Website Redesign

The website redesign is almost complete. As readers suggested, we have kept the design clean and simple.

We’re learning basic SEO (thanks to our SEO guru … we’re sitting at his feet learning the basics). For example, our urls were way too long (I didn’t even know you could change them!), so we’ll start shortening them when we remember.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions to improve the site. One reader said that it is harder to scan the posts with the new, wider format. Others like the wider format.

Please let us know what you think …

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  • editor_u

    Generally, the new design looks good (the content is always excellent), but I find the width of the main column to be just a little too wide for easy scanning. Also, because the subheads are only a couple of points smaller than the headlines themselves, they look like headlines when I skim the page quickly, even though they are not in the same typeface — no doubt especially because they are blue. Perhaps this effect could be minimized by using the same sans serif typeface for the subheads, possibly also reducing their size. In addition, one might utilize color for the headlines instead of the subheads.

    Last minute thought before I hit “Post Comment”: If at all possible, it would be great to have a comment preview button. Sometimes errors or poor construction (my paragraph above might illustrate the latter) are only apparent when previewed.

  • i like it, except (you knew that was coming round) for the blue writing. is easier and easier on our eyes.

  • i meant strong in the html sense not the literal sense. LOL

  • Bill Bergman

    I like it — it is easy to blow redesigns and lose people because you disrupted how they were familiar with dealing with you, but there is a happy medium here in terms of improvement without significant disruption.

  • JMK

    The comment system is greatly improved