NYPD and Seattle Police Beat Up Protesters

New York Police Beat Up Protesters AGAIN Today

NYPD beat up protesters again today:

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

As Alexander Higgins reports:

This video shows Luke Rudkowski and other Occupy Wall street protestors being beat with Batons by White Shirts as the NYPD pepper sprays other members of the crowd. [Rudkowski is the lead reporter for We Are Change.]


This photo shows the crowd being pepper spayed.

Seattle Police Rough Up Protesters

Also Seattle Police roughed up protesters today:

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  • Jack Thomsen


    This needs to move to the homes and businesses of the Wall St traders and CEO’s.

    If the protesters spread out…. the individual police departments in the Hamptons, Connecticut, and small towns where there are 2nd and 3rd homes… won’t be able to protect the demons.

    Why set yourself up as a target when you can firebomb 2nd homes in Aspen and nobody will be there to stop you? Telluride, Beaver Creek, Tahoe…. even Marin County…. FIND THESE PEOPLE in their homes and destroy them there! Why risk death by paid for police?

  • shem suka

    This story about the police beating up people in Seattle is wrong! It was very peaceful and the police were very polite. This is how disinformation gets around, please check your facts before posting.


    • Michael

      Oh really, apparently you didn’t watch the video of the police hitting people. Wow. Nice try on the misdirection.

      • shem suka

        I live in Seattle! Do you? The police are not doing what you say. They didn’t hit anyone!!! It might look like that in the video, but it did not happen.

  • RussDodson

    All of you realize, of course, that the police, et al, are trying to force escalation so they can play with all their new Homeland inSecurity toys that we paid for.

  • Someone should tell the cops to check out if there is any money left in their pension plans. They just don’t realize that they’re on the wrong side.