“This Is The Greatest Financial Crime In The History Of The World And No One Senior, At Any Of The Major Places That Drove The Crisis, Has Gone To Jail”

Largest Financial Crime In History

William K. Black – professor of law and economics, and the senior S&L prosecutor – said yesterday:

This is the greatest financial crime in the history of the world and no one senior, at any of the major places that drove the crisis, has gone to jail?


Unless something dramatic or radical changes, this is going to be the greatest case of elite fraud with impunity in the history of the world. And it is only going to change if we express our outrage as the people and demand that it is changed.

For background, see this, this, this and this.

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  • One reason for this is that we have entered The Age of Plunder.


    The rampant, prolonged looting of the U.S.Treasury must cease, all of the monies returned from nearly 100 years of financial sodomy committed by the Federal Reserve Bank against the American people . Follow the link to solve the crime, get the money back and jail the criminals;


  • Howard T. Lewis III

    One flyer of the Jolly Roger, Blackbeard, was known for creating violent rapine and pillage against all nations of the world save one. England. The name of his ship was ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’. The present day pirate ships relaying filthy lucre to the British Empire through British Protectorate banks and accounts are investment houses and corrupt politicians through providing legitimacy to hedge funds.

  • Aware Ness

    Gee I wonder if this has anything to do with the subject; http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/2429/irslienonamericaearlier.pdf

    And this amendment of the one linked above; http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/9620/irslienonamerica.pdf

    • JMK

      Curious. How did you go about obtaining this record?

  • scj7129

    …..the federal reserve is NOT “federal” and is not public, but private!

    The sooner folks wake the hell up and see this, the better–or worse off, however you want to look at it, we will be.

    It’s kind of like saying FedEx is a federal government agency…..NOT!

  • Deerhaven

    It is time for a major paradigm shift in this country and globe. Prosecute the bums and get the global settlements delivered once and for all.