Big Banks Refuse to Let People Close Accounts

Big Banks Try to Stop Customers From Moving Their Money

I’ve long supported the campaign to “Move Your Money” from the giant, insolvent banks who take billions in bailouts and use the money to speculate and to corrupt the system to smaller banks. See this and this.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have announced that November 5th is “Bank Transfer Day”, a targeted day to “Move Your Money”.

The big banks are trying to preempt the efforts of their customers to move their money to smaller banks.

This week, protesters were arrested when they tried to close their Citibank accounts:

And a Bank of American branch in Santa Cruz refused to let protesters close their accounts, saying they could not be protesters and customers at the same time:

In August, Bank of America used police (and reportedly swat teams) to stop St. Louis Bank of America customers from closing their accounts:

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  • tal

    Your link below to Find a Local Credit Union & Asses Its Safety has been flagged as an ‘attack’ page.

  • Jeanette

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO glad that I haven’t had an account with a megabank for over thirty years. I deal ONLY with a credit union and am very happy with it!

    • Rachelle Berven

      I, too have a Credit Union Acct. Savings and Checking accts. I’ve been with them for a little over 1 year.
      Very happy. Very nice and helpful employees.

  • No Baal Outs for Satanists!

    Absolutely OURAGEOUS. DONT PAY YOUR MONTHLY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS until the perps are indicted. This is not time for theater but for substantive acts.

    • r

      Hey, how about this, don’t USE your credit cards until then. Paying the bill is just covering the use you’ve already done, deciding not to pay it back is stealing. And I don’t steal or care to associate with those petty criminals, individual or corporate, who do.

      • Lori

        EXCELLENT point!

    • Twyla

      Irresponsible suggestion!! YOU made the choice to make charges on your credit card, it is your responsibility to pay them. You want to protest the institution? Pay the card off and close the account. Not paying the card payments will hurt YOUR credit, it won’t touch the banks.

      • John Q Public

        Since the big banks fleeced America, (Citi, Bank of America, etc) how about only paying back the ACTUAL charges that you made minus the outrages interest.

        That way you are paying your obligation without funding further fleecing by these loan sharks that operate on public money (i.e. tax money) which was used in part to pay out gross amounts of bonuses etc!

        • James

          Another irresponsible suggestion. Again, you applied for the account, signed the contract, and used the card. Not paying your bill (no matter how much interest you think is too much) is still stealing.
          Pay off your card, interest included, and close the account.

          • allen

            f that , when a bank adds a fee , or raises your interest rate for any reason besides non payment, that is stealing , f them and f you

          • allen

            Hey James ! , you do realize that they dont actually loan you anything, they simply create money to lend you , why are you so on the BANKSTER side, jsut admit it , you are a banker or other wall street crook speaking sanctamonious BS

  • Carl Herman

    Yes, Americans, move your money from the big Wall Street banks.

    Many of us invite our bankster brothers and sisters to consider Truth and Reconciliation as their own proposal to finally tell the truth of their looting in exchange for no criminal or civil prosecution.

    Of course, we’ll take your stolen assets, too, but I’m willing to argue for a comfortable pension to encourage your peaceful surrender.

    • Harry Johnson

      No there needs to be criminal prosecution. There has been no accountability. Without criminal prosecution the problem will continue.

  • Any organization that can compel my continued business relationship with them on the basis of being a “protester”, or any other reason on their part, by the use of state police power is simply too big.


  • Andy B

    Mr Washington, and fellow Wall Street observers and participants. Here are two brilliant speakers at the occupations:


    Marianne Williamson

  • martin

    Hey guys don’t confront the gestapo. They have swat. You have squat. Instead just gradually and stealthily remove your money from these banks by weekly writing a check from your Mega bank account to your new credit union account. You don’t have to close your account, just keep $50.00 in it. When the “occupy wall street” fever subsides you can close your account without the swat team cracking your head. These big banks and big government take your money in many stealth ways, so just return the favor. They only succeed if you let them. They are nothing without your compliance. If you have an unwanted guest, how do you get rid of them? Don’t feed them.

  • hoser

    I leave just enough money in the bank to pay my bills. I won’t tell you what I do with the rest of it. (Silver, wink, wink). It’s not a big mega bank but I do trust them and I’ve talked with several bank employees about their finances……. Get to know your bank. Not hard. I would however, not trust a big mega-bank like JPM/GS/CITI/BOA…..Good luck to us all. Make sure you own some PM’s.

    • Dave

      Banks are “for profit”, credit unions are not, they are for you! Move your money as soon as you can. I have used credit unions for 40 years after a bank stuck me with penalties that they returned later. It was my first and lst experience with banks. My trust with banks was broken at that point.

  • TruthTold

    Use your credit card to systematically buy thing and obtain assets. You can also email money transfer the money to a friend. Other non person to person contacts with the Zombie banks can be tried. JUST GET DEVIOUS!!!! They did it to you….it’s time for some payback!!!

  • Nak

    Everyone should pull their money out of the big banks , but let us do it smart.
    Never let your enemies see your strength because then they will adapt to it. – Deng
    All warfare is based on deception. – The Art of War By Sun Tzu
    Take Small Bites: The Fait Accompli Strategy.[1] Make progress in small steps, often going unnoticed by your rivals. By the time they notice your growth, it may be too late. – The 33 Strategies of War

  • udovdh

    Just move your money electronically the new account.
    Send the old bank a registered letter to close your account.
    Ask them to confirm and explain why you close the account.

  • BambiB

    This is starting to look like a run on the big banks (Citibank, Bank of America).

    Historically, the people who closed their accounts first, got their money.
    Those who waited, got nothing.

  • William

    The deterioration of respect for customers is not limited to banks. I opened an account at a major local credit union recently and was rapidly pushed through the document-signing process. I slowed her down and asked what I was signing, and what are the four documents that this one says I am agreeing to? Well she was a bit annoyed by this and quickly flashed them in front of me, saying I would be given them in the “welcome packet” (after signing!). One document was a whole page of fees. I told the officer that I felt the process was unethical.

    As an experiment, I went to another local major creditu union to open an account, and the same thing happened! Only this time it was even more unethical. The document was shown to me on a computer screen, so I could only see part of it (and he had control of the mouse, of course.). again, I pointed out the unethical nature of the process, and walked out of his cube.

    • Tim

      If it is a member of National Association of FEDERAL Credit Unions it is still part of the fed system isn’t it? If so, you still in it.

      • siteunseen

        They’re not associated with the Federal Reserve System, but unfortunately they have your money insured by the Federal Reserve System. I’m going to go to one of their meetings and ask them to buy Silver Bonds to insure peoples money and get out of the Federal Reserve Systems insurance program.

    • jazzycat

      Interesting post. That is not cool to be treated like that!

  • mattmc

    so… Did we miss congress passing a federal law making it a crime to take your money out of their banks?? C’mon rockefeller/rothschild…

    • siteunseen

      You, my friend, get it! So many don’t know who controls us and our monetary system. It is Rockefeller/Rothschild et al, and we’re all just useless eaters. Gates is in on this too, he’s another arch enemy. Buy Apple or Mac’s, and if you can throw out the Microsoft stuff.

  • Phoenix Rising

    I left a penny balance in my Wells Fargo free checking account after I opened a credit union account over a year ago. They refused to close the account by phone last year and mail me a check for 1 penny, and I don’t have the time to go to a local branch in person to close my account for 1 penny refund. It now costs Wells Fargo more than 1 penny to maintain my unused account and send me paper statements every couple of months. So Wells Fargo can suck on that worthless Bernanke fiat penny for another couple of years for all I care.

    • me anonymously

      😀 I still get statements and mail from Chase…. they have 1 cent of mine because they refused to close my account about 8 years ago….. Said we have to wait to make sure all your checks clear… nevermind that I NEVER had any checks it was strictly a debit card account!

  • Just leave $1 n your account, then they have to keep sending you statements @ 42 cents each!

  • Kevin

    The whole OWS is a waste of time. You can yell and march all you want, it’s business as usual for the financial system. In 1929 nobody protested, instead everyone just took their money out of the banks and the ones who waited lost everything. Simply taking out your money is 1000x more effective than holding a sign and shouting. You better hurry up though!

  • Bill

    Just because it’s a credit union does not automatically mean it is great. There are some good ones and some crappy ones. It depends on the people running them. Check them out before you sign.

    • Nikoletta

      Very true. We have some that are crummy and some that rock. I did my research and found one that was good.

  • frederickmuhlbauer

    get your money and buy gold the only “real” money

  • M Theory

    I closed my accounts with the big banks more than a year ago. When I closed my Chase account they wouldn’t let me close it at the teller window. I had to sit in the little waiting area for 25 minutes until the branch manager was free. They said he was the only one who could close an account.

    I had a copy of the 23-page report written by former U.S. Asst Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts which explains how JP Morgan Chase manipulates the silver market. The report is exhaustively detailed and footnoted. The branch manager smugly said they don’t buy into “conspiracy theories”.

  • M Theory

    Knowing a couple years ago what (thankfully) others are figuring out now, I cancelled my big bank accounts a couple years ago. However, if I kept the Chase credit card, they would ding my credit score. So I pay the balance in full. I absolutely love using Chase bankster money interest free to donate to Ron Paul’s campaign every single month!

    Ron Paul is the mortal enemy of the bankster criminal cartel.

    • Phoenix Rising

      And also use that Chase credit card to buy physical silver. Ironic…using a Chase credit card to crash JP Morgan Chase lol

      • weenie66

        im going to close mine completely otherwise they still ding u with little fee’s every month (acct) im not talking about credit card.

    • siteunseen

      Ron Paul is the Bankers worst nightmare….they’ve taken his votes and thrown them away in all the caucuses. His rallys are packed to the rafters, and this includes young people, middle aged people, veterans, families, etc. These wars are implemented by the same people who own the federal Reserve Bankrupters. Please put two and two together. Rockefeller Chairs the Federal Reserve Bank, the CFR, the Tri-Lateralists Commission, and the Bilderberger Group. Rothschild is the UK end of the deal. These are the two most evil men on the planet. Ron Paul is their Arch Enemy, and they also control most of the Media outlets, except for Prison Planet and a few other smaller private TV Internet groups. They will kill Ron Paul if he wins, so they just plain won’t let him win. All of these Diebold machines can be altered so his votes can end up for Santorum or Romney. If you want to know who is getting the most votes it is Ron Paul, but they’re skewing the votes, throwing away his votes, etc. Look up on Ron Paul’s votes thrown away or something like that. He goes in with 4000 people into any given Caucus, and comes out with only 2000? What gives? the GOP Machine won’t allow him to win. He’s ahead, but Media and GOP won’t allow it to happen. It’s all manufactured people, just like in Russia where Putin didn’t win, but got it because of their voting manipulation and tactics. God Help America!

  • 24K

    I just made a music video about zombie bankers which has actual zombie bankers in it!

    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • shawnabepositive

    Take every cent out of your account, the banks can “claim” your account as an “investment” even if you have one cent in it. You can always buy a prepay card and reuse it. You can pay your monthly bills with it and anything else. There is no reason to have a bank account. You have to be careful with credit unions also, do your homework first. Gold is only as valuable as they/we say it is and so is silver.

    P.s. Ron Paul is not the answer and I for one am tired of seeing the “End the fed” signs at these protests. Do you want to have Congress take over our money? or give the banks even more power.
    Maybe i just dont understand…please someone explain.

    • siteunseen

      Congress is supposed to print and coin our money, not any foreign bank or entity, and it is supposed to be backed by Gold and Silver. This is called Hard Currency and what you’re seeing because they’ve allow the “Federal Reserve Bankrupters” to take your money, and literally devalue it, through Quantitative Easing, which means they are creating money out of thin air, to give Government the power to give your hard earned Tax Dollars to Rich Dictators and other Foreign Entities, which you know absolutely nothing about, but which we are now Trillions in Debt because of, and beholden to “The Federal Reserve Bankrupters.” You American Dollar Bill is now worth about 4 Cents, because of this practice. Wilson took away the power to coin and mint money from the Government, which is written into our Constitution, and gave it away to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is primarily owned by Rockefellers and Rothschilds et al. These are the Oligarchy’s which control and own us, even though you don’t see them, or hear much about them, they’re the men behind the curtain. They are the Monarchs and the Kings who control our Presidents, and our economy, and our monetary system. They want to end the Middle Class, and they want to destabilize the World Economy, so they can have their hands on our money as a One World Banking System, with no competition. They’ll do anything they can to destabilize us, and to diminish the population, since they consider us or we “Middle Class People” and “Poor” useless eaters. Bilderberger Group et al, and CFR and Tri-Lateralists are all in this together. Don’t be fooled by any Arab Springs, this is all manipulated by the Central Banks who want to control their money, and want to centralize it so they can rule the world. It is evil as evil can be. Fight, fight, fight them all. Go to Ron Paul 2012 and read what he wants to do to save our Economy.

  • Jason Bourcier

    I’m a Canadian, but I wish some US president had the balls to re-implement JFK’s executive order 11110.

    That would end the Fed and the raping of the US populace by the equally nefarious IRS (A.K.A. The collection department for the TBTF banks)

    • bob

      hey jason,

      if you think its any different in canada…it isn’t….the bank of canada was taken away in the 70s…thanks to PE Trudeau…just like the fed in the states…

      watch this video:

      (it’s a bit long – 4 parts – what this guy lacks in charisma, he makes up for in information – easy to understand as well)…

    • siteunseen

      Ron Paul will end the FEd if elected, but they’ve taken his votes in the caucuses and thrown them away, allowing Santorum and Romney, who are actually on the bottom, to appear to be winning. They’re skewing these votes with Diebold Voting machines which can be manipulated at will to take voters from any given candidate and give it to another. It’s the most deceitful and evil system in the world, and no one is getting on top of this. I wish I could do something myself. I’d do it quickly.

  • Blackisnotpleased

    To be honest, I haven’t had a bank account in at least a decade. I cash my paychecks at a Check-n-go, and pay for everything with paper moneys. Yes, there is a small fee taken out, but it’s worth it.

    • William

      Why even pay a fee at all to get your money? Plus, those places are owned by the TBTFs and highly profitable, and do their dirty work directly on the poor. Why not go to the bank the check is written on (if available in your area) and cash it there? You need 2 IDs which is a pain, and you have to ink your thumbprint, but the bank gets ZERO money from you and you get 100% of yours. Larger grocery stores used to cash paychecks, do any do that any more? There must be better options than using payday loan places–?

      • dummy

        That’s not true. Went to cash a payroll check at BofA where I did not have an account and had to show I.D., ink my thumb and pay 7 dollars to cash my payroll check which happened to be drawn from BofA. Fees fees fees FAIL !

  • weenie66

    its OUR money, how the hell can they stop you???
    we need scumbag lawyers involved right now!!!!

  • Emily

    You have some misinformation in your post. While has long been supported by OWS, was started by Kristen Christian, a gallery owner in LA, and is not associated with OWS. Also, these protesters were arrested for protesting on private property, NOT for trying to close and account. Any private citizen going in to close there account should be able to do so without any trouble.

  • Well, I am next to close my City Bank account, They sent me a letter stating that I must have $6000 in either checking or savings accts combined starting November 1, 2011. If I do not maintain that amount, they will rob me of $15 every month till they eat up my balance. Get more greedy, you losers.

  • Looks like they are not banks anymore. It is like you are giving your trust to the robbers of modern times. We should find some other alternatives to banks. Just pay cash.

  • mike

    I am so happy I closed my Wells Fargo Account and put my money in a LOCAL BANK that only has branches in Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs all towns with strong economies in Colorado that are also popular ski resorts. The Depression has hit here as well, the Real Estate market took a hit and wipped out a few money grubbing globalist investments. A job is a good thing to have and will get you a second job but it takes a job to get a second job or another job.

  • mike

    I am so happy I closed my Wells Fargo Account and put my money in a LOCAL BANK that only has branches in Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs all towns with strong economies in Colorado that are also popular ski resorts. The Depression has hit here as well, the Real Estate market took a hit and wipped out a few money grubbing globalist investments. A job is a good thing to have and will get you a second job but it takes a job to get a second job or another job. So END THE FED END THE FED BANK LOCAL BANK LOCAL BANK LOCAL.

  • James F.

    Moved my money today (wrote a check to myself from the old bank to the new one.) A bit scary but it feels great!

  • Wow (American Lyceum and Jimmie Frazier, are you watching?) – “Guerrilla Law” has arrived in the Land of the Free turned Land of the Fee! When I was first referred to as the “guerrilla lawyer,” it was 1987. I was described as an anarchist, a revolutionary, even a traitor when I said the people of this country had many, many ways to fight government by corporation, to stop being victimized everywhere about everything, and to take back their freedoms. A U.S. District Court (Colorado) ruled that to give me my own records – government records having to do with me – it quashed my lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act by citing national security (the first, and only, time the outrageous internal revenue system was ever raised to that level). I was harassed, pursued, beten, shot at (and hit), burglarized, and driven to life in the wilderness.

    Where were all of you then?

  • meta

    Move your money to a bank. Yes, they’re banks, too, but you’ll be surprised. Check out the site.

    • Trust Noone

      The Global Alliance for Banking on Values works with key partners to further its work. In particular, with FMO, the development bank of the Netherlands, the Rockefeller Foundation, who co-fund its financial capital.

      Rockefeller backed bank, would not touch it with a 10 ft poll.

  • One of the bullet items of the Wall St protests, should be to get rid of “credit ratings”. Credit ratings are like blackmail. They can put ANYTHING on your credit rating. If you rightfully refuse to pay a bogus bill, they will put it on your “credit rating” and good luck trying to get it off.

    • James

      Anyone can dispute any item on their credit history.

  • laura m.

    If I was closing my account, simply I would go alone (not in a group) AFTER I write a check from the bank I’m leaving, and deposit the check into the new bank or credit union and order new checks several weeks ahead so I can continue writing checks (transitioning to the cr. union). Then after checks clear, I’d go to the bank and tell them I’m leaving the state and closing it today. There would be little money left, as the checking account would be “stripped out” into the cr. union. I have done this several times over 15 years. A new account must be opened several weeks before closing the old one, otherwise you can’t pay bills/write checks since it takes two weeks to order checks. Good luck people.

  • E Hook

    I was with san diego trust and savings. It was taken over by wells fargo bank. My account was transfered to wells fargo. I went in one day to cash my payroll check. Wells fargo told me that they could not cash it because I did not have enough to cover it. “But it was a payroll check I said”. I tried to get $100.00 out, they told me No! I went to a credit union and became a member. Iwent back to wells fargo to close my account and they charged me $1.00 to close it???? I have been with my Credit Union for over 25 years plus. I won’t ever do bisniess with big banks again. After struggling for 2 years with B of A on a loan modification, They told me that I never qualified for a modification then Foreclosecure. I don’t think I will ever buy another house. The american dream, “Foreclosecure”.

  • Jim

    I’ve had MBNA credit cards since I was 18. My money used to be with Commerce, now TD Bank. I don’t understand the credit card hub bub at all. My credit card is just convenient, not magic money. When I was having money issues in my early 20’s my credit cards let me stay on my feet. Sure it took me about a year to pay them off once I made some changes, but at least I had access to the excess resources. I learned my financial lesson then and it’s never been a problem since.

    Credit cards are voluntary, I just don’t get everyone who complains about them. They aren’t forced on you, just don’t use the thing if you don’t want to. But here’s the kicker: I do want to. I like my credit cards. They make things simpler for me. Maybe I could save $20 a year or something if I didn’t use them, if that, but if $20 a year is going to make or break you you have bigger problems.

  • Renee

    I totally support the people pulling their money and closing their accounts. I do. I hope that the banks are frightened by us for a change…

    … but I can understand why banks would not allow people with mega phones, signs and high energy/anger into a building with money and employees, tellers and security who are not the 1% but the 99%. Really, we have to be reasonable if we want anything good to come of this.

  • Karina

    The whole thing sounds great right up until I see people start raving about Ron Paul ( a danger sign if there ever was one) and smugly talking about “the people who get their money out first”– screw everyone else. This isn’t what a populist movement should be doing. This is the same old selfishness and self-centered behavior, not caring about what happens to others, no concern about the larger community. This is how corporations STARTED in the first place! We are supposed to be able to do better than this, and we can do better than this.

  • No to money in banks

    Withdraw the banks power – the power is money..!
    If we all take the money out of the bank in large numbers there system fails.
    I strongly believe this is the way forward, and say well done for all those making a stand…. be part of the revolution of chance..!

  • Susan

    If you leave any amount in your account that is under their minimum balance requirement they will absolutely love you because they will charge you a monthly fee. That’s what they want. Instead of having that dollar or penny cost you $10 a month I’m sure y’all would much rather close your accounts quietly and unobtrusively. It doesn’t matter what day you do it as long as it happens.

  • …and governments wonder why the consumer no longer consumes and instead ends up protesting and rioting. Time to move over to permaculture!

  • This is a travesty. I like what Andre above posted about leaving a cent in the account, so the banks will have to keep sending you statements! Those pennies add up…

  • Matt R

    Locked the bank doors to keep them in until police arrived? That is kidnapping. I would use force, including deadly force, to stop my kidnapping. And no, she did not have a “shopkeeper’s privilege” to detain them unless there was a theft. Lady should be dead.

  • Michael

    Those people who say not paying your credit cards is stealing is a bunch of B.S…….These loan sharks were bailed out with YOURS and MY tax dollars !!! WHY do these big banks pay their ceo`s $$millions a year ??? and multimillion dollar BONUSES !!!…screw em !!!!!!! I AM NOT PAYING A DAMN PENNY OF MY CREDIT CARD DEBT, And I don`t care how many times they call or use ridiculous threats !!!!!!!!!!!!! Every letter goes in the garbage !!!!!!! I don`t care about my credit score, another SCAM by the banks. The OLD credit score system was 100 times better, but they changed it to screw the consumer over !!!!!! I drive a car that is in someone elses name and I don`t own any assests, so banks, come and get me !!!!!! To all you idiots saying it`s wrong, look at your interest, look at your fees, not to mention many banks charge $60 or more JUST TO HAVE THEIR CARD !!! and all those millions of customers !!! Ha !! They arwe screwing you in the @ss and you are enjoying it obviously !!!

  • Michael is the bomb!

    Michael, that sounds about right. Six figs a year or more, but own nothing = judgement proof. Put your car in an LLC you manage but don’t own, same for house; keep it out of someone else name. If they get sued, you get screwed. Pfft…on the banks and judgement creditors. Pfft…

    • allen

      yes sir, !!!

  • allen

    what a Joke,. why isnt this out in the MSM? , how can you refuse to close a customers account.
    But , there should have been a swat team there , to arrest any banker that refused.

    There is a reason they did what they did, there is no money at any large national bank branch, they couldnt possibly honor the request of 20 people to close thier account , much less a run of hundreds.

    take your money out now people!!! . 2 million is just a start,

  • siteunseen

    I was ahead of you guys, I closed my account in the Summer of 2011, as I saw what was coming, but darn I didn’t have anyone with me. I just said I wanted to close it because I wanted all my money in my main bank, which is a Credit Union. I go to a Credit Union in Portland, Oregon. I want to go to one of their meetings and ask them if they can back our money with Silver Bonds or Silver, rather than Federal Reserve Insurance. I talked with someone about that today, and I ran into this about you guys not being able to close your accounts and getting arrested for doing so in a group. These guys are all controlled by the biggest Freak Job of Rockefeller et al. Please realize, your greatest foe is the Federal Reserve Bankrupters, who control all of these smaller but major banks. This includes Rothschild et al and Rockefeller et al. These are the men behind the curtain. It blows over into the Wall Street Crony Corporatists, but vote Ron Paul 2012 or bust. We’ve got to End the Fed. As I speak, Rand Paul is trying to get an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank approved by the House. We need to get that done. Please back Rand Paul and his efforts to do this, and squelch this Oligarchy which is controlling our money and our lives and our prosperity. Keep on keeping on!

  • Michael

    If you cant close your account try this: write a check to yourself for everthing that is in your account (be careful about other checks coming in, of course)… then your balance is zero..

    No money there? The bank cant use it.. Thats what we really want

    I know this is simple, and proabbly has a lot of issues, but it might work, do your due diligence.