Marine, Navy, Army and Airforce Vets and Police Vow to Protect Innocent Protesters

Marine, Navy, Army and Airforce Veterans and Police Vow to Protect Innocent Protesters

In response to the police brutality against peaceful American protesters – here, here, here, here, here and here – military and police groups are forming to protect American citizens.

In fact, many in the military support the protests (and see this).

As of today, OccupyMarines, Occupy Police, Occupy Navy, Occupy Airforce, and Occupy Army have formed to protect the people against police brutality.

After Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen – a Marine Corps veteran twice deployed to Iraq – was critically wounded in the Occupy Oakland protest, Occupy Marines tweeted:

WHEN YOU SHOOT ONE MARINE, YOU SHOOT AT ALL OF US. OORAH. Do It Peacefully Occupy We Stand In Solidarity

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  • USMC

    Semper Fi

    • Castnet55

      USMC I’m all for protecting Our citizens If they are obeying the laws. When however they are in violation of those laws they should be arrested and tried for those offences.
      The protesters know that by violateing laws they are subject to arrest and how they resist is up to them but if they won’t go peacably then the police have the right to use reasonable force. How much force to be used is set by policy and common sence. If the protestors resist arrest it keeps getting worse. Those cities are protecting citizens right to protest within the color of law. If the law says no camping then so be it no camping. That doesn’t take away a citizen right to protest. Common sence would help the protesters if they would use it.

      • H. Kathryn Lamat

        Ever heard of “civil disobedience” ??

        What you say SOUNDS “right” to many, but it is not right!
        There comes time in every revolution when the masses must reject the status quo boundaries; that is the very definition of each such movement!

        PLUS, “they” will ALWAYS say “you can’t stay here” when we really can; “they” will always say “you can’t do that” when we really can. Protesters must use common sense and must attempt to walk a fine line – BUT ONLY TO A POINT and the institutional agents will ALWAYS claim we’ve “overstepped” or “violated” some law – even when we haven’t.

        Sorry, your dissertation just doesn’t cut it in this context.

        • Chuckaluck

          Sorry, H. Civil disobedience is a myth. We elect law makers. Law makers make laws. Breaking the law is not civil disobedience it is breaking the law. Law breakers need to be dealt with. If we are disenchanted with the laws that have been made we can elect people who will make the laws we want them to make. Simple.

          • Pieface

            We elect people to govern us because we don’t have time to govern our own lives. In time, these people study the laws and change the laws, so that they can better govern us, simply because this is a form of power that is bestowed and not gained through through any other means except corruption. We protest, they change the laws to stop us from protesting, or they make new ones to take away more of our rights. Take a good look at your

            US Constitution
            Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths
            All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

            This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

            Remember, a person who came to America and was placed under contract to work for another over a period of time, usually seven years, especially during the 17th to 19th centuries. Generally, indentured servants included redemptioners, victims of religious or political persecution, persons kidnapped for the purpose, convicts, and paupers.

            So when you create your own laws to then break your own laws, don’t be mad when your county falls apart. Debt is debt no matter how old it is, unless it is sold to a third party, then this is a violation of a contractual agreement.

            Maybe we protest because our forefather knew they would have made too many debts we would all have to pay back one day, and maybe that’s why we have Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths.

            The queen wants her money, and she is getting it, from the inside now, and with extra tax. That’s what happens when you dress up as indians, and dump british tea into the water, and say @#$% the queen, you get a future tax. So protest all you want, the laws are being changed so you can’t protest long.

      • ian

        Since when is using teargas on peaceful protesters a reasonable response? Nobody was rioting, looting, or destroying property, they were just standing around.

        Also, “sence” is not a word, learn to spell and maybe more people will value your opinion…but I doubt it.

        • Suze

          ouch, Ian, don’t resort to insolts. I agree with the OWS protests & OWS protestrs, too. I am *thrilled* to hear of pledges to protect us protesters (because ALL of us who support OWS are OWS protesters whether we can make it to a protest or not). I hope you & others valu my opinion even when I spel wrong.

      • Shirley Southard

        The first amendment does not limit the time and the place of protest. The federal law comes above state and city laws and these cities are making their own rules. Shame on you .

        • Rick

          No dipshit, the Constitution does not limit time place etc. for a redress of grievances but it does say all laws and so forth not given to congress or prohibited by it are reserved for the States or the people. Which in short meaans that each State can write it’s own laws covering such things as what you occupy idiots are trying to do.

          • Sage

            Leave the names at home. The spirit of the Constitution as well as the Declaration are clearly that people have the right to protest grievances, to assemble, and to speak their minds freely. Any local or state “blue law” that conflicts with this needs to be applied with those principles in mind. “No camping” does not need to be applied to a situation like this, where the camping is part of the ongoing 24 hour protest and assembly. People should use their common sense and allow these things to happen, because they are in the true spirit of all that is best in America, which is founded on civil disobedience that led to liberation from England.

          • steve miller

            See: article six of the United States Constitution: (paraphrase) States and municipalities must not infringe upon the rights enumerated. (referring to the right to assemble peaceably to petition for redress of grievances).

        • Andres

          The Constitution does NOT provide for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT making its own laws, dummy!

          • Sage

            The federal government does make its own laws, doesn’t it? So what’s your beef?

      • Woody McBreairty

        You need spell check – as well as a brain check

      • bev

        It is comforting to be able to dismiss those who have been injuried as somehow deserving of such treatment, however, there are dozens and dozens of videos showing otherwise.

      • Jan Coldwater

        The Law is The Constitution and those who impose laws against it are creating unjust laws and it is our Civil responsibility to protest, demand, petition redress of grievances as well as to ABOLISH THE UNJUST LAWS! This is the spirit in which the movement is based in, even if the enemy within is trying to co-opt the movement for their own gain. Let them fail and they will fail if more people RESIST working for the enemy, rise up and stand with the people. Thank you for your service to what we were all duped into believing was just but now have found out otherwise. Peace be to all!

      • larry crawford

        Law worshipers don’t believe in nor understand the concept of an unjust law. I understand the need for order but let’s not blindly worship, please.

      • Steve

        What is reasonable force? If someone is in a public park, what amount of force is reasonable to use remove them? Ticketing maybe, but touching or anything further is unreasonable.

        Land of the Free, right?

        There are crimes against humanity being perpetrated by those in power. There are crimes against the Constitution and crimes against laws and you are justifying arresting people for being on the “wrong” piece of land (which in most the Occupy sites is public).

        And even if it is breaking a law, people broke laws to end slavery, they broke laws to give women the right to vote, they broke laws to gain civil rights and on and on.

        Words on a piece of paper (laws) are just words. They need be balanced by morals and ethics and love and respect and common sense. If they are not balanced by those they are worthy of nothing more than ending up in the recycle bin. Cops can’t say they were “just following orders”, that excuse did not work with the Nazi’s at the Nuremberg trials. The police take an oath to protect and serve the people. The military takes an oath to carry out lawful orders. The Uniform Code of Military Justice states that clearly.

        I think it’s obvious that taking a person’s freedom away from them because they dare to stand in a park after some hour has passed is a huge stain upon the person that caries out that action and it is a huge stain upon our flag and it should act as a stian upon the conscience. As the song says :”Calling it your job sure don’t make it right…” .

        These are Peaceful people working to make a just system.

        Police need to realize they are just pawns being used to perpetuate a system that is acting in an unconstitutional manner and which cares nothing about them any more than it cares about the protesters.


      • Ginnee

        I think the police should be arrested for violating the Constitution…. For violating human beings…. They have no right to abuse the people.

      • garciadann

        @cast really how about your Teabaggers showing up at rallies with shotguns?and come to think of it that movement was named after the Boston Tea Party a crime a little worse then camping in a park you Jackass

      • Todd

        If you were around during the American Revolution we would still be a colony of the UK.

      • jack ginsberg

        Your support is greatly appreciated, castnet55…however I saw a quote recently that struck a chord of common sense in me…”When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty…”

      • Purplemuse

        The Constitution supersedes local ordinances that are being used to OBSTRUCT 1st Amendment Rights. The camping ITSELF is in order to MAKE A STATEMENT – a First Amendment Right. Protesters are not camping because it is fun to expose yourself to the elements and hardship and you want to roast wienies and marshmallows and drink beer while swapping ghost stories.

        Would you listen to Colin Powell, retired four-star general in the United States Army, Powell also served as National Security Advisor (1987–1989), as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command (1989) and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993) when he says, “It isn’t enough just to scream at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. We need our political system to start reflecting this anger back into, ‘How do we fix it? How do we get the economy going again?'” He also states that the Occupy Wall Street Protests are “As American as Apple Pie.”

        Does he go on to qualify his statement by saying, “as long as they obey local (misdemeanor) ordinances. No, he does not. He actually goes on to say that he “gets” it.

        If a man, well above your rank, that you’d likely drop everything to stand up in a room to honor, “gets” that peaceful protests, by design (that’s why they are referred to as ‘civil disobedience’) infringe on ordinances and make the public uncomfortable in order to be heard, are as American as Apple Pie; do you think you could set your fear of disobedience aside long enough to defend those protesters against physical harm for exercising those American as Apple Pie Rights? If you can’t than I think you need to join the ranks of officers who simply “do as they are told” and jab petite women in the spleen with billy clubs (as in Berkeley) in order to incite a riot. (BTW: They did not succeed, Berkeley stood firm in determined peace).

  • PrissyPatriot

    hooah! I love our military. True heroes and patriots, these guys and girls!

  • Simon Rove

    “WHEN YOU SHOOT ONE MARINE, YOU SHOOT AT ALL OF US. OORAH. Do It Peacefully Occupy We Stand In Solidarity”
    Genuine bullshit shuch tweet
    Peaceful Revolution = Controlled Opposition
    Americans area just a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.

    • Simon Rove is a douche

      1. You spelled the three letter word “are” incorrectly.
      2. Only half of your “sentences” have correct grammar.
      3. “Americans area just a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.” And I bet your country is much less manipulative and wiser.
      4. I feel I speak for the majority when I say “Go fuck yourself with a rusty metal rod, and fling yourself into a volcano; you obviously have no idea what is going on in the United States at this moment, and should keep your idiotic ideas to yourself.”

      • Simon Rove is a douche also

        I agree

      • Christene Gregg


      • jamal

        Well Said!

      • Drdarby

        What a bunch of idiots on this blog. you start altercation and cry like babies when you are smaked down. You speak for idiots and you will be the first to be purged So much stupidity on libitard sites it is unbelievable. I will go count my millions now moochers

        • The Magus

          Go and count, your presence won’t be missed and your millions will be worthless. Fool.

        • Robert48

          Sorry ass hat but I very much doubt you even own a home. More than likely still living with Mommy because from my experience wealthy people first, do not come on to a blog or any other site and brag about how much money they have, that is unless they attained it by criminal means. Criminals always brag about the wealth they attained! Legit wealthy people just don’t!

          Now get back to playing your gameboy or better yet go back and play in your sand box, you mental child!

          Note: My may not approve of the supposed solution some of them are supporting but I fully support their RIGHT under the “US Constitution/Bill of Rights” to protest their govt for redress of grievances. How ever long it takes for the govt to respond to the demands of people protesting the government’s actions or inaction!

          A legit protest is not one where you show up in DC for a day of grand speeches and flag waving, then go home thinking you actually did something of value!
          The founding fathers would laugh at your weak effort! Moron, maybe you need you understand it was the founders of this Republic that protested for years and years against King George. King George did the same thing the authoritarian govt of today does. In King George’s day he sent the redcoats out to disperse the protests. Today the authoritarian govt sends out the militarized riot police to unconstitutionally disperse a otherwise peaceful protest for redress of grievances!

          Anybody that does not support the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to protest then they evidently hate the founders of this once great constitutional republic because it was those great men who intentionally wrote that as the 1st Amendment!
          Any bozo that thinks protesting is a political left/right issue needs to go back and take a full course of American history. Specifically, pre-American revolution era, the constitutional convention and read the founders private papers and correspondence!

          Until such time as you take care of that part of historical study, you might as well just STFU because people like myself that have a understanding of history and why we have god given “unalienable rights” will see you as a fool!

        • I will never understand why a right wing rich person continues to comment on these articles…shouldn’t you be working hard? Or is it just the bases of your personality that bullies and pats yourself on the back while cheating, manipulating for your wealth and equates this with being smart.

      • The Magus

        Not only did Mr. Rove have the grammatical errors going on there but with astonishing success he also misquoted the quote.

        “In Haig’s presence, Henry Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”

        The next time Mr. Rove feels like he should make a statement perhaps it would be wiser if he had someone else make said statement for him.

      • Exulted

        About time someone said it.

      • Americans ARE a bunch of stupid animals

        The misspelling of one word doesn’t disqualify the claim Mr. Rove proposes that AMERICANS ARE A BUNCH OF STUPID ANIMALS EASY TO MANIPULATE AND SUBDUE, and the subsequent responses tend to confirm the author’s assertion ( argumentum ad hominem).
        Rove is correct stating that a peaceful revolution is a synonym of controlled opposition since the facts on the ground so far are proving his theory: after being beaten by the police the masses just tend cry foul without responding to the aggression.
        Apparently, modern Americans are the offspring of failed generations, as formulated in Buck v. Bell – 274 U.S. 200 (1927) – in which Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. states the following:
        “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

      • American with eyes

        If you look at history instead of just reacting angrily and proving the statement about being “dumb” you would clearly see that over the last 600 years or so revolution has been a practice in “controlled opposition”. What we saw on 9-11 was just how easily Americans an be duped even if the trick completely defies any known laws of physics. What the writer should have said (instead of antagonizing a scared and confused group) was that American’s are so easily manipulated that, among other things, they haven’t even considered the fact that there Patriot Act makes violent suppression legal and completely within the rights of the riot police. That’s something that needs to be considered if this “revolution” is going to be anything but a way to flush out sympathizers and institute Marshal Law. The “go home you third world douche bag”…and similar comments doesn’t just make Americans look bad in general it detracts from anything anybody including this article’s author has to say.

        • American with eyes

          *can be duped.* don’t want to give the English teacher on here any ammo to discount my point because I spelled a three letter word wrong once………

      • anonymous

        he’s an idiot but he’s got a point.

      • rezme

        One hundred internets to that man…

    • Hobbs77

      Listen you third-world douche’bag…keep your comments to your own country…and if you are going to sling garbage…take the effort to spell the language you communicating with correctly…unless you want people to know you are a moron…which,of course you are…

    • OccupySupporter


    • Ohh is Simon Rove, Karl’s bastard son?

  • jo6pac

    Brings tears to my eyes as Amerika wakes up. Thanks Vets and all others.

  • Carl Herman

    Yes, when they shoot at one, they shoot at all.

    Unalienable Rights is the heart of what “being American” is, and that ALL of us have equal standing with each other and our Creator.

    The 1% want to be special, different, more than the 99%. The 99% will end that tragic-comedy now.

    We invite the 1%’s surrender of their arrogance, to embrace “Scrooge conversions” to act overtly and/or covertly for 100% of humanity, and thereby to reclaim love in their lives.

  • Mog

    This is what happens when You have israel train police officers.

    Now all U.S. Citizens are palestinians.

  • dogismyth

    oh bullcrap! The marines, police or army ARE NOT there protecting protestors.
    Why the lies here?

    I guess its the same reason you did NOT post my last comment.

    • Rich

      Really? That’s why a Marine took a bullet last night meant for a protester.

      • bexx

        At least watch the video for yourself before posting comments. Took a bullet? More like took a tear gas can to the face. That was not intentional. Those police officers were following orders. The stun grenade thrown later was intentional and un-called for, yes. And the marine (if that indeed is the branch he was in. Not sure) is a veteran that was protesting with the vets for peace group. And no, I don’t really like cops either. But the bottom line is, when are the people going to fight back? This peaceful shit isn’t going to do anything. Like the protests in the 60’s “ended the war”? Yeah, OK. Grab some weapons and TAKE our country back.

        “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government” Edward Abbey

        Anyone here a patriot?? I sure hope so.

        • Think Again

          Guns and “taking our country back” is not the way to solve anything. Peaceful protests time and time again have proven to be an effective method for getting word out about major issues. If you start shooting no one will take you seriously. You will be deemed thugs and fools and all of the Fox News casters will finally be right about what they are reporting.

          For the record this isn’t the same as the protest in the 60s, however, that protest put massive political strain on the government to remove our troops from Vietnam. Hell that was half the reason Nixon got elected, he promised to pull the troops out of Vietnam and did so. Check your history books then come back.

        • Raph

          “Those police officers were following orders.”

          So were the Nazi officers at concentration camps. I guess that makes it okay!!!!!!!!

        • Elliott

          i agree, if you really want to put an end to this police brutality then you’re going to have to stand up and fight back. the police believe they are invincible, but they’re not. they bleed just like you and me. they just need a simple reminder that they bleed. get your concealed weapons license and carry a gun for protection against these cops that are sworn to “serve and protect”.

          • Agree. Act like the Panthers did: you have the right to carry a gun, use it against oppression, for people’s power.

            All the Power to the People, now!

          • The Zap

            Good luck getting a carry permit in KaliCommieFornicatia.
            I hope the cops continue to target the Vets, that will start the revolution a lot sooner.( nothing will coalesce the people to move faster than targeting Vets).This is a dumb as hell move for the Cops to have made.

            Throwing rocks?….LOL
            Looks like a scene form Empire Strike Back Darth Vader.

            Take names of the officers and a good puter hacker hired to get their locations.
            That will make em’ think twice.Maybe that bump in the night might not be so funny when it hits home.( I am not advocating violence or retribution,at this stage).

            When they kill a couple of protesters, that will be the fuse that gets “O’s” war started, so he can declare martial Law and become Supreme Ruler for good.

            Don’t get me wrong, I Appreciate honest cops,(and if there is video showing these protesters physically PUSHING them to react, then they get what they deserve.) but I am an old man, and I know one thing about cops.

            Either they become one to truly Serve,or they are thugs,that become cops to be able to wield power they would not have as anything different.
            That’s the jist of it.

        • Rick

          And exactly how many of these left wing hippies even own a firearm much less no how to use one? Most of them would end up shooting themselves. This group of idiots most likely all support gun bans and are afraid of them. Geez you’re stupid!!!!!!

          • Stupid is NOT being afraid of a gun. A true gun owner and/or hunter knows this.

        • Truth is..

          The first shot does appear to indeed be intentional. This slow motion video demonstrates it.

          At about the 30 sec mark you can see an officer back away from the fence and lower his weapon. Almost as if he is shocked by what he had just done? Perhaps.

          What is important to remember that right before this, before Olsen was shot, the Police had fired Tear gas, etc. into the crowd and had cleared them. The VFPs stood their ground. @1:30, middle center left. This can be seen from the overhead footage. @~1:40 it appears that Olsen goes down.

          This might have made the offending officer irate that they did not “follow orders” to scatter; he took their challenge personally. Then he fired. This appears to be attempted manslaughter.

          His name is Scott Olsen.
          His name is Scott Olsen.
          His name is Scott Olsen.

        • deadlanguage

          Yeah, peaceful protest never fixes anything… Oh wait, except for when minorities got their rights back during the civil rights movement…

      • Drdarby

        That bullet came from a protester, First it was not even a bullet. You people live on lies. Stuck on stupid all of you

        • OccupySupporter

          Did you see the video of the icer casually lobbing a flash/bang grenade into the crowd gathered around the injured man?

          • OccupySupporter


        • Elliott

          why would a protester be carrying a grenade launcher you imbecile? get out of here you fucking troll.

      • eline catalanotto moreland

        I do not consider these sub-human trash american citizens. They are common socialist. These people are against my way of life. That marine is one of them and if the military backs these creatures then they have downgraded to the lowest level. They are NOT protecting me. They are protecting MY enemy.

        • Your comment pretty much sums up the problem in this country…many are heartless and would “eat their own” to get ahead and be one of the supposed elite!

  • Robert Tracey

    Our service people in unifrom are our real heroes now, and our only hope. Elected officials and business leaders will do whatever the banking masters tell them to do to protect their positions, and they will ask our children in uniform to enforce their wishes, violently.

    If they reuse, we win. It’s that simple. Because it’s our country.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Bullsh*t, if a single one of them had the right stuff, he or she would have got on board with this .. .. Deep throat in Iraq – Mossad and the Fake New Zealand Passports, By Jerry Mazza 8-8-8

    According to a reliable source, Mossad agents caught with fake New Zealand Passports in Iraq, were subsequently ordered to be let go, they [had] high powered sniper rifles, and were assassinating American soldiers, to support the illusion America was fighting a legitimate war in Iraq.

  • phukkk you


    • Reikidave

      I doubt that Gov Cuomo will do that because he would either be impeached or not reelected. Matters of this nature need to be handled diplomatically and not with brute force. The protesters do have 1st Amendment rights.

      Secondly the OWS protesters are not America haters. They are exercising their 1st Amendment rights to protest grievances they have about inequities in the way corporations have taken over the government. It should be government for the people and not for the corporations.

      • Smitty

        The OWS is about hating and converting America to Communism. It was about banks, regulating, etc but it has turned out to be a criminal gathering. When I see signs that say Kill all Cops or Viva Che or Viva Al Qaeda or Death to America…that has nothing to do with banks etc. That is a THREAT and National Guard MUST stop this shit before we have to get our own arms and protect ourselves. This is the new communist movement. Those people on the internet who started this must be traced and jailed because it has become a threat.

        • cre

          WTF? Are you serious man? I agree with one thing, the corporations who started this should be traced and jailed 🙂

    • WW

      So are you advocating another Kent State scenario?

      If it happens thats probably the beginning of the end for the banksters.

    • Only the president can declare martial law.

    • The Zap

      At least the Natl Guard will not use em for target practice ………………again.
      They willbe held to more UNIFORM rules.

  • Illusion?? DON’T think so. If anybody really believes that those nice troops are gonna “protect” you then you haven’t been in the real world for some time. Good luck.

    • Reikidave

      Active duty troops will not. Many veterans will protect. They know what it’s like once they leave the military and try to get a job, just as the protesters do.

      • Smitty

        They cannot get a job because illegals are getting those jobs. The veterans here are treated like shit while illegals get everything. And OWS zombies do not want to work in the first place. They want the government to give them everything free. A good way of dispersing the OWS crowd is to throw in a job application in the middle of the commune and watch all of them scram fast……or throw in a bar of soap too. That will make them run!

        • Rain

          Smitty, you aren’t even a good troll.

  • Danielle

    I heard that these protests would be protected by members or past members of the military 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t seen a deluge of their presence yet. And where in the hell are all these so-called Oath Keepers? They should be out and about too–not only protecting the innocent protesters, but gaining notoriety for what they represent.

  • A. S. Cent

    Rense = conspiratainment.

    We are done with entertainments.

    The bread and circus stasis is over.

    Things just got REAL.

    • Smitty

      So what does that mean? Communist revolution is the solution? Do you like to eat? Do you know what food rationing is???

  • SK

    Semper Fudge!

  • Those military who are there are not there officially, on orders from headquarters.

    They are there on their own conscience, and have been dealt with like other protesters in most cases (sometimes if they have their medals and uniform on things change).

    But the Pentagon did not send them, so we don’t know if they are in the majority of soldiers.

  • Michael D

    It must cause a bit of cognitive dissonance to be told “you’re fighting for our freedoms” while at the same time seeing police brutalize people for exercising them. Good on them!!!

  • An America

    All I can say is remember kent universty-when the military shot students ”peaceful protesters” to death on campus-remember the military attacking protesters in chiacgo park with guns and half tracks at the dem convention-remember ? I do- I remember alot of blood being spilled at alot of peaceful protest by cops and soon after joined by the military-so don’t be so sure they will help when push comes to shove-dont forget that fema has ereacted a lot of camps-remember the military and the police are products of the united states-and to them we are just cattle to deal with-they don’t think of them selfs as one of them we are targets-what we as real Americas do-in the future is what will define as a people and to the world-every day I stand on my feet-I will not kneel to my oppresser-this is our time-this is the place-walk with your head up not bent-STAND AMERICA-remember that each time a crime is commited on you by the police or military-that THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING-

    • Smitty

      So when you carjack a person, or a gang shoots a liquor store clerk…that is OK???

      • Josh Bersos

        Your response to such an eloquent presentation of the history of peaceful movements being violently opposed is this? You really seem to be grasping at straws, Smitty. To what I think was your thought processes are that the police and the military are there to stop the liquor stores from getting robbed by gangs (by the way, look up “Gang Members in the U.S. Military” on Google and tell me what pops up) and cars from getting jacked, those are acts that are as different as night and between violently suppressing peaceful protesters with military weapons and tactics. But if you wish to keep on grasping at straws, please respond to this comment thread.

  • Jerry Scott

    I was a Marine from 1955-1963. Now I may be old, 73, but if there is a fight for right, I will be there with my former Marine buddies. Count me the F*** in Jar-Heads!

    • laura

      hell yeah buddy!

      • Topo

        Right(s) on !

  • A. Benway

    The policy-set, the “driving intent” as Walter Karp put it, is 100% dependent upon obedient servants known as “police” or “soldiers”. This policy-set is now seen as undesirable by many of those servants. Their willing obedience is now beginning to evaporate. The outcome is obvious…

  • El Corrazon

    It is time for true feelings to be felt and expressed. I hope with all my Heart that police and military folks can see through the manipulation and stand for true fairness and equality, not just the appearance of it.

  • This U.S. Army Veteran stands with the Occupy Wall Street 99% Protesters. We must serve and protect our fellow American citizens against tyranny.

  • I do not believe this for one second. When one of our carved-out-of-stone soldiers or officers come face to face with these scrawny, smelly, fleabagging losers it will only make painfully obvious the vast differences between these two types of people. Think about it. Certain members of the NYPD have a word for useless tools like these occupiers: they “affectionately” refer to them as a M.O.P.E.

    • freedom

      criminals are free to their little in jokes.

      They can laugh all the way to the gallows if they feel brave enough.

    • Smitty

      One of the roles of the OWS movement is to promote killing of cops because most of these are criminal drug addicts convicts who are out in the streets. The scum that the United States feeds yet they want our death. It has become a threat when there are signs like Kill all Cops and Kill Christians and Viva Al Qaeda. That is not freedom of speech anymore. It is a threat and must be dealt with at any cost!

      • Rain

        Repeating lies over and over does not magically turn them into truths.

  • Allan Collison

    WHEN YOU SHOOT ONE MARINE, YOU SHOOT AT ALL OF US. OORAH. Do It Peacefully Occupy We Stand In Solidarity . 99% is Standing up agaisnt the 1 % . Remember the Vets were lied to about WAR . Alot 1 % FOOLS giving there View with foolish comments.

  • Tatiana

    You cannot fight violence with violence. It basically says that you agree with aggression, dominance, and control so long as it is in your own interest. That’s the same ideology that is oppressing the protestors right now. To tear that sort of oppression down, you need to tear down your own faulty ideologies. If you want to have an effective campaign (Gandhi did it, MLK did it) you must be non-violent, otherwise you riddle your purpose with hypocrisy.

    And just because many people are sheeple does not mean that you should discredit their power to change their minds. Are there not veterans for peace? Ex-cops for reform? I fully believe that military people – not operating under commands of the military, but merely as U.S. citizens with more specialized training – can and will protect American civilians however they can. And if they truly intend to, I truly support them more than I have have in my entire life.

    Also, the very FIRST Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to freedom of expression, and prohibits any law that abridges that right, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. This means, that no matter what you think of cops, they have absolutely no authority under the U.S. Constitution to be enforcing any laws that abridge these freedoms. Permits, ordinances, whatever – absolutely no law may trump the First Amendment rights. I stand in solidarity with the protesters who REFUSE to relinquish their most American right. Power to the people!

    (As a side note: Would some people please watch their language, bordering on xenophobia, racism, nationalism? Saying someone is from the “third-world” is totally dismissive of the greater economic context in which the 1% of the “first-world” create third worlds. Choose love, every time, everywhere.)

    • Topo

      Well versed. Thank you.

    • Dennis

      Many protesters here misapprehend the Constitution and law. While no lawyer, I know the law well enough to know that while the Bill of Rights guarantees freedoms of speech and assembly, they are of course not absolute (e.g., “fire” in a croweded theater will deservedly get you jailed), and there is a long and in-depth body of law governing circumscribing of those rights.

      While circumstances vary, and while protest in general is protected free speech, and assembly in general is protected, assembly in, say Zuccotti Park in NYC, is hardly an automatic right. The park is not public, it’s privately-owned, in a particular public-private partnership agreement that gives breaks to developers in return for publicly-available park type space governed by reasonable rules of use, the term “reasonable” not defined. The Zuccotti rules were purposely general before OWS: open 24 hours, no skateboarding and such. That was pretty much it. Now, the board of the company that owns the space has made rules that prohibit sleeping backs, and, hence, essentially, overnight staying/camping.

      Is not the board’s ruling legal? Do property rights have no standing because of the First Amendment? No, there are precedents and balances. The Constitution’s protections were never meant to be overarchingly in favor of *your* chosen protest activity.

  • amicusbriefs

    This site seems to have more than the usual share of Tribe-fed, yarmukle-wearing trolls posing as something with a soul. This fatal mistake by the Tribe’s Gestapo tax-collection agents in Bank-Occupied Oakland galvanizes the people they trained to kill- against The Tribe. Oops. No wonder the pawns of oblivion show up at this thread in disproportionate number. If the soldiers are turned, then LEA soon follows from the municipality and county upwards. The FED dies.

    • Dennis

      “yarmulke-wearing trolls”? Gestapo tax-collection agents? (Quote from one “amicusbriefs” on this page.)

      And you wonder why people with hearts and heads look askance at what passes for the Left? Would that amicusbriefs could be magically transported to Germany circa ’37 for a few to learn quickly something of history that has somehow fairly utterly eluded him.

  • The Magus

    You are right Amicusbriefs, too many tribe trolls here. This was kind of a test and gestapo didn’t know it so it was a glaring success. The threads topic has been moved to a different site already and the gestapo is still sitting around wondering why there are there are so many of themselves in one place while the true conversation is going on in a similar place on the other side of the river. But it was not in vein, infact alot of great info was gleaned from this thread ; )

  • Wallace

    “Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep this in mind; it may offer a way to make him your friend. If not, you can kill him without hate, and quickly.” — Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1973)

  • The Zap

    While this has been orchestrated by the Obam lackeys, GREEN dudes,SEIU, UNIONS, ACORN, (not known by that name any longer,Fed funds got cut off after they gave advice to people how to SCAM the IRS,in a prostitution business) ,even THEY have the right to peacefully protest even though I DETEST what they stand for,Communism/Marxism.

    This may be why more folks are not turning out………who wants to be a part of something most of America is 100% against.

  • Amy Knutson

    Wow, the lack of civility and the abundance of cynicism, paranoia, arrogance and hateful judgments exemplified in many of these comments is amazing. Using anonymous handles to inflict hateful speech is cowardly no matter what your opinion is. If people really hate Americans that much, perhaps they should leave the country.

  • Bill1102inf

    Count me in. Hooooorah

  • Jerold Chrristianson

    We must all stand together against the beast.

  • SPC V

    please be warned alot of the negative comments that are pro law enforcment are the very same people we are fighting against. for example on facebook just check out these idiots “profiles” NOT REAL PEOPLE. i support TRUTH

  • Flaming Homer

    INCOMING: America isn’t dying soon, and damn right the heroes of themilitary would protect peaceful civilians at all cost.

    Luckily the democratic republic system is not entirely fucking broken, and we could see a change in the hearts and minds of the American people. They’ll stop living in fear, and start leaving for a purpose. The Great Recession is result of our societal laziness.

  • Big Al

    Military vs Cops
    Zetas vs Anonymous

    Wild times.

  • Rebecca Drygala

    So proud that our Service men & women are standing up for what they fought for here in The United States. They make me swell w/ Pride

  • Tracey

    A marine got critically injured while practicing the freedoms he went to war to protect. There is something seriously wrong with that weather you support the OWS movement or not. I think the OWS protesters need protection, they also need gas masks and face guards. The police are overstepping their bounds. Remember: “Four Dead in Ohio”

  • Dave Bond in England

    These guys are inspiring, after seeing how NYPD Abused irritating but Lawful & Peaceful demonstrators, and previously hearing how Iraq Veteran Ethan Mc Cord witnessed the Killing of Iraqi Kids was Psychologically damaged, then suffered spinal Injuries & discharged with NIL Financial help-benefits I was disgusted, I don’t agree that USA-UK Troops are even involved & many none Taliban Civilians are Killed, but the guys out there are carrying out orders putting their Balls on the line and you have to respect anybody who does that. They take & use Healthy motivated young Men & cripple-use-ruin them. Good luck to all you Americans who want to take power back where it belongs, away from Billionaire Bankers Media Moguls & back to the Citizens.

  • xeno

    Citizens, police and military is what it will take to make a change.

  • This U.S. Army Veteran Supports our 99% heroes fighting for the American Middle Class on the front lines of ‘all’ the Occupy movements, especially those War Vets in Oakland. God Bless you all.