Boston Police Tear Down American Flag, Harass Veterans … Like the Iwo Jima Moment In Reverse

Boston Police Tear Down American Flag, Harass Veterans

Occupy Boston protesters before being evicted by police

In response to police statements that Occupy Boston had to vacate the park because they didn’t have a permit, protesters responded:

We have a permit, it’s called the constitution.

Veterans formed a line to try to protect the protesters:

But police tore down an American flag and harassed the veterans. Police started by arresting the veterans — who included a female veteran of the Iraq War.

As Salon notes:

On Monday night, Boston police broke up the Occupy Boston protest, and in the process, they tore down an American flag and knocked down at least one American military veteran.

A group of Veterans for Peace stood in a line in front of the Occupy Boston protesters, and after the police warned the entire group to disperse, a line of cops marched out of the darkness and seemed to move on the veterans first.

John Nilles, a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran, told the Boston Globe he was knocked down during the arrests. “I have absolutely no use for police anymore,” he said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” You can hear protesters on the video screaming over and over, “We are veterans of the United States of America.” It’s chilling.

The video is dark, so it’s hard to see exactly what’s happening, but when the American flag starts to totter, it’s like the Iwo Jima moment in reverse.

There are reports that peaceful protesters were beat up, although we have not been able to confirm these reports.

Here are photos from AnonOps:

In related news, here is video of a San Francisco police officer hitting a protester with his night stick:

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  • PRichards

    police tore down an American flag and harassed the veterans

    It just shows you the fraud and cynicism at the heart of the State’s use of these American symbols. They wave them in your face to get you to go along with their criminalities eg wars and torture, but the moment either one of them get in their way boy, out come the jackboots and nightsticks

  • Got Martial Law?

    Countdown to Martial Law, brought to you by NSPD51.

  • Kolokol

    Winning hearts and minds.

  • Wendy B

    Great. The cops apparently “forgot” that the veterans have tried to fight for their ( the cops’) freedom. The cops have been militarized to the point that many of them believe that American citizens are their enemies. Makes sense when you understand that they are not trained to “serve and protect”, but to protect the establishment (ie..the FED and the big banks, and Wall Street). The cops no longer give a damn about you and me. As the economy gets worse (and it will), there will be more protests, and more violent reactions from the cops. Bye-bye America.