Police Brutalize Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

New York Police Mace, Brutalize and Arrest Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

According to various reports, New York City Police have maced, brutalized and arrested peaceful Wall Street protesters.

Here is a video of peaceful female protesters penned in an orange mesh barricade and then allegedly maced:

Here is a protester getting pinned down with a knee on his throat:

Here is a video of a protester allegedly arrested simply for talking to an officer:

Here is a video of another incident:

There are also reports that the police have confiscated cameras and other reporting equipment, and arrested reporters.

The Wall Street Journal notes that 80 protesters were arrested.

The cover of the New York Daily News reads:

Cops smack down dozens during protests
Its Wail Street

The protesters issued a press release today stating:

A march of about 2,000 citizens marched peacefully demanding that the voice of the 99% be heard. This peaceful march called We Are the 99%, was done in solidarity with the #occupywallstreet movement. The movement is entering its second week
and is gaining momentum both locally and nationally. Many more rallies and escalating actions are planned for the coming week. The occupation will continue indefinitely.

The NYPD attacked the crowd of peaceful protesters and conducted mass arrests of marchers near Union Square with orange netting, sweeping up Reports of some injuries.

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is a people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy.

#occupwallstreet is currently located at Liberty Square, formerly named Zucotti Park.

Here is the Twitter feed for the protest, and here is a livestream:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

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  • Police State USA at it’s ugliest, and this is only the beginning. Where are the cops at the “tea party” protests? Sad … Shame on the cops and shame on Wall Street and shame on the USA for letting it get to this point.

    • Because Tea Party attendees don’t act like that….getting in a cops face and screaming at them is not the way to ingratiate those with mace and batons….

  • Adam W.

    Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue…the videos posted above speak for themselves.

    • marcie

      wow… way to generalize.

  • Neo

    If they get to 10,000 it will get to 100,000 protesters then we will know the masses are awakening and it will get the media attention and they might get someone. They’ll need more than hippies there though.

  • Neo


  • M

    About two months ago, I witnessed three undercover cops hold down a teenage male in Brooklyn (near the Beverley Road Q stop). He kept asking what he had done.

    The guy resisted them a lot – even going so far as to try and push them or himself out onto the tracks. As they were trying to pin him, one of the police ordered them to hold the guy’s mouth open and mace him, which they did. I didn’t watch that part, so I can’t say exactly what happened, but I heard the mace, and the three or four people on my side of the train platform ran backwards to get away from the mist.

    The suspect started screaming, “What did I do?!” and, “I can’t breathe!” over and over, and they hauled him upstairs into the station. He continued to scream as they sat him down on a bench and radioed for backup. Multiple cars and at least 9 different police descended onto the scene – all for one man! Part of the motive was to control and intimidate the crowd, but it seemed like legalized torture and massive overkill to me. I was later told that he had supposedly stolen a woman’s purse (?), but I was appalled at the brutality of macing a teenager in the face.

    I never heard them read him his rights or tell him what he did. I did hear one of them say, “Well, if you didn’t do anything, you have nothing to worry about.”

    • M, you said that the man resisted the officers – a lot. You also said that you learned that the teenager had stolen a woman’s purse. What would you suggest should have happened? Should just one officer have battled the teenager to make it a fair fight? Should they have rewarded the hoodlum’s tremendous efforts to fight of the cops by giving in and letting him go?

      When a person resists police, that person must be subdued by way of ever increasing measures taken by the officer/s. If all it takes is words, then so be it, but if a baton or mace or a gun is needed, then so be it also.

      If the officers did not do everything necessary to subdue the teenager, they might have been stabbed by the knife or shot by the gun that he might have had in his pocket. Or an innocent bystander could have been shot by that gun (that he might have had on his person). Also, just because you did not hear the officers reading him his miranda rights, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

      • jared white

        and you MAY or MAY not be a terrorist. why do you hate America so much? Are you a communist? i know, lets start by arresting you and putting you in jail for 6 months so that you can lose your job/house THEN give you a fair trial. If it turns out you were indeed innocent (which, our “word” is more credible than yours or witnesses, even without evidence) THEN on that rare occasion you will be free to walk with no apologies on our part. But first let us mace the hell out of you in public. surely the witness would have mentioned a purse if there were one there. hence the use of the word “supposedly”. TL;DR cop was probably a dick and the kid told him to shove it. totally inappropriate reaction and abuse of authority on the cop’s part.

  • Meandnotyou

    Typical state authorized terrorism. I am old enough to remember the cops attacking women with babies in strollers in Century City during Vietnam war protests. My grandparents said the cops were always on the side of management and used as muscle against the unions. You will never see them attack the Tea Party because the Tea Party represents the wealthy power structure which the police use violence to support and maintain.

  • This is Liberal Fascism at its finest…

    Political Spectrum from Left to Right.
    [LEFT] {Oceanic/Admiralty Law} Scientific Dictatorship (NewWorldOrder), Communism (USA), Socialism (Canada/France/Norway), Fascism (Germany/Italy), Democracy (Switzerland) [CENTER] Democratic Republic (Original/1st US Constitution aka “Tax code”) [CENTER] Minarchy, Anarchy, Voluntaryism {Natural/Common Law} [RIGHT]

  • American Insurgent

    Wow ‘American Insurgent’, you need to take your antipsychotics and read a book that isn’t a one page flyer.

  • Ralph

    Lets get the American military involved. We need to send in troops like we did when the Kent State students protested the Vietnam war. We spend trillions in taxpayer dollars. Where are the US troops?

  • cloudsabove

    women that say police are not corrupt are prisoners in there own mind and are not women at all what they are is sent spent and confused because if they ever spent one day in prison they would see what the true nature of this age is in lawless Nazi faille to human life! If a cop can kill six children than take his-her own life than the power police and guards have over life is disgusting and if women do not see that than yes they are not women to me!fact is these same cops -guards all get paid it’s called money over morality people and once the checks stop coming inn guess what we come after you!

    yes OZ but there are servers and cia people blocking my true thought but what they do not realize is this we can go outside! Nothing can prevent our opened contentious mind from opening others to the truth!

  • Bill Carolinas

    The macing of the confined women was absolutely uncalled for. No doubt there are people studying that video with the intention of balancing the scales.

    This is what happens when the public has been disarmed by the anti-gun crowd.