“Poll After Poll Shows That Both National Parties Are Deeply Unpopular With An Electorate Looking For Something New And Different”

As I noted a year ago:

Famed trend forecaster Gerald Celente is predicting that a third party candidate will be elected President in 2012….


The willingness of Obama/Emanuel so blatantly to disappoint those to whom they promised so much (especially young and first-time voters who were most vulnerable to Obama’s transformative fairy dust) will lead them either to support a third party or turn off from politics altogether.


What About the Right?

The Washington Examiner writes:

The fact that just doesn’t register with Washington GOP establishmentarians is that the Tea Party Protests seen around the country in April were aimed as much against them as they were against the tax and spending policies of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

There are millions of libertarians and traditional conservatives (or “paleo-conservatives”, in contrast to Neo-conservatives) in the U.S. who are very unhappy with the direction the Republican party has taken in recent years.

Post-Partisan Coalitions

There are many millions of liberals and conservatives who have become disgusted by their parties and have started judging candidates based upon what they are actually doing.

As just one example, there are millions of Americans who would support either Ron Paul as president and Dennis Kucinich as vice president or the other away around. Why? Both challenge the status quo, and have proposed legislation which will actually help the American people.


Based on the above trends, I believe that Celente could be right. A third-party candidate could win in 2012.

Now, a new Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans – 58% – say that both the Republicans and Democrats are doing such a poor job representing the people that a new, third party is needed.

And even the Washington Post writes:

Poll after poll shows that both national parties are deeply unpopular with an electorate looking for something new and different.

Pundits claim that the Republicans will gain quite a few Congressional seats in November. But even if they do, it doesn’t mean that Republicans are regaining popularity.

As the Post article notes:

[Pollster Glen Bolger said]: “This is the first time where there has ever been data like this – where the party poised to take control has not improved its image ….”

Indeed, the American people are acting like a guy standing on hot sand hopping back and forth from one foot to the other. He doesn’t like how the burning sand feels on either the left foot or the right foot.

He just knows he’s getting burned, and can’t wait to get wait to get somewhere cooler. The American people know they’re being burned by both parties, who are serving the big banks and military-industrial complex at the expense of the little guy.

Come 2012, the American voter might sprint off of the hot sand of big-money-parties-fleecing-the-little-guy altogether for more welcoming turf: a party which does more than just talk populism, but actually stands up to the powers-that-be.

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  • Miss D

    If the Republicans and Democrats would stop blaming each other for 5 mins. This might have happened.

  • 777dave777

    There is a Third Party. Libertarian Party http://www.lp.org

    • Agonizing Truth


      Oh, you were serious? In a nation of 312 million people there are way less than half a million registered libertarians. They’re about as popular as female facial hair.

      • That may very well be true. The other fact is that 42% of all voters in the U.S., are not registered as Democrat or Republican. They do not tie themselves to any party that really has no interest in the middle class or the poor.

  • Agonizing Truth

    We don’t need a third party. We need a second party! The Republicans and Democrats may as well merge and call themselves the “Party of the Billionaire Ruling Elite and Corporations”.

  • Doogie

    What a joke, the problems is we are pussies (must be all the fluoride they intentionally put in the water) that are getting shafted up the bee-hind by the spoiled brats elitist. Whom need a shafting ,citizenship stripped and humiliatingly public admonishment! In other words anyone doing this In legal positions are traitors! Doing the above is a kindness that shows we are of the Most High and not the despicable evil Babylonian representatives of Satan!

    Our U.K. Bretheran would be kicking arse in righteous protest!

  • Josh Stern

    Lawrence Lessig, a nationally somewhat well known Harvard Law prof, announced a campaign for POTUS during the last election.


    I wasn’t paying that much attention to in Summer/Fall 2015 when his try came and went, but I didn’t even hear about until I watched the Truth & Power series, which featured an episode about it “Hacking the Presidency”. One interesting point mentioned about independent candidates is the Catch-22 – you can’t be featured in a national debate until you reach some threshold in national polling – e.g. at least 1%, but your name doesn’t appear in national polls as a choice until the pollster decides to feature it based on whatever criteria they use. So simply announcing your campaign isn’t enough, even if you get some mass media story about that for minor publicity.

    So there is a gateway system and money is a big part of the gateway, but it is not the only part. Would be good to see more focus on the criteria pollsters use.

    One change in law I would very much like to see is the US moving to instant runoff/Condorcet elections, which produce results that are better in tune with actual voter opinion and don’t put people in positions of having to decide whether to “waste their vote” or pick the lesser of two evils.