9/11 Commission Version 2.0?

Panelists include Ferdinando Imposimato (Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy. Former Senior Investigative Judge, Italy. Presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and ultimate assassination of President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, other political assassinations and kidnapping cases and several cases against the Mafia. Former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations. Former legal consultant to the United Nations regarding institution of laws to control drug trafficking.)

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  • Senator Mike Gavel’s speech was awesome, he made one plea about the essential need to get 80,000 signatures by November 3rd latest, and for practical reasons this needs to be done professionally. The cost may come to $3 per signature, and 1600 of them must be got per day to reach the target. This is a unique and rare opportunity for citizen participation in government. If we ‘blow it’ now? the chance may never return. Mike Gavel quoted Cicero who said the only free society is one that can participate directly in the way they are governed! The door is OPEN NOW!

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    Thanks Washingtons Blog for posting video of the Toronto Hearings which included Mike Gravel’s the Citizen’s 9/11 Commission Campaign.

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Massachusetts Initiative Campaign Launch!

    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Byron Belitsos

    September 7, 2011 [updated]


    Media Contact: Rich Aucoin • 781-956-6013 • RichAucoin@comcast.net

    Unprecedented effort for new investigation to be launched on 9/11 anniversary


(Boston, MA) Senator Mike Gravel announced today the inauguration of a citizens’ campaign to authorize a new investigation of the events of September 11, 2001 after his proposed ballot measure was certified today by the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley.

    [The text of the initiative is posted below or is available as a PDF: Initiative Petition for a Massachesetts Law.]

    If adopted by the voters, the new law would create an independent, citizen-led investigatory commission that would be seated in
Massachusetts and be vested with subpoena power and the power to take testimony under oath. “I personally initiated this effort to create a new 9/11 commission,” stated Gravel, “in response to the outpouring of calls for a new investigation—in the light of new evidence—from Americans across the political spectrum. Because our gridlocked Congress is obviously incapable of taking up this issue, I believe that state initiatives are our best alternative approach. Massachusetts is an optimal state in which to begin this work.”
Gravel is a former two-term Senator from Alaska and a 2008 presidential candidate who is also considering a run for the presidency in 2012 at the urging of grassroots groups. The Senator is currently chair and founder of the Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign (911cc.org), a California-based citizen’s group that is filing similar ballot measures in other states, notably Oregon and Alaska.

    Gravel pointed out that hundreds of prominent Americans have lent their names to the call for a new investigation, including over 220 senior military, intelligence, and other government officials; over 1,500 engineers and architects; over 250 pilots and aviation professionals; and over 400 professors (see PatriotsQuestion911.com.) Scholars are also writing peer-reviewed articles. “Polls have also repeatedly shown that millions of Americans seriously doubt the official story about 9/11,” Gravel stated. “On the tenth anniversary of these events, it is obvious that we urgently need citizen action to get a new investigation.”

    Senator Gravel traces his interest in the issue to the charge leveled by the co-chairs that the original 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, that the Commission they led was “set up to fail,” as stated in their 2006 book, Without Precedent. Gravel pointed out that, according to an Associated Press review article (August 4, 2006), “the Sept. 11 commission was so frustrated with repeated misstatements by the Pentagon and FAA about their response to the 2001 terror attacks that it considered an investigation into possible deception.” Co-chair Kean stated: “We to this day don’t know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us. It was just so far from the truth. It’s one of those loose ends that never got tied.” Gravel also noted that the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, openly stated that “At some level of the government, at some point in time . . . there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

    Statewide Ballot Initiative Campaign for a New 9/11 Commission

Senator Gravel—a native of Massachusetts—will kick off the ballot initiative campaign on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 with a major press conference, followed by a 12-day tour of the state. The press conference will be held on September 13, 2011 at 11:00 am on the steps of the Massachusetts state house on Beacon Hill. (While in Boston, the Senator will also make a private visit to the Boston Logan International Airport 9/11 Memorial. The new memorial commemorates the 206 victims of the 9/11 attacks who had ties to Massachusetts.)

Senator Gravel will be supported in the state by a coalition of Massachusetts 9/11 advocacy groups and local concerned citizens led by Rich McCampbell, a Cambridge-based biotech engineer, and Rich Aucoin, former Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor who has worked in senior positions in three previous initiative campaigns. Working with Gravel, the statewide alliance will create awareness and raise the funds needed for running a petition campaign. The group’s slogan is “9/11—Never Forget.”


    Direct Democracy: The Way Forward

Presently, our heroic 9/11 truth activists can continue to educate Americans and the world’s people with the hope of pressing the U.S. Congress to act. However, it is evident to me that the federal government won’t act to change the official 9/11 story line; and the American people simply can’t act, given the structure of our representative democracy. All the people can do is educate, agitate and protest, and give their power away to representatives on Election Day. That’s because of one obvious reality: the way to meaningful citizen participation in public policy is blocked by the elites now in control of the mainstream media and of government (regardless of party). Citizens lack access to the legislative procedures needed to implement the central power of government––lawmaking––at the federal level. Indeed, this is true as well in most governmental jurisdictions of the United States. But fortunately there are 24 states that have some form of initiative lawmaking where people can enact laws.


    The key element of the proposed initiative is the use of a Joint Powers Agreement, whereby similar laws enacted in several states are harmonized to create one single commission. The Joint Powers Agreement also facilitates the endorsement and participation of other state governments at a later time, thereby adding their grand jury powers to the Commission. Our plan envisions enacting an initiative law in one or more states. These proposed initiatives would be presented to state voters for their decision on November 6, 2012.


    The Challenge Ahead: Building an Effective Citizen’s Campaign

    Success or failure will be determined by the resources that can be brought to bear on our organizational efforts and the petition campaigns to qualify the initiatives and secure their approval by the people. Success will require money––the mother’s milk of politics.

    If we are able to raise the necessary funds for this undertaking, I believe there is no possibility of failure. Regardless what happens we will certainly advance the national debate on 9/11––alerting more Americans to the problem, and more importantly, pointing to an actionable plan where the people are the solution––not the government.

    We recognize that the Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign’s fundraising efforts will compete with many elements of the truth movement whose members seek to raise funds to educate and proselytize new members for their particular vision of 9/11. Unfortunately, we know that after ten years of arduous efforts that creating awareness of what went wrong on 9/11 alone is not nearly enough, since people armed with this new information can only beg the Congress to act. The Congress won’t even discuss 9/11; this approach alone is a fool’s errand.

    We on the steering committee hope that the various 9/11 truth groups will realize that funds committed to securing signatures on petitions to qualify initiatives in several states across the country will have to effectively communicate information about 9/11 in order for anyone to sign petitions.

    Thus, our goal is the same as the entire truth movement’s desire to educate the public, except that we ask the public to act on that information right then and there by signing an initiative petition, thereby participating in a legislative process to create a new Citizens 9/11 Investigation Commission. This is real citizen action that makes all the difference in a democracy.

    We, therefore, hope that all factions of the truth movement will focus their fundraising abilities on supporting our efforts, channeling funds to us at: 9-11cc.org so that we can succeed in Massachusetts, then in Oregon, Colorado, and California and in any number of other states.

    The 9/11 truth movement is global, since the impact of 9/11 was global. In fact, the peoples of many nations are more skeptical of the U.S. Government story line than Americans. For that reason, we hope to bring worldwide resources to bear on succeeding to enact a Citizens 9/11 Investigation Commission.

    One thing I know is this: the 9/11 truth movement is grassroots; that sovereign power lies with the people; and that our fellow citizens are becoming aware of 9/11 truth in vast numbers. It is time for a winning approach to turn education to action: the method of direct democracy—the state ballot initiative.