MSNBC Covers Police Brutality of Peaceful Wall Street Protesters


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  • PLT

    I have never been a fan of MSNBC, in fact I never watch that network. However, this commentary and the video deserve the highest praise. Few journalists, and especially those who cover Wall Street, have the courage to speak out regarding the hand that feeds them. Thank you, Lawrence O’Donnell, for this excellent piece and I hope you are allowed to continue covering this story. It is not going to go away, it is going to grow, and the NYPD knows they have to stop it now or risk having it get really big.

    • Not quite “the highest praise.”
      The speaker, Lawrence O’Donnell, presses a little too hard on the wrong buttons.
      He argues that the thing to be most upset about is police abuse of authority.
      Two bad things about arguing thus are:
      1- This will inflame social conservative-types who believe that the system works best when we don’t second-guess police internal investigations. These people will then take a stance which opposes the protesters, when we really would rather that they see things through the eyes of the “99%” oppressed by the global financial elite — which they are among.
      2- He ignores what the protesters are there for. He doesn’t talk about the real bad guys.

      So I don’t give this report high praise, because it seems to be subtle divide-and-conquer reporting, making it police versus hippies versus social conservatives.

  • mcux

    Please continue to make people aware that the U.S. continues to be in “State of Emergency”, since 9/11. The police, alphabet agencies, govt., can do whatever they want with impunity. People must be made aware of this. Their rights and freedoms have been “suspended” INDEFINITELY”! I-N-D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y!!! Think about what this means people!

  • I admire the protesters.

    They should make life easier on themselves, however, and just buy a few ounces of gold or silver. That would hurt Wall Street and the fiat-bankster-corporate cartel more than getting pepper sprayed downtown.

  • Matthew Cruz

    Quite interesting you have an MSNBC clip up. You usually are an ardent opponent of any mainstream media no matter how progressive they are. Good to see that credit is given when it is due.

    On another hand, bless those #occupywallstreet protesters, they are heroes to all. I’ve sat and stood with them, I couldn’t be more proud, but the job is far from over!

    • PRichards

      I’d like to think we could maybe get away from these dead end mind numbing labels from the left/right psychosis eg progressive. The issue isn’t left or right. It’s Right or Wrong. And in this case O’Donnell (and MSNBC) was actually on the side of Right and roundly condemned the NYPD for their brutality

  • Wooten Berston

    Oh, let’s not be naive. The violence of the authorities is the whole point of the demonstration. The protesters should be thanking that ugly cop that looks like Uncle Fester for starting the trouble. Now millions of people all over the world are moved to sympathy for the demonstrators whereas before it was “huh? Who? Wha?”

    It was the ugly violence of the Southern authorities that made the civil rights movement and showed up their evil racist system for what it was. The water cannons and the dogs used against the quiet, well-dressed protestors brought millions to attention. The hideous bombings of little schoolgirls and the murders of good-hearted kids from the North who came to help were instrumental in crushing an evil system which has persisted for a hundred years.

    If this were my watch, those who instigated the violence would be back on a desk or on traffic patrol for the duration. Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. An officer who can’t control himself is a weak link in a long thin chain which protects society from the sort of anarchy we see occurring in Mexico.

  • If you are a Tea Party demonstrator, demonstrating for Justice, then you must be a Republican?

  • Mike S

    Why aren’t the police who used unnecessary force in jail, after losing their jobs? I hope these people sue the pants off of them.

  • John F. Hendry

    Hate is out of control in America and Nature will step in one way or the other to correct it. It’s time we listen to what the Great Professor and so many other scientists warned us would happen. *uc* what the politicians and lobbyists say, they have a one track mind and the lie and deception is their main tool. The rich are going to loose everything if they don’t wake up and gain the People’s support. It’s that simple. Doing it now is not. It is a free-4-all at the top in EVERY government because greed is driving….and hate powers greed. Guess what causes War?

    Einstein was always right on major issues even though he did not accept his own findings at times. Numbers don’t lie, only people do. Time is breeding a new world dictator that will enslave the rich and their children if the rich do not react and accept the fact they are taking too much too fast. When you see major rivers stop flowing to the sea you see the end of the human race is not far behind. And that is escalating it as they too fight among themselves as we run out of resources we have access to forgetting what history shows will happen next without immediate correction. One major natural disaster is all it will take to trigger throwing them off balance and powerless to hide from their own ignorance and greed. When you allow the police to express their hate for the public like this you remove the order law creates and will not be able to hide from the echo it creates. And the sticks and stones left will do you no good as you feel what you hear screaming.