Wall Street Protest Growing

Major Unions Join Wall Street Protest

The Teamsters Union and New York Transit Workers Union have thrown their support behind the Wall Street protests.

Alexander Higgins – reporting live from the protests – notes that United Airlines pilots marched in the protest wearing their full pilot uniforms:

True Conservatives Support Protest

This may seem at first glance like a liberal cause, but as I’ve previously noted, that is a false dichotomy, and true conservatives support it:

The whole left-versus-right thing is just a distraction trick. It’s really the American people versus the giant bankers, captains of the military-industrial complex, and handful of others who are benefiting by shafting the average American.

Remember that one of the founders of the Tea Party – Karl Denninger – has slammed the current Tea Party (which was quickly co-opted by the mainstream GOP) for serving the rich and the Republican party instead of fighting against the giant banks, and is calling for non-partisan, Gandhi-style nonviolent resistance to take on the banskters.

And see this.

Protests Spreading World-Wide

The protests are spreading world-wide. There are now purportedly 80+ copycat protests planned world-wide, including London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas and many other locations.

Mainstream Media Now Covering Protest

And the police brutality on innocent Wall Street protesters is finally being covered by the mainstream news.

Here is a must-watch MSNBC segment:

The Guardian and Atlantic Wire also have good write ups on these incidents. They discuss the following video of yet another unprovoked pepper spray attack (this one on a media photographer not directly taking part in the protests):

As with the police use of firehoses on African-American children in the American South during the 1960s or the murder of non-violent South African activists, police violence seems to have backfired and turned public opinion in favor of the protesters.

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  • An America

    The whole world is watching-any man or women who will submit-who perfers slavery over rough and tumble of liberty does not have the moral right to tell me or any other free man or women to stay on our kness The Time Is Now-This Is The Place We Are The People Stand Americans-Semper-Fi

    • Ezi

      Semper Fi!

  • Better Future

    Those willing to give up LIBERTY for SECURITY, deserve NEITHER. -Benjamin Franklin

    • chris

      Yes and Australian love giving up there rights with no fight at all. Very submissive people very sad. I have moved here from Canada and im getting the hell out of here as soon as possible.

      • Karen

        Not all of us are willing to give up our freedom mate. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

  • Jimmy Cracks Capricorns

    Record it all, turn the fucking camera back on these goons. These overpaid thugs with badges and guns, amped up on steroids, full of hate, fear, and bullshit for brains, conspiring with the CIA, FBI,. and DEA, to turn loos e the assets of hate against the people they proclaim to serve and protect.

    Suck it up, endure it, but film every bit of it, call them out on it, and take then to court when you can. This country has sat silent for 10 years too long.

    • j r

      You’re 100% right Jimmy except it’s been a lot longer than 10 years, more like 98 years when the Federal Reserve Scam was illegally created and has stolen trillions of dollars from the American people since.

    • Jerry Alexander

      And make sure the children of these Robo Cops see their cop pop in action,and post pic`s in the neighborhood of the Cop Pop so the free people will see who their enemies are.

    • Jerry Alexander

      And make sure the children see their cop pop in action,and post pic`s in the neighborhood of the Cop Pop`s so the free people will see who their enemies are….that live next door no less.

      • That is a most appealing idea. We, everyone, everything, knows what is right and just and what is not; the naked truth of your idea would at first seem brutal and punitive, in the risk of attracting hostility to the brutal copper, but that risk would deter the worst opportunistic sadists in the police lines. I think you can be Head of Justice on your manor, in our soon to be beautiful new world.

    • Sue O’Neill

      Very well said.

    • Ming

      If this were in Illinois, it is illegal to film or record cops!

      • earthminded

        wow. we have to change this.

  • Josh

    #OccupyPhilly Meeting and March TONIGHT at The Wooden Shoe (704 South Street).
    If you are anywhere near Philadelphia… Be There

    • crazyhorse

      Now you americans are starting to wake up!this is a fight for freedom and liberty
      not just in america but the whole planet.Wake up people the lion sleeps no more!
      criminals and murderers are trying to take over the planet ,we must stop them
      now because this could well be our last chance,but be careful not to fall into the
      trap,they want us to react back with violence DONT! be smart because they
      cannot cope with this tactic,because we are many,they are few.

      • earthminded

        It’s catching fire. We must not fail at this task.

  • Mikhail Branski

    Great start, I love the Wall Street Occupation. Some other ideas. Have people infiltrate actual streets in front of financial buildings, dressed in suits and power clothes. Then strip off shirt or coat to reveal T-shirts saying, FIGHT THE PLUTOCRACY, WORK FOR DEMOCRACY or STOP THE WALL STREET BANKSTERS, or STOP THE RAPE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, or STOP CORPORATE BLOODSUCKERS! Imagine 100 people or more wearing these array of T-Shirts. Then just keep walking around. If the police come, lay down and make them carry you.

    Another option, would be to do like a Mass Art Public Event where everyone comes and then falls to the ground and pretends they are dead, their T-Shirts say, VICTIMS OF CORPORATE GREED.

    Another idea: Dress up all in Black, Robes are even better (DEATH HIM/HERSELF…even better to have women do this) and begin marching one after the other, spaced 20 yards behind and keep walking through Wall Street (can you get access) but walk clear down the street and then return on the opposite side. Have 1000 Black Robed Walkers doing this. Great Media Event. Have selected articulate spokespeople or everyone prepared to explain that Main Street is sick and tired of the Wall Street Bastards.

    Lets form an organization called FIGHT THE PLUTOCRACY, set up a website and then ask to create chapters across the country, giving each chapter some guidelines, education materials but allowing them creative free rein to protest in front of all Corporate Banks and other Corporations. We can have a 1000 or 10,000 chapters of Dues Paying Members dedicated to Fighting the Plutocracy. We need T-Shirts and bumper stickers with the website on them. Anybody interested, contact me: Mikhail at puloanna@yahoo.com

    Start a Campaign to get people to remove their money from all corporate banks and put them in credit unions. We can form our own credit union.

    It is TIME to show these bastards that we, the American Public, are not going to take it any more.
    The Plutocracy uses a Divide and Conquer Mentality, trying to split us into Conservative and Liberals but we have too much in common. They use elections to give the illusion that we have power and that we are a Democracy or Republic. Nothing could be further from the Truth. We are a Plutocracy, Rule by the Wealthy. It is time to end this state of affairs.

    HAD ENOUGH?????? ARE YOU READY TO REVOLT??????????????

    • GloriaH

      Those are some FANTASTIC ideas Mikhail – I can’t wait to see them carried out on Wall St etc. Much love to you and all those reading this who have been inspired by the protests.
      In solidarity from Sydney, Australia

  • Jerry Alexander

    But first we have to wait untill Obama is finished building several mosque in foreign lands while little children…red,and yellow,black,and white suffer for food because the bridge is out.

  • Jerry Alexander

    I say Bologna was appointed….like Janet.

  • Jerry Alexander

    I don`t see those smart ass people on the balcony with champagne…where are they?
    If someone has some pic`s of them..blow them up and send them to their families,and post them everywhere.

  • John Bellamy

    So much for America being THE LAND OF THE FREE.

    WAKE UP AMERICA – If this is what is going on on your own streets, just imagine the mayhem that is being done by your own forces in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

  • mkent

    I left because of this shit but if your ready to fight I will come back.

  • Launch a real, public, subpoena-empowered, criminal investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Go to the WhiteHouse website and add your name to the petition. 5000 names and a REAL inquiry will be launched http://wh.gov/4yp

    • Dukke

      lol yeah a real investigation like the last ones… come on are for real? do you seriously think they will ever allow that!! its going to take a hell of a lot more than some petition.

  • james

    You have this guys picture. Some enterprising vendor should get it printed on a T-Shirt for the protestors to wear. You can make up your own slogan to fit. My idea starts out something like: Do you know who this dirt bag is. My ideas get worse from there. Every protestor on the street should get a free T Shirt for participating with he thugs picture. Do you think he would show his face anywhere near Wall Street if everyone was on the look out for him. He’d be hiding out in the coffee shop molesting a donut.

    This thug has no fear of the law. So maybe shame this dirt bag. I like the idea someone else said about getting his picture into his neighborhood so his friends and kids can see him.

    New York. Was the greatest city in the world. My home town. Now infested by thugs. Sue this guy. go after his home, his pension, his grand kids college tuition account, his lake house. Go after everything this guy has. Force him to file disclosure papers of all his assets. Just the paperwork of a civil suit will strike fear into the heart of these bullies. Use LAWFARE against them. Sue them in civil court.

  • ajax

    Soon the authorities will start planting violent agents who will break store windows and set fires. Then the killing by police and troops will begin. It will make Syria look like kindergarten.

  • Cuibono

    May the Media fulfill its purpose and tell the Public what is truly occurring.

    • Dukke

      the media is one of the biggest problems!! those reports have whored themselves by not doing their jobs, the watchdogs of the govt my ass.. more like they are to busy sucking on the little weenies that give them their paychecks.

  • todd

    Anthony Bologna? Really? Tony Balony! Gimme a break.

    • Malecon

      You are on the right track. A crucifixion sounds appropriate.

  • While we have a little momentum add the media hedquarters offices to the protest front. Gutless, controlled media is huge problem. they should get same finger-pointing protests.

  • Mack Molloy

    The next step would be for us workers to down our tools for a week. Don’t answer the phone, don’t go out anywhere, don’t buy anything, dont work for our enslavement and let the crooks in power know that We the People have spoken. No more feeding those parasites or their armed goons.

    • jorj

      now that’s a brilliant idea. lets all protest from where we are right now by not buying or selling anything. why go somewhere there are 1000’s of armed people ready and willing to beat you? or go to the woods – the rainbow family of living light has been protesting by choosing to live in the national forests for 20 + years.


    Thank you for your courage and for providing this video, it gives us all an idea of what our governmental system has become. It’s not what we thought it was and we don’t like it.
    So push comes to shove, we are more strongling pushing and others are shoving. Let’s us get this into the light.

    Thank You.
    Paul G Smith

  • Bob

    We need specific demands. Wall street pays zero in taxes right now, start with;
    Tax wallstreet 10%

    • Malecon

      Your too kind. 50%.

  • The Molly MaGuires

    These stupid cops don’t realize their own pension funds and retirements will eventually be stolen by the goldman sachs gang on Wall Street(the types they’re protecting). And that old man commander needs to have his head beat in.
    Pepper spraying women, tough guy that he is. I’m ashamed to say I have several relatives on the NYPD.

  • John Hubern

    I don’t know how good a suggestion this may be but instead of walking up and down Wall Street waiting to get picked off one by one, why not go to all the police stations directly with massive numbers of people wishing to lodge a complaint against these ‘white shirt’ terrorists? two to three thousand people per station should make a statement… and continue it until this horrible human being (Bologna) is held to account for his treason against the American people – as well as the other officers who stood idly by watching him and did NOTHING to protect the public. 1939 Germany and 2011 USA – the only difference seems to be the colour of the shirt.

  • AnyJoe

    It’s too little too late folks. Is anyone paying attention to the technology that these animals have at thier disposal? DRONES, Satellites, electronic weapons. ALL of that stuff that’s been or is being used overseas is coming home to roost and your little firearm is TOTALLY useless against that stuff. That’s why we still have them! They are of no consequence to this new stuff. REREAD the last sentence and ponder!!! I cant believe the insanity that’s been unleashed on this world. All for what? power , control and profit? Such a poor endeavor and a waste of time, lives and materials. I truly wish there was something that could be done to stop this but its too late now. Amazingly, 30 years ago people were warning about this and few listened. Those that did were chastised, now that this is actually coming to pass people are starting to wake up? Just go back to sleep. Revolt is pointless now. They won!! Cuz we slept. I’d like to say there’s a lesson in all this but too few of us will live long enough to learn that lesson.

  • Wayne Pacific

    These protests are great. Better yet, would be physical pay back to these monsters – starting at the top and working our way down.

  • Malecon

    Tony Balloney, go and pepper spray the airline pilots, and see how far that gets you, punk.

  • beijingyank

    When the riots come, make sure the targets are not retail stores selling cigarettes, booze, or sneakers. Make sure the cocktail party takes place at main stream media sites.

  • henrik

    Hello everyone in the world. Writing from Sweden. Just want to throw out my support for you who stand tall in the face of the big government(corporate america). Wish there was something similar going on here in Sweden but sadly people are to contempt here right now as we have not been very influenced by the economic-crisis. One thing we must understand, this is a Global problem, not national. If we not walk in protest against the Wall-street gangs we must walk in protest against the EU thugs. Support Nigel Farage in his hopeless fight against big EU(Big Banks and Corporations). And all other officials who dares stand up to the establishment. But first, we got to get MAD.

    /With mad love Henrik


    AnyJoe, 42 years ago, as a Marine in Viet-nam I heard all about our air and sea superiority and overwhelming fire power. We were told there was no way we could lose due to our technology. Fast forward to Afghanistan. 11 years years of fighting a people armed with AK-47’s, AK-74’s, RPG’s , RPK machine guns, improvised explosives and no airforce. While your thesis holds a lot of truth in an urban setting; history says it is not an assured winning formula. It is not too late! Soon, me thinks, you will see history repeat itself. The thugs will be brought to REAL justice, not like an Eric Holder lead Just-Us Department.

  • Edward

    As odd as it may sound I have not heard anything on the news on this. Damn that liberal media

  • Nick Altadonna

    Thank you MSNBC for posting this. I respect you so much more

  • joe

    problem…reaction…solution… don’t be fooled into street protest that solve nothing and are often a tool of the elite to provoke you into confrontation. Ghandi showed us all a way. Think asymmetrically. Peace

  • Citizen M


    The America that was a model of justice in the world, not tyranny.The America that championed Human Rights, not violated them. The America that opposed torture,not the one who practices it. The America that didnt engage in pre-empive wars. The America that didnt spy on its own citizens. The America that respected the Geneva Conventions. The America that respected its own constitution. The America that had more than two classes. The America, that wanted your tired, hungry and poor.The America who leaders didnt prey on fear.


    ***print your own copy and post where oppression is present.

  • None

    Now is the moment to fight back to the sistem we need to free ower selvs in order to survive if not we all die because of a corupt sistem that does not care for you your childre your life lets kik some ASS

  • It has come to my attention that 6 million dollars,and some change was donated to N.Y.P.D. to stop the protests.If you watch the videos,you can see the abuse the department puts the protesters through.I think J.P.Morgan Chase,and company should be held accountable for these actions,as well as the police.What ever happened to our right to freedom of speech?I feel if we disagree with something,our voices should be heard..Just like the Bush family being involved in 911,I strongly believe that Obama is behind the further collapse of our economy.If any of you feel I’m wrong,prove it to me…

  • Ronald Wiggins

    Dream Party! Assemble peacefully by the millions. Organize strategically. Boycott to they beg us to stop. Demand term limits. Prohibit all campaign financing. Free all airwaves to candidates running for office at all levels. Elect new political representatives. Never stop being politically active once we win. Occupy Wall Street. God speed!

  • Ronald Wiggins

    Dream Party! Assemble by the millions. Organize peacefully and strategically. Boycott because nothing works better than block the greedy from more money. Demand an end to all campaign financing. Demand term limits. Never stop being politically active; especially after we win. March on to victory. God speed.