Irony: Our Huge Military Is What Made Us an Empire … But Our Huge Military is What Is Bankrupting Us, Thus DESTROYING Our Status as an Empire

As I’ve previously pointed out, America’s military-industrial complex is ruining our economy.

And U.S. military and intelligence leaders say that the economic crisis is the biggest national security threat to the United States. See this, this and this.

As RT points out, it is ironic that America’s huge military spending is what made us an empire … but our huge military is what is bankrupting us … thus destroying our status as an empire:

No wonder people from opposite ends of the political spectrum like Barney Frank and Ron Paul are calling for a reduction in military spending.

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  • robert postings

    and whats funny is in practice ur military isnt very good. 10 supercarriers oh wait my black hawk crashed ) :

  • Even cutting the military budget won’t work, because of the vast sums which are diverted to the black budget from the overall military budget. Projects which deal with UFO’s/aliens, the exotic tech associated with them, the security & research & massive disinformation campaign and various operations which are carried out without Congressional or Presidential knowledge and authority are the most expensive undertaking in human history. The funds required for it WILL be taken out of the budget regardless of what is cut, making it impossible to balance the budget even with deep military cuts.