Who Are We?

Numerous people have asked us who writes Washington’s Blog and why we write under a pen name.

In fact, some of the leading writers have used pen names.

As one of the best financial writers – Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge – points out (edited slightly for readability):

Though often maligned (typically by those frustrated by an inability to engage in ad hominem attacks), anonymous speech has a long and storied history in the United States. Used by the likes of Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens) to criticize common ignorance, and perhaps most famously by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay (aka publius) to write the Federalist Papers, we think ourselves in good company in using one or another nom de plume.

Particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the United States, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech.

Like the Economist magazine, we also believe that keeping authorship anonymous moves the focus of discussion to the content of speech and away from the speaker – as it should be. We believe not only that you should be comfortable with anonymous speech in such an environment, but that you should be suspicious of any speech that isn’t.

George – website owner and lead writer – is a busy professional, a former adjunct professor, an American and a family man. He is post-partisan … believing that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties represent the interests of the people as opposed to the big banks, major corporations, and the military-industrial complex.

But our background is less important than the fact that we provide links to document everything we say, so you can check its accuracy for yourself.

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  • Just a quick thank you for your excellent site. Your information is so valuable, deep and thorough. And, of course, you write with elegant clarity. With gratitude, Susan Craze

  • Ken


    Recently discovered your site, and I applaud and tip my hat to all of you… even though some of it makes me truly angry. I just read the piece about fraud and the Great Depression and the current mess we’re in.

    I also suggested that article to Matt Drudge and Real Clear Politics.

    Let’s see if they have some testicular fortitude…

  • Yesterday I wrote an article in the spirit of what you’ve said in your latest post about OWS


    You may want to pass it along.

    Aaron Krowne
    Founder, The Implode-o-Meter

  • Robert Beal

    Knowing the background — if not the identity — of journalists/commentators is more important than ever now with the plethora of Web sources, most of whom with little accountability.

    For one thing, knowing about the writer can mitigate the need to vet references/links that the writer provides in order to document his/her statements. For another thing, knowing the writer’s background including previous associates/associations, can facilitate for the reader the process of teasing out the writer’s perspectives/biases.

    So, hide your name if you choose, but let us know a bit about how you came to be the writer you are.

  • Mark S


    I’ve been reading this site for about a year now and really enjoy the comprehensive data aggregation and integration into coherent articles that challenge much of the current media narrative. It would be really great to add a share function so that these could be re-posted/shared via Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

    Keep up the great work!

    Warm regards,

  • Nem Anap

    I was surprised by the amount of lawyers and alphabets in my referrer logs after George linked to one of my stories.. Just sayin’.

  • sue

    Can you also make a world population ticker?

  • David Smith

    Dont agree. Anonymity is cowardice.

  • Wake up

    This blog is the best, thank you so much for your well respected work.

    Because you are such an awesome writer, I was wondering if you would cover this:

    Occupy the SEC! Congress is Illegally Insider Trading, but SEC Is too Busy Cracking Down on Kettle Chips

    I figured, the only excuse the SEC has for not doing anything beneficial for our country was that they were too busy or something.

    This is so absurd I could scream, and you are just the person to raise awareness about it.


  • Hello, I am desperately trying to get ahold of the management/webmaster of this website. I have some information/content for them I think will be very useful. I have sent emails to your paypal email for lack of seeing any contact info posted on the site. Please contact me ASAP. neil@uncorporatemedia.com

  • Plz keep me updated with latest news of public importance.
    Warm Regards !
    Resham Thakur.India.

  • Thanks for your work. I’ve been reading your stuff for years and I know it must take a significant amount of time to conduct the research needed to produce such high quality articles.

  • Caren

    What a tremendous compliment to your site that it is censored from government controlled social media sites!

  • joe

    CrimePush app. wants middle & high school children to spy on students.

    excerpt from page 2:
    “We also are working right now with high schools and middle schools because superintendents in different counties and principals want to use this with students between periods so if they go from class to class and they see a fight or they see a drug deal . . . they can just send it directly to school authorities.”


  • joe

    MA- Student article, are colleges becoming police state school’s?

    Approaching brightly lit orange flashing LED lights, I set the cruise control exactly to 20 miles per hour and ambled down University Drive toward the Recreation Center. An officer entered into the traffic and raised his hand motioning me to stop my vehicle.

    Still yards away from him, far enough to barely make out his hand signals, I inched slowly closer to what I deemed a sensible point from which to obey his orders. His face cringed in exasperation. “Stop the car, stop!” he began yelling, waving his arms frantically – all the while, there was no present danger to either of us or any individuals nearby. Confused and a little bewildered by his reaction, I sat motionless in my car and waited for further instructions. Glancing to the left was another set of flashing lights, this time blue and red, as a policeman was speaking to another student through the window of his car – bummer, I thought, bad luck.

    I was instructed to continue moving, slowly of course. As I passed the intersection at the Recreation Center, two policemen were bravely maintaining the peace up the road. I drove up around the bend by the engineering department and there was yet another car pulled over being reprimanded by an officer. Five police in one mile? This couldn’t be a coincidence.
    Read More…

  • Mike Gordan


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  • snowboarder

    Bearden: How to Neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 minutes
    Posted By: billym at Rumor Mill News
    Date: Tuesday, 19-Apr-2011 11:24:40

    How to Neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 minutes
    It is possible to NEUTRALIZE radioactivity

    It is a true tragedy that so much highly “advanced” technology is kept secret and hidden by the so-called Powers-That-Be, or otherwise suppressed by whatever means possible. This theme was touched upon in Susoni’s recent post. See: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/members/forum.cgi?read=202643

    One hero who has worked against this suppression (for decades) is Col. Tom Bearden who has bravely laid out his entire life’s work on his website Cheniere.org. His website has become a vast compendium of knowledge about the amazing new field of scalar electromagnetics and the direct engineering of spacetime itself.

    Among the many wonders made possible by this spacetime engineering is the treatment of radioactive materials to make them non-radioactive. If only our mainstream (i.e. backward) scientists had understood and followed Bearden’s lead they would by now have had the technology in place to deal with the horrendous leakage of radioactivity now taking place in Japan.

    Bearden says just this very thing on the current front page of Cheniere.org :

    “If development funding for Energy from the Vacuum had been made available, this Japanese nuclear plant would never have been necessary.”

    This statement can be understood in at least two different ways. The first is that if the the “free” energy-from-the-vacuum systems had been developed instead of suppressed and kept secret then would be no need whatsoever for any kind of nuclear energy sites anywhere.

    And there is a second lesser-known aspect: the same principles of scalar electromagnetics which make free-energy systems possilbe also make it (theoretically) possible to transmute radioactive materials into non-radioactive materials. Example: the tons of dangerous nuclear waste around the world could be rendered harmless.

    A page at Cheniere.org has a “provisional patent application” for methods of treating and altering matter using scalar (longitudinal EM) waves. This includes the treatment of radioactive waste and other radioactive materials.

    Source: Tom Bearden – Method for altering Matter

    The top of the page starts out like this:

    Provisional Patent Application of
    Thomas E. Bearden


    Inventor: Name Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D.

    Address correspondence to: Name: Thomas E. Bearden, Ph.D.

    Prepared by: Thomas E. Bearden and Marcia Peters
    Filed by: Anthony J. Craddock

    References Cited: [many references listed here…]

    A related diagram shows how the two beams of a longitudinal wave interferometer are made to cross or intersect and how the radioactive material is placed in that interference zone to be altered by the interference of the scalar waves.

    From the above mentioned document:

    Fig. 18 illustrates an embodiment that may add or remove spatial energy from a distant target, and/or deterministically alter matter in the target zone, by means of interference of conditioned scalar potentials.

    Scalar interferometer transmitter system 1600 is preferably comprised of transmitter systems such as 1520 or 1605, and a controller 1200. Antennas 1710 may be of a conventional type suitable for transmitting a selected carrier wave frequency such as a radar frequency. The output of each antenna is a carrier wave with selected spacetime curvature engines modulated upon it, as previously described.

    In the Fig. 18 example, the target zone 1800 may be a storage area for dangerous or environmentally harmful substances such as hazardous chemicals, nuclear waste, pathogens, and so forth. By selecting suitable spacetime curvature engines and causing their carrier waves to interfere in an interference zone 320 within the storage area, the substances may be altered from a safe distance by converting them to materials that are not harmful.

    It will be apparent to one skilled in the art that the Fig. 18 technique may be applied to a variety of materials, which may be located at remote distances from the site of interferometer transmitter 1600. It will also be apparent that the alterations may consist of the breaking of chemical bonds by heat; transmutation of an element to a different element or isotope thereof by flipping of quarks within the element’s nucleons, causing protons to change into neutrons or vice versa; and so forth.

    In another aspect, the apparatus of Fig. 18 may be used to hasten the decay of long-lived and dangerous radioactive isotopes.

    Among another set of slides covering the topic of scalar weapons is the following image showing the use of spacetime engineering to neutralize nuclear waste.

    Admittedly the details of all this are well-beyond the grasp of most of us but the important thing is simply to become convinced of the possibility of it. Even that much will require as much study as one can muster.

    For example, in a slightly different version of the above slide we can pick up a further clue: that one way this all works is by dramatically speeding up the rate of radioactive decay in the targeted materials. We can remember that we are dealing with spacetime engineering, the key being time, operations in the time domain, as well as the dimensions of space.

    Many other hints and clues can be found by using the search engine at Bearden’s site.

    Search Cheniere.org

    ALSO SEE HERE: http://goo.gl/8FUup

    Posted by AMERICAN KABUKI at 6:21 AM
    Labels: clean up of radiactivity, Fukushima, radiation remediation, Rumor Mill News, scalar physics, Thomas Bearden, Transmutation of matter

  • George,
    Supporting action re. “He is post-partisan …”, I offer these spellings:

  • Joe

    Police work with developers to help design new “police state.”

    Washington, D.C. – A project called the Wharf, slated for 27 acres east of the 14th Street Bridge along Maine Avenue SW and Water Street near the Fish Market. Groundbreaking for the first phase is planned for spring; the ultimate aim is millions of square feet of buildings, 20 restaurants, three hotels, 500 boat slips, a concert hall and festival grounds.

    All of the burgeoning development is being helped along by an agency that just years earlier might have been seen as an unlikely partner: the Metropolitan Police Department. Chief Cathy L. Lanier is embedding police commanders with developers in the belief that the way things are built can influence the behaviors of criminals and potential victims, much as speed bumps can slow cars.

    Last month, Lanier; Daniel P. Hickson, commander of the department’s First District; and developers met at the future site of the Wharf to pore over a scale model and discuss surveillance cameras and sight lines. Hickson called the model “very impressive” even as he contemplated finding a contingent of officers to patrol an area that, at present, requires relatively little attention.

    The concept of police working with developers is not unique to Washington, but experts say Lanier’s department is ahead of many of its peers. While some offer a stock list of design recommendations, D.C. police make specific suggestions about safety measures as blueprints are being drawn, well before the first buckets of concrete are poured.

    Lanier tracks economic development trends across the city closely. She says she recently met with developers to discuss public safety in Ward 8. “The bottom line is every neighborhood and every project has to have the same level of attention from public safety officials if the city is going to continue to grow and thrive,” she wrote.

    Having taken lessons from problems attending Gallery Place’s growth, police have already met with developers building the mega-project on the Southwest waterfront, even though they are months away from starting construction.

    Police believe such efforts are particularly important as neighborhoods transform, presenting shifting demographics, drastically altered landscapes, changing crowd dynamics and, in some cases, entirely new mini-cities to protect.

    Hickson urged Hoffman to study Gallery Place — not for its public safety defects, such as the sidewalks, but for its internal security procedures and extensive network of surveillance cameras, which he said were effective.

    The idea, Hickson explained, is to devise ways to police an area that go beyond simply sending more officers in.

    “It’s not all crime numbers,” he said. “It’s us trying to look at what’s happening in neighborhoods, and that may influence what we do and how we do it. . . . Policing has evolved, like any business, and we’ve realized that we can be predictive rather than totally reactionary.”

  • Abbi
  • sagacious

    translation: “we don’t use our names because we are cowards and scared s*less lest we be held personally responsible for anything we say.”

  • SK

    I first started reading your blog a number of years ago, and appreciated its objectivity, but I have to say you have become utterly predictable. Anything that the powerful happen to be for, you are against, regardless of the merits. Maybe you should rename it “A Conspiracy Around Every Corner”.

    • Eric Zuesse

      But that’s only the real conspiracies, such as (for examples) routinely exist at the top of any major corporation in order for it to compete effectively, not the fake ‘conspiracies’ (such as ‘the Jews’ or any other trait-defined or ethnic group who are in no position to be able to conspire as a whole, and which unitary in-contact position is a prerequisite for any authentic conspiracy). The CIA, for example, wouldn’t even be able to function if it were not conspiratorial. Anyone who says that conspiracies either don’t exist at the top, or else do exist among amorphous ‘groups’ that aren’t even in-contact-with-one-another groups at all, is either a fool or a liar, but there are plenty of both.



  • SK

    Please read the comments sections on many of your posts. You are becoming a forum for haters.

  • KAF

    Who do you turn to when the bank robs you? I am not talking about the major lenders in the US but rather a small town, state chartered bank. They created counterfeit documents so that they could take all of my assets to cover loans that I did not sign for. Who helps people like me, just ordinary citizens that have been robbed by the system?

  • SAi Girl
  • Are you a libertarian website or an all-accomodating website that rejects Establishment politics?

    • Don

      None of your business AND irrelevant.

      “the fact that we provide links to document everything we say, so you can check its accuracy for yourself.”

      • Samantha

        But the links are back to their own pages or wikipedia LOL! Fake news site.

        • Eric Zuesse

          No, always only to pages that link to the original sources, even though some of those pages that are linked-to are on this site — they are the ones then that link to those sources. In other words: it’s never ultimately relying upon this site, never only upon that. Do you have trouble clicking onto a link and then clicking onto a link that’s linked-to? When it’s done that way the reason is to minimize the number of links while maximizing the amount of evidence that’s ultimately linked-to.

    • Relevant question. It’s an all-accomodating website that rejects Establishment politics. Exactly like GlobalResearch.ca except less idiotic (because bent on anonymity, allows for commenting directly on website, and less pro-Russia)

  • guest guest

    Thanks for publishing article bout Obama n NSA. Why did u have to repeat his alleged comment about MLK Jr.? it ruined the credibility of article. i went to see who wrote it to verify credentials, ended up here. i appreciate u getting the word out.

  • Nadya Holland

    Dear Sirs,

    Could you please inform me as to your plans for evacuating the continent of North America in the event that the removal of the spent fuel rods from Fukushima reactor 4’s fuel pool results in the release of huge, fatal amounts of deadly radioactive isotopes? The operation is scheduled to begin this month, and there is a very high probability of an accident the will result in a catastrophe, the proportions of which mankind has never known.

    As you can probably tell, my request is somewhat urgent. Please let me know how my family and my community should prepare for this highly probable, thoroughly apocalyptic event.


    • Joffan

      Hi Nadya

      I hope your anxieties have abated somewhat. Since you were so deeply concerned, you have no doubt been following the activity in relocating spent fuel from unit 4 and have hopefully been reassured by the undramatic progress of this process, free from significant incidents. As I write, 858 out of 1331 spent fuel rods have already been relocated out of unit 4 – approaching two-thirds.

      Is it possible that you were misled about the likelihood and severity of any accident from this process?


  • Daisee

    Is anyone aware of an article written re NSA/5 Eyes (Plus Germany) being Anglo dominated, and have all supported very right wing ideologies in the last elections they had (Australia/New Zealand)? Our election was rigged in Canada. Each country’s NSA outpost all direct their spying against brown people countries, eg., Canada spies on South America, most especially Brazil, which is of course all about gaining economic info, nothing to do with national security. Absolutely none of the 5 eye countries have delivered a People’s Budget and never will. During so-called austerity even Crown agencies are being manipulated to be torn down and replaced with privateers, union busting, and our cops are now sharing mental health information w/ homeland security border control. The 5 eye countries are all about economic espionage, anglo superiority and I have yet to read a good report on how all of that ties together.

  • himagain

    A first class interesting and informative blog. What is difficult to understand is how you attract so many nutters/trolls to a not really emotional/hyperactive type of Site.
    Don’t go away. There is intelligent life out here and some of us read blogs like yours.
    Especially enjoyed – and will purloin (with attribution of course) the piece on anonymity.

    • Don

      Some of the trolls are paid to be here…

    • Don

      “”Teams of highly trained professionals have several main objectives, such as “to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet” and “to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.””


  • Athena22

    My thanks to the fine men and women who write this blog. Clear and credible analysis in an over-reactive world. My compliments.

  • OK, so I will just use your pen name to cite your work.

  • Thomas Paine

    I am adding this to my usual reading; Lew Rockwell, Infowars and Antiwar.com Keep up the good fight;
    the cure for 1984 is 1776 it call comes tumbling down once enough people stop cooperating Gandhi proved this however the US has a 2nd amendment so when they attack we the people we can and will defend ourselves. Long Live the Republic. Long Live Ron Paul

  • MasterRothschild

    Here you go, delete the this post after you’ve downloaded the images.


  • Arman

    This website, or at least Eric Zuesse, is not a credible writer. He wrote in the article “Six Foreign Policy Distasters of Hillary Clinton” that John Rendon who advised George W. Bush on the invasion of Iraq, and J.J. Rendón, who assisted in the election of a puppet president for the Honduran coup regime, were the same person…. and then presented no evidence whatsoever to back that up.

  • durga nageswara Rallabhandi

    It is nice to read WASHINGTONBLOG POSTS on various topices.The posts are quite informative and thought provoking.PLEASE ARRANGE TO SEND THE POSTS TO MY MAILID rallabhandi.durga@rediff.com

  • Dr Mindbender

    Why be afraid?

    People who fear the US government are ruled by the us government. The Constitution was written to protect “unpopular and dissent” speech! Therefore, there are Very Strong Protections Securing our rights to dissent. I actually wish the NSA would come and arrest me, because they would make me very RICH, but they are not that Stupid? I will write and express myself, as I see fit, and I will not bend to the dictate of Government. If it is a PIG: I will call it a PIG. If Government does not like it, they can come and talk with me about it, because I would love to see the excrement that calls itself government, face to face.

    Oh, and Patriots … They are Too stupid to breathe, so who cares what they think! They can go fight the US governments Terror wars and pay its tax!