hey Matty,
        We are the 99%, the 99% that works, pays taxes and VOTES. you are an idiot who is a perfect reason why people should be home schooled

      • SAM

        The OWS protesters are the 1%, the rest of us are the 99%

    • SweetIrony

      And comments don’t provide much insight when they are baseless and uniformed.

      • Ramblinwreck

        Wow, I’ve never seen comments with a uniform.

        Well, anyway, it is true that MOST, if not all, of the occupiers are UNINFORMED

    • John Holmes


    • k nurrenbern

      Made me laugh out loud. Couldn’t agree more!

    • Craigster

      Shhhh! Don’t tell them … it will destroy their fantasy.

    • MacDaddy


    • Indiana Grandma

      Perfect, irony! We who get up every morning and do what needs to be done for our family and our community, and are NOT stinking up the parks and acting like fools, are certainly NOT going to strike. Hey, Occupiers: Go home, take a shower, and start to act like grownups. You have been “useful idiots” long enough.

      • Lizziedoodle

        …and you sit back and laugh while the country is stolen from under us all. How do you sleep at night? Have you forgotten what freedom, real freedom tastes like. Here’s a hint, it’s not a Big Mac and Fries, Levi’s, Jeep, or Hooters…well, maybe Hooters…

      • PostYouth

        Judging the occupiers when you have no facts is despicable. I am an occupier but I come home at night. I support the movement/revolution 100%. I am highly educated and so are my family members. We support the 99%. Unions created the 40 hour work week, benefits, and safe work environments. As unions are being quashed, work conditions for the working class are declining. no longer do people have secure jobs due to the massive unemployment in our country. People are replaceable and being treated poorly on the job. You should visit an occupy movement. You would be pleasantly surprised. don’t judge a book by the cover. The youth are educated and unemployed due to no fault of their own. People are angry that their representatives ignore the people who voted for them and take bribes from corporate lobbyists and do their bidding instead. Your money is worth nothing if you have a job that pays average middle class wages. Look at some facts and you will see that your wages have fallen in value while the 1% who own 46% of the wealth are doing great and want even more at the expence of the average worker. The US is behind in education with 40% of our adults being illiterate, healthcare with 50 million without insurance from employers and can’t pay the exhorbitant premiums, and 26% in poverty which is 21K for a family of 4. Our democracy is in trouble. occupy everywhere

        • patmurphy1965

          When you refer to the 99%; you’re including many who want nothing to do with your problems. I think you should recalculate the % that supports you. Here’s some help:

          Occupy supporters: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, Sean (credulous) Penn, Al (notsosharp) Sharpton, Jesse (jackasss) Jackson, American Nazi & Communist Party, Unions, Nancy (purloin) Pelosi, Mike (porcine) Moore, Al (dissimulator) Gore, Van (useless) Jones, MoveOn.org and Barrack (mistake) Obama… Need we say more?!

          THIS JUST IN: Iran’s chief mad mullah, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, loves the protests and the government of China applauds them.

        • Bill C

          And you can thank a union somewhere for a lot of the problems that we are experiencing right now especially the teachers unions. I would like to see a private sector job that would pay out a 1 million retirement plan for working one day.

        • ablecynic

          The unions back in the 1920s gave you all that. The modern unions, like the ones for state and federal workers don’t have some evil boss trying to make them work in deadly conditions. The modern unions have raped the people and need to be removed forever from this country.

        • Libhater

          Give an example of how working conditions are declining.
          The US is behind other industrial nation because of the unions you seem to praise, but as far as your numbers go, they are all wrong so try that again, but this time, look them up.
          How has the top earners kept anyone else from becoming successful? You act like wealth is some sort of rare metal and there is only a little bit out there and the rich are hording it. People who work hard and work smart will be successful, those who scream, cry and demand what others work for will be and are laughed at.
          I went to OWS last week when I was in NYC for WORK and it smelled, the people are discusting. They look like the scum of society, but I did find humor. Can’t wait to see the coed who is getting nailed by a bum thinking he is a protester when she explains to her parents who knocked her up.

        • Hey buddy. Stop bullshitting people. Did you even look up the literacy rate before spewing your garbage? The US has a 99% literacy rate. The poverty rate is also 14% not 26%. You are a perfect example of the typical Occupy Somewhere I Don’t Own protestor. Just to let you know, I am below the poverty line. I am going back to school to improve my life. I am not going to go out and bitch about MY problems. I am a man, I solve MY problems I do not expect my neighbor to solve them for me.

        • sandyinohio

          Our democracy is the REPUBLIC of the United States…since when did the govt become the guarantor of success and money; not its purpose pal. We are not a socialist USSA yet, friend. It’s called global competition and it does not respond to strikes. It is not a rich person’s fault either, except Obama & Co, that the economy is temorarily in the tank. It’s happened before. And we do have safety net programs, but one doesn’t get lavish benefits from them or NO ONE WOULD BOTHER WORKING! get real…you just want to steal from the more fortunate, but socialist societies do not benefit the average citizen…wake up from your youthful utopian dreams.

        • Dory McLaughlin

          well said,….I am 61 years old, BS Ed 1972, own our own small business for 30 years…..anybody wants to call me a lazy, dirty hippie who should get over myself and “get on with it”…is a FOOL….if that could have been done, it would have….I would be in the streets if I weren’t 2500 miles away…but, I join them in spirit….”Post Youth” summed it up nicely……READ THE WORDS,Indiana Grandma….those kids are out in the cold, getting attacked by police for YOU…..

        • 13strigoi

          Highly educated? Devoid of common sense. Twit.

        • okrawimfry

          It’s a little different when the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it? What liberals hurled at the Tea Party is the same thing they are now defending themselves from. Justice is served.

        • MadBag

          I don’t disagree that unions have greatly improved the US work environment, especially for the non-professionals. But it is also true that they did such a good job that they have managed to get 99% of the real problems solved by enscouncing their solutions in both federal and state law. Having been in and managed over union workplaces I can guarantee you that most union/management disagreements now are “who parks where” or “who gets assigned the OT today” or “you aren’t paying me enough” or “you don’t provide good enough benefits.” So, working conditions are not declining. Real pay may be down, but that’s because most folks in the US don’t want to pay $2.50 for a ballpoint pen they can get at WalMart (or Staples or Office Depot) for $0.59 because that Chinese worker is willing to work for a buck fifty a day making them — especially when his only other option is to work on the 4 acre family farm trying to feed his parents, kids and spouse working much longer days with a lot less guarantees on his future income. And, I might add that it is very hard for a college educated young person in today’s world, much less the US, to get a job that pays a liveable wage when their degree is in Gender Studies (exactly what does that qualify a person for — besides meeting the normal requirement of a bachelor’s to be an insurance saleman?) or other made-up areas of study especially designed to provide college professors who are unable to provide a useable skill any other place. I have noticed that the number of engineering positions currently open within the US exceeds the number of engineering graduates by about 15%. Wonder what that really means? Also have noticed that the average income for attorneys (all of them, not just 1st year associates) has dropped by almost 20% in the last 10 years (inflation adjusted). Still a big shortage of physicians (probably compounded due to the fact that med school capacity is only up 5% in the last 10 years — now that is a REALLY good union!). Anyway, my first job was washing dishes — it paid for my first college degree without me having to get any student loans (as if there were any 40 years ago). And, your money is worth exactly what you will let it be worth. Does a new graduate really need a 60″ flat screen or would a 25″ do? How about the need to drive a Prius instead of a 10 year old car (given you can find one that wasn’t scrapped during “Cash for Clunkers”)? In truth, the sweetest revenge on the system and that terrible 1% is to become one of them and then you can give all your rewards away to whomever you wish or keep them since you earned them — choice would be yours and that’s the way it ought to be.

        • Byron Yorkshire

          What is it you think should be done in this country to solve all the problems you cite? Explain the solution. From what I understand, your “solution” to the problem is exactly the “cause” of the problem.

          Progressives already “fixed” the problem you think there is. They added more regulation to punish “big business” and they taxed them more. They did this all the while taking big campaign contributions from them and using tax payer money to “BAIL THEM OUT.”

          What you want is for them to do it some more. Take more money away from them so they can give it back to them for additional campaign contributions.

          The OWS movement is getting laughed at because intelligent people listen to their greivances and then listen to OWS support for the same liberal causes and policies which they just cited as the ones they despise.

          It is a joke. These are the most ignorant group (and yes, I mean all of them in general) that have ever been on TV. It is funny to watch the interviews. The people are clueless.

        • slowhand

          unions have destroyed this country

        • paul rankin

          At least get SOME of your facts straight. About 20% – 22% of U.S. adults cannot find information in text, i.e. are illiterate. However, about 1/3 of these are first generation citizens. Also, the US offers what is commonly referred to as “free” education, even to illegals – at least through high school. Consequently, it is really hard to understand why the illiteracy rate is even 20% – No? And, FYI, approximately 40 million persons living in the US do not have health insurance – not 50 million. However, about 11 million of these are illegal immigrants. And, EVERYONE has access to hospitals. It’s no wonder you are protesting; you believe the idiots in the street.

          • Vote Loud

            He gets his “news” from TV comedians!

        • Chuck

          @Post Youth. Sounds like part time fervor on your part. Educated, perhaps. You made a choice-once or twice that you would own up to-maybe. You chose to be educated by “higher” learning. Perhaps Grandma has seen a protest or two. Clearly your years in the working community have gotten you far, thus far. From where do you derive your stats? The purported 99% is in actuality 15% of the 99% who feel entitled to air-and should be paid for drawing breath and their politics and education demand. Theft, is theft is theft. Like Grandma said, take a shower, get a job, quit whining because you can. Occupy everywhere? Perhaps efforts at the root cause in dc makes sense, perhaps you should rethink “everywhere” while at it. The other 75% of the actual 99% are getting tired of the demands of liberal arts majors and union lackeys. How does that strike you? Did 100% of that register? When you make another decision to “occupy everything”, don’t go about it half baked like your part time effort now. The term useful idiot appears to apply in your case.

        • Derek Carpenter

          Oh boo hoo….My kids have jobs, go to college, and are self sufficient because they got off their behind and pounded the pavement looking for work instead of occupying a park and whining about how tough life is. You might want to give that a try some day instead of waiting for your handout…..democracy is in trouble because of people like you.

          • Amen, Derek!

          • va girl

            Amen. These are the loafers who are ruining our country.

          • Wil

            Democracy is gone, not in trouble.

            No body here is asking for a hand out. No body is holding a sign hoping someone will drive up and ask them to get in and then offer them a job. I’m glad your children have jobs and that they busted their ass in college. I’m glad that they had supportive parents who either helped them pay for it or if everything works out, they took loans and then payed them back with their post college job.

            Unfortunately that doesn’t happen for everyone.

        • 53% in Denver

          The union issue aside, every single point you made is the result of govt interference in our economy. Gov’t is, however, artificially maintaining an outdated union structure as well for the purpose political fund-raising. The system IS corrupt, but the despair is not a lack of gov’t control and regulation, it’s from short-sighted pandering via legislation resulting in unintended consequences.

        • Gayle

          Presuming that you represent the 99% when most of them don’t want to be represented by you is also very despicable. Unions are being “quashed” by their own bureaucratic weight. You complain about corrupt corporations who exploit workers, what about corrupt union heads who are more concerned about maintaining their own power than actually doing anything to truly help their members. Who cares if you’ve just negotiated $45/ hour wages and lifetime medical benefits for retirees, when the company goes bankrupt or moves operations overseas because nobody (including union employees) wants to pay $14,000 for a domestic equivalent of a Yugo in this country, when they can get a better vehicle for $11,000 that’s made in Mexico.
          Contrary to what you have stated all income groups have experienced an increase in wages of the past 30 years. It hasn’t been as large as the top 1%, but don’t blame the 1%, blame the government. Increased regulations inevitably benefit the few who are able to hire lawyers and other professionals to help them navigate the complexities of the regulations that the average person is not in a position to exploit.
          Youth are unemployed because when they are young nobody wants to pay them minimum wage when they can hire a person with work experience to work more efficiently. After they are older and more “educated” they have no work experience, so nobody wants to hire them. Getting rid of the minimum wage would do much to employ youth, who unless they are emancipated, don’t need that much money anyway.
          The reason the U.S. is behind in education is because we’ve turned over our education to the federal government who haven’t met a standardized test they didn’t like. Now teachers spend all of the time teaching kids to pass a myriad of tests (since their jobs depend on it) instead of teaching them how to learn. You wonder why almost all kids hate school? It’s because they don’t learn anything. Learning is fun, while being taught to regurgitate answers is mind numbing.

          When you get the government out of the business of business, you will end corporate bribes of government officials, and corporate lobbyists will be a thing of the past that your children read about in history books.

        • Sean

          Whenever someone tells you they are highly educated on a board the opposite is usually true. You occutards are utter morons and everyone sees it. Thanks for the laughs. {twinkle fingers}

          PS. I though I was smart too when I was an idiot 20 something… grow up.

        • Nuclearmeltdown

          Where to begin.
          Unions were once viable but now are nothing but money laundering organizations for the democrats/communists run by thugs. They are the mafia of the 21st century. Just look at all those union bosses in Chicago and the pensions that they are getting. Why isn’t anyone at OWS protesting them? That is the beauty of being a free society is if you feel that your being taken advantage at your job, you have every right to quit. I am going to assume that you support the democratic party. Take a long hard look within and you will see why no one wants to hire anyone. I believe its upwards of 7000 regulations added since BO took office. Yet your blinders will prevent you from seeing the truth. It is easier to blame someone else.

        • taz328

          The youth are educated and unemployed due to no fault of their own.?? Are you serious? I am a UNION Fire Fighter and I HATE ows! Our system is not broken, YOUR veiw is way off! There are about 15 millon jobs out there that your “hard working” youth think are below them! You want a job? Work in the fields, clean hotel room, wash dishes! I have a degree in business managment, however any job in that field is unlikley.. so I became a Fire Fighter. I would rather work that be unemployed and leeching off those who do work.

        • Vote Loud

          How much are you being paid to protest and post today???

        • ATLien

          Yes, they’re highly educated with liberal arts degrees in majors that are of no use to anyone who is hiring.

          I very highly doubt that many of these people have degrees in Math, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.

        • Daniel

          “People are angry that their representatives ignore the people who voted for them and take bribes from corporate lobbyists and do their bidding instead.”

          Then why not protest where the problem is, the government? The government created TARP, the mechanism for the banks financial bail out and subsequently the pay bonuses! The government dictates what is to be taught in our public schools! The government has created rules/regulation that is driving up the cost of healthcare insurance! The government created FAFSA, which has led to tuition costs rising faster than inflation and school administrator pay rising faster than CEO pay!

          Blaming Wall Street for the economic woes, is like blaming the flu on sore, achy muscles! Stop blaming the symptoms for the cause! Corrupt government is the virus!

          Occupy ‘1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC’!

        • 101st Airborne Div

          So what. My wife has her PhD and I have my BAS….professionals for 25 years. So, a high school graduate goes on strike and shuts a company down for 25 cents more an hour…already making $50K…screw him. Collective bargaining sucks and is for individuals who get the self esteem from the GOVT. Gimme, gimme, gimme. It’s my right STFU…take a shower, get a job and learn to wipe your own asses. Here is some logic for ya….a guy makes $2 BILLION a year…PAYS $300 MILLION IN TAXES but his assistant pays a higher percentage of 30% on her $150K a year…..she takes home $100K…..dude probably has 4 houses to pay taxes on, has 6 cars, employs several others…..whats the effin problem? How much is enough?

        • Shoals

          Right on dopey revolutionary. The only movement that you are part of is when you sit your dumb ass on the can in the morning. That may be the most “solid” thing you add to this whole idiotic situation.

        • Rationalist

          If you were highly educated, how come your post is full of errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

        • Andy

          Yes, the country is in trouble, but get a clue clueless wonder, you do not live in a democracy, you live in a republic, that means a nation of laws.

          Nations of men (democracies) turn into Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

          The despicable one is you for supporting this trash instead of working with the real majority to get government OUT of our lives, to trim down the overbearing giant that eats up the fruits of your labor.

          If you had 2 brain cells to rub together and had taken the time to really look at what is going on, you would see that you and the rest of the great unwashed have been lied to and led down the garden path by your noses.

        • Don

          “I am highly educated…”

          Four sentences in and already braying about how smart he/she is.

        • FLCommonSense

          Then you should be occupying the White House not Wall Street. You are so misinformed when it comes to the real enablers of “too big to fail” bail-out cronies.

        • matinva

          You aren’t part of the “99%”. You are part of the .(point)99%. You are wasting valuable time playing this game. America is going to roll right on with or without you.

          By the way, nearly all of your ‘facts’ are false. Since you claim to be ‘educated’ you ought to be able to do some real homework and get the facts.

        • personalresponsibility

          You are not educated. You are indoctrinated. Look at your own numbers. To be in the 1% means you make an average household income of 343K a year. They also pay 70% of the taxes in which the 50 million who have no insurance(which is not true) do not. And by the way, we are a democratic representative republic, not a “democratacy”.
          Also, how is it not there fault. There are no guarantees in life and college does not afford you the right to a job! I would not hire one kid out of college who attended the OWS and you can count on that! HERMAN CAIN 2012 BABY!!!!

      • David Morris


      • Roslyn

        Actually, they are “useless” idiots, Grandma.

    • Mark Matis

      Nailed it! But their SEIU buddies WILL be there with pay…

    • You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • chris santos

      Yeah, agree w/ irony, and now the market is booming. Go figure.

    • wddkjr

      …community organizers need a day off, too. Why don’t they strike the strike? Maybe get a quick shower in while they’re at it…

    • m j d


    • Josher

      Oh, look. Yet another misinformed person who mistakenly believes that the only people who are pissed off are also unemployed.

      • uisignorant

        They are camped for 5 weeks… They ARE unemployed, or employed by the Unions to make their point.

        • Jerky Miester

          …. and they are on a hygiene strike right now. Please end your stinky strike. You’re smelling up the place, stinky Josher!

          • PostYouth

            Please get your city to allow them to get facilities installed for hygiene. These are often educated, unemployed people who are willing to suffer this to support the change so badly needed in America these days. This situation is the culmination of over 30 years of quashing workers rights and deregulating big money interests.

        • Roslyn

          They also go home at night to sleep in real beds … which is why the police union is suing them.

      • sandyinohio

        Being pissed off is no reason for stupidly acting out, as most mature people have learned from experience. What exactly do these OWS people expect? Do they think some giant fed bureau is going to go door-to-door in wealthy areas and collect money to give to the protestors? The congress now cannot agree on what/whether to spend money! Hello OWS, there is NOT a “wwe the people” united with you folks or your goals. Or don’t the other 66% count as citizens anymore? That’s what I figure; you don’t mind violence & mayhem & slaughter as long as it isn’t you, huh? THIEVES, no better than common thieves.

    • clintonius

      That’s the point….trying to get those that have jobs to strike in support of the jobless. This isn’t rocket science….yawn.

    • Brendan Smith

      @ Irony Hell, I wish I had a job to strike from. Then I could enjoy the lack of traffic on my way to work while everyone else stayed home. 🙂

      You remember Kennedy’s big phrase? “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” Now it’s become, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country can do for me.” These occupiers need to stop looking for handouts, stop throwing an organized temper tantrum and start taking personal responsibility for the position they find themselves in. If they don’t like it, they should do something constructive about it.

      • mewp

        JFK is rolling in his grave.

        • PostYouth

          JFK would support the occupy movement as he supported workers’ rights and would expect the 1% to “do” for their country, pay for these wars, and create jobs.

        • Gayle

          Did you check?

        • Shoals

          JFK = the original conservative Blue Dog Dem. All of the rest of these jerks after him are liberal poseurs who pretend to be caring. After FK I gave up on the Dims with the like of BO, Reid and the San Fram s-head Pillosi.

        • DonkeyKong

          Joe McCarthy has been spinning in his for a while now…

      • deborah

        But it’s ok with you that the 1% evil bankers and cronies can afford to eat $350 burgers? It’s ok that millions of hardworking citizens have been raped…it’s ok that our country is on it’s knees.
        Righteous, lazy and confused is what you are. If you do not support the hardworking people or people who worked their whole lives just to have the 1% take it away then you are part of the problem and should be ignored or tared and feathered. You are like a fungus or a virus you yearn to live as they do but you won’t.
        If you do not put our country first then leave…more than likely your ancestry is not native…so go back to your roots since clearly you are NOT an American. Scab.

        • George Daddis

          Yes, it is OK for evil bankers (and evil movie stars, and evil union bosses, and evil Steve Jobs, and evil Michael Moore, and evil Michelle Obama, et al) to eat $ 350 hamburgers, because they had to pay someone to buy that burger. The waitress, busboy, parking valet, meat supplier all took a share of that $350. You don’t have to buy into “trickle down” to understand that a lot of folks were incrementally better off from that transaction (and NOBODY was worse off.)
          And just how have those evil folks raped the hardworking citizens? Raped like the hardworking citizen Steve Jobs who had no father at home and very little money; or Donald Trump whose dad was a local real estate agent in queens; or my dad from a family of 11 who left school as a sophmore and ended up running a major toy company?
          P.S. My dad insisted I earn my own way through college (if I wanted to go). I paid for my first year in school working evenings and then worked 40 hours days and finished engineering school and my MBA in evenings over more years than I want to remember. I am now in a comfortable retirement and enraged (you can probably tell) over these self indulgent complaints!

        • Roslyn

          It’s called politicians and unions. That’s why all the jobs have gone elsewhere.

        • personalresponsibility

          evil bankers? Last time I checked- Obama forced them to take the TARP money or else. Ever heard of Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae? The kool aid is not that sweet after you’ve tasted it is it? HAve you ever taken economics? would guess not? I put a challenge out to all the protesters. Go find ONE person that a BANK directly stole or took money from and exactly how that bank or corporation personally attacked that individual. Did the bank call you and tell you have take this loan for a house? Did the bank make you buy the car you knew you couldnt afford? Did the bank go into your bank account and physically take money from you. Did the bank hold a gun to your head and said you have to join a union? Did the bank force you to have unprotected sex and have a child out of wedlock? Did the bank create the disease that may have affected you and injected it into your body?
          NO TO ALL!
          Look, I work hard, do well, and want to be in the Top 1% (343k per year) someday. My moms unemployed, but her situation is her fault. She never saved a dime and now I am helping to support her. She had opportunities but squandered them just like the OWS crowd.
          I put my God first, Family second, My country third, and myself last. I was born in Yorktown VA, where this nation was one and live one minute from the Moorehouse where Cornwallis sigxned the treaty of surrender. I am more of an American than you! A virus has to live off the host which kind means your the virus.

      • Dory McLaughlin

        sadly, you have totally missed the point….

    • Kirk McGahey

      Dateline Nov 2 – Nationwide Strike by Occupy – 11 People Miss Work

      • hahaha! love it!

      • Roslyn

        They may be a little nostalgiac for it, but I doubt that they really miss it.

    • Tomas

      Not so. This was organized a year ago by SEIU’s Stephen Lerner, see his March Op ed and any audio or video of him, AFL CIO, listen to any of Trumkas speeches, progressive groups, watch all of Van Jones’s speeches. The media has out right lied to their viewers and readers. It shows how corrupt the US media is and how little respect they have for them.

      • Libhater

        Don’t forget ACORN. They are paying and busing in the homeless.

    • Caligula

      If workers strike, I’ve heard there are literally MILLIONS of Americans ready, willing and able to fill those jobs. Bring it on!

      • PostYouth

        When people who are not qualified or well trained fill the jobs, things get really, really bad! No scabs!

        • Roslyn

          Too bad most scabs are better trained and qualified than the union workers … unless you’re talking about featherbedding, sleeping on the job, dogging and disruption … etc. Union workers are eminently qualified at that.

        • personalresponsibility

          so you obviously are posting for a Union….
          These people dont need to be trained because most union workers do horrible work. they work less hours and get more money. These “scabs” are just smart enough not to pay some to go to work. Unions bewilder me because they are useless in the workplace. They have destroyed America by driving up the cost of goods for the average consumer. IT IS BASIC ECONOMICS!!! UNIONS are giant money laundering machines.

    • Bob

      The truth has come out that the old courrupt ACORN group is behind these baboons.

      Please all of you scum bags move to socialist europe they will listen to you.

    • Truth

      Ironicly over 80% of the OWS protesters are showns to have some for of employment. Yawn.

    • Constitution First

      I wonder if that means taking the day off from doing dope too?

      • PostYouth

        watch FOX much?

      • Wil

        Yes, every occupier just sits around does dope.

    • Jim

      Aren’t they on a general strike now?

    • Joisey

      My thoughts exactly. These commie anarchists don’t have jobs. Although I’m sure the SEIU will execute a sympathy strike.

    • Blarney

      Yup. Irony is right!

    • irish17hands@yahoo.com

      love it

    • Dbclicious

      I had the same thought. If they are not working anyway then it’s not much of an impact.

      Secondly, if it has not happened yet, how can we be sure it will indeed be nationwide?

      • Roslyn

        I hope they strike against the welfare that they’re getting from my tax $$$.

    • Jeff

      OWS is paying some of the “protesters” $10 per hour so some of them are actually employed.

    • mitchell

      No kidding, if they abandon their jobs let all go, there are 14 million other people that will take the job and show up.

    • Bitter Clinger

      What do dogs do on their day off?

      • Roslyn

        Same thing they do on their days on … pi$$ all over everything, howl and moan, make a general mess.

    • Observer

      LOL…………….How True!

    • IronKnuckle


    • JobsJobsJobs

      The evidence suggests that only ~15% of the participants are unemployed. Do your research.

    • Iceman

      Nice, Irony!

    • Thebes

      A recent university survey of the #ows participants in Liberty Park found only 12% unemployment. That is better than the true average for NYC. I can’t see why it should be different in the Bay Area.

  • Tiredofit

    When they line up @ Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jay-Z and Puffy’s houses, then I will join them. Until then, you just seem like a bunch of useful tools for the Nobama Administration. And a “strike” of the unemployed, that’s rich…very rich!

    • Why would you join them if they attacked the “wealthy”. Did you ever get a job from a homeless person?? Think it through, man. This is nothing more than a bunch of unwashed, uneducated (by the public schools and Ivy Towers) crybabies throwing a tantrum. They plan a strike, three people jon them and then they all sit around telling each other how “powerful” the “movement” is. Saw it all in the 60’s. Except then the music was better. 🙂
      PS: Please take note that OWS is not really the 99%. It seems there is a percentage even lower on the food chain (literally) than they are. The morons dishing up food a Zuchinni Park have just figured out that homeless people and those on the suttle bus from Riker’s Island are scarfing down all the freebies. I guess there is a lesson in there somewhere.

      • Think his comment through… he appears to be talking about precisely those tail wagging talking heads that think Obama and these children are doing the right thing. Fine. Line up at Warren Buffet, et. al., and have THEM write a check 🙂 You want more taxes Mr. Buffet? No real need to wait. Make it out to The Skald, and in the memo section… well, write “In Lieu of Additional Taxes”

        Works for me 🙂 I could use the extra cash since he doesn’t think he needs it.


      • Thebes

        Ad Hominem attacks show only that you are unwilling to engage in reasonable discourse.

    • Oldphart

      The politicians are the villains all 537 of them well if you the 14 senators form Obama’s invisible 7 states i guess that come out to 551.

      I miss Richard Nixon. He was a better quality crook than these jerks

    • Mac

      How about going to the SOURCE. The Whitehouse Washington, D.C. 20001!
      (wasn’t “Meathead” also one of those whiney types?)

  • Matty in Florida

    “Irony”, you are SOOOOOO WRONG! I’ve got a job, and I’ll be striking (which I’ve been ready to do, ever since Pelosi blocked the impeachment of Shrub, back in 2007).

    Furthermore, I am going to donate to my friend, a local small business owner, his average daily haul in order STRIKE WITH US.


    Semper Fi,

    -Matty in Florida

    • sandyinohio

      Really? Somehow I am not a billione nor on Wall St and you do not represent the 99% of people I know… you’d think the US never went through hard times and high unemployment before! It’s happened several times over my husband’s career….and to many others, who didn’t want to use temporary circumstances to overthrow the US system for Pete’s sake.

    • wodun

      Let’s see, just over 1000 people voted for a general strike. There are over 300,000,000 people who live in the USA.

      1000 != 99% of 300,000,000

      There probably will not be any more people taking part in a general strike than are already involved in the protests. So not much. There is one exception college students who will use it as an excuse to party.

    • Evocative

      Matty taking a vacation day? Paid of course! Or is it the Family Leave Time?
      Maybe just a Personal Day.

      Anyway, give your friend your money, he will need it to pay his tax increase you will be creating so he can support the 99% that don’t want to do it themselves.

    • Houston

      You should resign in protest… You know, strike until, I don’t know, your goals are achieved or whatever… Also, I’d be happy to strike with you if you’ll send me my daily take too.

      Stay strong bro! You are the 99%.

      Just reply with your credit card number and expiration date and I’ll see ya on the 2nd.

      • Blarney

        I love Texas! You know some of these people really might be stupid enough to send you their credit card. Oh wait, except for Matty none of them have jobs so they probably don’t have credit cards.

      • 13strigoi


    • Ramblinwreck

      God’s last name ain’t what you said, and the fact is that a large part of the problem is that people like you think it is.

      • Alex

        The problem is that we’ve had 30 years of theft by banks and government in bed with one another largely due to people not holding their representatives accountable.

    • Tommy Tornado

      You’re more like the 0.99%. Everything I’ve seen looks hardly representative of the 99% of mostly responsible Americans. You need to take your meds or get off the meth. “…his average daily haul…” What? Is he panhandling?

      • 13strigoi

        He’s said he’s a small business owner, so “…his average daily haul…” is probably illegals. At least the ones who aren’t being paid to protest.

    • Jeff

      Semper Fi? really,bet a months wages you have no job and in no way were you ever a marine.If you were a marine you would be preparing to take up arms against the white house.Not protesting in some loser,dirt bag communist rally.Gimme a break,your not the 99%,there is no such thing called the 99%.Your a tool and your being used and now exposed.No go tell mommy to get you oatmeal ready,Im sure your tired from playing on mommy’s computer all night.

      • PostYouth

        Obviously you are not aware of Occupy Marines and Occupy Air Force. You folks need to do a little research before spewing lies and misinformation.

        • personalresponsibility

          ok union worker

      • Blarney

        Jeff you took the words right out of my mouth. If he/she/it had been a Marine they wouldn’t be such a pansy.

      • Andy

        lol had to respond as it struck me… They call themselves the 99%.. well, out of 300 some odd million people in this country, that 99% looks awful damned small.

        I could call myself a clock, but it wouldn’t make me tick.

      • Mickey Mouse for 2012!

        i dont say hoorah but i do say hooah! is it sad that iv been contemplating the same thing? too many what if scenerios but look at the military defectors from egypt, and syria, the egyptian defectors are heros, and the syrian defectors are just dead…what happens when amab-o tries to turn us on the peeps?

      • Wil

        What gives you the right to belittle another human being.

    • Ron

      Semper Fi my ass. Your a bigger phony that Nobama.

  • Jane

    Yawn is right. They wont be missed im sure:-)

  • Rene

    To get the attention of EVERY member of the House and Senate, the only way this will work is if every American participates. If we all get up on November 2nd and say “no”, it will certainly get the attention of the PTB. Money is much more powerful than guns. It will require the courage of everyone to stand together, then we can truly create change. People need to realize that we really do have the power if we act in unison. In all honesty, I have little faith as the vast majority has been lulled into complacence with the drug of buying power through use of credit. We have become too blinded by our love of THINGS to care about the bigger picture.

    • sandyinohio

      Rene, EVERYONE will not stand together as we are not culturally all communists nor socialists in the US by tradition. Wake the heck up.

    • McDade

      Dream on…. Ones without jobs have no impact. Ones with jobs, will take a paid day off against sick or vacation leave. What someone doesn’t spend Wednesday, they’ll spend Thursday.

      • FormerCavTrpr

        I’ve lived through general strikes. These aren’t you typical spats and games of chicken over pay and benfits. Done right general strikes are acts of pure political intimidation and economy killers because nothing moves in or out of a city. IF you go to work, school or try to shop for food you get your a*& beat. Yes I went through that crap as kid overseas, when they go down you stock up and you stay home. General Strikes are no fun. If OWS does a general strike they have completely lost me.

        Next escalation is the bandh, where power, phone serivce, water are cut. At that point you have to self organize for protection and just to get necessities.

    • Hank

      We got congress’ attention last November with a landslide election. It was the biggest swing in power in over 70 years.

      • Alex

        Oh, you mean the Tea Party that was completely co-opted by Republican tools and accomplished such a great victory (read: no real cuts) with the budget?

    • John Smith

      Go walk in on coming traffic and do us all a favor.

      • hahahahah! good one!

    • ATLien

      You come at me with your money, and I’ll come at you with a rifle. Then we’ll see if it’s more powerful.

  • Jane

    If ocw is their job does that mean they’ll go home?

  • Tim

    Can you go on strike when you’re not working?

  • Tim

    They have been on strike from reality for as long as I can remember.

  • Mad Max

    I have a job.
    I like my job.
    It pays me pretty good.
    I pay my bills.
    I have very little consumer debt.
    I pay my mortgage
    I make my car payment
    I pay my insurance.
    I give 10 percent to God
    I am blessed.
    I will not strike on November 2nd because, quite frankly, I have better things to do.

    • Sandee

      Now that’s more like it!

    • McDade

      Well said! And I saved my money and worked part time to pay for college, I saved for the 20 % down payment on my house, I started working at the bottom and worked my way up, and I respect everyone’s rights as long as they respect mine. I never expected something to be handed to me without earning it, and was appreciative of any rewards for my efforts. I give to those that have less and am happy to do it – but the giving is of my choice and to the groups I choose. I believe in setting goals, and working to the goal – – something this OWS seems to lack as a group.

      • PostYouth

        Out of curiosity, when did you do this? And secondly, what is the rate of unemployment where you are stuck living? What would happen if you lost your job or had a serious illness and had to pay the deductible on a 100K heart bypass? Do you have children? Have you put them through college yet? How old are you? Did you work 30 years and get laid off and no one will hire you cause you’re 60? Too many questions.

      • sandyinohio

        Yours is really well said! You represent the sentiments & actions of the 99%, no doubt!

      • okrawimfry

        Right on to both of you. My parents taught us the same values. Nobody owed us anything we didn’t earn. And even when we did earn it, they didn’t owe us anything but a paycheck. Being successful takes hard work and sacrifice, and some people think they should be able to bypass all that and start at the top.

    • Buck Ofama

      +1. Nailed it!

    • Ramblinwreck

      Great post MM!

    • Constitution First

      My brother, you speak the truth of the majority of folks I know.

      I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go…

      • Nuclearmeltdown

        Last time I checked nobody held a gun to peoples head and made them buy stuff that they could not afford. They chose to buy that stuff and go in debt. It isn’t anyones fault but their own. Just like those people who complain about their student loans. They chose to go to those schools, chose to study something that has no use in society/marketplace, and chose to sign those loan forms.

    • Ted McConville

      Mad Max,

      I could not have said it better. You are the kind of guy I hope and pray are the majority in this country (the true 99%). If so, then we truly do still have hope that this country can be saved.

      • Claire

        Maybe it’s just me, but how are we to know that the OWS people are on strike?

    • Peter

      Best Post Yet.

    • Henry Frap

      Mad Max says:

      October 27, 2011 at 1:47 pm

      I have a job.
      I like my job.
      It pays me pretty good.
      I pay my bills.
      I have very little consumer debt.
      I pay my mortgage
      I make my car payment
      I pay my insurance.
      I give 10 percent to God
      I am blessed.
      I will not strike on November 2nd because, quite frankly, I have better things to do.

      Let the crybabies wish for more welfare and Union backing.
      I’ll be at work work that day, because I’m part of the 99% that makes America great.
      Now get the hell out of the park. You stink!!!

    • Wil

      I have a quick idea on how to save you 10%

  • barbraboxer

    please strike. i need the money. i will gladly take your place when you illegally walk out on your boss and i will be there to help him out. perhaps he will give me your job, and you get fired.

  • Lee


    If one of your idiot workers strikes, call me. I need a job, and understand economics and finance.

  • ILikeRush

    They must be union if they want to strike. These union workers have plenty of money they can afford to strike 🙂 How can they strike if they don’t have a job. Maybe the cooks feeding them will strike.

  • a funny thing

    So if you lay around smoking pot and BSing all day on a normal day, and you decide to strike for one day. What do you do? Just curious.

    • Pockets64

      I guess you have to do something productive for a day.

    • PostYouth

      Nasty and ignorant remarks like this should really be flagged. Read a book.

    • colorado outlaw

      Perhaps make a positive contribution to society for a change???

  • Hurley

    Who is going to listen to a group of bums, more bums?

  • jeb

    A group of unemployed whiners should have great impact.

  • M E Brooks

    So there will be a general strike by those who are unemployed, on welfare, and govt’ subsidies? Does this mean that for one day, Nov 2, these unproductive, slothful, leeches on the American Tax Payer are going to find a job, pay taxes, and stop taking tax dollars from the govt’ for one day? Wow. I will believe it when I see it.

    • Oldphart

      I wanna know if they will not use their EBT cards during the strike. That’s where there money comes from.

  • Tim

    “Irony”, I couldn’t have said it any better. But if any of the strikers did hold a job and worked for me I would fire them if I found out what they did. Then I would hire a US citizen who needed and wanted a job.
    Has anybody else read the story about the London occupiers who are so committed to the cause they go home to sleep their comfy beds. Probably in their parent’s basement. Wonder just how many of the protesters in the US do the same. I did read a story about a 33 yr old protester who was still pursuing some kind of PhD which makes him a professional student. He admitted he slept at home “to leave more room in the tents for those who aren’t able to go home at night”. I believe he also admitted it was more comfortable. What a guy!

  • lewnaticink

    yes this protest is the best paying job any of these lazy paracites have ever had, and even better when supplimented with unemployment.. and what are the protesting… the people that get up every day and go to work make more money then their lazy buts, and they want more, more and more, and are more then willing to sell there souls to the devil… they better hope the people that work dont decide to strike , where would the money come from to pay these greedy little commies. the time has come to stop paying people to be stupid and lazy. rewarding failure will lead to total destruction, but who cares it is just our lives. if it keeps going the way it is , there will be another civil war, but this time it will be the workers against the lazy turds and there racist president

  • Doug in Jax

    Slackers threaten to stay home! No doubt their mommy’s will bring PB&Js down to their basement room on their day home.

    Funny that their cooks are now striking because of an influx of free-loaders into the kitchen. Almost instant karma, but predictable. Problem is that they can’t see their immediate failure in the mirror when they are demanding free stuff from the taxpayers of America.

    • Lizziedoodle

      With so many trolls in one place it’s time to take the bridges!!!

  • DaveT

    I will work extra long that day in support of myself.

  • Jerry

    What are they going to strike ? Their welfare benefits. There ya go, give the money back to Acorn, and ODUMBA! He may need it next year.

  • Go ahead and strike. Those who don’t show up for work clearly don’t want and/or appreciate their jobs so remove them immediately.

  • One VA Patriot

    Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been another general strike since 1946?

  • Caligula

    If workers strike, I’ve heard there are literally MILLIONS of Americans ready, willing and able to fill those jobs. Bring it on!

  • bill

    That’s right you liberal morons go on strike.
    Show the whole country that you not showing up has little to no impact.
    Give your employers an excuse to fire your lazy butts.
    This will be a bigger flop than the “Day with out illegals”you tried a while back that filed miserably.

    Show how really insignificant you really are!

    • Retired

      Just wondering if the MSM, you know those libs on TV, will they honor the strike and not
      show up to work. Or are they hypocrites?

      • Retired


  • Clearhead

    Knock yourselves out, idiots ! Your strike will no doubt put the whole world back to work. Oh, wait. You don’t like to work, do you? You’d rather disrupt civilization. No matter how much you bitch and complain and strike, there will ALWAYS be people who have more than you. Why don’t you do something personally to help those who have less? Oh, sorry — not in your agenda.

  • I’m at work

    This won’t be a ‘strike’, as those of us with actual jobs will be going to work on the 2d.

    This will be a disruptive assault by these people to STOP us from going to work.

    By definition, this is no strike. It is an attack on the working man.

    • sandyinohio

      yes, from “we the 99%”, ha! sarcasm…

    • Andy

      Attack back

  • ricardo maxwell

    If we, the 53% who support the rest of the non taxpaying freeloaders moochers and Marxists, weren’t so busy trying to stay alive, in spite of the Obama regime and oppressive Democrat legislation, we could participate in the “general strike” by educating those strikers as to what America is, was and will be if we can neutralize the left wing subversion.

    • McDade

      Now that would be a strike that mattered if the 53% paying the taxes took a day or two off WITHOUT pay – that would deprive the 47% moochers depending on handouts, and get DC’s attention! Oh, no wait, DC would just borrow more from China…….. Maybe China will forgive our debt after 20 years of making minimual payments…..

  • Jason Reed

    Nice!!!! I could not have said it better myself….

    irony says:

    October 27, 2011 at 5:49 am

    A strike doesn’t do much damage when none of the participants have jobs. Yawn.

  • jbspry

    And just who are they to “call” a general strike? And why should I kowtow and refuse an opportunity to earn a day’s pay because a small clique of self-appointed leaders of a socialist/communist hissy fit have decided to cause some more trouble?
    The tone of approval and confidence in this article is both glaringly obvious and offensive. The only people who will answer this “call” will be unemployed students and public union parasites, and I say a day without their involvement will be a good day for the nation.

    • slowhand

      there might be 30000 protesters nations wide, how is that a movement that gets unlimited media coverage…..

  • Pizza Tom

    i am quivering in my boots fearful of the occupy movement launching a general nationwide strike. i imagine i will not be able to get to the store, or to work, or even out of my house because the streets throughout America will be filled with protesting brothers and sisters marching arm-in-arm against the injustices of the world, namely that the 1% who will be at work while they march. i probably will not be able to get out and find food for my young child who may starve because of the %1 not giving the 99% a free handout so that we can buy our cars, houses, ipads, ipods, skateboards, wheel-o-ramas, etc. seriously who do those 1% fat cats (as the messiah calls them) think they are. just because they toil for years working to build personal wealth and fortune, do they really think they should be able to keep it? pleasssssssse, i need to get some beer for the weekend and i ran out of money so i need some of that royalty money received from “Dreams from my Father!”. Oh the humanity of it all……

  • George Edward

    If you strike my company, you will be able to join your friends in NY because you will be fired!

  • Sunshine Connie

    Working people who value their paycheck prefer to work and stay employed. Most Americans will not play stupid games.

  • Jim

    Oh no!!! What ever will we do? Without the “Occupiers” occupying, who will defecate all over public grounds? Who is going to sleep in all those tents I’ve seen? I mean, if all 46 people nationwide go on strike, how will our economy ever survive?!

  • trey

    well, obama can strike since he endorses these idiots…oh wait, he doesn’t work anyways. he is a professional campaigner/traveler on the tax-payers dime

    • sandyinohio

      Very good!

    • Oldphart

      Moosehell the Flying Cow will have to stay home if her flight crew strikes on Party One.

  • Gary from Jersey

    They can strike forever and no one will notice.

  • Mike D

    It’s like these kids are playing a game of dress-up, all the while living in la-la land. Guess when you have a trust fund to fall back on you can live in a tent for months on end and throw a hissy fit.

  • Deb

    Oh, I think it COULD happen with their “union” backing. I think they will find that they don’t have the support they think they do.

    • sandyinohio

      Only 7% of US workers are unionized; that says it all. So don’t plan to renew your licences, visit the parks, municipal offices, etc that day; maybe expect a sick=out from teachers in blue states like Wisconsin…

  • They may be holding back jobs for millions of Americans to see if workers have any “fight” remaining in them, or whether the populace has given up.

  • George

    Don’t you need a job, to you know, strike? I doubt very many employed people will be joining these buffoons. Jeez, the get more ridiculous by the moment.

    • sandyinohio

      yes; many are probably Harvard & Princeton educated like their “sympathizer” prez’s family.

  • Geof Gibson

    I wonder how they’ll spin it when everyone goes to work and ignores their strike?

  • MikeDofCT

    If you’re unemployeed and go on strike, does that mean you go fill one of the over 3million job openings for the day?

  • Patrick

    hahahahahaha nice one, irony for the win!

  • MikeyVA

    So true! How can these losers speak for anyone?

  • mark_town

    A strike doesn’t do much damage when none of the participants don’t need jobs and their a bunch of lazy free loader to start with. I think this post says it all:
    hahahaha, see all those clothes they are wearing, cell phones they’re using,
    shoe’s theY’re wearing, horns they are blowing, glasses they are sporting
    etc….. all products of CAPITALISM…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH…. MORONS. Look closely
    folks… that is what real idiots look like.

  • idontgetit

    Does this mean they “won’t be protesting” that day?

  • It’s the privately owned Federal Reserve that prints money out of thin air and then lends it back to the US at interest, that is the only issue. All other ills stem from this ability to print magic money that debases the currency and allows the funding of illegal wars. The Congress is responsible and could end this in a minute. End the Fed and End the Wars.

    ———————– http://911essentials.com

    • sandyinohio

      While we are wishing, how about get the US out of the corrupt UN, and the UN out of the US?

      • Byron Yorkshire

        Ohh! I like it.

        Next we could get the Federal Government out of education and the teachers out of the unions. Then the States could be responsible for their own public education.

      • Andy

        The brickwork from the UN building would make an outstanding artificial reef off the coast of NY.


    and every striker should be fired ON THE SPOT and let an unemployed person who WANTS to work , work

    • sandyinohio

      To answer your question, liberals hate the US because we were the last nation of sovereign & free individuals….

  • Tuffy

    Clearly, union thugs are leading this movement, along with acorn “community organizers”. A worldwide strike is their wet-dream. Media, and under-cover journalists better start doing their jobs and exposing who is “really” organizing this anarchy.

    • Andy

      Exposing them?? Haven’t you heard? They ARE them! No I’m not kidding.

  • Byron Yorkshire

    Who is suppose to “not go to work” (aka – Strike) The protestors? Kind of redundant isn’t it?

  • Frost

    Exactly right, it’ll be the same as a few years ago when all (or most) of the immigrant workers went on strike for a day to show how important they were to the economy … and no one noticed.

    • Patty

      I noticed. It was a wonderful, delightful day with no illegal aliens clogging the streets, blaring their awful music from their cars, being disrespectful to our country and our laws. If only they would have gone on strike forever!!!!

  • H. Smith

    I hope they strike and get fired, get rid of the dead weight. Only 20% to 25% of employees at any organization really do the work anyways. Gives me more opportunities for a job which I’ve sought for six months.

  • messy

    There will be no general strike. No one will give a damn outside the OWSers, and life will go on as usual. That will be that.

    • slowhand

      union goverment workers will enjoy the paid holiday.

  • Constantvigil

    Enough of the lying, corrupt (Obama and the Fed are much more corrupt than Wall Street) Obama’s desperate attempt to create anarchy and distract America from the true failure, his failed economic policies:

    “Mr. Obama has enacted myriad policies at great expense to American taxpayers and amid political rancor.”…
    “The economic records set on Mr. Obama’s watch really are historic. These include the first downgrade of sovereign U.S. debt in American history, and, relative to GDP, the highest federal spending in U.S. history save the peak years of World War II, plus the highest federal debt since just after World War II.
    The employment picture doesn’t look any better. The fraction of the population working is the lowest since 1983. Long-term unemployment is by far the highest since the Great Depression. Job growth during the first two years of recovery after a severe recession is the slowest in postwar history.
    Moreover, the home-ownership rate is the lowest since 1965 and foreclosures are at a post-Depression high. And perhaps most ominously, the share of Americans paying income taxes is the lowest in the modern era, while dependency on government is the highest in U.S. history.
    That’s quite a record, although not what Mr. Obama and his supporters had in mind when they pronounced this presidency historic” Michael J. Boskin.

    • sandyinohio

      OR, maybe it WAS, so as to foment a revolution; remember, they “are the ones we’ve been waiting for”…

    • Tommy Tornado

      Great remarks! Glad you posted.

  • Fred Rodrigo

    While you guys are annoying people 24 hours a day, doing nothing, I am working my ass off 16 hours a day, paying taxes, doing my part in society, making my honest and real contribution, so you guys can have the right to this stupidity. Think about it, do you really think that people like me, (middle class) are as ignorant as you think to believe that you have a real reason to do this other than promote your Marxist agenda? Really guys? The only allies that you have are bums like you and the leftist media of course.

    • sandyinohio

      See, they forget that our forebearers came here to WORK free, an ahead and a better life than elsewhere in the world. Now, they want to turn us into a “world socialist govt” run by one oligarchy, with no US sovereighnty, no US law, no US constitution of rights, etc. Why can’t they just move where that exists already & leave the rest of us alone? Oh, I forgot, we are also the richest & last military power….

  • John Galt

    Let’s see, if the jobless art history and gender studies grads go on ‘strike’ does that mean they GO TO WORK? Like in a MacDonalds? Or perhaps garbage collectors? Now that’s a needed service – start with your own waste.

  • Drdarby

    So what does that mean? A day without mooching off your neighbor?

  • JoeH

    Great, it’ll give us a chance to ID all the deadbeats and fire ’em. Don’t they GET the fact that if you mess with the Upper Class that all they have to do is pack it in and leave the US? You can’t MAKE them pay you! The more laws you pass, the higher you raise their taxes the more money/jobs/revenue we’ll see leave the US. They should be encouraging the rich that have already left to come back. I can’t believe how conditioned people are to believe that the “world owes them living”. Wall Street has nothing to do with it! All they do is trade what’s available! It’s the FED and central banks coupled with con artist socialist politicians that are the real problem here. Maybe the rest of us should march on the white house Nov. 2 , call it “Operation Clean Sweep”.

  • Walt

    It will be funny when unsophisticated people strike, then realize their employers can just fire them and replace them. If you don’t like your job, do something else. Don’t strike. That’s the pansy way out for cogs in a wheel. Take responsibility for yourself.

  • DJH

    Oh this should be good – kind of like when the illegal aliens went on ‘strike’ a few years ago to prove to us ignorant, racist Americans who much we needed them. It didn’t work out to well for them when the vast majority of us neither missed them or even NOTICED!
    Good luck with this – entitlement cry babies who want to do what they want at the expense of others and who feel that somehow, simply being rich, makes you evil regardless of how much hard work and sacrifice you made to get there!

    Good riddance losers!

  • Illogic Buster

    LOL! Yes, a strike by all the unemployed park protesters. That would be ~10,000 people.

  • Obama Rama

    Effete loser, “We are all”
    Audience, “We are all”
    Effete loser, “Not going to shower”
    Audience, “Not going to shower”
    Effete loser, “On November 2nd”
    Audience, “On November 2nd”
    Hippy girl in audience, “We already do that”
    Effete loser, “Oh”
    Audience, “Oh”

  • JoeH

    And give me a break! This “Write Down” of bonds is being made by the same people who printed the money “out of thin air” in the first place. We’ll see NO austerity, just business as usual. This will end badly!

  • chris santos

    So in the meanwhile the market is booming. Go figure. I agree, yawn.

  • zoom-zoom

    When they go on strike, fire the strikers and employ people who appreciate a job the way things are.

  • True “Socialism” is America’s only hope! It’s worked well in the past.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite and welfare voters on the dole.


    If they had something to offer to the public, other than whining and complaining, guess what – they would have jobs and a strike would have an impact. “Oh, I’m so educated and smart and I can’t get a job” – well you must be under-educated or in the wrong field or not be willing to accept the pay scale you deserve. You have no one to blame but yourself for unreal expectations and wrong decisions – which have consequences. Is it ugly? Yes. Does it hurt? Yes. Get over it and develop something of value that you can offer to somebody that has a need. Then you can get hired or start a business. Why is it always somebody else’s fault. Take control and responsibility for your life.

    • sandyinohio

      Aw, but that’s too HARD….that’s why they went to college, to start at the top….

  • DapperDon

    What, exactly, are they going to “strike”? They apparently have no jobs, they do not work or contribute anything to society, so what’s the purpose of the strike, Furthermore, how would anyone know if they went on strike.

  • The Black Abe

    So what are the demands? O I forgot they dont know.

  • gloria

    All over this country, people are getting sick and tired of the protesters and the filth and the noises and the drug. We don’t have many left in downtown Memphis. It was chilly last night and we are expecting a drop in temperature and thunderstorms later today. No one is paying this people any mind. I remember when we had the garbage strike and the assassination of Dr. King and nothing can compare to that

    • Roslyn

      Thank Dog for the weather, eh?

  • William Penn

    Typical of Communist Party organizers. They get paid by the Party; they won’t miss a day’s pay. They want the useful idiots to miss a day’s pay. Get hold of some material outlining CP tactics used over the years. What’s happening now is right from the pages.

  • Get a Live

    Strike? What are these losers going to strike? Maybe they’re going to strike the protest and not show up that day.

  • The Black Abe

    Will they do “twikels” to the cops?

  • Rank

    Best they get that strike in before the cold and snow. I would hate to see them have to suffer through nasty weather. /S However, November 2 seems unrealistic. How are they going to strike, until they get a job! Unless they plan on striking against the supporters paying for their participation in the protests… that may not go very well. Some of those support groups can be very nasty when challenged.

  • aNativeTexan

    I totally agree with irony. You can’t go on strike unless you have a job. So does this mean their going to quit protesting because that is the closest thing to having a job for the majority of the OWS people. Maybe they will quit going to school. No most of them have already done that.

  • Jaxter

    Good point Irony. Their only job is to sit around, smoke pot and stink up the joint. If any of them do have jobs they’re obviously not being missed.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I’m glad I’m in a right to work state. Are the unions going to strike? Right now the union Occupados are about the only people that actually have jobs. If they (the unions) strike, who will be available at the MSM outlets to get the news out? SAG, AFTRA, IBEW, NABET, SEIU, AFL-CIO are they really planning to strike? Time to buy more popcorn…..

  • Jim

    Does this mean they will quit occupying and polluting the landscape and go find a job? Probably not–just back to mommies basement sucking their thumbs.

  • Pete

    You guys need to stop smoking whatever your smoking. The only thing that will come out of your strike will be that the few of you in this mindless squaters group that arn’t freeloaders and vagrants will lose their jobs. So why dont we just add more to the jobless! Fools

  • bill smith

    I like my job, why would I strike for a bunch of lazy marxists in the Flea Party?

  • Nobody of Consequence

    Which might, irony, indicate to you that there might be more to this than the “get a job you filthy hippies” narrative you’ve decided on, yes? Assuming you’re awake, intelligent, and capable of rational thought. Not holding my breath.

  • AlexU

    Non-workers of the world unite. Join in a strike against your……..???????? Huh?

  • Melvin

    General Strike, Oh sure. More Communist drivel propaganda. Is this general strike before pajama popcorn and movie night or after?

  • When protestors go on strike, does that mean they stop protesting for a day?

  • Steve

    Oh wow.. the people who have time to not work for the past few weeks are going on strike? Hopefully their parents can afford this.

  • Bob A

    Good! Anyone who doesn’t show on Nov 2 should be fired and the job given to someone who wants to work! Death to the communists!

  • Jobba

    This is sure to result in another endorsement from the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA. Pretty interesting that the media has hardly mentioned these endorsements. If either had endorsed the Tea Party, we’d be hearing about it non-stop. But when anarchist/socialist rioters are endorsed by far-left hate groups, it doesn’t merit mention in the newspapers…

  • Eric

    I will be sure to work extra overtime on the 2nd of Nov to make up for all the freeloaders in the OWS groups. Occupy a job ya bums!

  • Leithal

    If you don’t have a job, doesn’t that mean that Work would be a strike… So does that mean that they will actually get a job for Nov 2nd?

  • Krisbekritter

    Simply fire the bums…

  • DICK

    STRIKE ……………..

    hahahahahahahahahahahhahhaha ………………..! WHO cares, this is comedy these clowns, big mouths no power. It is actually funnier and more interesting then nightly TV or that lame stuff called movies these days. I am going to miss the loosers when the weather gets cold…

    • PostYouth

      This is not going away. This will not be televised as it truly is. What is being televised is uninformed rhetoric meant to keep you in check and it is working. Sheople unite!

  • Jeff

    Better yet, let the strikers that do have jobs get fired, there are plenty of people that WANT jobs that don’t have them thanks to this administration. Just one more argument for a national right to work ammendment.

  • mpk

    Since OWS protestors are being paid to protest, are they ‘walking off the job”, that is, returning to their parent’s basement to play nintendo?

    • PostYouth

      Excuse you, I am 60, educated, well groomed, not into pot, and supportive. Occupy Everywhere!

  • BeanerECMO

    Nationwide strike – yeah, that’s the ticket. That’ll really get people behind you. Oh yeah, BHO likes to lead from behind.

  • Michael Mulligan

    Continuing ‘irony’s line of thought: Are they striking from occupying?

  • Libhater

    A Strike from what? Does this mean they will not pick up their welfare check next month?

    What a pathetic group of parasites.

  • Kendrick1


    I love your posting!!

  • John Ton

    I hope that the national strike proposed will extend to the volunteer cooks and chefs (and the food suppliers) serving the protesters. Maybe the strike should be longer, like a week at least.

  • jbe

    So, um, they are not going to go to work and instead they are going to stand around somewhere holding signs and blocking traffic?

    Is it just me or …

    Never mind. Knock yourself out. Have at it.

  • JohnDD

    A general strike of the useless and disorganized. What will be their rallying cry? How about “Clueless of the world…UNITE!”

  • TGC

    What are they striking against, bathing?
    Someone might want to explain to these leeches that you can’t really strike if you don’t have a job.

  • Screwy Squirrel

    Irony you are so right. Hardy Har Har!

  • public school teacher

    I am a public school teacher, and I will strike with OWS on November 2.

    • jbe

      Public School Teacher, perhaps you should focus on the quality of your product instead.

    • Stacy Fisher

      Well that should be helpful to the economy and create more jobs… Oh wait.

    • William L Berry

      We would all be better off if you go on strike with them Nov. 2 and stayed on strike indeffinately

    • Marilyn Miller

      Good! Maybe the kids will actually learn something on Nov. 2.

    • Byron Yorkshire

      “I am a public school teacher, and I will strike with OWS on November 2.”

      I wish you could see my surprised face. You are one of the reasons “union public school teachers” are looked so down upon. You are going to punish children for a cause you do not even understand. Your employer is the GOVERNMENT! Your employer is not those evil capitalist. You work for me as union government employee.

      And you teach our kids in public schools? Is it any wonder why are public school children are so uneducated?

      (By the way, the comma is not necessary after “teacher”, teacher.)

      • Byron Yorkshire

        Are = our.

        (Obviously, I recieved a pulic school education)

      • JDW

        No, this teacher’s employer is us, the people who pay taxes!

    • LindaInNY

      Yes, I’m sure You and a lot of other teachers and members
      of other Unions will strike w/them.
      That’s how easy for people that get tax payer funded sick pay – to strike.
      You’re all Shameless.

      • PostYouth

        Jealous???????????Resentful too?

    • Yeah, which explains why our education system sucks in America. You go ahead and stay home, teach. The only ones who suffer are the students.

    • sandyinohio

      I am a retired public school administrator and I am ashamed of your stance.

      • sandyinohio

        that is directed at the striking teacher

      • SD conservative

        We need to close the public schools and start over, if you belong to the teachers union, NO JOB.

    • Ramblinwreck

      No, you are a public school leach.

    • Smackdaddy

      I think you need to change your title to “public school indoctrinator”. It is quite obvious you lack a knowlegde of this country or history. If you get what you desire. This is a glimce of your future. When socialists regimes takeover the first profession they purge is teachers and the second are the entertainment types.

      Those of use that stood on that wall will not protect you again, your not in our vested interest.

      You are the reason support for policies agianst unions continue to grow.

    • Tricolici

      Then you should be fired!!!

    • Amy Cole

      Our kids may actually learn something useful on that day. A union goes on strike? Say it isnt so lol. This is why Public Unions need to be outlawed.

    • Don Harper

      Good. Stay on strike. Every day you’re not in the classroom is a day you’re not indoctrinating your students to be good little socialists.

  • Jim in Houston

    I thought that in order to strike, one must be working. Apparently I was wrong since the lazy, smelly layabouts can strike.

  • libertyfirst1776

    What does OWS want, exactly? Does anybody really know? Is there a single, coherent spokesman?

    For all their hot air, let us not forget that more people attend the Macy’s Day Parade each year than are protesting in all the OWS protests put together. My sense is this is just a bunch of radical, hard-left malcontents agitating because it’s all they know. They certainly do not represent the productive members of our society. I think it is they who are the 1%.

    • Marilyn Miller

      Actually they are ACORN, which blows all credibility sky-high.

      • PostYouth

        Acorn shut down a long time ago!

    • sandyinohio

      socialism & their neighbors goods….

    • Ramblinwreck

      For some reason, they want to destroy capitalism, even though that is not reported accurately by the MSP.

      • Alex

        Have any of you naysayers labeling the protestors as socialists or liberals actually been to any of the occupy protests? Have any of you actually spoken with a few of the people and not just the ones with the most radical signs, or are you simply listening to the nightly news and talk radio to form your opinion? I seem to recall when the Tea Party first started, they were largely ignored by the media. Then, when they couldn’t be ignored any longer, the media went and interviewed the least informed, most polarizing people at the events, including those with racist and partisan signs. I know this because I was actually there at several protests.

        Gee, you don’t suppose the mainstream media would be intentionally misrepresenting the occupy movement just like they did with the Tea Party do you? I can’t speak for New York, but are you really going to call the people in these pictures socialists?


        • SD conservative


  • jimbo

    Awesome news!!!

    This means that the OWS losers will be refusing to protest on Nov. 2nd, right? Since that’s the closest thing to a “job” that they’ve ever done…

    Memo to whiners: To go on strike, one must have a job first, and an employer who give’s a rat’s @$$ in the first place. How about a national “weed strike?”

    • PS613

      “Since that’s the closest thing to a “job” that they’ve ever done”…

      So true. These losers will be putting this on their resume. Right above their worthless Art History degree.

  • Working hard

    This will about as much as the wetback walk out a few years back, lmao losers.

  • Working hard


  • gd hoch

    What a bunch crap, communists . Tea Party is cleaning out you and the pile crap in the WH. go live in USSR, occupers are a bunch of dirty rats!!!!!!

  • DrLove

    I am the 53%

  • Roslyn

    How they gonna force people with jobs to strike?

  • I wanted to be part of the General Strike but I have to work that day.

    • Byron Yorkshire

      Nice! :o) LMAO

  • Mikey

    “Occupy Wall Street Launches Nationwide General Strike”

    So who is going to ask me if I want fries with my burger? Oh yeah, the people that actually try to work for their money…

  • pJarhead

    Come again?!? What exactly are they “striking” from?

  • tom cooper

    general strike is a good idea since employers won’t have to pay these bums for taking the day off. I love the New York protesters who are tired of paying the bums and homeless people – let’s see, Occupy wants the taxpayers to give them handouts but don’t want to give handouts to people less fortunate than them?? sounds like communism to me, give me mine and screw the next guy down the ladder.

  • Brandon

    For some reason when I read the words “global strike” my inner narrative voice sounded like Vegeta’s for some reason as he was actually announcing a move called “Global Strike”.

  • Jason Burnstein

    And all you flea party protesters will follow the directives of the ACORN leaders who are organizing and supporting these protests….. P.S. How are you spending those illegally obtained donations ? Canvassing neighborhoods under the guise of charitable organizations. Shame on all of you secular progressive liberal jerks. Break camp and learn to say “would you like fries with that? “

  • Barb

    Actually, they are calling on the rest of america to join them in their joblessness. Misery does indeed love company, especially when envy squats with them like an evil frog in their dingy mangy tents, nurturing their “I want, I want, I want it NOW” attitudes. *sigh* What a waste of so many lives I see in this “movement”. Instead of living, they are content with “existing”. Like sponges.

    • Marilyn Miller

      The same thing that happened to the
      60’s hippies will happen the these folks-many of them will become Wall Street brokers, financial investment advisors, CEO’s, etc. History DOES repeat itself whether you learn from it or not. Trust me, I’m old enough to know…

      • Big Bear

        Their revolt will collapse for the same reason the hippies did: Dad will stop sending a check.

      • sandyinohio

        From your lips to God’s ears…some Weathermen from 60s are in govt service, hence the mess this administration is making….also old enough to know 🙂

  • Piff

    Yeah, sorta like “The Million Man March”…only thing good about that was, only 5 guys missed work !

  • Grayden

    So sorry, I have to work that day. The OWS crowd remind me of the “Lord of the Flies”

  • brilliant

    Sooo.. In order to convince the “1%” that you are worthy of the jobs they’ve given to the chinese, you are going to ‘show them’ by putting on a strike? This will most surely convince them that Americans are the ones that should have those jobs.

  • Not Impressed

    Anarchists, lefties and union thugs – the usual suspects.

    • lamar martin

      ‘Nuff said. Hit the nail on the head…

  • Stacy Fisher

    Let’s demand jobs and a growing economy! So if we strike then… oh never mind.

  • uisignorant

    I will be at work…. Traffic should be great…. Oh wait… Don’t you have to have a job to strike?

  • LeeCee


    • Tired of the Rebubs lies!

      Let them talk but by the looks of things these people don’t really have jobs either. If they did they wouldn’t have time to sit here and trash talk those who are actually trying to do something…

      I have a college degree and have worked all my adult life but now because I lost my well paying job due to the work being shipped overseas; I’m suddenly a freeloader! You haters think you all know so much, but you really know so little! I work a minimum wage job when I should be making over $50,000 a yr and am still about $75,000 in debt from student loans but I’m not supposed to be mad? It’s people like those here with their stupid, judgmental comments that are the reason this country is in this shape!!!! I am the 99%

    • lamar martin

      Flipping burgers is probably the only job your $40,000 was able to train you for due to you being out protesting, begging, and not bathing. Any job is better than no job you fool.

    • Rick

      Nobody made you borrow money to go to college and nobody made you get a useless liberal arts degree. Now shut up. pay your debts or go die broke under a bridge somewhere you parasite. The working class don’t care which you choose.

    • john

      Theres no jobs Zippy because Obuma has put this countries economy into the toilet!!

    • beefonrocks

      Son, you don’t get to be CEO first day out of college, go flip burgers until you find something better.

      What is your degree in anyway? Is it a marketable and needed field? There is a shortage of engineers, nurses, anything involved with the sciences, in our country. Had you the foresight to choose a field with demand, you would not be in this position.

      If you have a degree in the sciences and you still don’t have a job…..you need to actually look for a job.

      • Byron Yorkshire

        If I were a betting engineer, I would be his degree is in something between General Studies and Communications.

        It certainly is not in English or Language Arts.

    • sandyinohio

      It is you who need to wake up; what is the govt supposed to do, overpay for public works make-jobs? That means all your neighbors who toiled for YEARS at less than stellar paying jobs get to be taxed in excess to pay you what you THINK you are worth? I don’t think so, pal. At least not voluntarily. Wait your turn in line like all of us did, in the much larger babyboom generation too.

    • Jason

      Um…$7.75/hr at Wackarnolds is a JOB!!! Take it you moron while you continue to look around for some better work! Just because you went to college doesn’t guarantee you a job.

    • Bill C

      O boo hoo. The first job that I ever had was scooping cow crap for 1.50 an hour in the freezing cold. I actually went to a trade school so I would have a marketable skill rather than some liberal arts trash degree like you must have. Quit your complaining and go get a job in the mailroom somewhere and work hard and quit feeling entitled to everything and maybe, just maybe you might get somewhere.

    • SD conservative

      That’s part of the porblem. Why did you pay $40,000 for a worhtless degree? What’s your degree in, underwater basked weaving? GROW UP.

    • Ravin’ Dave

      No jobs any where? The company I work for has hundreds of open positions, that had you gotten a useful degree, rather than a bachelor of arts in some pointless touchy-feely subject you might actually be able to fill.

      (Yes, I am calling you a liar).

    • Darren

      Maybe you should have studied something more useful, or there are no jobs where you are have you considered relocating? I have 2 kids who graduated college in the last year and both have found jobs and I live in California, one of the hardest hit areas. What’s you’re excuse? Stop whining and get off you ass and find something. Or better yet, start you OWN business and provide jobs for some of your fellow whiners? Where is the flipping initiatiave these days? You think those of us with jobs don’t WORK to keep them? No sympathy for losers.

  • Paul Belyea

    If their truly going to incorporate, better get the organization right … “ACORN”. I thought we got rid of these Socialists, but apparently not.

  • JDW

    Don’t worry, the MSM and the Dems will tell us how successful the Nationwide Strike was! Just like they are telling us that the vast majority of us support their values of raping young girls, selling heroin in front of their children, defecating on police cars, exposing themselves in front of children, throwing rocks, bottles, pots and pans at the police and threatening businesses who won’t allow them to use their business for their pleasure. Yes, this Nationwide Strike and the OWS values is something that we can all get behind. As for the teacher who is going to strike next week, how about you just quit and occupy with the other low lifes!

    • sandyinohio

      I know, teacher strikes from a job that’ll pay him/her “sick/personal day” pay anyway…go figure!

  • Caligula

    if they block the streets, run them over. i have bills to pay and a child to feed. i don;t have time for commie tomfuckery.

  • Worried

    Could someone please tell me what the difference is between what ‘occupiers’ are doing now and what they would be doing during a General Strike? The ‘occupiers’ stand, protesting with signs; sometimes they yell slogans. Isn’t that what is done during a General strike? Thank you.

    • Constantvigil

      They go to work?

  • Caligula

    if they block the streets, run them over. i have bills to pay and a child to feed. i don;t have time for commie tomfoolery.

    • lamar martin

      I agree entirely!!!!

  • RedFlag

    Wow, drudge bots really hate themselves so much they are willing slaves, masochists. I bet all you drudge bots dress up like babies (vitter) and are spanked by dudes (matt drudge). General strike will have results. We control the means of production, not the ruling class. This is the last warning.

    • Constantvigil

      Non Compos Mentis.

    • Ves

      actually if we did dress up like babies we could get disability and attend the occudards protests….instead, we work for a living (not beg for free stuff) to provide for our families. It is good, you should try it!

    • Evocative

      RedFlag – we like ourselves – we hate YOU!

      You control the means of production! How’s that?

    • Mikey

      Put the bong down and walk away Red. It’s your only hope….

    • john

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooo!!!!! LOL!!!

    • Ramblinwreck


    • Not Likely

      HA HA HA HA, that’s funny!

    • sandyinohio

      WHO controls the means of production, that slough-off teacher & pals? There are only 7% union workers in US, period, end of story. Warning? against what, going to work?

    • Ha…you funny.

    • Bill C

      Whatever commie puke! Try and disrupt my life and see where it gets you.

    • Byron Yorkshire

      Go Ahead, Obamabot!


    • Bob Young

      You are a true believer and obviously have had too much of your chosen drug. If yoiu cal;l a general srike and teachers and others choose to follow you, then as part of being on “Strike” and not just taking a personal day, they have to give up a day’s pay. Anyone who “joins” the strike but doesn’t give up a day’s pay is not on strike and is just a poser.

  • Bert Nurney

    Sheesh…laughed so hard I almost pooped on a cop car…

    • Ves

      Love it man!

  • Harpotoo

    They got no money, they have no homes (well Mom’s basement or Dad’s attic maybe), and they have no J O B S and want a Living Wage while they are not working. Looks to me like they already have 3 strikes and are already out and soon to be in the cold!

    BTW the folks providing them free chit are they gonna STRIKE against the OWSers or are they gonna continue to cook and clean for Dem?

    • sandyinohio

      “Dem” about says it all, huh? Boy, would my parents be ashamed of what the Democrat party has become…not that RINOs are any better by much.

  • Ves

    Is it really a strike if you strike and nobody who is employed actually shows up? Well, I suspect nobody will notice this joke of a strike. Count me as part of the 99% who is working hard to become part of the 1%

  • John

    I wonder if they will try to stop us “scabs” from going to work? I hope so, I need some target practice…

  • FlashyFlash

    Strike? Strike from what? Not bathing? Isn’t this sham a strike of sorts anyway — I mean, sitting around, loitering, making noise, harassing others, smelling up the joint….. kinda seems like a “poser” strike to me.

    These morons don’t realize that THIS COUNTRY CAN’T GET POOR ENOUGH TO HELP EVERYONE — just like you can’t get sick enough to help someone who is sick. Why don’t these bohemians put on their “new age” thinking caps and realize that their actions are NOT helping anyone. What are they proactively doing to make things better? They can’t name one constructive thing that has already or will result from their actions.

    Hey hippies, instead of being a drain on the system, why don’t you CONTRIBUTE like the rest of the silent majority? Oh wait, maybe actually behaving like a good citizen is too mainstream for you and your radial ilk. By the way, I have to wonder where are the minorities in your movement? I don’t see too many people of color laying about down there. You guys look like a bunch of dirty white racists! oh my!

  • JHarnes

    This may not be the smart move. What happens if you call a strike and only the folks currently protesting and a few Union folks take part?

  • will

    Why are so many afraid to strike. Are you afraid of what will happen. Do you like being talked down to, scared to speak up?…i will be there. i own a business and i have an MS degree. I believe in what they are doing and would die to give my children a better system of government and an america that is strong and full of pride in being an american.

  • youakneegrowluva

    Don’t knock it, I’ve banged 3 OWS chicks since it started. They loved my penthouse apartment and flat screen and wet bar. Hypocrite pvssy is still good pvssy……

  • lamar martin

    Hey. Too bad none of the rubber bullets hit you in the head. Maybe it would have caused you to wake up and see what fools you are to be doing this kind of BS. You need to grow up and get a real job instead of wanting everyone to give you what you think you deserve and haven’t worked for. You idiots make be sick.

  • Raistlin4

    On November 2nd, in defiance of #OccupyWhatever’s General Strike, I am declaring a “National Day of Personal Responsibility.” I will be going to work as usual and encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Let’s see who wins out in the end.

    PS — Also, don’t you find it ironic that most of these #Occupy people feel that Israeli “occupiers” of Palestine, as they call them, are justified in being indiscriminately bombed by rockets by Hamas. Do the #Occupy people advocate that we take the same justifiable approach in dealing with them? Just asking since the hypocrisy is as thick as molasses….

  • youakneegrowluva

    only gonna lead to genital strikes……

  • BarryO

    Occupy Wallstreeters shock me with their anti-semetic attitudes. They not only don’t want to earn their way through life, but they’re racist, too. Very pathetic and truly sad for America

  • Unfashionably Working

    I don’t have a union job, or a trust fund, so I will be working.

  • pixie1942

    the problem with this is we have seen it before with the commie hippies of the 70’s. Now their grandkids are trying to live the wonderful life like gramma and grampa pot head. Not making their own way just standing around waiting for a hand out…get off you lazy arsses and find any job you deadbeats!!!!

  • Chris B

    The new civil war is just a year or two away.* It will be producers against the moochers. It will also be the bloodiest battle ever on American soil.
    I would like to take this time to officially announce my candidacy for President of the New United States of America.
    Long live our Constitution, our freedoms, and the American way of life.
    Thank you please remember to vote (in 2012 and in the election for the President of the productive class.)

    * Tho I do believe this will happen I hope and pray it does not. In no way should anyone take this as an invitation to take any violent actions against anyone. (i.e. neighbors, states, strangers, or government)

    minem60(at) yahoo

  • gc

    flea bag losers of the world unite! we know we are useless, but we can mist a mirror, we can riot, we can party, we can bang drums, we WILL BE heard!!!! demand free stuff!! we are sick and tired of the industrious making us look bad. we are proud of our indolence, proud of our unwashed aroma, proud of our lack of intelligence and we will fight until everyone are losers like us flea baggers!!!!

  • Logic Leaver

    Anyone notice, Matty hasn’t responded in awhile? That’s because someone argued logic with him. Progressives worst enemy, is logic…

  • Scott Fultz

    I will be firing anyone who misses work that day.


    AdBusters who started the Flea Party is an “anti-consumerist” publication financed by, among other sources, the Georgie Soros-funded Tides Foundation. Dissent is fine but the leaders such as AdBusters want this obituary:

    Born 1776, Died 2012

    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinborough, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover

    that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;

    From spiritual faith to great courage;

    From courage to liberty;

    From liberty to abundance;

    From abundance to complacency;

    From complacency to apathy;

    From apathy to dependence;

    From dependence back into bondage.”

    We must not let the new Bolsheviks write the obituary – read all about the 20 million DEAD


  • kishke

    I’ll be sure to put in extra hours next week. My own anti-strike.

  • Rick

    What a joke. None of these losers are employed anyway and us working class people will go to our jobs and pay our bills like we do everyday. Who cares if the parasite class goes on strike, the most they do in a day is walk to the mailbox to collect their gov check.

  • john

    So the Flea Bag Partys calling for a strike Huh?!!! Awesome!!!

  • TaxedUpTheWazoo

    What a bunch of filthy, lazy commies. Hey you morons, first you have to WORK before you can strike.

    Get off your butts and take a bath. Then maybe you can get a JOB!!!

  • Flyoverman

    Using the Pelosi Principle, if the strikers fail to spend their food stamps, unemployment checks, student loan money, or visit the free clinics they could bring the economy to its knees.

  • BS

    I work and I pay taxes. I’d like to strike.

    When the OWS crowd says they are entitled to something they are not seeking a benefit for free. When they say they want reasonable education expenses they recognize they must pay. When they say they want unemployment insurance, they seek a benefit for being out of a job; many have trained and worked in one job for a long time. To be thrown out on the street because the system allowed their employer to relocate to China for greater profit is unfair. It is unfair because many of these people have devoted their lives to their employers and there is an implicit responsibility for the employer to recognize that devotion.

    When the OWS crowd demands medical care it is a demand for reasonable care at a reasonable price. No one I know of who supports the OWS crowd believes they want something for free contrary to the spin that the mainstream media, pundits and 1% wannabees allude to.

    Yes, I’d like to strike right with them. I am part of the 99% as well as part of the 53%.

    • sandyinohio

      “reasonable prices” and “reasonable cost” and “unfair” are fairytale words…just who/how are we going to demand these things as a society, and more importantly, who will be the judge? Life is full of risk, unfairness to some, if not many, and being more unfair will not help any. We already HAVE safety nets, people just want more…meaning their professors earn less than they are worth to keep tuition costs down, their doctors or insurers who provide money for research & new equipment earn less to keep costs down, etc. There is no free lunch; how old are you?

    • Bob Young

      You obviously haven’t paid attention to them or their demands. Demanding a living wage for everyone whether they work or not is not a reasonable demand, and it is a demand for something for free. Demanding a free college education is demanding something for free. When they say medical care is a right, and it should be free, they are asking for something for free. Either you aren’t listening or your’e deliberately lying. Everyone who supports the OWS is standing in line with their hands out asking for something for free. The demand that the wealthiest pay for everything is demanding something for free, to you.

      If you want reasonable education expenses, protest at the universities and the amount they pay their staff, not the people who risk their private property to provide you with a chance to pay for the education you say is too expensive. If you want reasonably priced medical care, create a pool of resources to provide reasonable care at an affordable price, protest at the hospitals and medical schools, or protest in Washington where the people who drive up healthcare costs can do something about it. If you want a living wage, get training or an education in a field that pays a living wage. Find the work that will provide a living wage and become qualified for the job. If you dont’ want to do that, then find something you are capable of producing that someone is willing to pay for, produce it, sell it, and live off the rewards of your labors. If you can’t produce anything, find somehting that people want, find someone who makes it, buy the product and then sell it to the people who need or want it. If you can’t do that then find something you can do that someone is willing to pay someone else to do, then find people to pay you to do it. IF you are too untalented or too uneducated to find anything you are qualified to do that others are willing to pay a living wage for, then work long hours for less than a living wage and by working longer hours you will earn the living wage.

      It’s all up to you because this is America and you have unlimited opportunities if you are willing to do the work to take advantage of them.

  • TG

    Can’t we just give the parasites their own Island? Then they can do whatever it is their trying to accomplish.

    • gc


  • Confusednurse

    OK so what are you striking? What is the gain that you hope to make? Im supposed to leave over 60 patients who count on me to keep that alive and healthy to follow you for what?
    Figure out what you are wanting to gain, who it is wanting to gain it, and what the best approach is, then call me. I plan to be working hard for my patients and my family, and earning my income while I wait to vote out this worthless bunch in Washington and start fresh.

    • sandyinohio


    • FormerCavTrpr

      Self preservation is more important than your patients. I’m Serious. When a group calls for a General Strike stuff can get dangerous for you quick. Mobs are stupid and can turn violent quick. Keep you eyes and ears open and avoid any action to antgonize the croud if you get caught out there.

  • libertyfirst1776

    Dude, put down the crack pipe. The only thing you have control over is your bowels.

    The rest of us are the productive members of society. Sorry life isn’t fair, but you should have taken advantage of all your opportunities growing up. Free K-12 education, low-cost, subsidized community college, the military – many opportunities for even a loser like yourself. Now you find yourself at the bottom of the economic ladder and are lashing out. Well, I say get up, dust yourself off, and try harder next time.

    We will be ignoring your little protest strike. A bunch of unemployed, sniveling leftists that refuse to go to work for a day sounds a little non-sensical, doesn’t it? It’s about as coherent as the rest of the gibberish spouted by your cohorts.

    • sandyinohio

      They don’t WANT to start at the bottom like the rest of us, then work their way up…boo-hoo.

  • Daniel Burke

    Dare we hope that if there is a general strike by OWS maggots, the lying, corrupt, incompetent Dems join them and, in fact, stay on strike for the next several years. Now, that would be progress!

  • Constitution First

    Note to the Wall Street Urchins:
    > Most of us have responsibilities and obligations to our families and employers.
    > Your personal freedom ends when it takes our freedom away.
    > We didn’t cause your perceived problems.
    > If you impede our pursuit of happiness, we have the right to override you, legally and with force if necessary.
    > When you bite the hands that feeds you, expect retribution.

  • Steve

    I work more than 40 hours a week. I’m a decorated veteran and 32 years old, with a graduate degree. I earn about 32,000/yr with no benefits and 4 holidays. I’m married with

    Count me in on a nationwide general strike! Complaining doesn’t accomplish anything. If you sit on the sidelines, you will regret it for the rest of you life. This is our time and our first opportunity to begin to transform this country.

    • jasperddbgghost

      Hopefully those “greedy bankers” will listen to you and have a change of heart. You’ll know it when they open up their windows and start tossing money out the window. Yeah, yell at soundproof windows. That’ll show em’ !

    • libertyfirst1776

      Thank you for your service to our country.

      Enjoy your day off. Tell the Communist Party USA that Obama says keep up the good work.

    • TaxedUpTheWazoo

      Sounds like you’re a failure. Only 32K with an advanced degree? Must be one of those useless liberal arts degrees.

      • sandyinohio

        Or a “social worker”? Anyway, Steve is joining with the useful idiots to help the leftists take his country down.

      • Alex

        Sounds like you’re a presumptuous jerk. Maybe he got laid off and took whatever work he could find.

      • F the OWS

        I’m going to make about $5200.00(not thousand, hundred) this year part time and taking care of a elderly parent, I had a great job years ago and that industry is gone and no degree, I don’t take government assistance and scaled back my life drastically, sold thing off to keep going and NOBODY and I mean NOBODY owes me anything…..suck it up, once my Mom does pass away which I pray is a long time(though this coming Monday she has a 8 hour Cancer operation)if I end up working at McDonald’s or wherever I will, so any of you OWS bitch in front of me I’ll probably come close to killing you……I’ve have it with you punks, your owed nothing, work for it

    • sandyinohio

      Shame on you Steve. Much as I don’t wholeheartedly agree, I will PRAY you don’t lose your job that feeds those kids I think you tried to reference. I also pray they aren’t in striking teacher’s class; but if they get injured, at least NURSE will be there doing her job!

    • Byron Yorkshire

      …which proves it doesn’t take much intelligence to get a “graduate degree”.

      Please identify your unit, branch, service dates, location, rank and “decorations”.

      Thank you, Sir.

    • ILikeRush

      Where do you work? I want to put an application in. You don’t make much but it is more than I make which is nothing.

    • Bob Young

      Thank you for yor service. If you have a grduate degree, are a veteran, and earn 32,000 with no benefits, you should look at your career choice and make a change. If the career field isn’t the reason you’re underemployed, maybe you should consider moving. I’m on my third career and I had to change because the skills I’d developed were no longer valuable in this country. It meant going to school again for a different degree while working to support my family, but it was what had to be done. Now I’m in the same boat again because my skills are not as valuable as they were (in the US), and I am still five or 10 years from retirement depending on when I can get out of debt and when they force me to retire or get rid of me.

  • john

    A general strike is a good idea but a general strike means all of the unions strike together. Are the unions going to listen to the “general assembly”?

    • FormerCavTrpr

      Some will join in. Others will crap in their pants as they are heavily invested via their pension funds/401k in the current system as many of us are.

      People have a misconception about strikes vs General Strikes. Strikes are union and companies haggling hard over money and benefits. General Strikes are political acts of disruption.

  • obama says the protesters are the opposite of the tea party. so if the tea party have teabaggers, do
    the protesters (fleabag party) have fleabaggers?
    the fleabaggers are going to strike? what are they doing now. what is the difference between a strike and a protest? apparently you need a job to strike.
    the left leadership is instigating this group to deflect attention to the problems they face in the upcoming election. the left and right need to stop the partisan bickering, or they are going to face a real strike from the working class, at the bllot box. thats the only place anyone can make a difference.

  • Scott

    If any of my employees take off on Nov 2nd without a legitimate excuse, I will fire them!

    • jasperddbgghost

      Replace them with Tea Party people. Watch your productivity go through the roof.

  • redfish51

    But if you strike who will feed the professional homeless people?

  • Freeland Dave

    Dedicated to the current “Occupy Wall Street” (Acorn) crowd.

    With apologies to Johnny Rebel’s “Lookin’ for a handout” and made a little more politically correct (PC) for those with overly delicate sensitivities who love to practice self flagellation and edited to have more specific meaning for the current news of today.


    Have you ever been just drivin’ around, and ended up in the “jobless” part of town? And you see an old-time wackos with a big screen TV? Then you look out in the back, you can always see a VW Vanagon. And inside there’s about fifteen pot-smokin’ community action organizers eatin’ fettuccini Alfredo and drinkin’ Merlot from Olive Garden for dinner. Now ain’t that just like an “impoverished” pothead or so the story goes? They just like to appear poor, you know? Why, they haven’t got one genuine spark of compassion in their minds. They’re hard-headed as a dad-blamed mule, and the only reason they go to school is so they can teach others to forge their names to become members of the welfare line.

    They’re lookin’ for a handout
    To get somethin’ free
    Lookin’ for a handout
    From you and me
    And with the consent
    Of our president
    They’re getting their way
    They’re getting their way

    Now I ain’t aimin’ to run anybody down, but I know how they operate down in ole Libtown. Why, they wouldn’t hit a lick at a snake if it was curly enough to strike. But when their leader says, “Hey liberal, demonstrate”, why, them liberals don’t even hesitate. ‘Cause as a libtard says, “Uhh, hmm, uhh…them’s the kind of happenin’ we likes.”

    They’re lookin’ for a handout
    To get somethin’ free
    Lookin’ for a handout
    From you and me
    And with the consent
    Of our president
    They’re getting their way
    They’re getting their way

    But one day there’s gonna be a stop to all this givin’, and libs you gonna have to account for your livin’. You won’t be able to hold your slack hand out and wait for somebody to give you your daily bread. ‘Cause the master said you’ll have to earn your salvation, so you’d better start lookin’ over the situation, and stop causin’ all this trouble, and be a good citizen instead.

    And quit lookin’ for a handout
    To get somethin’ free
    Quit lookin’ for a handout
    From Uncle Sam and me
    Don’t try to desecrate
    Be glad to assimilate
    It’s better that way
    Much better that way

    It’s better that way-ay-ay-ay-a-a-ay-a-a-ay-ay

    Here’s another rewrite of a song I am sure you remember.

    With apologies to Daryl Hall & John Oates “Rich Girl.”


    You’re a slack Jack, and you’ve gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    You can rely on the welfare money
    You can rely on the welfare money
    It’s a bitch yeah, and it’s gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Get you too far

    And don’t you know, don’t you know
    That it’s wrong to take what is given you
    So far gone, on your own
    You can get along if you try to be strong
    But you’ll never be strong

    You’re a slack Jack, and you’ve gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    You can rely on the welfare money
    You can rely on the welfare money
    It’s a bitch yeah, and it’s gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Get you too far

    High and dry, out of the rain
    It’s so easy to hurt others when you can’t feel pain
    And don’t you know that a love can’t grow
    ‘Cause there’s too much to give, ’cause you’d rather live
    For the thrill of it all, oh

    You’re a slack Jack, and you’ve gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    You can rely on the Welfare money
    You can rely on the Welfare money
    It’s a bitch yeah, and it’s gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Get you too far

    And you say
    You can rely on the Welfare money
    You can rely on our hard earned money
    You’re a slack Jack, a slack Jack
    Oh, you’re a slack slack Jack yeah
    Say money but it won’t get you too far,
    Oh, get ya too far

    • Joe Camel

      Ooooh so THAT’S the creative aspiration you could never perform professionally. Gotcha.

    • Jack

      I am so glad someone finally brought Hall and Oates into this, it’s about time. Clearly they are two of the greatest political minds ever to grace the 80’s music scene (note: sarcasm intended….you seem to be a big fan so I wanted to make that clear). Allow me to quote a few lines from “Out of Touch”:

      “You’re out of touch”

      “Living in the middle between the two extremes
      Smoking guns hot to the touch
      Would cool down if we didn’t use them so much”

      Spouting extremist, unfounded generalizations (like the ones in your post) prevents productive dialogue. Liberals can be just as guilty as conservatives in this regard; the resulting discourse is emotionally charged, but substantively lacking. Maybe I’m wrong though – it’s possible that couching arguments in re-written Hall and Oates lyrics and using terms like “libtard” might dramatically improve our nation’s efforts to solve our current problems. Honestly, for someone who criticizes others for lacking compassion, you seem to have very little of it yourself.

      BTW, where is this VW Vanogen Olive Garden fettuccine alfredo party with all the pot and Merlot? . I’m not unemployed, but it sounds AWESOME. Is it near the school that teaches the name forging skills apparently necessary to get on welfare?

      • Roslyn

        Wow, unproductive dialogue (caused by?) emotionally charged redderick, but without substance (redundant). Deep. Very deep. And no less useful. Let me ask you, God Jack. Why did you imbue us with emotion, even before physical birth? I’m still trying to figure out if you’re a Democrap, Liberal retard (I like the longer version), or just a simpering, whimpering Republicrat, RINO. Please don’t emote over my intrusive curiousity. Gotta go, now. I spilled some Oates in the Hall and need to clean up the mess.

    • Wil

      We are not acorn

  • whaever

    Can’t wait to see the nightly news on November 2nd. I’m guessing the talking heads will make a 10 person rally look like 10,000, with a little camera trickery. Maybe WE could call a national strike on phony “news” casters. How about a permanent parental block on all the Obamatron news channels? Think the advertisers would like that?

    • sandyinohio

      ABC,CBS,NBC of course, and MSNBC!!!

  • Wooly

    Wait…….this “occupy” stuff is still going on?

    • Rich

      only in the minds of MSNBC and keith olberboy

  • Eric

    I just searched Career Builder for Jobs in New York here is what I found:

    All Jobs in New York City

    View saved jobs
    1 – 25 of 16,924 jobs found

    But hey there are no jobs out there for us!

    This is ONE JOB SITE!

  • acab

    why are sooo many americans are non-believers?? these comments here explain why a group of morons like the TeaParty gets attention! sad sad sad…..

  • Sick_of_demoRats

    wow.a strike by a bunch of f*king morons that have no jobs…………oh……that’s gonna hurt…..

  • Proud Teabagger

    Since some of the protesters are being paid to be there then they might just have to strike at home being that they are on strike from work, but……….. some of them live in the streets so they….would….have….to………. My head just exploded.

    • sandyinohio

      We are TEA Partiers, please.

  • Joe

    Hopefully their strike includes not taking any government handouts they normally receive. Imagine the money that would save actual taxpayers if all the greedy parasites went without our taxpayer dollars for a day.

    Oh well, I guess we can expect dirty bathrooms at McDonalds for a day. I think I’ll survive.

  • jasperddbgghost

    If these protesters work for ACORN and they strike, won’t that be a little weir……..nevermind.

    They’ll be back in their basements by Thanksgiving. Turkey on the table, compliments of taxpayers.

  • Ramblinwreck

    A new poll finds 48% of the U.S. would be “distraught” if Obama won reelection. My only question: What is wrong with the other 52%???????

    • sandyinohio

      Too busy working to take the survey? One can only hope….

  • JeffJ

    So they are striking from their jobs as protesters?

  • non-occupier

    What a bunch of LOSERS. I’m praying for a blizzard, tidal wave, monsoon…anything to get rid of these people.

  • greesl

    What does protesting Wall Street have to do with my employer? Nothing! They want crisis, they want violence, they want to collapse the economy. Next they will be calling January the month to protest your mortgage holder by not paying. Basically, they will try to collapse the system by playing their version of Simon Says with plenty of useful idiots.

  • Xpac

    Is it ok to protest corporations if you work for a corporation?

    • sandyinohio

      Not if you value your livelihood!

  • GI Joe

    Who is the 99%? A cross sample of 1000 people from a generation that believes everything should be provided to them at no cost. The last time I checked the constitution, the govt is not responsible for providing jobs, “free” healthcare, or even a certain standard of living. At most a democratic republic can guarantee is the “opportunity for success” and security of the people from domestic and foreign threats. In addition, some of the people who are part of this movement are Nazis, communists, rapists, and child molesters. How does this represent the best of America. Finally, any change brought through external means which do not address the core issues of the human heart will eventually lead to corruption. Legislated change from the right or left always end up lacking, disappointing, and temporary. If you want to see a perfect govt wait until Jesus comes back to set up shop from the eternal throne of David in Jerusalem where he will establish his rule for ever.

    “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.” Isaiah 9:6-7

    • Joe Camel

      If you check the constitution as it is originally written you find it affords no rights to anybody who is not white or owns land. Now I know half of this would be no problem for you but I doubt you own land so the authors didn’t really mean to include YOU in their America either my friend.

      The constitution is a great document but it is not carved into stone and it wasn’t for a reason. It’s supposed to evolve to catch up to humanity’s evolving social conscience. I think if the men who wrote the document knew that in 250 years later Americans would be trying to interpret it exactly as it was originally put down they’d probably throw the quill over their shoulder and say “what’s the point?” Reading text designed for social engineer out of context with your current society is the EXACT kind of hard-headedness that they were trying desperately to avoid with the lax nature of the language.

  • employer

    If any of my employees take off they better have had previously scheduled vacation or a note from a doctor if they call in sick.

    IF they don’t have that there will be no need for them to show up for work on thursday. Their job will be terminated.

    • L Simons


    • No Pinko

      Remember what happened in Wisconsin?
      Those idle MD’s will be available at every site to write the excuse notes.

  • Cogito

    Time to break the unions before they break the rest of us.

    • sandyinohio

      Veery true…

  • Mark Rhoads

    What is unclear is who would strike from what jobs? Is the not what a “general strike” was when all workers walked off thier jobs in former Soviet sattellite states in 1989? Transportation and everything came to a halt. At most, an occupy strike might seem like a Columbus Day holiday and not even that. Like everything else about the occupy happening, it is not intellectually honest, serious, or coherent. It is old time anarchism and nihilism with no real point to it. They are intellectual midgets who play at being real social critics because they have way too much time on their hands. If they have one trivial idea it might be to bring back Communism. Been there, done that, it was not the worker’s paradise the first time.

    • Dr.Who?

      If the strikers are like the occupiers then McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King will be the business most affected.

  • Gerald R.

    If I’m not scheduled to work Nov. 2nd I’ll certainly make a point to volunteer and work that day.

  • J. Swain

    I will be participating in the strike.
    I work a hard job more days & hours than most people…as well as make more $ than anyone double my age. I travel the country constantly, taking in different views as often as possible.
    I’m not lazy & have a strong work ethic.
    I know we are in the position we are in because of the ones in control of the $.
    I don’t believe Obama is the leader we need. I KNOW the GOP has nothing better to offer.
    If a civil war happens again, it will not be the “workers” vs “lazy.”
    It would be the “young & enlightened” vs “government.”

    All of you people who are not apart of the government & don’t believe we are in this situation because of political machines….you will be on the bench…still commenting on blogs & gutless

  • craigmk1974

    That’s funny. How do you go on strike when you are not working in the first place?

  • Yabecoo

    Here’s a strike I can embrace. It’s the sound of a night stick gliding gracfully across an OWS protesters skull.

  • WhateverLosers

    I say anyone who ‘strikes’ on Wednesday is considered a no call no show, and they get their a$$ fired. Then we will open up a lot of jobs for people who want them. The rest can live in their tent lands and rot in their own filth. Plenty want the work if you don’t.

  • TaxedUpTheWazoo

    How do you strike from welfare? Do you give your check and food stamps back?

  • RedneckJoe

    If you live in a right to work state, if you strike that’s just like saying I quit! I am glad I live in a right to work state, we don’t have to put up with this foolishness!

  • jarjar

    I have a job and I will be striking.

    We must show solidarity with the hard-working people in USA who have seen their wages stagnate for decades. Revolution doesn’t happen behind the computer, it happens in the streets.

  • Yabecoo

    When you throw rocks and bottles at cops they’re going throw stuff back at you. It’s all part of the radical protester experience. If you can’t stand the heat, move back into your parents basement.

  • Hey! Isn’t Nov 1 or 2 the Communist Workers Or La Raza. Day???
    That’s Communist Van Jones’s Holiday!!! You Know, Obama’s green jobs czar who left because of the brew-haha of his being a communist.

  • Pieman211

    Most of these idiots don’t work. I wonder if they’ll figure out how to strike being unemployed??

  • Harlock

    You right wing nuts are so scared of OWS. It’s hilarious. 🙂 More Americans support it than oppose it, but you kooks have ganged up in a pitiful attempt to give the opposite impression. None of your sorry attempts at manipulation will work. The genie is out of the bottle and no amount of your desperate fear will change that.

  • Sheena

    I wonder what those of you who oppose this movement are going to do when you lose your job through no fault of your own. It will happen to many of you because the Fed and Banksters are still doing the same thing as policy hasn’t changed. Total fascism is right around the corner, if you can’t see that you have no brain cells left. You should look back in history for an answer to how this will end.

    First they came for the fourth amendment,
    and I did not speak out, because I didn’t deal drugs.

    They came for the fifth amendment,
    and I was silent because I owned no property involved in crimes

    They came for the sixth amendment,
    and I did not protest because I was innocent.

    They came for the second amendment,
    and I said nothing because I didn’t own a gun.

    And then they came for the first amendment,
    and I could say nothing at all.

  • Occupy Wall Street General Strike Organizer

    Attention Strikers:

    It has come to my attention that many of you, employed persons, that are planning to join the general strike, plan on taking a vacation day on November 2nd. To Strike implies a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. Further it implies that you, the striker, are not getting paid during your work stoppage. Taking a vacation day so that you may join a strike, is a bit like putting on a life jacket before drilling a hole in the bottom of your boat. You’re going through the motions, but you’re not saying anything.

    If you truly want to be part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and join the general strike, then you should show up for work on November 2nd, sit quietly for the duration of your work day — that is refuse to work — and then go home. Otherwise, you’re just on vacation.

    You may or may not have a job on November 3rd, but don’t worry about that. Let Occupy Wall Street worry about that. That’s not important right now. What is important is that you join us in a nationwide work stoppage on November 2nd. We need your support.

    After all, that really is our goal here. Get paid by the fat cats for sitting on our butts all day. Why work when the government can just give us free cash?

  • michael

    While you sorry excuse for americans sit here and ridicule a movement that stands for something good.Con-gress is working on a tax hike bigger than any in history.So just go back to work so they can take more money from you!thats right bend over and take it up your A S S!!I work for a big aerospace company and if I didnt have to work, would be right there with them.I belong to a big union and I know lots of brothers and sisters that back these people.

  • titus

    The general strike would starve the beast, however it has to be at length. The beast is so fat sucking our blood that can take some starving unabated.

  • Jofus

    Because so few workers are unionized, this “General Strike” might not be very effective. Few people may end up participating.

    And there may even be some unions who won’t go along.

  • Black Eagle

    Communism! Yeah! National Strike to Paralyze and Bring Down Capitalism! Horray! How many know that Marx was a racist Jew-hater, who advocated slavery, spiced up his writings with the “n-word”, and openly called for genocide against anyone standing in his path to power. Do an internet search on “Marx genocide quotes” and prepare to be both shocked and illuminated. Lenin and Trotsky both implemented his butcherous ideas, and Stalin and Mao went on with it. Ho, Castro, Che and all the rest were bloodthirsty killers who only feigned “concern for the worker” or “common man” as a device to grab power, at gun-point. Want a national strike? Think the banks are unfair? Just wait until the local “Committee on Housing” wearing red arm-bands shows up at your door — to throw you out on the street in mid-winter as they did across the world, and give your home and property to someone “more deserving” than you, who worked and sacrificed for it. Keep your powder dry.

  • forrest

    I’m retired, but I’ll go out and work for free on November second just to thwart these lazy communists.

  • L Simons

    fire everyone that strikes and then start from scratch hiring people that actually want to work….

  • Rich

    This is a joke right?

  • Anon

    OWS has become an extreme Left Wing movement that wants fascist rule in America. This would be like Nazi Germany all over again, except this time, the Jews would be replaced with the wealthy. The wealthy would be victims of a holocaust led by the Bill Mahers, and Michael Moores of America.

  • Gringo

    Do those morons really think anybody with a job is going to join them. This may be the overreach that stops this silly crap.

  • No Pinko

    November 2nd will be the first one. It will be quiet and get some coverage. The next one will be of greater magnitude because a fool always find a bigger fool to imitate. And, we all know there’s allot of fools in this country that really need to be sent back to where they were really born. Ya’ll know this is just about the middle class gettin what they all really deserve, right?
    Honey, could you pass me the wings and caviar …..

  • I have a job. I will not work on 11/2. I may not have a job on 11/3.

  • ET Skippy

    If those at any Occupy rally represent 99% of America, we are so screwed as a country…

  • libertyfirst1776

    It’s nice to see that 99% on here believe the OWS 1% are just a bunch of whining malcontents. There is still hope for America, if we can just hit the Eject button on the Obama presidency in 2012. We must beat back the leftist insurgency that is threatening our Republic.

  • MrVicchio

    I say have that strike, and here’s hoping for a huge number of pink slips on Nov. 3rd.

  • Kurt

    Blah. Blah. Blah….

    Why don’t all of you stop trying to take hold of what others have earned and earn it yourself? Have a degree in French Literature and can’t find a job that uses that knowledge? Are you surpised at all? If so, then you may have learned much in college, but you have learned nothing about the real world.

    Borrowed $80,000 for a four year degree in Theater Arts and are complaining about paying it back because you are not employed? I feel so sorry for you…but I will not pay that bill for you. If you were silly enough to borrow money to obtain a degree in a subject that is arcane or so strictly focused that it is not applicable to the business, health care, legal, financial, information technology, manufacturing, argicultural, environmental, construction, engineering, basic or advanced sciences sectors, and only useful to entertainment or academe, that is your fault. Caveat Emptor.

    As for the rest of you with useless degrees or otherwise who are whining and complaining, a tip for you (and a damned good one):

    This nation is beginning to experience a serious shortage of skilled trades people. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and dry wallers, auto mechanics, etc. We can get them from Mexico, where there is still a very hard-driving work ethic or you can change your expectations of life and of those of us who have worked hard to get what we have, stop asking us to feed and clothe you, get off your asses, and become productive and useful. Sure, you may actually have to work hard to be a success, but I guarantee you that the first 500,000 of you that see this as the real opportunity in America will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

  • BobbyONJ

    I think it’s hilarious that the OWS food preparers are going on a 3 day strike because they’re upset about feeding the homeless and felons brought in to add to the number of “protesters”. Sorry but how is that different from the 1% who are tired of giving their hard earned money to those on the eternal government dole? Maybe just a tad hypocritical on the part of the “flea baggers”? As usual, the Left is the epitome of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  • slowhand

    government workers

  • Working Man

    Why should I put my job at risk by going on a strike against my boss? A bunch of socialist hippies in Oakland think they can call for a strike and America will follow????

    These people are crazy.

  • Pedro C

    Wow, this sounds like a will be a HUGE successs! bwaaaaaaah! don’t let the media fool you I was at the “Occupy Wall Street” site last weekend, not by design, but I was visiting the 9-11 memorial and the unwashed herd was 1 block away so I could not help seeing / smelling them, they are basically the same ol anti globalization mob, and they take it up ONE block in lower Manhattan, they were more people occupying 21st Century for discounted Helmut Lang than were occupying that smelly park LOL!

  • Kurt

    TO BS:

    Implicit responsibility to the employee in recognition of their devotion? That is what 401(k)’s are for. 30 years of employment in one spot doesn’t guarantee you 31. No. But there is a very explicit requirmeent of the employee to continually advance his or her knowledge, continually improve what he or she knows about the business. It is incumbent upon the employee to make sure that he or she has the skills to stay employed, no matter what. If you lose your job, you do ANYTHING. And you start learning new skills. You don’t sit and wait for another “Supervisor of Buggy Whip Painting, Grade 2, Level 4” to come your way and make me pay for it while you do.

  • Mark

    Go ahead and strike…it’ll open up positions for people who want to work.


      Amen Brother! Too many of these kids only learned one thing growing up, and that was self esteem! How is that working out for them in the real world??

  • EVERY time the “OWS” mobs throw their tantrums, the Marxist-hijacked Democratic Party LOSES another percentage point in the 2012 elections! Keep it up! It’s only helping the Republicans take back the Presidency and Senate…….

    • Alex

      Yeah, because that will fix everything. Wake up.

    • Wil

      This movement is not on either political side.

  • Awesome! Walk out Nov 2nd, join the unemployed on the 3rd. Bunch of wankers!

  • Heff

    Why can’t we strike on a friday so I got a 3 day weekend?

  • Michael Moore is a Fat Capitalist Pig

    Nov. 2? OK….let me look at my schedule…oh, you know what…I gotta skip. Yeah, sorry dude. I’m working that day.

  • Dwayne Keith

    You a-holes can strike all you want on Nov. 2, 2011. I intend to strike on Nov. 1, 2012 at the ballot box where I am going to vote against everyone with a (D) after his or her name for supporting this garbage, providing I can make my way past the panthers.

  • John C

    The crisis wouldn’t exist if the liberal-progressives (socialists/communists) in Congress hadn’t introduced legislation forcing banks to make home loans to people with no credit, money, or income. As usual, the resulting social and economic instability provides an opportunity for left-wing radicals to organize protests (like Occupy Wall Street), to blame capitalism and the rich for the misery and hold teach-ins and pass out literature on socialist/communist dogma to indoctrinate the growing crowds. Once the crowd grows to a critical mass, the socialist organizers will start riots, hoping the new recruits will join them. With cold weather quickly approaching, and the possibility of dwindling support, the move to rioting is likely to occur within the next several weeks.

  • San Diego

    “First they came…” is a famous statement attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.
    The text of the quotation is usually presented roughly as follows:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    There is some disagreement over the exact wording of the quotation and when it was created; indeed, the content of the quotation may have been presented differently by Niemöller on different occasions.

    How many of you on this board, get the point of this quote?

    Yes, be grateful you have a job, but also be viligant, you may not have one next week, next month or even tomorow.

  • JoeH

    Winters coming. Hopefully that will drive the vermin to Commufornia where they’ll be welcomed.

  • josh biggs

    If progressives throw a strike and nobody come does that end their progress?

  • MarkMyWords

    Yeah, go ahead 99%…
    Be useful idiots for Soros and Hussein. Tell ya what is going to happen. You 99% ers will get out there serving the great left and violence will begin. It has been predicted, and the leader of your movement verifys that it may happen. Then King Hussein can call Martial Law, and implement the procedures set for in Executive Order that allows the President, in cases of declared emergency, to seize control of distribution of fuel, food and medical care. This EO also allows for the suspension of rights under the Constitution. JUST WHAT OBAMA WANTS. YOU dummies are dancing at the end of Soros and Hussein’s strings!!

  • Gator

    I’m going to work 16 hours Nov. 2.

  • Cgrnwd

    If all you “highly educated” squatters can keep OWS going for another 20 years just think- you won’t have to pay back your student loans. So says your organizer-in-chief! Keep it up and try to collect more cash from Soros, Move-on.org and the DNC.

    • Wil

      Because we have ANY connection to ANY of them…

  • josh biggs

    The only people that would joing the strike are the occupiers union masters and their drones. Unions are only 7-12% of the uU.S. workforce. If anybody in the prive sector joined the strike they should simply have their house cut or be fired outright. That way they could join the occupods permanently.

  • Leslie

    The only people who’ll join this strike, are those who has nothing to lose, like the unemployed, vagrants, people on welfare and criminals; but those of us hanging on to our job, we’ll go to work like the rest who work for a living.

    This vote for general strike makes me laugh! Protesters in NY are now complaining their cooks won’t be serving gourmet meals anymore because homeless and criminals are eating their free food. I thought these protesters are for equal distribution? It seems they don’t like “equal distribution” if it affects them.

    What a bunch of losers these protesters are!

  • matinva

    Strike from what? Taking money from unions? Making asses of yourselves in public? Trashing public parks and streets?

    I submit most of you couldn’t find your ass with both hands on a clear day with a map. If you could, you would realize your problems stem from the Loser-in-Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

  • Chunkymonkey

    Believe that it is past time that our erstwhile politicians (if they call themselves leaders) should take a look at this video — then force the protesters to watch it on their electronic devices — power provided by those they are protesting against. It is past time THEY GROW UP!! Permit them to LIVE IN THE WOODS — and fend for themselves without WHINING!


  • Noahind

    These protests are a trial run for the Obama administration’s back up plan if he is losing the election next year. All he has to do is disrupt the election process in enough places to declare it invalid or even suspend the election by declaring a national emergency.

  • Cgrnwd

    I think we should fire all 435 legislators along with Obama and make Richard Trumpka our new leader.
    Immediately pay everyone $60K/year (we will find something for them to do) 4 weeks vacation, full healthcare and full pension at 50 years. Assess a 75% surtax on all those in the 1% (whoever that is) so we can spread the wealth and all be happy!! This is the official statement of OWS.
    Politicians!!- we don’t need no stinkin’ politicians!

  • cntrlfrk

    Never forget this folks.

    Ask in job interviews if the potential employee was involved in this Anti-American ‘Occupation’, and make sure they remember that stupidity has it’s price.

  • I need a job !

    Please STRIKE – and make it last so I can make some X-Tra buck’s for XMAS …

    • ILikeRush

      I agree.

  • Walt C

    Strike from what? The people with jobs are too busy feeding their families to strike.

  • Dr.Who?

    Strike? I guess McDonald’s is going to have a severe labor shortage.

  • Patroit 1776


    At current oil prices, gasoline should be between $2.00 and $2.50 a gallon.

    Americans are getting screwed.

  • Joe Camel

    Everyone here is so defensive. Geeze, guys, 200 years ago politicians had to take handguns to Capitol Hill. Put your problems in a historical perspective and shed that narcissism that makes you think you’re either fighting for the very future of civilization or staring in the face of liberal evil as the last bastion of rational hope. You’re all animals and none of us are gonna live to see how it turns out.

    Happy Halloween!!

  • Patroit 1776

    Three years of Obama. Two of those years his party had full control of Congress.

    Hence, Obama and his party could do ANYTHING they wanted.

    There are still no jobs. No jobs for the class of 2011, no jobs for the clas of 2012, 2012, and 2014.

    Instead, the Whitehouse’s priorities have been elsewhere. Bombing Lybia @ a cost of over ONE BILLION dollars thus far? And now Clinton is sending more of our money to rebuild Libya after we blew it all up?

    And then this electric car maker. The .75 Billion dollar loan … and the cars are being built in FINLAND?

    What the heck is going oh? How can people be so blind as to what is going on? All these lies and the blowing of smoke in our faces is total insanity. Be are being conned by masters of bs and deception.

    Please wake up, people. It’s ok to be wrong. We all make mistakes and misjudge sometimes. Save yourselves … focus …. These crooks in government are owned by Big Money like Exxon.

    We can depend on nobody but ourselves. But in numbers, we are strong. FIGHT

  • Employed and Awake

    Yeah go ahead and strike. Fall right into the hands of the true organizers of all this mess, THE CENTRAL BANKERS. Wow fellow Americans you are all a bunch sheeple. They want you to strike and riot so they can enact laws against us that will make things worse. WAKE THE F@#$ UP!!!. If you want to protest something go to Washington and protest our Government and the Federal Reserve and the true cause of all our misery, the big banks.

  • chris

    Only at a left wing rally would dozens of dirty, hungry homeless people be able to blend right in with the protestors..National strike day? does that mean the protestors have to give back their unemployment checks, medi-cal cards and food stamps for a day….hmmmm…..maybe they should make it a yearlong strike so we could balance the budget with the money we save from taking care of these losers…

    • Wil

      Don’t like unemployment checks or food stamps? Then stay of public roads and next time you need a police officer don’t bother calling them.

  • lauren

    Count me in!

  • Eric

    I plan to strike this weekend when I am get time off from a hard week of work…I plan to occupy my couch and watch football!

  • jon

    They are about to find out their 99% is more like 2%. Working/tax paying Americans have no time for the 60’s revisited

  • VaDave

    I’ve been a working taxpayer never taking a break for 39 years now, raising a family, going to work every day, meeting my responsibilities to my family, employers and fellow citizens by not depending on anyone elses money or help. We are the majority! And as part of that daily working majority I’ve never heard this OWS movement mentioned by a single person except to label them as a small group of malcontent hippy throwbacks looking for a government handout. You might be surpirsed to learn that the average working Joe making this country tick does not wear Patagonia clothing, has never played hackey-sack and doesn’t want the government to pay for their childrens college education. Why, because we actually understand that nothing is free!!! Good luck with your general strike. The cameras will manage to find your pathetic little group of nutjobs while the 99.9% will be working. Go block a busy downtown intersection because that’s the only way you’ll ever get noticed!!!

  • Joe

    This is the ultimate… a bunch of out of work people telling people with jobs to strike. LMAO!!!!!

  • 13strigoi

    I’ve seen a few state that the protesters should try occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. What would that accomplish? Now if they occupy the golf courses, that would have a serious impact. Our president wouldn’t suffer for putting around smelly hippies.

  • Unconcerned

    I’m predicting this strike will have as great an impact as the end of the world that Harold Camping said would occur last Friday.

  • ILikeRush

    I hope they do strike and I hope they get fired. I need a job and would not strike. I like corporations.

  • Guzman

    Maybe all the working Americans should go on strike an not pay our taxes then maybe all you bums on the gov. Take would finally realise were your free handout is really comming from the tax payer the working man and woman who get up everyday and go to work you don’t need to strike we all know your a bunch of lazy bums !

  • tomfromalgonquin

    Who called for this strike, is it the religious guy who keeps prdicting the end of the world.



  • James

    Uhhhhh! I thought people were to post comments about the story presented.

    • ILikeRush

      shut up f-o-o-l



  • ILikeRush

    Hopefully these people are not the future leaders of our country. What a waste of youthfulness.

    • Wil

      You mean having a dream? It’s a shame that some people in this nation have lost the will to fight for what they think is right.

      • ILikeRush

        I know many people that fight for what they think is right. They fight in useful ways using the system to change things. They don’t camp out in a park doing drugs and wasting their time.

  • Dray

    I definitely think they should do this. That way we can see just how much of 99% OWS actually represents. My guess is, next to none….

  • sdkinpa

    I’ll be working, losers. In fact since you are calling for a nationwide strike, I’ll even see if I can work a little overtime too.

  • Charlotte A

    Dear Friends,
    I know how you feel…….The entire Nation was sold a bill of goods regarding President Obama.
    We don’t know who he is….The Press collaborated with George Soros and others of similar ilk; subversive and dangerous men with powerful connections and lot’s of money to buy influence.
    You are being sold a falsehood!!!! Our President is a fraud, had he been properly Vetted he would NEVER been placed in Nomination for President. He is a Communist, his entire Family were Communists, all of their Friends were Communists, all of His friends are Communist……Think about it!!!! My Mother always said…”Show me your Friends and I’ll show you your future!” You have been in college and most of your Teachers are Socialist / Communist… You need to reexamine what you truly believe, and who you want to be. I wish you the best and hope you come through this experience having a clearer vision of where we are.

  • Tread

    Go ahead and strike. I’m unemployed and NEED a job. If your employee misses work, I’ll gladly replace them. Better work for less money, regardless of the position, I’m a fast learner.

  • We have the best government money can buy. It was bought and paid for by Wall Street. It doesn’t matter who’s elected, the one percent who own and operate this country shall continue to run it. Until that one percent are taken out, the American sheeple shall only have what power, prosperity, and rights that America’s ruling elites feel like giving them. Need a job? Move to China!

  • Jack

    Fuck you

  • Dr Z

    Strike is a good idea. Hopefully a bunch of them will get fired and people who want to work will get a new job.

  • pyeatte

    Only a few left-wing zealots will be on strike. Since most don’t work anyway I guess they are limited to, say, not using toilets for a day – ok, I can live with that.

  • Kirk

    They’re going to strike?!!! I guess that means every head shop and medical marijuana shop in the country will be closed!

  • Seems like the masses agree that the OWS protest/strike is as rediculous as boobs on a boar hog? The scary part is when the majority of the public is on the government dole, which is getting pretty close, becuase they want the hand out to continue, and if they are the majority, and re-elect the current administration, then the party is over, life in America (as we know it) will be over, it will be a long slow decline as the “have’s” won’t have enough to satisfy the “Have nots”, and they think they have it rough now, just wait until that happens, then they won’t have anywhere to turn but to the socialist that will be running the country, or what’s left of it. The thing that is so hard to understand, from their perspective, is why they can’t see past tomorrow? If they truly think they are right, how do they propose their lives to be in 10 years from now? Could someone from the left answer me that?

  • Poops McGee

    This is just a trick!!! They want you to go on strike so they can go apply for your position! This is just brilliant. Good job OWS and all you other occupy smarties. **claps**

  • Lynch

    Oh noes!! A strike!! Wait, what exactly are you striking? You .00000005%ers don’t buy jack except with mom’s money. You don’t work and you don’t pay bills. What does society lose tomorrow if you fall off the planet?

  • pete

    Stupid hippies!

  • mccordp

    Remember the great work stoppage that took place when all the illegals boycotted work a few years ago? No? Of course no one remembers because it was a total joke of a walkout as it affected not one single soul–just as this will be a farce. Geez, these guys can’t even get more than just a few people to show up to support them on a nice warm weekend day and they expect people to give up income to show support. Oh so embarrassing to threaten and then be turned into a joke (gee, didn’t that happen with the Latino no show day when Leno and Letterman had a heyday with it?)

  • UruguayanBob

    It took a general strike to return Uruguay back to a republic and have three elections after years of dictatorship. Point being, can go either way.


  • johnny m

    God, you people are so boring. Fuck it, who cares, it’s a general strike. Wouldn’t you want to see it succeed simply to validate your rights and freedoms as Americans.

    But something tells me you weren’t the imaginative, or successful, or sexually active one’s in high school were you. Who listened to their high school principle with awe…you guys!!!!

  • Tom

    With the exception of a few comments, like from Steve, BS, RedFlag, LeeCee, Alex, Fanny Franklen, Rene, Post Youth, and asd, the remaining comments are just meaningless worthless foam from the mouth. Educate yourselves and support anyone trying to do something positive in this country.

    • Bunky

      You first.

    • I am trying to get educated, I ask a question and no one answered? What is “positive” about the OWS movement? It is not organized, they have no proposals, they have no answers, only whines about what they feel they should get for nothing. Educate me, inform me, if it makes sense maybe I can jump on board, but so far, NOTHING!

  • Liberals ideal of freedom is freedom from responsibility. Conservatives are scared to give responsibility up because you get idiots in charge. If the liberal groups strike, what will we miss. They produce little except trash and noise. Their biggest danger is the rest of us might not notice or even care.

  • Dennis D

    I walked by Zucotti Park yesterday. The 99% looked more like the 99 wackos. Its not as large as left wing media would like us to believe. Shame on the POST for being the OCW message boys

  • Major Dad

    Matty from Florida, I am surprised that a Marine would be so ignorant to jump in with the clueless lost soules involved in this socialist/communist uprising. You really need to stay at your job as the vast majority of loyal, patriotic Americans will be doing on Nov. 2. Don’t tell me you are a patriot throughing in with this disgraceful mob, devil dog. I can agree that there is corruption on wall street, but it pales in comparison to the corruption in our government. Why are there not masses of socialist hordes beating down the doors of the White House and Congress, which is ground zero for all that is wrong with the direction of this country. The answer is that our Federal Government and Union Leadership has been infiltrated and corrupted by the Statists/Socialist/Communists. Feeding the uneducated and naive educated parasites with lies and false promises of getting other peoples earnings.

    The Few and the Proud put their loyalties to: God, Family, Country and Corps. Country involves Protecting and Defending the Consitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. No where in there do you see political party, union, or any other parasitic organization bent on causing mayhem in my country.

    • Alex

      We have a spate of leaders wiping their ass with the Constitution. What are you guys waiting for?

  • Wil

    Message to everyone saying nasty things. If you don’t agree with the 99% (which you are apart of, it’s not a mentality its about numbers) that’s fine. What gives you the right to spit venom at people from across the internet.

    It’s kind of sad actually.

    • deathbyliberals

      Your ignorance actually resulted in you saying something correctly. You’re right, we are “apart” of the self-proclaimed “99%” meaning: not with. What gives us the right to speak our minds while they are out claiming to be speaking for us? Get real!

    • Jack

      The constitution of the United States gives people the right to spew venom on the internet. Exercising freedom of speech is never a sad event.

    • mccordp

      Wil, the joke is the “99%.” The “movement” can’t even get a decent number to come out and support them. Most high school football games have two or three times as many people show up as you guys can get in any city. You’re no more representative of the 99% than my dog is. In fact, my dog probably represents them more as he isn’t a member of the communist party or the nazi party or the socialist party or a union or moveon.org or any other nutty organization. He isn’t in agreement with Hugo or Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood. He isn’t spouting silly slogans like “We’re the 99%” or “Power to the People” or “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” or “This Is The Revolution” or “Wall Street is War Street” or any other goofball slogan. He’s never been arrested, has no issues reporting crimes to law enforcement, and knows better than to piss in the street. You guys are a caricature of a movement. And although you can’t be taken seriously you are proving an immense amount of entertainment value.

    • ILikeRush

      The are 1% we are 98.9% OWS is .01%.

      Why don’t you go home and something constructive with your life instead of dreaming the of destruction of my way of life. You are nothing new. There have been people like you throughout history. In the past before we became civilized you would have had a very short life.

      Now we cater to the weak and challenged.

      It is no longer a rule that the strongest survive. Too bad.

  • Bunky

    A couple of hundred protesters in a few cities and we are just so going to be shut down from your general strike.
    Don’t worry mommy will give you milk and cookies when you get back home.

    • April

      Grow up. It is movements like this in history that most people don’t fully recognize til many years later when it is written in books. I am sure many would have thought Rosa parks should have sat where she was supposed to sit, maybe MLK should have just been quiet and accepted things the way they were. What side of the fence would you have been on in those days? Oh and you might be thinking, “Oh you can’t compare this to that” but sometimes it takes just one stone thrown in the water to cause a ripple effect of change. So instead of making fun, go find out what people are so depressed in the U.S. find out what moves people so much that they are willing to occupy and spend so much time for something they believe in.

  • RobNclt

    Let’s see, 20 to 25 million people unemployed or under employed and these yahoos are calling for a strike. I wish it could last long enough to replace the strikers with unemployed people who are willing to TAKE THEIR JOBS. If you work at a place that does not have a union please let me know that you’re going on an unauthorized strike so I can tell a few of the unemployed people I know where to find a job. I think the Wall Street stinkers are about to find out of 300,000,000 people a handful support them and I mean a tiny handful. These people are clueless. I am going to strike, NO, and no one else I know will do it.

    Hey here’s an idea, they do that in Greece all the time so why not move there. You will feel right at home because the junk you’re doing here ain’t working! We are still going to vote your left wing president out of office in Nov of 2012. Nothing you can do at this point to alter that.

  • deathbyliberals

    That’s a great idea. Go on strike when there is 10+% unemployment. I’m sure they will not be able to find anyone to replace you. Idiots.

  • diane

    A nation wide strike by the fleabaggers? Does than mean they abandon their “community organizer” positions for the day? How can you strike if you have nothing to strike from? As for me, I ‘m going to sign up for some overtime!

  • Frank St Clair

    I support a nationwide strike. A nationwide air strike! Nov 2 sounds like a good date. Drop leaflets on Oct 31.

  • Justin

    Modern “Conservatives” are such a pathetic bunch. Real tough-talking individualists accept when it comes to serving the Corporate Elite. Then they quickly change their names to Krystal and Melissa and obediently pole-dance for anyone with a bigger bank account. Hey, touch your ankles, girly-men! You’ll love what comes next while bleating, “I’m free!”

  • Eric

    If any establishment needs to be occupied it is congress! They are the ones that allow these bankers and corporate fat cats to get away with these things because they send lobbyist to give are politicians how are supposed to represent us money to turn a blind eye. We need a congressional reform! Set term limits on these people. Like the saying “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” When someone has owned a Senate or House of Representative seat for decades they are pretty set in their ways and have most likely lost touch with what there real reason for being an elected official is. If the president can only serve eight years then so should Congress. More people should be allowed the opportunity to serve their country by being an elected official. Furthermore When your term is done you go back to your old job and that’s the end of your compensation for being an elected official. It’s a privilege that has been abused. Occupy the congress, it won’t cause any disruption because all they do is bicker with each other and nothing gets done in the interest of the people anyhow.

  • Jb

    Let’s just get this civil war started so we can rid the world of you useless liberals. I guarantee liberals will run like the French once it starts. We’ll just take back our county 1 bullet at a time.

  • SamZydeco

    I love it! Unemployed people calling for a strike – this is getting more French everyday!

    • April

      Wow, there you go making assumptions and do you know what the means? Most people in the occupy movement have jobs, but in their spare time instead of watching tv, spending their days with meaningless entertainment, they choose to make a stand. While you can go back to your regularly scheduled program.

  • Junie

    I say let’s go on Tax Revolt strike then watch OWS have a cow. Really if you’re going to go on strike, go on one against the government and this dim administration. You useful idiots clapping for him to go around congress, just gave approval to a dictator. Wake up, please.

  • Mike

    Not smart to strike when unemployment is high and illegals re willing to work for 1/2 wage or so. It’s a seller’s (= employer’s) market. You can only strike and make demands in an employee’s market, duh, or when the EMPLOYER cannot easily replace you. Not the case here. You people really need some basic education.
    BTW, why are you striking or what are you for or against?

  • irene

    I feel that this issue is not cut and dry.. I support the ideal of what the occupiers are protesting about.. being.. that corporations need to stop paying a select few in the high end of the corporate ladder obscene amounts of money.. while the people at the bottom of the ladder slave away for minimum wage– a wage that can’t even support a single person. But I also see that we need a capitalist form of economy to have the quality of life that we have are accustom to living in ..in this country. We need a monetary incentive and competition to drive inovation and companies to make a better product. We can’t just grab all JP Morgan’s money and give it to the homeless and think that is going to solve our problems.. Believe it or not JP Morgan bailed out this country in the early part of the 20th century..
    Ironic ,,huh?

    • Irene, you can’t have it both ways, capitalism and government control of companies to dictate salaries the way you want. What people don’t understand is they do have control, they just have to do it in the right way, channel their efforts in a unified way. Take Chase Bank for instance, if the organization identified an out of line social practice, they need to call for the boycott of any Chase Bank and any organization that does business with Chase Bank and boycott them. If you have enough sympathsizers, then you can cantrol what those companies do, however if you only have a handful, and are in such a minority, then it is you who are wrong and you either need to educate other people why they should care or give it up and move on.

  • James r bennett

    Be warned, these same ,er, uh, heros in blue that recently was responsible for the beating death of a man and recently gassed the protestors, some outside their home, will be the same ones who when marshal law comes will side not with the populace but the controllers who pay their salary, regardless of individual rights and so goes the reicht.

  • April

    Seriously you guys are so rude. Something new is coming, get on board or get left behind. Open your mind. So I guess a dog is grateful for the scraps it gets, but is that really what it deserves. When people see the rich getting richer, by stomping on the middle class, using unethical means to maintain their standard of living we are supposed to say, “Well that is okay, this is America, if you have the means and know how to do it, then kudos to you!!” Yea right. Many military are standing up for the Occupy Movement. If you want to stay in the dark ages go ahead, but time is moving on and we must change. Change in the only constant. You want things to stay the same but by the law of nature things must move forward.

    • nonya business

      I agree! We shouldn’t have to be grateful for scraps! We shouldn’t have to keep on accepting new standards of “normal” everytime the wealthy want to increase their profits and decrease our standard of living. I worry that if the economy continues as it is, in a few years people will think it’s “normal” to have 12% unemployment (I’m in CA) and homeless everywhere.
      Spending almost half your income for rent is not “normal.” –Working two part-time jobs, neither of which has any benefits, because you can’t find a full-time job is not “normal.” –Having a master’s degree and still not being able to find a job is not “normal.” You are absolutely right, we all need to WAKE UP!

  • Vivian

    “Many military are standing up for the Occupiers” Oh really, I live near one of the largest areas of military presence…and none of my Marine, Army. Navy nor Air Force friends and acquaintances are in sympathy with the tactics nor the many positions demonstrated by this motely bunch. They all agree that there is a “right to disagree, protest and/or demonstrate”, BUT the scorched earth actions and rehortic are not responsilble behavior. SO don’t paint with such a large brush lest it slop over into meaningless blah blah.


    If we don’t vote these crooks out of office all we or our children will be carrying in the future will be a shoeshine box for the rich mans shoes and a gun for the rich mans wars . Throw them in jail if they qualify…

  • rj

    Really?! So sick of the main argument against OWS is being run by the unemployed, “Why don’t you just get a job?!”. I fully support a peaceful Occupy and would be there as well but AM employed. I am grateful to them for their presence and perseverance. And people bitching about what/where protests should be while negating the protests is ironic. If you have a different idea of what OWS ‘should’ be protesting you obviously are not so happy with the status quo either. They are not commies, they aren’t ‘reds’ (are you really serious?! ‘pinkos’ shouldn’t be far behind), and it’s not just about Wall St. or just about banks. It’s not against capitalism or corporations. It IS against those corporations that take and do not give back/pay taxes/ are taking advantage of a dysfunctional system. It’s about everything that’s broken and unjust. Things have been broken for quite some time and I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for people to notice. I am thrilled that people actually care enough to try to do something about it.

  • mmqc

    Wow, looks like TPTB are genuinely worried. The CIA and NSA paid minions/posters have just about taken over the comments.

  • simon l

    The replies here are mostly hate-inspired dung made by narcissistic Tea Partiers who are hating on a Marine who sees the light. Tea Partiers are out for themselves – no brotherly love, which Marines hold dear, SEMPER FI

  • nonya business

    So many angry people here. I sense fear. Fear from those who already have their share of the American Dream – job, home etc. – and don’t care about those of us who don’t yet. They can’t empathize with the jobless-in-debt student, or the family who’s homeless because the bank took their home, or the elderly who don’t want to lose their Social Security, or the poor dupe who lost his 401k when Wall Street tanked – Fear is selfish, and doesn’t know any sympathy for anyone. Fear is exactly the reaction THEY want. Keep us paranoid and scared of losing what little we have and turn us against each other. Divide and conquer and stir the political pot while THEY take away our rights – and all our money. Wake up! We are all doomed unless we can pull together and get big corporation money OUT of politics. All politicians are bought, republicans, democrats, libertarians, tea partiers – all bought! So, get with the program and help the 99%, instead of just trashing all those of us who are trying to do something useful for our children’s futures. Keep your negativity born of fear to your selfish selves.

    • You make a valid point, except where you said “all those of us who are trying to do something useful for our children’s futures”. The point is, OWS is not doing anything useful, they are not organized, they have no answers (that actually make sense), and therefore can’t be taken seriously. They are being percieved just as they are acting, like a spoiled brat who is not getting their way and throwing a fit. If they really wanted to do something useful, they would organize and create a plan, or a proposal of ideas that make sense, then get buy in from the masses, which is the only way to get anything done. However, I think the OWS has thought about that and that is why they don’t organize because they have no answers and the ones they do have makes no sense and can’t backed. Failure to plan is to plan to fail, which is what they are doing.

      • nonya business

        Oh, yes, we are organizing. We are educating. We are doing something for our children’s American Dream. Go to Dylan Ratigan’s petition to limit campaign spending and sign the petition – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dylan-ratigan/get-money-out-join-100000_b_983427.html
        Then, try Googling the history of the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s scary!
        Occupy is going slow on purpose so they don’t get hastily labeled as Socialists or Tea Partiers or Green Party, etc. “Labeling” this early in the movement would be detrimental to the focus on money, and open up the movement to way too many “fringe” special interests. The main message from everyone, everywhere is get the money out of politics. No one thinks that Wall Street has any answers or that Big Banks and Corporations have the right to steel our bail-out money. (except for the 1% who took it!)
        With a congress full of corrupt, bought-off, politicians nothing gets done though, so we must reform campaign contributions to keep big money out of politics and also take away the power of the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s not really “federal” anyway, it’s a private bank benefitting a wealthy consortium!
        So, those are the two main issues you will see in the news, not network TV news though, ha, ha, ha. – because the major stations are also bought…LOL.
        1 – Get the crooked money out of politics and
        2 – Get rid of the Fed.
        Lots more to do, but that’s a start. Those two things alone would help. Yes, there will either be a political party in the making, or an existing candidate to back, it’s in the works. It’s all in the works and not to be rushed.

  • nonya business

    Yea, Oakland, keep it up! So, we aren’t “doing” anything, huh? Thousands of protesters shut down the port! Like they say in Oakland, “Ain’t no party like a West Coast Party!”