Occupy Wall Street: “Enforce the Laws for the 99%”

Preface: Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted. See this and this.

But the government has more or less made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street.

Watch this must-see interview on Occupy Wall Street and the prosecution of fraud:

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  • Dr. Richard Welser

    “George”, I know you from a long time ago…. early 9/11…
    However, as you know… or you should know…. it is not Wall Street….. (except as a symptom) … It is the privately owned (by the Windsors, Rothschild(s), etc.) IMF/Vatican Banks… , the unlawful private corporation – the IRS; it is the private, United States Federal Corporation, the modified and false corporation by-laws known as THE CONSTITUTION ‘OF’ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    IT IS THE FRAUD KNOWN AS THE 14TH AMENDMENT; The bankruptcy of 1933 and the securitization of all American ‘persons’ productivity, the confiscation of property, the creation of a debt currency… the FRNs, the revision to the Trading With The Enemies Act…. ad nausea…

    Stop the unintentional (I hope) limited hangout… tell it like it really is….

    Dr. Richard Welser

    • Chaos_Descending

      Really? Let me ask you this then. I’m Canadian. There was an Occupy Toronto movement. We lack the constitution and the amendments that you mentioned. I will note that the corruption is less obvious, but it is still there. Or Dubai, this once booming city is a wasteland of empty buildings.

      I guess after a few moments thoughts I’d just ask this. Is the USA’s chief export fraud, corruption and woe?

  • Dana

    Never would I have imagined that I could be emotionally moved by a MSM report — this is a first, for me :-/

    Go Bill Black, Go!! Few could make banksters tremble in their Guccis the way you will.

    My hat is off to David McGraw, too, who is sacrificing a colossal amount of time, energy and means to informing his readership at ampedstatus.com.

    As for Dylan Ratigan, at that rate, I wonder how long he’ll last on msnbc …

  • Finally, someone speaks about true justice and doesn’t mince their words!

    99% RULES!!

  • Time for the OWS and other widespread grass roots efforts to end the Bullshevik revolution that turned our once fair economy into an unfair plutonomy.

  • Wall Street will not be prosecuted because the polititions are also guilty and will go down with the bankers. This is a mutual crime, and the US Treasury was looted to cover it up, and everyone knows this. How about a citizen appointed investigation with this? Watching Washington investigate themselves, and solve the crime of the century has been a nausiatingly criminal spectical of it’s own to watch.

  • Syrin

    Obama has more cash from Wall Street than GOP rivals combined


    WHOOPS! Support the puppet of Goldman Sachs while protesting Goldman Sachs. While doing this activity be sure to rape (Cleveland), steal, threaten, intimidate, and do the following in public: sex, drugs, urination, defecation.

    Well done Sesame Streeters, well done.

    Want to be taken seriously? Protest the guy who bailed these guys out incentivizing them to take risks and the central banks that are funding their ventures. Until then, you all useful idiots, a substantial number of which are being paid by Soros funded organizations.