More than Half of the Biological Mass on Earth Is Below the Surface

In the department of This-Should-Humble-Us, the Washington Post notes:

Research into the distribution of underground microbes in recent decades has led scientists to conclude that more than half of the biological mass on Earth is below the surface.

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  • Ralph

    That is sooo cool. Wow. Microbes are the low energy electric field that all life on the planet communicates telepathically with. That’s how the elephants knew to go uphill before the sri lankan earthquake/tsunami combination. The chinese use cockroachs to detect earthquakes because they react to even small changes in the electromagnetic fields if the plates move around some. Whoooaaaaaa!!!!

  • Ralph

    John Lilly had a vision of the future telepathically transmitted to him as the dolphin passed by his head on a jump out of the water; whoooaaaa!!!! It wasn’t nice, but I know heaven will be.