Tornadoes Suck Up Fire and Water

Under the right conditions, tornadoes can pick up fires and form temporary fire tornadoes.

Videos of fire tornadoes:



The Discovery Channel explains fire tornadoes:

You can have water tornadoes as well:



Twin water tornadoes:


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  • Emily

    To be fair, they don’t actually “pick up fire.” The tornado isn’t already in existence and then randomly finds a fire and sucks it up. The fire itself creates the tornado.

    • TheNoneBeliever

      Shush with your lies.

  • Ibrahim Al rawahi

    Only the the smaert person will know that is from our God Allah and it was mentioned befor many centuries in Holy Quran (Baqara or the Heifer: 266 (ibid) , I feel proud because I am a muslim , have you ever try to read the holy Quran… try one timeand I promise you , that you will not feel by any regret but y will feel happy (:

    • Justin Allen

      Yes lets all read and beleave in a book that condones the rape and murder of non beleivers and “infadels” in yge name of god! It will make you happy