Aerial Footage Shows Tear Gas Canister Hitting Scott Olsen and Flashbang Grenade Breaking Up People Attempting to Rescue Him

Aerial Footage Shows Tear Gas Canister Hitting Scott Olsen and Flashbang Grenade Breaking Up Rescue Attempt

The following aerial footage of the Oakland protests shows Marine veteran Scott Olsen being hit in the head with what appears to be a tear gas canister (approximately 1:40), and a group of protesters trying to rescue him being dispersed by a flashbang grenade (around 1:52):


I showed the video to former NASA photo analyst Michael Rivero, to see if he thought the low trajectory of the tear gas canister fired at Olsen shows that the attack was intentional.   Rivero is an imaging expert with experience with NASA probes, and so is expert at assessing height, angle and object size from photos taken from various distances and at different angles.

Rivero told me:

I agree the low angle indicates the shot was aimed at Scott.

This is a favorite trick of the Israelis to kill people while pretending it was an accident.

For background on the use of tear gas in Israel, see this.

Note: We at Washington’s Blog are in no way anti-police or anti-Israel.  We support the troops and the police, although we demand that they follow the rule of law and the Geneva Conventions and rules of war, and respect the right of their citizens to free speech and free assembly.  We are simply against the use of brutality or unjustified violence by police or military … anywhere in the world, whether in the West, the Middle East, China or elsewhere.

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  • LadyJ

    You may not be Anti-police or Anti-Israel but Rivero clearly hates Jews by the slant of his postings. I read his blog often and he constantly hurls the actions of the Israeli govt on all Jewish people (little comments below each post gives him away) and it makes me question his opinion on most topics. I am however a fan of your blog because you stick to facts, not opinion and don’t make snide racist comments below your postings like Rivero does. I am a bit sad to learn you are buds with this guy actually. Oh well, I’ll keep reading YOUR blog anyway! thanks!

    • DyingTruth

      Michael Rivero is Sephardic Jewish, and it’s not suprising to find that a lot of jewish people deplore the environment that the vast majority of jews have created (that is, if they have any morals).

      • Brian

        The “vast majority of Jews” did not create this. The vast majority of Jews deplore immoral action, such as blaming the vast majority of jews when you either don’t know what you’re talking about or if you are just a bigot with an agenda.
        Try to refrain from bigoted remarks next time.

  • LadyJ

    Case in point: here’s his comment below a posting about Madoff today, what a jerk he is:

    “Boo hoo hoo, feel sorry for us, we’re the victims here, we’re Jewish! We have suffered so much, especially in the years before we were born! Hitler, Nazis, Holocaust. It’s all the gentiles’ fault! Did I mention Hitler? Have pity! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. ”


    Bernie, if you are really too stupid to count how many pills it takes to kill yourself, TRY JUMPING OFF OF A TALL BUILDING, you putz!”

  • swamp

    To the Mayor and Police Chief of Oakland

    DEMAND, now, the surrender of the cop who shot Scott Olson.

    And is it no surprise that the coward is in hiding?

  • swamp

    The park belongs to WE THE PEOPLE.
    The streets belong to WE THE PEOPLE.

    • GeorgeW

      It is very unfortunate that people were hurt, but I can’t help but feel that no one would have been hurt if these protesters had simply obeyed the law. There are plenty of ways to demonstrate legally, but these protesters seem to deliberately choose illegal methods to force altercations, to better attract attention to their agenda. It’s perfectly reasonable to have laws not allowing people to camp out indefinitely in a public park. March one day, go home at night, then return and protest again the next day. It’s not rocket science.

      • Jude

        It is very unfortunate that people were hurt, but I can’t help but feel that no one would have been hurt if these Policemen has simply obeyed the law. (Sorry, I changed one little word, to make it more accurate.)
        Constitution trumps regular business hours regulations. The protesters were also peaceful, which is more than I could say for the Police. The powers-that-be might as well give it up. Pretty soon, someone is going to figure out that OWS can morph into a new and improved Party, with much stronger ties of loyalty to each other and ALL of THE PEOPLE, than the Parties we have now.

        Go big or go home. Oh, that’s right, there’s a boatload of newly homeless because of Bank malfeasance. Well, they might at well tent up on Wall Street, since they have no home anymore, anyway. (Sorry for the snark. It’s not meant personally, at all. It’s just me when I’m upset. 🙂

      • Brian

        That’s a bullshit response George.

      • Andrew Bugbee

        Yeah, because people who peacefully protest and occupy a park are a threat to public safety. That’s why the cops use force and violence; to protect the people. Just because some of those people end up getting hurt while the police try to “protect” us from those law breaking people who put the public at risk by sitting down and/or sleeping in the park is no reason to blame the cops. GET REAL. The violent over reaction by the police is designed to end the Occupy movement through physical violence and intimidation.

        This was not a violent demonstration! Yet the police broke the peace by throwing flash bangs, shooting tear gas cans and rubber bullets and beating people with their billy clubs. Exercising your constitutionally protected right to free speech does NOT justify the violent police reaction.

  • swamp

    Unlawful assembly?
    The only unlawful assembly was by the police.

  • Somon

    The author of this blog loves to preach so much bullshit about the Constitution and other patriotic crap while sanctifying Mr. Olsen’s resume.

    How sure is George Washington that this former marine did not kill innocent Iraqis? If this guy got a change of heart down there in Iraq most likely is because he saw (and possibly participated) in execrable acts committed by the occupying forces against the civilian population.

    “We at Washington’s Blog are in no way anti-police or anti-Israel”…afraid of the Zionists? ADL? AIPAC? Mossad?

    Peaceful Revolution = Controlled Opposition
    Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue

    • Leaf

      Olsen was exercising his constitutional right to free speech and it was wrong of the police to utilize such unnecessary force against him. This applies to any American citizen, whether or not you agree with what they have to say. Your criticism implying hypocrisy on the blog’s part and a possible deserved outcome on Olsen’s is completely irrelevant.

      And your last comment, don’t be naive. People are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.

    • Doc Molotov

      hey, look…an internet tough-guy. what an awesome claim to fame.

  • Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else

    Michael Rivero is NOT a photo analyst. He’s a former Hollywood special effects weenie who is utterly unable to see anything that is NOT a conspiracy.

  • jay williams

    It’s sad you have to post a disclaimer, but then your listed as a anti-semit , (oh no you pointed out the truth!)

    • M

      I wholeheartedly agree. Criticizing Israel or its actions is not anti-Semitic, anymore than criticizing the United States is “anti-American”. What does that concept mean anyway?

      Both countries have perpetuated immense miseries, and it is only human dishonesty that prevents people from seeing the obvious.

  • PerseidRocks

    These police exist to protect the 1% from egregious crimes, and punish the 99% for trivial transgressions. That anyone in the 99% would try to protect or defend the 1% is a mystery.

  • I’m not much good at photo and video analysis. But I’m an ex-policeman, and awfully good at digging into federal policies which aren’t published outside police channels. Police have always been truculent toward anyone they were told was trouble. A couple of decades ago, there was specific change in national training standards which subtly encouraged training police cadets to think like an occupying army. We now see the fruit of this. I bailed when I saw it coming. Given what I know about police training and so forth, and the particular brand of police herd instinct in that part of the country, I have no doubt it was intentional. They would have used live rounds if they could have gotten away with it. As it is, they happened to shoot the wrong guy, and no amount of coverup is going to take this problem away. In short, I was one, and I’ll tell you cops are trained to be thugs, and paid extra if they learn to lie about it effectively. As an ex-cop, I am anti-cop.

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