Unbelievable, Must-See Video: Heroic Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Firestorm … Holding Up the Constitution

Amazing Video: Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Attack Holding the Constitution and a Veterans for Peace Flag … Moments After Scott Olsen Was Hit In the Head

Here he is a couple of minutes before, standing with marine veteran Scott Olsen before Olsen was hit in the head and nearly killed by a projectile:

In fact, retired members from every branch of the military support the protesters.

And even active service members are starting to come out to support them.

Note 1: Courage is contagious.

Note 2: By comparing the video above with prior videos of Scott Olsen’s shooting, I believe that video experts should be able to confirm the identity of the shooter and the guy who threw the tear gas canister in the middle of the group trying to rescue Scott Olsen.

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  • Meanwhile some 40,000 of his fellows are going to go visit Cheney’s HQ, Halliburton.

  • PrissyPatriot

    Something seriously wrong with these cops who have ego conflict issues with veterans. They bring shame to the law enforcement profession and are failures as Americans.

    • Bunz

      Cops are just failed school bullies. Put the marines, in uniform, in the front line opposite Mr White shirt cop and see what happens ….

  • Mog

    Real tough cops.

    Makes me wonder, doesn’t it?

  • m_astera

    Anyone who wants to be a cop should be, forever, banned from being a cop. I will l will leave the details up to you, but essentially those who want to be cops are the worst of the worst.

  • j r

    If and when the SHTF most of these cops will turn and run like bullies and cowards do.

  • jimEdee

    For a long time I tried to defend cops because of the job they do, and because I have family in law enforcement…but these chumps don’t show anything. They don’t remind me of TRUE POLICE OFFICERS, which then begs the question…who the hell is paying them to do this. But I agree with others who have said, put some vets out there…we can play the same game, only we’re better at it.

  • gb

    see this news interview with this brave sailor to see what an articulate and and thoughtful young man he is:


  • melanie Hessler

    That could be my WWII vet Dad, My Vietnam veteran brother, My Desert storm Veteran Sister, My Veteran Husband, or ever non veteran me. It shows what cowards the Oakland Police are. They have no honor that one can see in their actions. It shows the bravery and honor of an american serviceman and those trying to help him. Its time to stop living in fantasy land – Its time for regular Americans to stand up as one voice and just say no more tyranny, no more lies, no more BS, No MORE ATTACKS ON REGULAR AMERICANS. NO MORE ILLEGAL ACTIONS FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. THIS SHIT IS WHY MY GRANDFATHER LEFT RUSSIA IN 1910. HAVE ALL BUT A CHOICE FEW AMERICANS BECOME PUSSIES? WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN WITH NO SEVERE REPERCUSSIONS?

  • TC

    That sailor’s intense look in courageous defiance is one of the most powerful images I have ever seen. Would the movement soon field these by the fleet one might look forward to this sailor bringing to be.

  • This is what will stop the cops: as they come face to face with their own people, having to shoot American citizens, it will start to dawn on them what is happening and they will switch sides. As well-trained as they may be, they are still deep down children of mothers and human beings.

    When the feds call out the military on us, those guys will be a little harder to turn around. They have actually been degrading and killing other humans for a couple of years. Oathkeepers now!